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PAYLAN, ELISE: Files, 1986-1987


Public Liaison, White House Office of


Elise Paylan began working at the White House Office of Public Liaison in January 1986. She was part of the Economic Division covering business and trade. During the first six months she was an assistant to Merlin Breaux. After Breaux left the White House, she reported to Donald Danner. Paylan left the Office of Public Liaison in August 1987. As of this date, her collection is small relative to her time at the White House. It is possible the Library will locate more of her work product after preliminary arrangement of the Danner collection. In addition, her work product can be found in the Merlin Breaux and Todd Foley collections


The Paylan collection consists of two series: SERIES I: Subject File and SERIES II: Correspondence. It was necessary to add a box to this collection after the arrangement was completed. It is Box 1F of the Paylan collection.





Box 1F

American Collectors Association

Background on Briefings - Points for MM

Bicentennial on the Constitution

Budget General

Budget Reform

Business Lists

Coalition for Open Markets and Expanded Trade

Community Development Credit Unions Problems

Completed Tickler Items

Defense and Foreign Policy Issues - Background

Federal Home Loan Bank Board Nominations

Giant Pacific Companies

Gift Unit Submissions

Group Activities on Textile / Trade 1986

Japanese Semiconductors

Highway Bill - H.R. 2

Housing and Community Development Act

Housing Bill

Mandated Benefits

Mergers and Acquisitions

Minimum Wage (1)-(3)

Minor Projects - Completed

Montana Balanced Budget March 1987

National Women's Economic Alliance

No Tax Increase

Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Funding (ORIA)

OPL Budget Promotion

OPL Procedures

Oil Import Fee - Background

Pledge Certificates

Pledge - Grover Norquist

Presidential Statements

Press Releases (Groups) re: FY 1987 Budget

Privatization Strategy Meeting 12/09/1986

Product Liability - I

Product Liability - II

Public Affairs Talking Points

Public Service Company

Quest for Excellence

Requests for Speakers [empty]

Rogers International

Schedule Proposals Pending [empty]

Schedule Proposals - Talking Points

South Africa Group Activities

Special Messengers (Requests)

State of the Union

Status of Legislation - Press Releases


Supp. / Continuing Resolution

Supply Side

Tax Reform 15/27/33 (1)(2)

Group Activities - Tax Reform (1)(2)

OA 14714

Telecommunications Act of 1986 (1)-(5)

Textile Bill

Tour Requests Pending

Trade File 1987

Trade General Material

Trade Legislation

Trade Meetings - OPL

Trade Projects

Trade Strategies

Upcoming Activities

Upcoming Weekly Activities


OA 14714, Continued

03/20/1986 National Agriculture Day

04/15/1986 California Farm Bureau Federation

05/20/1986 Briefing Corporate Chief Executive Officers (Jefferson Educational


05/21/1986 BATUS

05/22/1986 Briefing POTUS - American Retail Federation

05/30/1986 Briefing - Tort Reform

06/06/1986 Sun Times Briefing

06/10/1986 15/27/33 Coalition Briefing

07/15/1986 Briefing with Don Regan

07/16/1986 State Dinner for Prime Minister of Pakistan

07/17/1986 Briefing - Trade Legislation

08/05/1986 Briefing: Textile/Trade Legislation

08/11/1986 American Society of Association Executives Event

08/19/1986 Association: Industrial Safety Equipment Association

September 1986 Suggested Invitees for Brazilian State Dinner

09/23/1986 Proprietary Association

09/29/1986 Washington International Business Council

10/14/1986 Paul Fay - Financial Committee Briefing

10/20/1986 U.S. Perspectives VI, (American Stock Exchange Merrill Lynch)

11/17/1986 Association of Thrift Holding Companies

12/17/1986 Budget Meeting, Presubmission

12/18/1986 Meeting on Privatization

02/25/1987 Mid-America Committee

03/11/1987 National Council of Savings Institutions

03/25/1987 Briefing - San Antonio Chamber

04/07/1987 Meeting - American Water Works Association

04/09/1987 Meeting - International Trade

04/16/1987 Briefing on The President's Credit Reform Act (1)(2)

04/22/1987 St. Louis Money Managers

05/14/1987 Briefing for Cleveland Young Republicans Organization

06/23/1987 American Stock Exchange Speech



OA 14715

Chron File: 1986

Chron File: 1987

Displaywriter Diskettes (6)

Printout of Displaywriter Diskette - Paul

Printout of Displaywriter Diskette - Paylan

Printout of Displaywriter Diskette - VAL (FRW Speeches, Conventions, Surrogate


Printout of Displaywriter Diskette - PAYLAN (Schedule Proposals and Request for


Memo to Michael Driggs

Memo to Ed Stucky

Memos / re: Various OPL Projects

Miscellaneous Issues and Memorandums

Miscellaneous Letters - No Response Necessary