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MOORE KATE: Files, 1981


White House Operations, Office of, 1981

Chief of Staff, White House Office of: 1981 - See Separate Inventory


OA 2514

Administrative Manual

Administrative Manual: Administrative Procedures

Administrative Manual: Manuals & Procedures

Administrative Handbook II

Administrative Leave

Annual Leave [empty]

Biographical Press Releases

Federal Civilian Hiring Freeze (1981)

White House Gift Policy

Hot Water / Old Executive Office Building

Leave - Administrative, Leave without Pay etc. (1981)

Kate Moore's Appointment Papers January 1981

Miscellaneous Resumes

Geneva Murray 1981

Operating Units - White House (1981)

Parking - White House Complex 1981

Personnel Issues

Phone Call Log - January 1981 to [empty]

Policy Staff - White House (1981)

Presidential Appointments

Resignation - Miscellaneous 1981

John Rogers Decision Memos (1981)

John Rogers - Memos for His Signature

[Task Force for the Arts & Humanities - Membership Resumes] (Notebook)

Visitor Office (1981)

Legal Guidance [empty]

Arts - To Do Now [empty]

Lists [empty]

Budget [empty]

More Arts [empty]

Special [empty]

Refugees - Unfiled [empty]

Ann Levon

Phone Calls [empty]

Management [empty]

Arts Correspondence [empty]

State News Clips [empty]

White House Fellows [empty]

Refugee Personnel [empty]

Refugees [empty]

Arts [empty]

Personal [empty]

Resignations Submitted [empty]

For John [empty]

Exercise Class [empty]

Cabinet Councils [empty]

Handbook - Originals [empty]

Blank Forms [empty]

Reagan-Bush Resumes [empty]

MDT [empty]

State & HHS [empty]

Voting Rights Act [empty]

Arts [empty]

New Mail [empty]

Voice of America [empty]

June 15 Meeting [empty]

Consultations [empty]

Draft Production [empty]

To File [empty]

For: Kate Moore's Comments - Apologies for its Appearance [empty]

[Untitled Folder]