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MOORE, DIAN:  Files 1981-1985


Office of Intergovernmental Affairs:

Executive Secretary


OA 13797 (uninventoried)

1985 State Files, Alabama - Iowa


OA 13798 (uninventoried)

1985 State Files, Kansas - New Mexico


OA 13799 (uninventoried)

1985 State Files, New York - Utah


OA 14041

Canadian Lumber




GRS (General Revenue Study)


Executive Order 11246 (1)-(3)

Oil Overcharge

Department of Energy (DOE) Exxon

State Taxes

Cigarette Tax

Small Business

Jobs Program (DuPont, Etc.)

Industrial Policy


OA 14042

85 State Files, Vermont - Wyoming

Samoa - 1985

(IGA) Intergovernmental Affairs Legislative Concerns 1982-1984


Unitary Tax (1)-(12)

Unitary Tax 1984 (1)-(12)

State of the Union 1985

Governor’s Weekly Bulletins 1983-1985 [Unfoldered]


OA 14043

Federalism 1983

Federalism 1982

Block Grants 609-882-2150

Block Grant - Implementation

Federalism - Statements, Speeches


Federalism 1982

Federalism 1981 (I)

Federalism 1981 (II)


OA 14044

Greeters for Presidential Trips 1984-1985

Presidential Travel 1984-1985

Miscellaneous Reagan Statements

Karen Roberts File 1985