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PARKE, KATHLEEN: Files, 1982-1987


Intergovernmental Affairs, White House Office of


          OA 15079

          ACIR 86 [Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations]

          Activists Call - 1986

          ALEC - 1986 [American Legislative Exchange Council]

          ALEC - Briefing 01/17/1986 Publications

          ALEC - Annual Meeting (July 23-27)

          ALEC - Membership Dinner in MI 06/10/1986

          ALEC December 1986 Meeting

          Appointments 1986

          CSG 1986 [Council of State Governments]

          CSG Publications

          Interoffice Tracking Sheet 1986

          [Correspondence]  December [1986]

          [Correspondence]  November [1986]

          [Correspondence]  October [1986]

          [Correspondence]  September [1986]

          [Correspondence]  August [1986]

          [Correspondence]  July [1986]

          [Correspondence]  June [1986]

          [Correspondence]  May [1986]

          Correspondence April 1986

          Correspondence March 1986

          Correspondence February 1986

          Correspondence January 1986

          To:  K. Kae Rairdin

          Heritage Foundation


          OA 15080

          Aid to Nicaraguan Contras

          Tort Reform

          Letters in Support of Attack on Libya

          55 MPH


          IGA General Memos

          Inside the Administration (Publication 1986)

          Mailings 1986

          NCSL 1986 [National Conference of State Legislatures]

          NCSL 1986:  NCSL Background

          NCSL 1986:  NCSL Resolutions 1985-1986 (New Orleans)

          NCSL 1986:  Budget Analysis FY 87

          NCSL 1986:  SFA Spring Meeting (Special Forces Association)

          NCSL 1986:  NCSL Leader to Leader Meeting 02/05/1986-02/07/1986

          NCSL Publications

          Newspaper Articles - General

          NRLA (National Republican Legislators Association)

          NRLA Legislator of the Year Award (1986)

          IGA Weekly Reports

          Facilities Request Forms

          IGA Interagency Meetings

          Pan American Games (1987)

          Lists:  Tax

          Lists:  Education

          Lists:  Pension Committee

          Lists:  Nurse Legislators

          Political 1986:  Political Reports

          Political 1986:  PAC Reports [Political Action Committee]

          The Busby Papers

          Senate Targets

          House Targets


          [Unfoldered Material - Presidential Remarks]


          OA 15081

          Presidential Scheduling Requests

          Regulatory Relief Task Force


          RR Remarks - 1986


          Farm Bill Signing 12/23/1985

          Administration Speakers Events


          Liberty Weekend 1986

          Presidential Classroom                                  

          Switcher Event 10/30/1985

          CA Legislators Photo-op (Oval)

          Shuttle Liftoff (02/23/1986)

          Western States Legislators Forestry Task Force

          Nicaraguan Briefing 03/13/1986 (Jim Corlett)

          NY Assemblymen Visit 04/24/1986-04/25/86

          Tax Reform Briefing – 06/06/1986 (1)(2)

          Tort Reform Briefing 04/25/1986

          Nunes Family Tour 07/01/1986

          Sen. Cand. Smoley Video

          Doug Taylor - Presidential Photo Request with Terminally Ill Boy (Lukens)

          Staff Memorandum

          Staffing Memorandum - Legislation

          State and Local News

          State and Local Issues

          Talking Points

          AOL Meeting June 5-7, Bismark

          KKR’s Western Swing

          NCSL AOL Meeting (11/06/1986-11/08/1986) 

          SFA December 3-5 Meeting (DC)

          CSG Annual Meeting (Dec 8-10)

          NOWL Annual Meeting (12/12-12/16)


          OA 15082 [Uninventoried]

          State Files (Arranged Alphabetically) for all States

          Extra Folder on Daniels Watershed Project in Illinois File


          OA 15083

          Department of Agriculture

          Central Intelligence Agency

          Council of Economic Advisors

          Department of Commerce

          Department of Defense

          (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency

          Department of Education

          Department of Energy

          Health and Human Services

          Housing and Urban Development

          Department of Interior

          Department of Justice

          Department of Labor

          Office of Management and Budget

          National Security Council

          Department of State

          Department of Treasury

          Department of Transportation

          U.S. Trade Representative

          Veterans Administration (Information Packet) (1)(2)


          OA 15084

          1987 Budget

          55 MPH

          Council of State Governments




          Shoreham Nuclear Plant

          EPA / Water Projects






          (OMB) Office of Management and Budget

          South Africa

          Regulatory Relief (1)-(3)

          SBA (Small Business Administration)


          OA 15085

          Tokyo Summit

          Tax Reform – 1986 (1)-(5)


          Highway Bill (1)(2)

          “Goals for State Federal Action: Policy Resolutions of NCSL”

          U.S. Budget in Brief” FY 1987

          “Budget of the U. S. Government”

          State Legislative Report

          “Questions and Answers About the ‘87 Budget”

          Research Report - National Committee for Employment Policy

          NCSL Health and Human Resources Committee



          OA 15288

          General FY 1986

          State and Local

          Tax - State by State Data

          RR Federalism Speeches

          Federalism 1986

          NCSL Policy Issues

          Tort Reform / Liability Insurance


          OA 15289

          Soviet Military Power 1983

          The Soviet Cuban Connection in Central America and the Caribbean

          Changing Public Attitudes on Government and Taxes

          Defense and the Community

          Power and the States

          Report and Recommendations: Higher Education in Washington

          State and Local Taxation of Out - of - State Mail Order Sales

          Soviet Military Power - 1984

          Regional Growth - Interstate Tax Competition

          State Government

          Intergovernmentalizing the Classroom: Federal Involvement in Elementary and

Secondary Education (Advisory Committee on Intergovernmental Relations, 1981)

          Reducing Unemployment: Intergovernmental Dimension’s of a National Problem

          Intergovernmental Perspective: Winter 1980

          Tax Capacity of the 50 States:  Methodology and Estimates

          Federal Advisory Committees 11th Annual Report to the President

          Intergovernmental Perspective: - To Deduct or Not to Deduct

          Creating Business Development Zones”

          In Brief: State and Local Roles in the Federal System

          In Brief: The Federal Role in the Federal System: The Dynamics of Growth

          In Brief: Regulatory Federalism: Policy, Process, Impact and Reform

          In Brief: Jails: Intergovernmental Dimensions of Local Problems

          The Economics of Education Tax Credits, by E.G. West (Heritage Foundation, 1981)

          Washington Legal Foundation: “The Law and Economics of Restricted Distribution and

                   Procurement Practices”

          Export Credits Unilateral U.S. Disengagement

          The Feds: Even Dry Land is Wet Lands

          Judicial Politics Run Wild

          The Social Inefficiency of Current Products Liability Law

          Turning the Gun on the Tort Law

          The Profitability of Big Oil

          Corporate Giving and Public Policy

          Corporate Democracy

          Product Liability Law

          Drugs in the Workplace

          The Strict Liability Rule in Product Liability Cases

          Natural Gas: The Necessity of Regulation (Washington Legal Foundation, 1982)

          The Book of States 1980-1981

          Reduction in U.S. Domestic Spending

          Dismantling the State

          The Annual Guide to Public Policy Experts

          Hospital Cost Containment

          Rethinking Federalism

          Charting the Course for America’s New Beginning

          Our Country and Our Culture

          Bankruptcies, Defaults and Other Local Government Financial Emergencies

          Cigarette Tax Evasion: A Second Look, The Advisory Commission on

Intergovernmental Relations

          Regulatory Federalism: Policy, Process, Impact and Reform

          The Adolescent Family Life Reform

          The Adolescent Family Life Demonstration Projects: Program and Evaluation Summaries

          Goals for State Federal Action

          State and Local Rolls in the Federal System

          Fairness II: An Executive Briefing Book

          An Analysis of State, County and City Government Policy Statements on Federalism

          City and State (May 1986)

          State Legislatures: November 1986

          State Legislatures: December 1986

          State Legislatures: January 1987

          State Legislatures: February 1987

          State Legislatures: March 1987

          State Legislatures: April 1987

          State Legislatures: August 1987

          State Legislatures: October 1987

          State Legislatures: November 1987

          State Legislatures: December 1987

          Child Welfare in the States


          OA 15290

          NCSL Briefing Book (08/04/1986, New Orleans)

          Western Swing Briefing Book

          Presidential Advisory Commission on Federalism (07/15/1982 Proceedings)

          Export Development and Foreign Investment:  The Roll of the State and it’s Linkage to      

                   Federal Action

          ACIR Potential Research Topics:  Summaries, Proposals and Outlines

          Docket Book:  86th Meeting Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations


          Docket Book:  80th Meeting: Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations


          1986 Republican Candidates Briefing Book

          1984 Republican Almanac

          1985 U.S. Senators Telephone Directory


          OA 15291

          Federal Expenditures by State for Fiscal Year 1985

          Consolidated Federal Funds Report Fiscal Year 1985 (Vol. 1&2)

          Economic Report of the President Transmitted to Congress (Feb 85)

          U.S. Budget in Brief Fiscal Year 1986

          Special Analysis Budget of the U.S. Government Fiscal Year 1986

          Illinois Commerce Commission Issue Paper

          State and Federal Republican Women Elected Officials 1986

          Inventory of New York State Compacts

          The Budget of the U. S. Government 1986 Appendix

          Special Analysis Budget of the U.S. Government Fiscal Year 1987

          Budget Information for States, February 1985

          Senate / Administration Deficit Reduction Plan, 04/15/1985

          1986 Republican Candidates Briefing Book


          OA 15292

          Activist List

          Leadership List

          White House Directory

          Work Force 2000