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The White House Military Office provided communications, transportation, and other logistical support to President Reagan. It also provided the President with a personal aide, and served as an on-site liaison for the Department of Defense (e.g., handling the military nominations that the President sent to the Senate).


OA 18155

Aircraft Requests ( Staff) 1981 - September 1984 [Includes OVP]


OA 18156

Aircraft Request (Staff) Oct. 1984 - 1986


OA 18157

Aircraft Request (Staff) 1987

Aircraft Request (Military/USSS) 1981 - June 1984


OA 18158

Aircraft Requests (Military/USSS) July 1984-December 1986


OA 18159

Aircraft Requests (Military/USSS) 1987

Aircraft Manifests (Air Force One and Marine One) 1981 - 1983


OA 18160

Aircraft Manifests (Air Force One and Marine One) 1983 - 1987

Aircraft Manifests (Helicopter and Fixed Wing) 1981


OA 18161

Aircraft Manifests (Helicopter and Fixed Wing) 1982 - 1984 [Includes Marine Two]


OA 18162

Aircraft Manifests (Helicopter and Fixed Wing) 1985 - 1986 [Includes Air Force Two]


OA 18163

Aircraft Manifests (Helicopter and Fixed Wing) 1987

Reimbursement Bills Paid (Airfare) 1981 - 1983


OA 18164

Reimbursement Bills Paid (Airfare) 1984 - 1986 [Fixed Wing - Helo Airfare Bills]


OA 18165

Reimbursement Bills Paid (Airfare) 1987

Reimbursement Bills (Transition) 1980 - 1981

Reimbursement Bills Paid (In Flight Services) 1981 - 1983


OA 18166

Reimbursement Bills paid (In Flight Services) 1984 - 1987 [89th - In Flight Bills]


OA 19106

Aircraft / Staff Requests, Worksheets, Background Notes January 1988-December 1988

Aircraft Requests (Military/USSS) January 1988-May 1988



OA 19107

Aircraft / USSS - Military Requests June 1988-December 1988

Helicopter Manifests 1988

Fixed Wing Manifests 1988

Acft Summaries 1987 - 1988


OA 19108

Air Force One Manifests 1988

Fixed Wing / Helo Aircraft Bills - Paid 1988

Fixed Wing / Helo Airfare Bills Paid 1988 (cont.)

89th In-Flight Fund Bills - Paid 1988

89th In-Flight Bills 1988 (cont.)