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NEUMAN, DAVID: Files, 1983-1984


Office of Cabinet Affairs - White House Fellow


David Neuman was a White House fellow.  He was involved in a variety of projects during the period of September 1983 and September 1984.


          OA 9750

          American Woman’s Economic Development Corporation

          Bob Jones Project

          Borkin, Josh - Picture

          California Trucking Association

          CORO Project - Craig Fuller

          Displaywriter User Group Meetings

          Educational Seminars

          February [1984] SES Conference

          Federal Acquisition Regulations

          FCC Syndication Rule

          Hispanic Demographics

          Hispanic Network

          Ileana Fresen Project

          Lamont, Edward

          Larry’s Federal Aviation Administration Project [Exposition June 1984]

          Lear/FCC Syndication Rule

          Legislative Tracking Project - Craig Fuller


          LoGalbo, Russ (CPR)

          Lopin, Loren

Meeting Notes Taken by David Neuman, 03/15/1984 & May 1984-June 1984

          Mexican Peso Devaluation - Effects on the Border Area

          [Miscellaneous Issues]

          Miscellaneous Meeting and Telecon Notes – September 1983-September 1984

          OCA Morning Briefings

          Periodical Subscription Issue

          Public Inebriates

          Southridge (Brochure)

          Southwest Border Project (1)-(3)

          Southwest Border:  Letters from Agencies to Coordinator (1)(2)

          Southwest Border

          Staff Meetings

          Staff Meetings - Current

          Staff Meeting Notes

          Vietnam Memorial Problem

          Washington Workshops

          Weingart Center Campaign (Brochure)

          Williams, Josephine

          Young’s Anniversary