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OGLESBY, M. B. Jr.: Files, 1981-1986


Office of Legislative Affairs, 1981-1986

Office of the Chief of Staff, 1988, see separate inventory


M. B. Oglesby worked in the Office of Legislative Affairs from January 1981 to February 1986. He served as head of the Legislative Affairs office beginning in December 1983.


Oglesby returned to the White House staff in July 1988, as Deputy Chief of Staff, and remained until the end of the Reagan Administration.



          OA 8616       

          M. B. Oglesby Chron File [January 1981-August 1981] (1)-(4)

          M. B. Oglesby Chron File [September 1981-October 1981] (1)-(3)

          M. B. Oglesby Alpha File A-D [1981]

          M. B. Oglesby Alpha File Duberstein-Dunlop   [1981]

          M. B. Oglesby Alpha File E-F   [1981]

          M. B. Oglesby Alpha File G-L  [1981]

          M. B. Oglesby Alpha File M-W [1981]

          Memos to Duberstein January 1982 (1)-(3)

          Memos to Duberstein February 1982 

          Memos to Duberstein March 1982 (1)-(3)

          Memos to Duberstein April 1982 (1)(2)

          Memos to Duberstein May 1982

          Memos to Duberstein June 1982

          Memos to Duberstein July (1)-(4)

          Memos to Duberstein August 1982

          Memos to Duberstein September 1982

          Memos to Duberstein October 1982

          Memos to Duberstein November 1982


          OA 8617

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] A

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] B

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] C

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] D

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] E

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] F [empty]

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] G

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] H

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] I [empty]

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] J

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] K

          Memos to Nancy Kennedy

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] L [empty]

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] M

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] N

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] O

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] P

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] Q [empty]

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] R

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] S

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] T

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] U [empty]

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] V. P.

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] V

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] W

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] X [empty]

          [Alpha Memo File 1982] Y

          [Alpha Memo File ] Z [empty]

          MBO Memoranda – January 1984 (1)-(4)

          MBO Memoranda – February 1984 (1)-(4)

          MBO Memoranda – March 1984 (1)-(3)

          MBO Memoranda – April 1984 (1)(2)

          MBO Memoranda – May 1984 (1)-(3)

          MBO Memoranda – June 1984 (1)-(3)

          MBO Memoranda – July 1984 (1)(2)

          MBO Memoranda – August 1984

          MBO Memoranda – September 1984

          MBO Memoranda – October 1984 (1)(2)

          MBO Memoranda – November 1984

          MBO Memoranda – December 1984

          MBO Memoranda – January 1985

          MBO Memoranda – February 1985

          MBO Memoranda – March 1985

          MBO Memoranda – April 1985


          OA 13763

          MBO Memoranda – May 1985

          MBO Memoranda – June 1985

          MBO Memoranda – July 1985

          MBO Memoranda – August 1985

          MBO Memoranda – September 1985

          MBO Memoranda – October 1985

          MBO Memoranda – November 1985      

          MBO Memoranda – December 1985

          MBO/Memoranda – January 1986

          MBO/Memoranda – February 1986

          Staff   Memoranda – December 1985

          Staff   Memoranda – November 1985

          Staff   Memoranda – October 1985

          Staff   Memoranda – September 1985

          Staff   Memoranda – August 1985

          Staff   Memoranda – May 1985

          Staff   Memoranda – April 1985

          Staff   Memoranda – March 1985

          Staff   Memoranda – February 1985

          Staff   Memoranda – January 1985

          Staff   Memoranda – December 1984

          Staff   Memoranda – November 1984

          Staff   Memoranda – October 1984

          Staff   Memoranda – September 1984

          Staff   Memoranda – August 1984

          Staff   Memoranda – July 1984

          Staff   Memoranda – June 1984

          Staff   Memoranda – May 1984

          Staff   Memoranda – April 1984

          Staff   Memoranda – March 1984

          Staff   Memoranda – February 1984

          Staff   Memoranda – January 1984



          (OA 13763 cont.)

          [Alpha Correspondence File] A

          [Alpha Correspondence File] B

          [Alpha Correspondence File] C

          [Alpha Correspondence File] D

          [Alpha Correspondence File] E

          [Alpha Correspondence File] F

          [Alpha Correspondence File] G

          [Alpha Correspondence File] H

          [Alpha Correspondence File] I

          [Alpha Correspondence File] J [empty]

          [Alpha Correspondence File] K

          [Alpha Correspondence File] L

          [Alpha Correspondence File] M

          [Alpha Correspondence File] N

          [Alpha Correspondence File] O

          [Alpha Correspondence File] P

          [Alpha Correspondence File] Q

          [Alpha Correspondence File] R

          [Alpha Correspondence File] S


          OA 12431

          [Alpha Correspondence File] T

          [Alpha Correspondence File] U

          [Alpha Correspondence File] V

          [Alpha Correspondence File] X [empty]

          [Alpha Correspondence File] Y

          [Alpha Correspondence File] Z

          Congressional Requests/Barbara [1984-1986]

          Ronald Reagan Letters [1984-1985] (1-2)



          (OA 12431 cont.)

          [Schedule Proposal Presidential 1983] (1)-(3)

          Memoranda for The President, 1983 (1)(2)

          Memoranda for the President, 1984

          Briefing Papers – January 1984 (1)(2)

          Briefing Papers – February 1984 (1)(2)

          Briefing Papers – March 1984 (1)-(3)

          Briefing Papers – April 1984 (1)(2)      

          Briefing Papers – May 1984 (1)-(3)

          Briefing Papers – June 1984 (1)(2)

          Briefing Papers – July 1984

          Briefing Papers – August 1984

          Briefing Papers – September 1984 (1)(2)

          Briefing Papers – October 1984 (1)-(3)

          Briefing Papers – November 1984

          Briefing Papers – December 1984 (1)(2)

          P [residential] / Schedule Proposals 1984 


          OA 13762

          Schedule Proposals Declined 1984 [1983-1984] (1)-(9)

          V. P. Recommended Phone Calls 1984 (1)(2)

          P / Recommended Telephone Calls [1984] (1)-(9)

          Briefing Papers – January 1985 (1)(2)

          Briefing Papers – February 1985 (1)(2)

          Briefing Papers – March 1985 (1)-(6)

          Briefing Papers – April 1985 (1)-(4)

          Briefing Papers – May 1985

          Briefing Papers – June 1985 (1)(2)

          Briefing Papers – July 1985 (1)(2)

          Briefing Papers – August 1985

          Briefing Papers – September 1985

          Briefing Papers – October 1985

          Briefing Papers – November 1985


          OA 13764

          Briefing Papers – December [1985]

          P[residential]/Schedule Proposals 1985

          Recommended V. P. Calls 1985

          Recommended P. Phone Calls, June 1985-December 1985 (1)-(3)

          P.Recommended  Phone Calls, January 1985-June 1985 (1)-(4)


          SERIES IV: CONGRESSIONAL FILES.  1982-1984

          SUBSERIES A: MEMBERS – 1982 [Lost or Did Not Run, 1982]

          (OA 13764 cont.)

          Ashbrook, John

          Atkinson, Eugene

          Bafalis, L. A. “Skip” R-FL

          Bailey, Don D-PA

          Bailey, Wendell

          Beard, Robin R-Tn

          Benedict, Cleve R-WVA

          Benjamin, Adam R-TN

          Blanchard, James

          Bolling, Richard D-MO      

          Bowen, David D-MS

          Brinkley, Jack D-GA

          Brodhead, William M.  D-MI

          Brown, Clarence  R-OH

          Burgener, Clair R-CA

          Burton, John D-CA

          Butler, M. Cladwell R-VA

          Carman, Gregory R-VA

          Chisholm, Shirley D-NY

          Clausen, Don R-CA

          Collins, James R-TX

          Coyne, Jim R-DA

          Daniel, Robert R-VA

          Danielson, George

          Dockard, Joel R-IN

          Denardis, Lawrence R-CA

          Derwinski, Ed R-IL

          Dorman, Robert (R-CA)

          Charlie Dougherty “Friends of Ireland”

          Dougherty, Charles R-PA

          Dunn, Jim (R MI)

          Emery, David (R-ME)

          Erdahl, Arlen (R-MN)

          Ertel, Allen D-PA

          Evans, B. L. (R-GA)

          Evans, David (R-IN)

          Evans, Thomas B. (R-DE)

          Fenwick, Millicent R-NJ


          OA 8620

          Findley, Paul (R-IL)

          Fountain, L. H. D-NC

          Ginn, Bo D-GA

          Goldwater, Barry R-CA

          Grisham, Wayne (R-CA)

          Hagedorn, Tom (R-MN)

          Heckler, Margaret (R-MA)

          Hendon, Bill (R-NC)

          Hollenbeck Harold (R-NJ)

          Jefferies, Jim R-KC

          Johnson,. Eugene (R-NC)

          LeBoutillier, John (R-NY)

          Lee, Gary A.  (R-NY) (1 of  2)

          Lee, Gary A.  (R-NY) (2 of  2)

          McClory, Robert  R-IL

          McCloskey, Paul  R-CA     

          Marks, Marc (R-PA)

          Mattox, Jim D-TX

          Mitchell, Donald R-NY

          Mottl, Ronald (D-OH)

          Moffett, Toby D-CN

          Mollohan, Robert D-WVA

          Napier, John (R-SC)

          Nelligan, Jim (R-PA)

          Peyser, Peter (D-NY)

          Railsback, Tom (R-IL)

          Reuss, Henry S.  (D-WI)

          Rhodes, John J. R-AZ

          Richmond, Fredrick

          Roberts, Clint (R-SD)

          Rosselot, John H. (R-CA)

          Shamansky, Bob (D-OH)

          Smith, Albert Lee (R-AL)

          Staton, Kirk (R-WVA)

          Stanton, J. Wm.  R-OH    

          Wampler, William C.  (R-VA)

          Weber, Ed (R-OH)  

          White, Richard C.  D-TX

          Zeferetti, Lee C. (D-NY)



          (OA 8620 cont.)

          Ackerman, Gary

          Addabbo, Joseph

          Akaka, Daniel

          Albosta, Donald

          Alexander, Bill

          Anderson, Glenn

          Andrews, Ike

          Andrews, Mike (Texas)

          Annunzio, Frank

          Anthony, Beryl

          Applegate, Douglas

          Archer, Bill

          Aspin, Les

          Aucoin, Les

          Badham, Robert

          Barnard, Doug

          Barns, Michael

          Bartlett, Steve

          Bateman, Herbert

          Bates, Jim


          OA 10091

          Bedell, Berkley

          Beilenson, Anthony

          Bennett, Charles

          Bereuter, Douglas

          Berman, Howard L. (CA)

          Bethune, Ed

          Bevill, Tom

          Biaggi, Mario

          Bilirakis, Michael (FLA)

          Bliley, Thomas J.

          Boehlert, Sherwood L. (NY)

          Boggs, Lindy

          Boland, Edward

          Boner, William

          Bonior, David

          Bonker, Don

          Borski, Robert A. (PA)

          Bosco, Douglas H. (CA)

          Boucher, Frederick C. (VA)

          Boxer, Barbara (CA)

          Breaux, John

          Britt, Charles Robin (NC)

          Brooks, Jack

          Broomfield, William S.

          Brown, George

          Brown, Hank

          Broyhill, James

          Bryant, John (TX)

          Burton, Dan (IND)

          Burton, Philip

          Bryon, Beverly

          Campbell, Carrol

          Carney, William

          Carper, Thomas R. (DEL)

          Carr, Bob (Mich)

          Chandler, Rodney (WA)

          Chappell, Bill

          Chappie, Gene (1)-(7)

          Cheney, Dick (1)(2)

          Clark, James McClure (NC)

          Clay, William


          OA 10092

          Clinger, William

          Coats, Dan

          Coelho, Tony

          Coleman, E. Thomas

          Coleman, Ronald

          Collins, Cardiss

          Conable, Barber

          Conte, Silvio

          Conyers, John

          Cooper, Jim (TN)

          Corcoran, Tom

          Corranda, Baltasar

          Coughlin, Lawrence

          Courter, James

          Coyne, William

          Craig, Larry

          Crane, Dan

          Crane, Philip

          Crockett, George

          D’Amours, Norman

          Daniel, Dan

          Dannemeyer, William

          Daschle, Thomas

          Daub, Hal

          Davis, Robert

          De La Garza, E.

          Dellums, Ronald

          De Lugo, Ron

          Derrick, Butler

          Dewine, Michael

          Dickinson, William

          Dicks, Norman

          Dingell, John

          Dixon, Julian

          Donnelly, Brian

          Dorgan, Bryon

          Dowdy, Wayne

          Downey, Thomas

          Dreier, David

          Duncan, John

          Durbin, Richard

          Dwyer, Bernard

          Dymally, Mervyn

          Dyson, Roy


          OA 10093

          Early, Joseph

          Eckart, Dennis

          Edgar, Bob

          Edwards, Don

          Edwards, Jack

          Edwards, Mickey

          Emerson, Bill

          English, Glenn

          Erdeich, Ben (Ala)

          Erlenborn, John

          Evans, Cooper

          Evans, Lane (IL)

          Fascell, Dante

          Fauntroy, Walter

          Fazio, Vic

          Feighan, Edward F. (Ohio)

          Ferraro, Geraldine

          Fiedler, Bobbi

          Fields, Jack

          Fish, Hamilton (1)(2)

          Flippo, Ronnie

          Florio, James

          Foglietta, Thomas

          Foley, Thomas

          Ford, Harold

          Ford, William

          Forsythe Case

          Forsythe, Edwin B.

          Fowler, Wyche

          Frank, Barney

          Franklin, Webb

          Frenzel, Bill

          Frost, Martin

          Fuqua, Don

          Garcia, Robert

          Gaydos, Joseph

          Gejdenson, Sam

          Gekas, George

          Gephardt, Richard

          Gibbons, Sam

          Gilman, Benjamin

          Gingrich, Newt 98th Congress

          Gingrich, Newt 97th Congress


          OA 10094

          Glickman, Dan

          Gonzalez, Henry

          Goodling, William

          Gore, Albert

          Gradison, Willis

          Gramm, Phil

          Gray, William

          Green, Bill

          Gregg, Judd

          Gaurini, Frank

          Gunderson, Steve

          Hall, Katie

          Hall, Ralph

          Hall, Sam

          Hall, Tony

          Hamilton, Lee

          Hammerschmidt, J. P. 98th Congress

          Hammerschmidt, J. P. 97th Congress

          Hance, Kent

          Hansen, George

          Hansen, James

          Harkin, Tom

          Harrison, Frank

          Hartnett, Thomas

          Hatcher, Charles

          Hawkins, Augustus

          Hefner, W.G. (Bill)

          Heftel, Cecil

          Hertel, Dennis

          Hightower, Jack

          Hiler, John 98th Congress

          Hiler, John 97th Congress

          Hillis, Elwood

          Holt, Marjorie

          Hopkins, Larry

          Horton, Frank 98th Congress


          OA 10095

          Horton, Frank 97th Congress

          Howard, James

          Hoyer, Steny

          Hubbard, Carrol

          Huckaby, Jerry

          Hughes, William

          Hunter, Duncan

          Hutto, Earl

          Hyde, Henry

          Ireland, Andy

          Jacobs, Andrew

          Jeffords, James

          Jenkins, Ed

          Johnson, Nancy L. (CONN)

          Jones, Ed

          Jones, James

          Jones, Walter

          Kaptur, Marcy (Ohio)

          Kasich, John R. (Ohio)

          Kastenmeier, Robert

          Kazen, Abraham

          Kemp, Jack (1)(2)

          [Kemp, Jack-Erie County Industrial Development Agency]

          Kennelly, Barbara

          Kildee, Dale

          Kindness, Thomas

          Kogovsek, Ray

          Kolter, Joseph P. (PA)

          Kostmayer, Peter

          Kramer, Ken

          Lafalce, John

          Lagomarsino, Robert

          Lantos, Tom

          Latta, Delbert


          OA 10096

          Leach, Jim

          Leath, Marvin

          Lehman, Richard

          Lehman, William

          Leland, Mickey

          Lent, Norman

          Levin, Sander (MICH)

          Levine, Mel (CA)

          Levitas, Elliot

          Lewis, Jerry (1)(2)

          Lewis, Tom (FLA)

          Lipinski, William

          Livingston, Bob

          Loeffler, Tom

          Long, Clarence

          Long, Gillis

          Lott, Trent

          Lowery, Bill

          Lowry, Mike

          Lujan, Manuel

          Luken, Thomas

          Lundine, Stan

          Lungren, Dan

          McCain, John (Arizona) (1)-(3)

          McCandless, Alfred

          McCloskey, Frank

          McCollum, Bill

          McCurdy, Dave

          McDade, Joseph

          McDonald, Larry

          McEwen, Bob

          McGrath, Raymond

          McHugh, Matthew

          McKernan, John

          McKinney, Stewart

          Mack, Connie

          MacKay, Buddy

          Madigan, Edward


          OA 10097

          Markey, Edward

          Marlenee, Ron (1)-(5)

          Marriot, Dan

          Martin, David

          Martin, James

          Martin, Lynn

          Martinez, Matthew

          Matsui, Robert

          Mavroules, Nicholas

          Mazzoli, Romano

          Mica, Dan

          Michael, Bob

          Michael, Bob 97th Congress

          Mikulski, Barbara

          Miller, Clarence

          Miller, George

          Mineta, Norman

          Minish, Joseph

          Mitchel, Parren

          Moakley, Joe

          Molinari, Guy

          Mollohan, Alan B. (WVA)

          Montgomery, G.V. (Sonney)

          Moody, Jim


          OA 10098

          Moore, W. Henson

          Moorhead, Carlos

          Morrison, Bruce

          Morrison, Sid

          Mrazek, Robert

          Murphy, Austin

          Murtha, John

          Meyers, John

          Natcher, William

          Neal, Stephen

          Nelson, Bill

          Nichols, Bill

          Nielson, Howard C. (Utah)

          Nowak, Henry

          Oakar, Mary Rose

          Oberstar, Jamer

          Obey, David

          O’Brien, George

          Olin, James

          O’Neill, Thomas (1)-(3)

          Ortiz, Solomon P. (TX)

          Ottinger, Richard

          Owens, Major R. (NY)

          Oxley, Michael

          Packard, Ron

          Panetta, Leon

          Parris, Stan

          Pashayan, Charles

          Patman, Bill

          Patterson, Jerry

          Paul, Ron

          Pease, Donald

          Thomas Petri

          Penny, Timothy J. (Minn)

          Pepper, Claude

          Perkins, Carl

          Pickle, J. J.

          Porter, John

          Price, Melvin

          Pritchard, Joel

          Pursell, Carl

          Quillen, James

          Rahall, Nick

          Rangel, Charles

          Ratchford, William

          Ray, Richard

          Regula, Ralph


          OA 10099

          Reid, Harry (Nevada)

          Richardson, Bill (NM)

          Ridge, Thomas J. (PA)

          Rinaldo, Matthew

          Ritter, Don

          Roberts, Pat

          Robinson, J. Kenneth

          Rodino, Peter

          Roe, Robert

          Roemer, Buddy

          Rodgers, Harold

          Rose, Charles

          Rostenkowski, Dan

          Rosenthal, Benjamin

          Roth, Toby

          Roukema, Marge

          Rowland, J. Roy (Georgia)

          Roybal, Edward

          Rudd, Eldon

          Russo, Marty

          Sabo, Martin Olav

          Santini, James D. D-NV

          St. Germain, Fernand

          Sawyer, Harold

          Schaefer, Dan

          Scheuer, James

          Schneider, Claudine

          Schroeder, Patricia

          Schulze, Richard

          Schumer, Charles

          Seiberling, John

          Sensenbrenner, F. James

          Shannon, James

          Sharp, Phillip        

          Shaw, E. Clay

          Shelby, Richard

          Shumway, Norman

          Shuster, Bud

          Sikorski, Gerry

          Siljander, Mark

          Simon, Paul

          Sisisky, Norman (Virginia)

          Skeen, Joe

          Skelton, Ike

          Slattery, Jim

          Smith, Christopher

          Smith, Deny


          OA 10100

          Lawrence Smith (Larry - Florida)

          Smith, Neal

          Smith, Robert (Oregon)

          Smith, Virginia

          Snowe, Olympia

          Snyder, Gene

          Solarz, Stephen

          Solomon, Gerald

          Spence, Floyd

          Spratt, John

          Staggers, Harley

          Stangeland, Arlan

          Stark, Forney (Pete)

          Stenholm, Charles

          Stokes, Louis

          Stratton, Samuel

          Studds, Gerry

          Stump, Bob

          Sundquist, Don (Tenn)

          Sunia, Fofo

          Swift, Al

          Synar, Mike

          Tallon, Robin

          Tauke, Thomas

          Tauzin, W. J. (Billy)

          Taylor, Gene

          Thomas, Lindsay (Georgia)

          Thomas, William

          Torres, Esteban

          Torricelli, Robert

          Towns, Edolphus

          Traxlar, Bob

          Trible, Paul

          Udall, Morris

          Valentine, Tim

          Vandergriff, Tom

          Vander Jagt, Guy

          Vento, Bruce

          Volkmer, Harold

          Vucanovich, Barbara (Nevada)

          Walgren, Dug

          Walker, Robert 98th Congress

          Walker, Robert 97th Congress


          OA 10101

          Washington, Harold

          Watkins, Wes

          Waxman, Henry

          Weaver, James

          Weber, Vin

          Weiss, Ted

          Wheat, Alan

          Whitehurst, G. William

          Whitley, Charles

          Whittaker, Bob

          Whitten, Jamie

          Williams, Lyle

          Williams, Pat

          Wilson, Charles

          Winn, Larry

          Wirth, Timothy

          Wise, Robert (W Va)

          Wolf, Frank

          Wolpe, Howard

          Won Pat, Antonio

          Wortley, George

          Wright, Jim

          Wyden, Ron

          Wylie, Chalmers (1)(2)

          Yates, Sidney

          Yatron, Gus

          Young, C. W. Bill

          Young, Don

          Young, Robert

          Zablocki, Clement

          Zschau, Ed (California)




          SERIES V: SUBJECT FILE.  1981-1986.

          SUBSERIES A: TAX INCENTIVE ACT H. R. 4242-1981

          (OA 10101 cont.)

          Amendments to the Bill; Committee Hearings

          Congressional Records

          Letters/Presidential (1)(2)

          Lists - Whip Checks

          Meetings Events at the White House (1)(2)

          O’Neill’s Statement

          Public Liaison

          Strategy - Democratic

          Strategy - Republican

          Miscellaneous - Members of Congress

          Telephone Calls - Cabinet (1)(2)

          Telephone Calls - President (1)(2)

          Small Business Support

          Vice Presidential Involvement

          Background Information (1)-(4)



          (OA 10101 cont.)

          Statements and Letters to Congress

          Comparisons Prepared by White House Staff

          Conference Report

          Conservative Democratic Forum

          Democratic Strategy [Budget: Gramm-Latta I]

          Events, Meetings

          Letters and Statement by The President


          Polling [Budget: Gramm-Latta I]

          Memos, Articles/Public Support

          Public Liaison [Budget: Gramm-Latta I] (1)-(3)

          The Rule

          Time Tables





          OA 8619

          Conference Report


          Letters / Statements – Congress

          Legal Services

          Letters/ Statements – The President



          The Rule

          Phone Calls – The President


          Background Information (1)-(5)



          (OA 8619 cont.)

          Debt Limit – 1981

          General Information and Lists – 1981

          1982 Vote Information (1)(2)

          Tax Bill – 1982 (1)-(5)

          Percentages and final Lists – 1981

          Conable-Hance – 1981

          Miscellaneous Gramm-Latta – I and II

          Contempt Watt

          MX – 1982

          CBI (Caribbean Basin Initiative) 1982 (1)-(3)

          Budget 1982 (Round I) (1)-(6)

          Budget 1982 (Round II) (1)-(5)

          Miscellaneous Lists – 1981



          OA 8619 (Cont.)

          Afghanistan Day Proclamation

          H. R. 4 – Agent Identities Protection Act

          Air Travelers Security Act




          Barbeque (California and Texas) 09/23/1981

          1982  Congressional Barbeque

          Black Lung

          Bob Jones University

          S. 2333 Brady Bill


          Cabinet Councils

          Captive Nations Week

          Cargo Preference

          Chemical Weapons

          Christmas Event 1981

          Clinch River

          Continuing Resolution

          Crime Control Act (1)-(4)

          Diary Bill

          Defense Briefing

          Debt Gramm-Rudman

          Debt Limit

          Declared Disasters [1981-1982 Oglesby Deputy As. – House] (1)-(4)

          Economic Package Briefing 02/18/1981

          End of Session Signing Ceremony

          El Salvador [1982-03/10/1983]

          El Salvador [03/15/1983-04/16/1984]

          El Salvador [04/17/1984]

          El Salvador [04/18/1984-05/31/1984]

          El Salvador [06/01/1984-06/10/1985]


          OA 12999

          Enterprise Zones (1)-(3)

          Export Administration Act

          Export Trading Act

          Fair Housing

          Farm Bill


          H. R. 4482...Federal Courts Improvement Act of 1982





          Genocide Convention

          Gold Medal Ambassador Taylor

          Gym Dinner

          Hispanic Heritage Week 09/16/1981

          Hockey Luncheon

          Holocaust Ceremony

          HHB Priorities

          Housing Proposals

          Human Rights Ceremony – Poland 12/10/1982


          Iranian Hostage Issue

          Jerusalem Embassy

          Kissinger Commission

          Law Day

          Leadership Meetings 1983-1984

          Leadership Meetings, MBO, 1985 (1)-(3)

          Legal Services

          Legislative Veto

          Line Item Veto


          Medal Of Freedom

          Medal Of Freedom: Habib


          MX Implementation Group


          National Day of  Prayer Ceremony

          National Security Meetings (1)(2)

          Natural Gas

          Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

          Nuclear Freeze/[Nicaragua] (1)-(4)

          Oil Mergers

          POW/MIA S.J. Res. 50 – Recognition Day

          President Return from Europe

          Product Liability

          Reception (American Tennis)   09/14/1981

          Reception (Tax - Reconciliation Supporters) 09/29/1981


          Revenue Sharing

          School Prayer (1)-(3)

          Shultz Swearing-In

          Small Business Innovation Dev. 07/22/1982 H.R. 4326

          Soviet Grain Sale

          Grain Embargo

          Social Security

          Space Station


          OA 13000

          Start/Arms Control

          State Dinner Guest List 1981

          State Dinner List 1982

          State Dinner Recommendations 1983

          State Dinner Recommendations 1984

          State Dinner Recommendations 1985

          State Dinner Recommendations 1986

          Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Commission




          Taxes (1)-(3)

          Telephone Legislation


          Textiles [1982]

          Textiles (1)-(7)

          Trade Reorganization

          Tuition Tax Credits

          Codel (Congressional Delegation) Travel (1)-(4)

          U.N. Session on Disarmament

          V.A. Extension of Funds for Medical Schools H. R. 2156

          Vessey Swearing In


          Voting Rights Act

          Voting Rights Act



          World Communication Year

          Woman’s Issues


          Young Americans Medal of Bravery



          OA 13001

          Resumes [1983-1986]   (1)-(5)


          SERIES VII: PERSONAL. 1981-1986

          (OA 13001 cont.)

          Oglesby Appointment Book 1981

          Oglesby Appointment Book 1982

          Oglesby Appointment Book 1983

          Oglesby Appointment Book 1983 (Copy)

          Oglesby Appointment Book 1984

          Oglesby Appointment Book 1985

          Oglesby Appointment Book 1986

          Oglesby’s/Mess bill



The following material was not included in the preliminary Arrangement and Description of the M. B. Oglesby collection.

          OA 10845

          Invitations to Meetings 1983

          Legislative Reports  –  Weekly Reports, Highlights 1983

          MBO Legislative Strategy Meetings

          Memorandum from Duberstein 1983

          Risque (1983)

          Skolnick (1983)

          Ron Sable (1983)

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] A

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] B

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] C

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] D

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] E

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] F

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] G

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] H

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] I/J/K

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] L/M

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] N/O/P/Q

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] R

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] S

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] W

          [MBO 1983 Chron Files] January

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] February

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] March

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] April

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] May

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] June

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] July

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] August

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] September

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] October

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] November

          [MB Oglesby Alpha File  –  1983] December

          Memos to Duberstein December 1982

          Presidential Letters 1983

          05/11/1983 National Amateur Baseball Month Proclamation Signing

          1983 Budget

          1982 Time Sheets


          OA 12902

          Agency for International Development Weekly Status Reports [November 1983-October


          Dept. of Agriculture Weekly Status Reports [April 1984-October 1984]

          U.S. Dept. of Commerce Weekly Report [November 1983-April 1984]

          U.S. Dept. of Commerce Weekly Report [April 1984-October 1984]

          Dept. of Defense Legislative Reports [January 1984-October 1984]

          U.S. Dept. of Commerce Congressional Activity Summaries [January 1984-October


          Dept. of Energy WH Weekly Report [January 1984-October 1984]

          EPA Weekly Log Report [January 1983; November 1983-October 1984]

          Dept. Health & Human Services Week in Review [March 1984-October 1984]

          HUD WH Weekly Report [January 1984-October 1984]

          HUD Progress Review [November 1984]

          USIA Weekly Report [November 1983; January 1984-October 1984]

          Dept. of Interior Weekly Activities Report [January 1984-October 1984]

          Assistant Attorney Gen. Weekly Report [November 1983-March 1984] [May 1984-

November 1984]

          Assistant Attorney General Weekly Log Report [March 1984-September 1984]

          Dept. of Labor Weekly Activities Report [November 1983-September 1984]

          NASA Weekly Report [November 1983-October 1984]

          Small Business Administration Weekly Report [April 1984-October 1984]

          Dept. of State Weekly Log Report [November 1983-October 1984]

          USTR Weekly Report [November 1983-May 1984]

          USTR Weekly Cong. Report [May 1984-September 1984]

          Transportation Weekly Report [December 1983-October 1984]

          Treasury Weekly Log Report [November 1983-October 1984]

          V.A. Activities Report [November 1983-October 1984]