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MOORE, POWELL: Files 1981-1982


Legislative Affairs, White House Office of


          OA 3209

          [Schedule for Sandra Day O’Connor] (Binder)

          Opposing Info

          Confirmation Hearings - O’Connor

          [Possible Hearing Q & A’s]

          Supreme Court - O’Connor Congressional Record Clippings

          [Masters - Bios, Senate Judiciary Committee]

          Supreme Court - O’Connor [Empty]

          Wires - Judge O’Connor

          Supreme Court - O’Connor Press Releases

          [Follow up Letters - O’Connor

          Supreme Court - O’Connor Memos

          O’Connor Schedule

          Supreme Court O’Connor Nomination [Clippings]

          [General Photo Requests, 1981] (1)-(7)


          OA 3816

          Agency for International Development

          Secretary of Agriculture John R. Block

          Secretary of Commerce Malcolm Baldrige

          Community Services Administration

          Congressional Foreign Relations Schedules

          Secretary of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger (1)-(5)

          Secretary of Education Terrell H. Bell

          Secretary of Energy James B. Edwards

          Environmental Protection Agency

          Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

          Secretary of HHS Richard Schweiker

          Secretary of HUD Samuel R. Pierce, Jr. (1)-(3)

          Secretary of Interior James G. Watt

          International Communications Agency

          Department of Justice

          Secretary of Labor Raymond J. Donovan (1)(2)

          National Aeronautics and Space Administration

          Office of Management & Budget

          Schedule Proposals 1981 (1)-(4)

          Scheduling - Responses General


          OA 3817

          Veterans Administration

          Secretary of the Treasury Donald T. Regan

          Secretary of Transportation Andrew L. Lawrence

          U.S. Trade Representative William E. Brock

          Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig, Jr.

          White House Legislative Affairs Weekly Reports

          Requests for Positions in Reagan Administration

          Log of Congressional Mail to President / Max

          Time Sheets - Support Staff

          Responses to Letter from Public Citizens

          Special Correspondence

          Requests for Photographs Responses

          Requests for Greeting Cards Responses

          Without Comment (No Response)

          U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee

          Gate Lists

          Presidential Briefing Papers Bipartisan Leadership

          Presidential Briefing Papers Republican Leadership

          Miscellaneous WH Meetings

          Presidential Boards and Commissions