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MOORE, KATE: Files, 1981


Office of Administration (see separate inventory)

Deputy Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff, 1981. 2.2 l.ft.


Kate Moore worked in the Office of the Chief of Staff from March to November 1981. Her primary task was to assist another staff person, Francis (Frank) S. M. Hodsoll, with immigration and refugee policy, issue identification and tracking, policy execution, and other assigned matters. (From January to March 1981, Moore was an assistant under John F. W. Rogers, the then-Acting Director of the White House Office of Administration. See separate finding aid for most Moore files from that time.)


Moore was born in Los Angeles in 1951, and grew up in the Los Angeles area. After graduation from Yale University, she became sales and promotion manager for a publishing company in Santa Barbara, California. She earned a Master of Business Management degree from Stanford University in 1977, and then was assistant product manager for General Foods Corporation. Moore was director of the advocate speakers program for George H. W. Bush’s 1980 Presidential campaign. After Reagan won the Republican nomination, he made Bush campaign director James Baker a senior advisor in his own campaign, and Moore joined the Reagan campaign as media coordinator. When Reagan became President in January 1981, Baker became his Chief of Staff, and Moore joined the White House staff as well.


In November 1981, Moore and Hodsoll both left the White House for positions with the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Moore stayed in NEA until 1988, when she resigned to work for Vice President Bush’s successful 1988 Presidential campaign. Moore then worked on the Bush transition staff, and held positions in the Bush White House and Transportation Department. Later, Moore took a position with the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), an organization which helps provide communities with affordable telecommunication.


Topics covered in this collection include: Cuban, Haitian, Indochinese, and Eastern European refugees; illegal immigration; the Task Force on Immigration and Refugee Policy (1981); the Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy (1980-81); the potential reassigning of agency responsibilities for immigration/refugee matters; proposed changes to the Freedom of Information Act; the Presidential Task Force on the Arts and Humanities; selected Senior Staff meetings from March to June 1981; initial Administration actions in early 1981; and the computerized tracking of issues and senior staff schedules. There is a set of letters forwarded to Moore by Hodsoll, so that she could draft a reply for his signature. There are also telephone logs for Moore’s entire time in the Reagan White House (January-November 1981), and scattered interfiled material from Moore’s initial White House position as an assistant to Mr. Rogers.



          Box 1

Assassination [Attempt – Awards for Secret Service Agents] (1)-(3)

Bowhead Whales (1)-(3)

Bowhead Whales – NOAA [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]
California County Representatives (1)-(3)
CEQ  [Council on Environmental Quality]
Chron August 1981 (1)(2)
Clean Air Act (1)(2)
Congressional Economic Conference 
Correspondence Prepared for James A. Baker’s Signature
Cuban – Haitian (1)(2)

Box 2

Cuban – Haitian (3)-(5)

Debt Collection (1)-(3)
Executive Exchange, President’s Commission on
Executive Exchange, President’s Commission on [General] (1)-(3)
FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] (1)-(9)

Box 3

Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs/Relations
Fort Allen (1)(2)
Government Organization [OMB]
Governor’s and Refugee File
[Gun Permits] 
[Joe D. Hawes (Matagorda Island)] 
Hibernia National Bank [Guatemala]
Frank Hodsoll (1)-(3)

Illegal Aliens
Immigration (1)(2)
Immigration – Consultations (1)-(5)

Immigration [Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy]
Incoming Correspondence (1)


Box  4

Incoming Correspondence

Issue Management

Issues Management (1)-(8)

Miscellaneous Correspondence

Miscellaneous Domestic Issues

Organization Chart

Organization Chart 03/04/1981

Prepared for Reagan’s Signature [Schabarum, Peter F.]

[Refugee Admissions] (1)-(4)


Box 5

[Refugee Admissions (Consultations)] (1)(2)

Refugee Back-Up (1)-(6)

More Refugee Back-Up [04/24/1981 Materials]

Refugees [Reports and Papers]

Senior Staff Meetings


Task Force on the Arts and Humanities

[Telephone Logs January 1981-March 1981] (1)-(3)

[Telephone Logs April 1981-July 1981] (1)(2)


Box 6

[Telephone Logs April 1981-July 1981] (3)-(6)

[Telephone Logs August 1981-November 1981] (1)-(4)

Transition Report

Transition Reports (1)(2)