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MILLER, LINDA: Files, 1981-1984


Intergovernmental Affairs, White House Office of


OA 10763

NCSL Annual Meeting 08/08/1983-08/12/1983 San Antonio, TX

NCSL Resolutions August, 1983

NCSL Issues August 1983


OA 10764

Republican Women's Leadership Forum [Highlights of Reagan Administration - A

Briefing Book - August 1983]

American Legislative Exchange Council Annual Meeting 06/21/1984-06/24/1984

San Diego, CA I (1)-(3)

American Legislative Exchange Council Annual Meeting 06/21/1984-06/24/1984

San Diego, CA II (1)-(3)

ALEC Annual Meeting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 09/14/1983-09/18/1983 I (1)-(4)

ALEC Annual Meeting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 09/14/1983-09/18/1983 II (1)-(3)

Center for American Women in Politics - National Forum for Women State Legislators,

December, 1983

Council of State Governments 1983 Meeting

Council of State Governments 12/04/1983-12/07/1983 Lexington, Kentucky


OA 10765

[Letter Book February 1984-October 1984]

Child Support Enforcement Seminar August 16-17

[Secretary's Symposium on Child Support Enforcement]

NCSL 1984 Annual Meeting Boston LLV's Briefing Book

NCSL 1984 Annual Meeting Boston

OA 10766

ALEC 10th Anniversary Celebration Back-up Letters

ALEC Briefing January 1984 Attendees (1)-(3)

[ALEX Briefing January 1984] (1)-(3)

ALEC Briefing 01/09/1984 Packet (1)-(3)

ALEC Briefing January 1984 - Memos

ALEC Briefing 01/09/1984 - Background

12/83 CAWP [Center for American Women in Politics] State Legislative Meeting - Preparation

ALEC 06/21/1984-06/23/1984 (1)(2)

CAWP Newspaper Articles

CAWP December 1983 Meeting Materials

CSG 50th Anniversary December 1983 [Council of State Governments]

CSG Southern Legislative Conf. [1984]

NCSL 1984 Attendance

Trip Boston NCSL Annual Meeting

NCSL Leg. Leaders Briefing February 1984

1983 NCSL Meeting

Follow-up on NCSL Meeting - 1983

NCSL - Interview with LLV April 1984

NCSL 1984 Meeting


OA 10767

SFA [State-Federal Assembly] December 1983 Meeting

SFA Background [1983]

SFA May [1984] Meeting

SFA September 1984 Meeting

LLV Trip to West August 1983

LLV Trip to Conn. 03/30/1984

LLV Trip to Florida 04/29/1984-04/30/1984

LLV Trip to Ill. 04/26/1984-04/27/1984

[Gleason Trip to Maryland November 1984]

[LLV Trip to Michigan October 1984]

LLV Mtg. - Indianapolis

LLV Trip - Jackson, Miss. 10/25/1983

LLV - New Hampshire Trip

LLV Trip to New Jersey 10/19/1983

LLV Trip to New Jersey November 1983

[LLV Trip to New Jersey 10/19/1983]

LLV Trip - Cleveland / Columbus 10/83

LLV Trip PA 04/23/1983-04/24/1983

LLV Trip to Tennessee

LLV Trip to Virginia 10/03/1983


Kentucky Supporters

OA 10992 [Uninventoried]

1981 Alabama to Louisiana

OA 10993 [Uninventoried]

1981 Maine to Wyoming

OA 10994 [Uninventoried]

1982 Alabama to Louisiana

OA 10995 [Uninventoried]

1982 Maine to Wyoming

OA 10996 [Uninventoried]

1983 Alabama to Maryland

OA 10997 [Uninventoried]

1983 Massachusetts to Wyoming

OA 11440




Puerto Rico