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DUNLOP, BECKY NORTON: Files, 1981-1983


Office of Presidential Personnel

Office of Cabinet Affairs (See Separate Inventory)


Beginning in March, 1981, Ms. Dunlop worked in the Office of Presidential Personnel. She then joined the Office of Cabinet Affairs in March, 1982. Subsequently, she returned to Personnel in July, 1983 when she became Deputy Assistant to the President for Personnel. Although, we have created a separate inventory for Cabinet Affairs and Presidential Personnel for Ms. Dunlop, many of her duties overlapped in the early and closing months of her time with Cabinet Affairs. Please see that collection for further material on Presidential Personnel.



Chrons, 03/01/1982-03/14/1982

Chrons, 03/15/1982-04/19/1982


OA 4118

Chron Files, 04/01/1981-06/22/1981

Chron Files, 06/23/1981-08/15/1981

Chron Files, 08/16/1981-10/31/1981

Chron Files, 11/01/1981-12/13/1981

Chron Files, 12/14/1981-12/31/1981


OA 4833

Chron Files, 01/01/1982-01/18/1982

Chron Files, 01/19/1982-02/11/1982

Chron Files, 02/12/1982-02/28/1982


OA 7701

Miscellaneous Material Including: Press Releases, PAS Lists, Staffing Memos, Etc.


OA 14718

Code Information

DOT - Transportation [Personnel Schedule C and SES]

DOS - State [Personnel Schedule C and SES]

DOL - Labor [Personnel Schedule C and SES]

DOI - Interior [Personnel Schedule C and SES]

DOE - Education [Personnel Schedule C and SES]

HUD - Exception Memos

Schedule C & SES Status Reports

Clearance Policy Memoranda


Personnel Record Payroll / Clearance Project

DOE - Energy [Personnel Schedule C and SES]

DOD - Defense [Personnel Schedule C and SES]

DOC - Commerce [Personnel Schedule C and SES]

DOA - Agriculture [Personnel Schedule C & SES]

FERC / Personnel / Records / Interview Forms

HHS - Health and Human Services [Personnel Schedule C & SES]

DTR - Treasury [Personnel Schedule C & SES]