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Box 91004 (Material in this box may belong to the following collections: David Wigg, William Martin and Roger Robinson. A determination about ownership will be made at the time of processing.)

Presidential Task Force on Project Economic Justice

Presidential Task Force on Project Economic Justice

PROFS folder

Slave Labor/Forced Labor

S812 Financial Export Control Act

Second Term Economic Papers

Scheduling, 1985


Sugar Trade

Super Computers

Technology Transfer

Williamsburg [Economic Summit]

Working Group 87

Martin's Chron as of 09/15/1984 [William Martin]

[National Security Implications of a Sharp Decline in World Oil Prices, Summer 1986

NSC; includes other chapters from other agencies on energy issues; binder]

Trade Policy

Three Gorges Project

UNGA briefing book

US-Korea Energy Subgroup

US-Korea Energy Cooperation

[FOLDER TITLE REDACTED--see withdrawal sheet]

PTF International Private Enterprise

301 [empty]

Underwater Cameras

ACT [Americas Center for Technology]

Central America

Soviet Technology

S. 812 Financial Export Control


Box 91005

[Language Regions]

[Secure Voice Instructions]

[Safe Combinations]

National Security Implications of a Sharp Decline in World Oil Price

[Review Worksheet]

["Action" Folder of Misc. Items re:Energy/Trade; International Petroleum Statistics Report; Diskettes]

National Security Implications of a Sharp Decline in World Oil Prices, NSC Summer



Box 91006

DOD Current News [1981-1982]

DOD Current News [1981-1982]

State Dept. and CIA Reports [1981-1982]

Miscellaneous Memos, Correspondence, Reports [3 folders, 1981-1982]

[Appointment Book 1981 -- No Staff Designated]

[Appointment Book 1986, Battenfield/SID, Danzansky]

[Appointment Book 1986, Battenfield/AHP, Platt]


Box 91007

NSC/S Profile (Case Files Rec by Stearman)

Misc. Reports (Stearman)

Misc. Published Reports

[IEA Directorate Log (of Sys I and II Casefiles, Date Rceived, Subject, Date Out]

Press Releases



[Notebooks (2) -- Stearman]


Box 91152

EPC: Strike Force

EPC: TPRG [Trade Policy Review Group]

International Institutions: OECD [Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development]

International Institutions: UNCTAD [UN Conference on Trade and Development]

Regions: Caribbean Basin

Regions: Caribbean Basin--Jamaica

Regions: Caribbean Basin--Bermuda

Regions: Caribbean Basin--Barbados

Regions: Sub-Sahara

Regions: ASEAN

Foreign Assistance: General

Foreign Assistance: Budget and Regional Allocation

Foreign Assistance: Food Aid

Foreign Assistance: FMS Loans


Box 91156

Debt: FMS Debt [Foreign Military Sales]

Foreign Aid: Legislation

Foreign Aid: Budget

Foreign Aid: Function 150

Foreign Aid: Budget

International Affairs Fall 1988, Director's Review


Box 91157

(This box contains material that may be part of the Stephen Farrar collection. A determination of ownership will be made at the time of review of this box.)

Foreign Aid: Studies

African Hunger Study

Foreign Aid: African Study

Foreign Aid: Multilateral Banks

Foreign Aid: Impact of Oil Prices

Foreign Aid: Eximbank

Foreign Aid: OPIC [Overseas Private Investment Corp]

Summit: Agriculture

Summit: Themes

Summit: Africa

Latin America: General

Latin America: Argentina

Latin America: Bermuda

Latin America: Brazil

Latin America: Chile

Latin America: Ecuador

Latin America: El Salvador

Latin America: Guatemala

Latin America: Haiti

Latin America: Jamaica

Latin America: Honduras

Latin America: Mexico

Latin America: Panama [empty]

Latin America: Peru

Latin America: Venezuela

Africa: Kenya

Africa: Liberia

Africa: Libya

Africa: Nigeria

Africa: Sudan

Africa: Senegal

Africa: South Africa

Africa: Tanzania

Africa - Zaire

Africa: Zimbabwe

Middle East: Afghanistan

Middle East/Asia: Bangladesh

Middle East/Asia: Egypt