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MORRISON, TRUDI: Files, 1983-1985


Public Liaison, White House Office of


Trudy Morrison joined the Office of Public Liaison in July, 1983 as an Associate Director.  She stayed through the end of May, 1985.  She was involved in women’s issues, primarily as the project director of the 50 States Project.  Starting in May 1984 she worked closely with Eliza Paschall and shared office support with her.  Please see the Paschall collection for more information on the 50 States Project and other women’s issues.


This collection is arranged in three series: SERIES I: 50 States Project

Series I:  50 States Project, SERIES II: Subject File, SERIES III: Correspondence File



          OA 10777

          50 States Project 1983

          Travel Vouchers / 50 States

          50 States Project Correspondence

          Copies 50 State Questionnaires

          Reduced Copies of 50 States Project "Plan of Action"

          50 State Project 1st Drafts

          50 States Representatives Correspondence (empty)

          50 State Project / JC Memos

          50 States Brief Outline

          Partial List State Reports

          Request of 50 States 1984 Sourcebook

          50 States Project Report for Faith Whittlesey - E. Paschall 06/15/1984

          Governor’s Letter / 50 States Questionnaire

          State Legislators Luncheon Meeting - 50 States - 09/19/1983

          50 State Project Memos / FRW

          50 State Project Travel Budgets

          50 States Project - Requests for Report when Finished

          50 States Correspondence

          2 Sets of State Reports (Partial)

          50 States Project

          Schedule Proposal 50 States Project 10 States Represented Exemplary

          [50 States Project Notes]

          50 States Project TMM - States Visited by Trudi 1983 (Binder)

          50 States Project Individual Sheets

          50 States Project - Louisiana Legislation



          OA 11137

          Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

          [American Education]

          Appointment Requests

          William Bennett (Gary Puckerin)

          Biographical Sketches, Speakers

          Black Americans 04/30/1985

          Black History Month Briefing, Ambassador Keyes / Bruce Chapman (1)(2)

          Black History Month February 1984

          Black History Month 1985

          Black Media

          Black Republican Women’s Network Correspondence (1)-(4)

          Black Republican Women’s Network List with Corrections / Deletions

          250 Black Women 09/28/1984

          09/28/1984 Briefing, Alphabetical List

          09/28/1984 Briefing, Alphabetical List: 250 Black Women 09/28/1984 Biographical


          09/28/1984 Briefing, Alphabetical List: 250 09/28/1984

          OPL Checklist for Briefings

          Colorado Delegation Luncheon

          Colorado / Denver September 1984, Women Who Govern

          Colorado Homecoming, Colorado State University

          Dallas GOP Convention 1984

          Dallas Republican National Convention

          Essence Magazine Correspondence

          Family Issues

          Future Engagements, TMM

          OPL, Future Scheduling

          Historically Black Colleges

          Issue Update, Legal and Economic Equity for Women

          Jack and Jill of America Inc.

          TMM List for Appointments

          List of Women in Business

          Lists of Women re: Mailings 03/07/1985 (Computer Printout Stored in Oversize 1-F-S)

          Copies of Messages from the President

          Miscellaneous - I

          Miscellaneous - II

          TMM Monthly Calendars

          National Afro-American (Black) History Month Briefing 02/25/1985

          National Association of Commission / Women

          National Bankers Association


          OA 11140

          National Black Child Development Institute

          National Black Child Development Institute, Budget / 35 copies

          National Conference of Black Mayors

          National Stroke Association

          Operation Care

          Presidential Briefing Paper GOP Governor’s Breakfast Meeting

          Briefing Paper for the Presidential Visit to Iowa

          President’s Advisory Committee Women’s Business Ownership

          Press Request, TMM

          Maureen Reagan, GOP Elected


          Resumes from Outside White House

          Schedule  Proposal American Association of Correctional Officers

          Schedule Proposal - Mrs. Bush

          Scheduling Request From Fred Ryan for Response

          1984 Sourcebook Material

          TMM Draft of Speeches

          Status of Legislation 08/25/1983

          Talking Points, Especially on Black Issues and Minority Issues

          Talking Points on Issues / Women February 1984

          [Task Force on Legal Equality - Barbara Honegger]

          Travel Itinerary, TMM

          United Negro College Fund 40th Anniversary Dinner

          Volunteer Sheets / Information

          OPL Weekly Schedules

          Women in the News

          Youth - TMM and Eileen Peterson 02/27/1985



          OA 11141

          TMM Correspondence - 1983

          January 1984 Correspondence TMM

          February 1984 Correspondence TMM

          March 1984 Correspondence TMM

          April 1984 Correspondence TMM

          May 1984 Correspondence

          June 1984 Correspondence

          July 1984 TMM Correspondence

          August 1984 Correspondence TMM

          September 1984 Correspondence TMM

          October 1984 Correspondence TMM and September 1984

          October 84 Correspondence TMM

          November 1984 Correspondence TMM

          December 1984 Correspondence TMM - I

          December 1984 Correspondence TMM - II

          January 1985 Correspondence, TMM

          February 1985 Correspondence, TMM

          March 1985 Correspondence, TMM

          April 1985 Correspondence, TMM

          May 1985 Correspondence, TMM

          JC Correspondence [Jack Courtemanche]

          FRW Correspondence

          Special Letters TMM

          TMM Miscellaneous Correspondence

          Miscellaneous Correspondence

          Correspondence Tracking File Correspondence (empty)