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MOORHEAD, J. UPSHUR: Files, 1982-1984


Private Sector Initiatives, Office of


          OA 10623

          Health Care

          Health Fair


          Hispanic Issues


          Independent Network Broadcasting

          Independent Sector

          International PSI

          Jaycees U.S.

          Hal Krentz


          McLaughery Plan

          Media KAKE [TV]

          Minority Enterprise

          National Association of Manufacturers

          National Council for Urban Economic Development

          National Food Drive

          National Public Radio (1)(2)

          National Youth Movement

          Neighborhood Housing Service

          Partners for Youth

          President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (1)(2)

          Public Interest Group

          Public Policy Organizations

          Religious Groups

          Schedule Proposals

          Shelter Operation

          Summer Youth Program

          Tyson’s Transportation

          Working Group on Urban Policy

          Youth Color

          Youth Employment

          Youth Fair

          Youth Service


          OA 10624 (PSI Task Force Departmental Files)

          Agencies Contacts / Summaries


          Agency for International Development

          Department of Agriculture

          Department of Commerce

          Consumer Product Safety Commission

          Department of Defense

          Department of Education

          Department of Energy

          Environmental Protection Agency

          Export / Import Bank

          Federal Communications Commission

          Federal Emergency Management Agency

          FTC Federal Trade Commission

          Federal Home Loan Bank Board

          General Services Administration

          Department of Health and Human Services

          Interior, Department of

          International Communication Agency

          Department of Justice

          Department of Labor

          National Aeronautics and Space Administration

          National Credit Union Administration

          National Endowment for the Arts

          National Endowment for the Humanities

          National Science Foundation

          Nuclear Regulatory Commission

          Office of Management and Budget

          Office of Personnel Management

          Overseas Private Investment Corporation

          Peace Corps

          Postal Rate Commission

          U.S. Postal Service

          Securities and Exchange Commission

          Small Business Administration

          Department of State

          U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation

          Tennessee Valley Authority

          Trade Representatives of the U.S.

          Department of Treasury

Veterans Administration (1)-(6)

          National Organizations 03/24/1982 [Presidential Appearance]

National Service Organization 04/27/1982 [Presidential Appearance]

Religious Leaders 04/03/1984 [Presidential Appearance]

Richmond Business Leaders 09/29/1982 [Presidential Appearance]

St. Louis Mathews Dickey Boys Club 07/20/1982 [Presidential Appearance]

White House Volunteer Office 04/23/1982 [Presidential Appearance]

World Communications Year 1983 (1)(2)

Youth Volunteer Meeting 11/12/1982 [Presidential Appearance]

World Trade Center/Baltimore, MD 07/13/1984 [Presidential Appearance]


OA 10625 (PSI Task Force Portfolio/Associations, etc.)


          American Dental Association

          American Association of Retired Persons

          American Bankers Association

          American Bar Association

          American Business Conference Inc.

          American Society of Local Officials

          Association of Community College Trustees

          Benevolent Order of Elks

          Boy Scouts of America

          Boys Club of America

          Business Roundtable

          Center for Corporate Public Involvement

          Chamber of Commerce

          Committee for Economic Development

          Conference Board

          Council of State Governments

          Education Association Office

          First Church of Christ Scientists [Christian Science Monitor Articles]

          Gannett Foundation

          General Federation of Women’s Clubs

          Kiwanis International

          Linc Resources Inc.

          National Association of Manufactures

          National Urban Coalition

          National Council of Community Mental Health Centers

          National Business Consortium for the Gifted and Talented

          National Club Association

          National Commission for Cooperative Education

          National Congress of American Indians

          National Association of Counties

          National Association of Securities Dealers Inc.

          National Education Program

          National Endowment for Soil and Water Conservation

          National Interfraternity Conference

          Public Affairs Council

          Religious Groups

          Salvation Army

          70001 LTD.

          U.S. Conference of Mayors


          OA 10626

          National Care and Share Day – 12/19/1983 (1)-(9)

          A National Care and Share Day (1)-(8)

          [Proclamations on National Care and Share Day]

          Bills - Task Force

          [Workforce Basic Skills; Day Care; R & D Limited Partnerships]


          Combined Federal Campaign

          Chicago - YMCA 05/10/1982

          Chicago Providence St. Mel High School 05/10/1982

          National Workshop on Voluntarism 12/08/1981 San Francisco, California

          National Workshop on Voluntarism 06/15/1982 Chicago, Illinois            

[Unfoldered Material - National Workshop on Voluntarism 12/09/1982-12/10/1982                         Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

          Notebook of White House Office of Policy Information on “Fairness Issue”: A

Briefing Book on Individual Programs and General Perspectives, 06/01/

1982 (1)(2)


          OA 10627

          Action - Telethon

          Action / Volunteerism Hearing

          Action / Volunteer Week

          Action / Working Groups

          The Ad Council

          American Computer Legislation

          American Enterprise Institute

          American Society of Association Executives

          ARCO / U.S. Conference of Mayors

          Bay of the Americans

          Black Strategy

          Boston 01/26/1982

          Ronald Bricker

          Buffalo, NY

          Center for Corporate Public Involvement

          Committee for Economic Development

          Community College

          Community Initiative Committee

          Congressional Hearings and Volunteerism

          Congressional Legislation

          Congressional Staff Briefings 06/04/1980

          The Conference Board

          Corporate Volunteerism

          Federal Regional Councils / One, Two and Five


          Food and Hunger

          Fraser and Associates