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OA 8625

Magazine Summaries 08/01/1983-09/26/1983


OA 8626

Magazine Summaries 10/03/1983-11/14/1983


OA 8627

Magazine Summaries 11/21/1983-12/26/1983


OA 9260

News Clippings November 1983-April 1984


          OA 9261

News Clippings November 1983-April 1984


          OA 9262

News Clippings November 1983-April 1984


          OA 9263

News Clippings November 1983-April 1984


          OA 9264

News Clippings November 1983-April 1984


          OA 9265

News Clippings November 1983-April 1984


OA 10350

          Magazine Summaries 01/02/1984-04/09/1984


OA 10351

Magazine Summaries 04/23/1984-07/09/1984


OA 10352

Magazine Summaries 07/16/1984-08/27/1984


OA 10353

Magazine Summaries 09/03/1984-12/10/1984


OA 10354

Magazine Summaries 12/03/1984-12/17/1984


OA 10475

Magazine Summaries 09/03/1984-10/15/1984


OA 10788

Daily News Items September 1984


OA 10789

Daily News Items October 1984


OA 10790

Daily News Items November 1984


OA 10791

Daily News Items December 1984


OA 14234

The Shooting of the President 03/30/1981 News Stories

          James Baker

          Nancy Reynolds

          Dave Gergen

          William Safire

          David Stockman Controversy 11/16/1981

          Reagan’s First 100 Days

          James G. Watt, Secretary of the Interior

          William French Smith, Attorney General, Department of Justice

          FBI / W. Mark Felt and Edward S. Miller

          Nancy Reagan

          Mrs. Barbara Bush (Wife of Vice President George Bush)

          Secretary of State – Alexander M. Haig, Jr.

          Reagan Recovers (From “The Shooting”)

          Reagan Returns to the White House

          Edward Michael Richardson

          John W. Hinckley, Jr.

          Threats Against Reagan

          President’s 70th Birthday

          Reagan Warns Against Future Terrorist Acts

          The Relaxed Approach / Reagan Hopes to Do More by Doing Less

          Reaction to President’s Press Conference, 06/16/1981

          Articles – Ronald Reagan / James Brady – Shooting / Recovery – (Assassination Attempt

                   March 1981)

          John W. Hinckley, Jr.

          The Policeman – DC Police Officer Thomas K. Delahanty

          Secret Service Agent – Tim McCarthy

          Edwin Meese III

          White House Press Office / James Brady (Shooting / Recovery)

          First 100 Days I

          First 100 Days II

          The White House News Summary : 11/16/1981 Editorial Reaction – The Stockman


          The White House News Summary: 07/08/1981 First Woman is Named to US Supreme

                   Court – The Nomination of Judge Sandra Day O’Connor

          The White House News Summary: 08/14/1981 the MX Missile Basing Controversy –

                   Articles and Analysis

          The White House News Summary: 08/07/1981 Air Traffic Controllers Strike – Special

                   Edition (Patco Strike)

          The White House News Summary: 08/28/1981 Editorial Reaction: The US versus Libya

        Confrontation Over the Gulf of Sidra

The White House News Summary 11/05/1981 Special Edition: The Senate Vote on the

          Sale of AWACS to Saudi Arabia – Media Reaction

The White House News Summary 10/06/1981 The Reagan Strategic Program – Media



OA 14235

State of the Union, 01/26/1982

White House Staff – Troika: Edwin Meese III, James A. Baker IIII, Michael K. Deaver,

          William Clark

The Trip of President Reagan to France, The Vatican, Italy and the United

          Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Germany June 1982 – Press (1)-(4)

          Newsclips: Leaks, 01/13/1982-01/26/1982

          Media Response to the State of the Union Address – Special Report, February 1982

          Federalism 1982

          Education 1982

          European Trip June 1982

          Teacher’s Racial Layoffs (Boston)

          One Year in Office

          Public Correspondence 1982

          Press Conferences 1982

          Press Conference, 01/19/1982

          Press Conference, 02/18/1982

          Press Office 1982

          Alexander Haig Resignation

          Reaction to Presidential Speeches

          Miscellaneous Press Briefings and Interviews 1981 / Presidential Documents

          Current News / Supplemental Clips 08/13/1981 & 08/24/1981 Department of Defense /

                   US Air Force

          Correspondence 1981, Regarding Working in White House News Summary Office

          Carl Leubsdorf / Dallas Morning News 1982

          Department of the Treasury – News Clips – Comments and Analysis, 05/22/1981

          Briefing for Editors and News Directors, 04/21/1981

          National Journal 03/07/1981 & 03/14/1981

          FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information Service Daily Report – Soviet Union, 01/21/1981

          First Hundred Days – 04/30/1981

          Early Bird Summaries, 02/09/1981-02/10/1981

          Who’s Who at the Reagan White House, 01/30/1981

          Personnel Actions 1981

          Newspaper Contract 1981

          Weekly News Summary 01/26/1981-10/04/1981 / Special Friday Evening News

                   Summary, 10/02/1981

          Radio Actualities Inquiries

          Miscellaneous 1981


          OA 14239

          1985 Tax Reform

          The White House Magazine Summary, Monday 01/07/1985 – For the Week of



OA 18040

Floppy Disks for News Summaries, Updates and Special Projects, January 1981-February



OA 19352

Floppy Disks for News Summaries, Updates and Special Projects, August 1984-January