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MELOY, MARY ANN: Files, 1983-1985


Public Liaison, White House Office of


Mary Ann Meloy began work in the Office of Public Liaison in June 1983 as an Assistant for Communications working directly for Faith Whittlesey. Meloy and Whittlesey had a previous working relationship and had known each other for about ten years prior to her Meloy’s joining the White House staff.  In this position Meloy ran meetings, assisted in speechwriting and article writing for Whittlesey.  In November 1983 she was promoted to Associate Director and became responsible for the agriculture constituency, replacing John m Rousselot.



          OA 11265


          Ambassador to Switzerland

          American Council of Young Republican Leaders Nominations

          Appearances - Regrets

          Appearances U.S. Court Reporters 03/06/1983

          Appointment Book 1983 - Valery’s

          Articles on Faith

          Assistant to President

          Barclay, Sally


          Black Support for the President and Administrative Policies

          Carnegie-Mellon University

          Central America

          Handled for FRW - Central American Briefing

          Central America - Digests

          Chamber of Commerce - Television Programs

          Charter 100

          Chicago Trip 09/20/1983-09/21/1983

          Christian Women 10/13/1983

          Conference of Private Organizations (Conpor)

          Eagle Forum

          Envoy Corporation

          Events - Airline Pilots Association 09/22/1983

          Events - Columbus Citizens Foundation Annual Awards Dinner 10/03/1983

          Events - Martin Luther King 11/02/1983

          Events - National Black Republican Council Meeting 09/18/1983-09/21/1093

          Events - National Historically Black Colleges Day 09/23/1983

          Federation of Korean Associations (The)

          50 States Project - Status and Plan for Action

          Greater Fort Worth Area Civic 07/12/1983

          Hadassah [FRW Speech] 08/17/1983

          Hispanic Heritage Week

          Hispanic Leaders Luncheon 08/05/1983

          Hispanic White House Staffing Memos

          Hispanics Miscellaneous

          International Federation of Business and Professional Women 08/03/1983

          Interview Memos

          Interviews - Evans and Novak 07/30/1983 and 07/31/1983

          Interviews - Newsmaker / CNN 06/12/1983

          Interviews - The Review of the News

          Department of Justice Post Norris Legislative Proposals

          Key Conventions and Significant Dates

          MAM Handled Invitation Lists - Dole

          Minutes OPL Senior Staff Meeting 08/18/1983

          Miscellaneous - I

          Miscellaneous - II

          National Farm City Week 1983 - Proclamation

          Norfolk Naval Shipyard Federal Women’s Program 07/11/1983


          OA 11266

          Faith Ryan Whittlesey OP ED Central America 07/30/1983

          OP ED Piece Gender Gap

          OP ED Piece History’s Evil Record

          OP ED Piece New York Times

          OP ED Piece School Prayer

          OP ED Piece Washingtonian

          Outgoing Correspondence FRW Letters July 1983-October 1983

          Outgoing Correspondence FRW Memorandums July 1983-October 1983

          Press Briefing Thomas Regallado - Casena Azul 08/01/1983

          Press Interviews Approved Press Not Scheduled for FRW

          Press Interviews Approved Press to be scheduled for a Later Date - FRW

          Press Interviews Fredda Brillint

          Press Interviews Press Disapproved - FRW Referred

          Press Interviews Scheduled / Completed - FRW

          Press Interviews - WPVI-TV FRW 07/28/1983

          Press - Reorganization Office of Public Liaison

          [Positive Press - FRW] (Envelope)

          Renaissance Women

          Republican Women's Leadership Conference - Indianapolis 06/04/1983

          Responses from Other Agencies

          FRW Roast

          School Prayer

          Speech Flap 09/20/1983

          State Dinners

          [State Dinners] Recommendations for 10/04/1983

          Surrogate Speakers Bureau

          Surrogate Speakers Suggested by OPL

          Governor Thornburgh

          Washington Hebrew Congregation 10/03/1983

          World Food Day 1983 - Proclamation

          Young Americans for Freedom

          Young Political Leaders

          MAM Handled [For FRW]

          MAM Handled for FRW Part 2 - July 1984


          OA 11267

          Handled FRW - November 1984 Part 3

          MAM Handled for FRW 01/08/1985


          Courtmanche, Jack

          Frye, Marguerite

          Holladay, Doug


          Nowicki, Charmaine L.

          Reilly, Bob

          Riggs, Doug


          Velasco, Jose C.




          OA 11267 (Continued)

          U.S. Department of Agriculture - Adverse Effect Wage Rate

          Advisory Subcommittee on Food, Hunger and Agriculture

          AG am. U.S. Department of Agriculture Daily Summaries

          Agricultural Communicators’ Congress - Agro Washington

          Agricultural Exports

          Agriculture / Any Farm Issues

          Agriculture Council of America

          Agriculture Day

          Agriculture - General

          Agriculture - White House Staffing Memorandums

          Alabama Farm Bureau June 14

          American Agricultural Research Institute

          American Agriculture Movement

          American Cyanamid Company

          American Dry Milk Institute Inc.

          American Farm Bureau Federation

          American Farm Bureau Women’s Committee

          American Feed Manufacturers Association

          American Landrace Associations Inc.

          American Legislative Exchange Council

          American Meat Institute

          American National Cowbelles

          American Society of Agronomy

          American Soy Bean Association


          OA 11268

          Antibiotics in Animal Feed (10/04/1984 Meeting)

          Antibiotics in Feed

          Arizona Cattle Feeders’ Association

          Associated Milk Procedures Inc.


          California Cattle Feeders Association

          Cargo Preference

          Colorado Wheat Administrative Committee

          Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

          Cooperative League of the USA

          Corn Gluten and European Community Related Issues

          Council for Competitive Economy

          GSM 102 Credit Guarantee Program

          Dairy Diversion Program

          Dairy Farmer - Distributors of America Inc.

          Dairymen's Creamery Association

          Dialogue - Agricultural Policy Project - Monsanto

          Emergency Committee for American Trade (The)

          Environmental Protection Agency

          Ethylene Dibromide

          European Community

          Farm Safety Week

          Farm Talk

          Farm Women for Reagan

          Farm Women's Forum

          Farmers for Local Control

          Farmers Home Administration

          Farmland Industries

          Fertilizer Institute (The)

          Florida Forest Products

          Fluid Fertilizer Foundation

          Food and Agriculture Committee

          Food and Fiber Letter

          Food and Fitness

          Food Assistance Programs

          Food for Peace Program (PL 480)

          Food for Progress

          Food Marketing Institute

          Future Farmers of America

          Georgia Milk Producers Inc.

          Grasshopper Situation July 1984-August 1984

          Hawaii Agricultural Leadership Foundation

          HR 4072

          Illinois Farm Bureau

          International Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers

          Iowa Bankers Association

          Iowa Farmers 04/10/1984

          Kansas Pork Producers

          Land Improvement Contractors

          Leadership Education Action Development

          Michigan Farm Bureau

          Michigan Milk Producers Association

          Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers

          Minnesota Farmers Union

          Minnesota Livestock Breeders Association

          Minnesota Milk Producers Association


          National Agricultural Chemicals Association

          National Agriculture Research and Extension Users Advisory Board

          National Association of Conservation Districts

          National Association of Meat Purveyors

          National Association of State Departments of Agriculture

          National Association of Swine Records

          National Association of Wheat Growers


          OA 11269

          National Broiler Council

          National Cattlemen’s Association

          National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy

          National Coffee Service Association

          National Commission on Agricultural and Trade Export

          National Corn Growers Association

          National Cotton Council of America

          National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

          National Endowment for Soil and Water Conservation

          National Farm City Council

          National Farm Women’s Month

          National Farmers Organization

          National Farmers Union

          National Fertilizer Solutions

          National Food Brokers Association

          National Grain and Feed Association

          National Grange (The)

          National Independent Dairy Foods Association

          National Meat Association

          National Milk Producers Federation

          National Peanut Council

          National Planning Association

          National Pork Producers Council

          National Rural Electric Youth Tour

          National Sunflower Association

          National Wool Growers Association

          Nebraska Pork Producers

          West Central Nebraska Development District

          Payment-in-Kind Program

          PennAg Industries Association

          Pennsylvania Farmers’ Association

          Pennsylvania Farmers Union

          PL 480 Briefing

          Potato Chip / Snack Food Association

          Publications 4-H News

          Publications Washington Newsletter

          Rice Millers Association

          Savannah Foods and Industries Inc. - Sugar

          Self Help and Resource Exchange

          Steel Quotas

          Sunkist Growers Inc.

          Taggart Groups

          Task Force on Food Assistance (1)(2)

          Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association

          Texas Grain and Feed Association

          Texas Soil and Water Conservation Distance

          Textile Imports

          Tobacco Imports

          United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association

          U.S. Business and Industrial Council

          U.S. Department of Agriculture / Public Liaison Information

          U.S. Meat Export Federation

          U.S. Wheat Associates

          Weekly Legislative Reports

          Wine Equity

          Wives Briefing 11/17/1983

          Women Involved in Farm Economics

          World Food Day 10/16/1984



          OA 11270

          Executive Women in Government 09/19/1983

          Women Leaders Briefing 12/05/1983

          Agriculture Leaders 01/05/1984

          Agriculture Council of America National Agriculture Day Contest 02/10/1984

          Alpha Gamma Rho Leadership 02/24/1984

          American Association of University Women 02/27/1984

          Education Briefing 02/28/1984

          Leadership Education Action Development 03/01/1984

          National Cotton Council 03/01/1984

          Auburn University 03/05/1984

          National Association of State Departments of Agriculture 03/07/1984

          Will County (Illinois) Farm Bureau 03/07/1984

          Iowa Farm Bureau 03/08/1984

          Junior League Public Affairs 03/09/1984

          Iowa Farm Bureau 03/15/1984

          Wheat Growers 03/19/1984

          Cattlemen’s Photo Op 03/26/1984

          National Cattlemen’s Association 03/27/1984

          Speeches Girl Scouts 04/09/1984

          American Farm Bureau Women Committee 04/10/1984

          Farm Bureau Meeting 04/24/1984

          Junior League of Washington D.C. 04/24/1984

          Hawaii Agriculture Leaders 05/01/1984

          Dacowits 05/02/1984

          Child Pornography Bill Signing Session 05/21/1984

          Association of American Foreign Services Women 05/23/1984

          Visitor Program Service of Meridian House International 05/30/1984

          U.S. Jaycee Women 05/30/1984

          Meat Purveyors 06/05/1984

          Farmers Cooperatives 06/11/1984 and 06/12/1984

          National Cotton Council 06/12/1984

          National Rural Electric Youth Tour 06/13/1984

          Farm Credit Bank Presidents 06/20/1984

          Ice Cream Manufacturers 06/21/1984

          American Farm Bureau Federation Briefing - Photo Op 07/13/1984

          Future Farmers of America 07/24/1984

          Future Farmers of America Thank You’s 07/24/1984

          Young Cattlemen’s Council 08/03/1984

          Senator Jesse Helms Campaign [Campaign Visit 08/11/1984] (1)-(4)

          Michigan Farmers Hall of Fame 09/03/1984

          General Federation of Women’s Clubs Reception 09/14/1984

          Paul Weyrich Luncheon 09/17/1984

          Cabinet Meeting with President 09/18/1984

          Shelby Cullom Davis 09/19/1984

          General Kroesen Luncheon 09/24/1984

          U.S. Jaycee Women 09/25/1984

          United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association 09/26/1984

          Insurance Women of Reading 10/10/1984

          Milk Industry / Ice Cream Manufacturers 10/14/1984-10/17/1984 Convention San


          Trade Bill Signing Ceremony 10/30/1984

          Indiana Institute of Agriculture 11/13/1984


          OA 11271

          National Turkey Federation 11/16/1984

          International Management Development Institute Briefing 12/05/1984

          Future Farmers of America Photo Opportunity with National Officers 12/13/1984

          National Soil and Water Conservation Awards 12/13/1984 Vice Presidential Event

          Meeting with Agricultural Leaders 01/18/1985

          Citizens for America 01/25/1985 MAM Reception

          Balance Budget Brigade 01/29/1985

          South Carolina Young Farmers 02/01/1985

          Iowa Jaycees Trip 02/02/1985

          National Pork Producers Council 02/06/1985

          American Butter Institute 02/20/1985

          Nebraska Leadership Education Action Development 03/05/1985

          Michigan Agriculture Leadership Program - Cooperative Extension Service 03/06/1985

          Colorado 03/07/1985

          Pennsylvania [Agricultural Leaders] 03/07/1985

          Illinois Agriculture Leadership 03/08/1985

          National Grain Trade Council 03/10/1985

          California Farm Bureau 03/13/1985

          Iowa Briefing 03/07/1985 and 03/14/1985

          Wheat Growers Board of Directors 03/18/1985

          Strom Thurmond Group 03/21/1985

          University of Illinois 03/25/1985

          Wisconsin Farm Bureau 03/26/1985

          Michigan Farm Bureau 03/27/1985

          Western States Meat Association 04/18/1985

          National Rifle Association 04/18/1985-04/22/1985

          American Farm Bureau Federation State Women’s Chairmen 04/23/1985

          California Polytech University 04/25/1985

          Troopers 04/25/1985

          Land Improvement Contractors of America 04/26/1985

          Farm and Industrial Equipment Institute 05/16/1985

          Central - Center for Rural Leadership 05/22/1985

          American Meat Institute 06/04/1985

          4th District Congressional Classroom 06/12/1985

          National Cotton Council Briefing 06/13/1985

          California Farm Bureau 06/18/1985

          Ice Cream Manufacturers 06/20/1985

          Georgia Jaycee March 22



          OA 11272


          American Association of University Women

          American Foreign Service Wives


          Boy Scouts of America


          Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission

          Citizens Committee for Right to Keep and Bear Arms

          Daughters of the American Revolution

          El Salvador

          Executive Women in Government

          Fairness for Families

          Ferraro - Articles and Media

          Foreign Policy

          Fund for a Conservative Majority

          General Federation of Women’s Clubs

          General Federation of Women’s Clubs - Pennsylvania Federation of Women’s Clubs

          Girl Scouts

          Gun Owners of America

          Gun Articles

          Gun Control


          Inaugural Activities

          League of Women Voters

          Ladies Home Journal Reception

          Long Range Scheduling Meetings

          Luxembourg State Dinner 11/13/1984

          Mary Ann’s File Cards in Case an Error (Envelope)

          Meetings for Mary Ann Meloy

          Memorandums from Counsel

          Michigan Women’s Briefing


          Miscellaneous May 1985-June 1985


          National Council of Negro Women

          National Extension Homemakers Council Inc.

          National Extension Homemakers Council Inc:.National Association of Extension Home


          National Narcotic Border Interdiction System


          OA 11273

          National Rifle Association - I

          National Rifle Association - II

          National Rifle Association - Petitions (Sampled)

          Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association

          OPL Meeting Reports Weekly


          Partnerships in Education

          Peace Corps

          Personnel Action Forms [Blank]

          Photos and Biographies


          Presidential Messages

          Presidential Statements

          WH Press Briefing December 1983

          Press Clippings Miscellaneous

          Press Coverage

          Press Coverage MAM

          Press Interview Access Lists

          Press Interviews Approved Press to Be Scheduled OPL

          Press Interviews Press Disapproved or Referred OPL

          Press Interviews Press Schedule by OPL Staff

          Press Logs March 1983-May 1983

          Press Logs June 1983-February 1984


          OA 11274

          Press Logs March 1984-May 1984

          Press Logs - File Mary Ann Meloy

          Press Releases

          Press Releases Appointments / Nominees - Committees

          Press Releases Executive Orders

          Press Releases Interviews with Administrative Officials and Press Briefings

          Press Releases Office of the Press Secretary November 1983

          Press Releases Office of Public Liaison

          Weekly Press Reports for JLC

          [Press Secretary Releases] April 1984

          [Press Secretary Releases] May 1984


          PSI Lights

          PTL TV Network - Presidents Requests Appointment 07/03/1983

          Publications Miscellaneous

          Publication - Sports and Conservation

          Reagan / Bush 1984

          Reelection Articles

          Reelection Political Activity

          Republican National Committee

          Republican National Committee Public Speaking Seminar - 1983

          Republican Policy Committee Floor Action

          Republican State Committee on Pennsylvania

          Requests from FJD


          Rural Economics - Petitions

          Schlaff / Lanson Meeting 07/20/1984

          Scheduling Recommendations

          1983-1984 Schedule Proposals - Save


          OA 11275

          Speech Resource

          POTUS Speech Schedules


          Speeches Federal Emergency Management Agency 04/25/1984

          Staffing Memorandums

          State Dinner

          1984 State of the Union Address

          Surveys - The Merit Report

          Telephone Message Book (undated)

          Trade Press

          Travel - Copies of Authorization

          U.S. Jaycee Women

          U.S. Small Business Association (Regarding Women)

          Venezuelan State Dinner

          Voice of America

          Washington Times

          Washington Workshops

          Secretary Watt

          Weekly Schedule

          Wildlife and Natural Resources

          Wolf Trap

          Woman to Woman (Private Sector Initiatives)

          [Women] Businesswomen’s Day Speech

          [Women] Factsheet on Women

          Women - Fact Sheet: Federal Law and Gender Discrimination

          [Women] Fairness Issues and the Administration’s Fortunes

          Women - Federal Offices for Women’s Issues

          Women for Racial and Economic Equality (WREE’s)


          OA 11276

          Women Gender Gap

          Women - Barbara Honegger

          Women in Crises

          Women in Development A.I.D.

          Women in the 80's Speech - Talking Points

          Women in the Mainstream

          [Women] Issues - Comparable Worth

          Women Issues Homemaker

          Women - Dee Jepsen’s Resignation

          Women National Advisory Council on Women’s Educational Programs

          Women - Eliza Paschall

          Women - Political Party Platform Planks Relating to Equal Rights for Women

          Women - Presidential Appointments Female Mid-Term Report

          Women Progressing Through History" by Bev Selby

          Women - Maureen Reagan

          [Women] Task Force on Legal Equity for Women

          [Women] Union League, Philadelphia 11/18/1983 Speech

          [Women] Washington Workshops Speeches

          Women - White House Coordinating Council Women

          Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

          Women’s Issues



          OA 11276 (Continued)

          Outgoing Correspondence: June 1983

          Outgoing Correspondence: July 1983

          Outgoing Correspondence: August 1983

          Outgoing Correspondence: September 1983

          Outgoing Correspondence: October 1983

          Outgoing Correspondence: November 1983

          Outgoing Correspondence: December 1983

          Outgoing Correspondence January 1984

          February 1984 [Correspondence]

          March 1984 [Correspondence]

          April 1984 [Correspondence]

          May 1984 [Correspondence]

          June 1984 Daily Correspondence

          July 1984 Daily Correspondence

          August 1984 Daily Correspondence

          September 1984 Daily Correspondence

          October 1984 Correspondence 1984


          OA 11277

          November 1984 Correspondence

          December 1984 Correspondence

          January 1985 Correspondence

          February 1985 Correspondence

          March 1985 Correspondence

          April 1985 Correspondence

          May 1985 Correspondence

          General Correspondence

          Correspondence Tracking Sheets

          [Correspondence Tracking Sheets]

          Correspondence Relating to the 1984 Elections

          General Staffing Memorandums (empty)

          Special Correspondence