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PECK, RALPH: Files, 1981


Administration, White House Office of


OA 1531

Correspondence with OA

Correspondence with WHCA

Access Authorization

Presidential Personnel (PPO)

First Lady

Network / Cables

Calendar of Events



Correspondence Tracking

Name Organization File

Issue Management

Speaking Engagement File


Press Release / News Summary

Congressional Outreach

MIS Status Reports

MITRE Support

Summary and Accomplishments

ADP Committee Meetings

RFP - WHO - 100


OA 1532

Staff Contact (Action Log)

Speaker Tracking

Publications / Subscriptions

Central Files (Micro Forms)

Correspondence Preparation Systems

Integrated Correspondence

Purchase Order Tracking

Parking Pass Control

Photo Retrieval

Presidential Diary System

White House Mess Inventory

Inter-Office Confinement Tracking

Congressional Vote Tally

Grant Tracking System

White House Personnel Summary

President's Schedule Systems

President's Report to Congress

White House Gifts

Administration Switchboard Directory

Calendar Originals

Procedures Manual (PLUM / PPO)

Procedures Manual (PIP - PPO)



Photo Retrieval System

Publication Subscription System

Self Help Information Network Exchange (SHINE)

Senior Staff Standard Meeting Calendar System

ASD User Documentation Standards

Procedures Manual Documentation Standards

QUIP Procedures Manual

Administrative Procedures - PPO

CATS (General) - (PPO)

Procedures Manual - CATS, PPO

System's Design Efforts for the President's Personnel Office


OA 1533

Outreach File - Briefing

Outreach File - Master Procedures Manual

Correspondence (Hydro)

Reference Manual (Hydro)

Briefing (Issue Tracking)

Master Procedures Manual (Issue)

Issue Tracking Worksheets

Procedures Manual Administrative Controls - Issues

Specifications Work Plan (NLSS)

Correspondence (Names / ORD File)

Historical Documentation (Name / ORD File)

Presidential Personnel Resume Tracking / Talent System

Correspondence (PATS)

Reference Manual (PATS)

Correspondence (SACFILE)

Historical Documentation (Staff Agency Calendar System)

Reference Manual (Calendar)

Reference Guide (Calendar Retrieval File)

Procedure Manual (SECLOG)

Correspondence (Outreach File)

Technical References (Outreach File)

Procedures Manual (Energy Security)

Hospital Cost Containment

Miscellaneous (Outreach)

Procedures Manual (MTN Outreach File)

Procedures Manual WPT (Outreach)

Reference Manual (SEC File)


OA 1534

Historical Documentation (First Lady's Log)

Procedures Manual (First Lady's Log)

System's Reference Manual (First Lady's Log)

Technical References (Fixed Asset Inventory System)

Historical Documentation (Issue Tracking)

Procedures Manual (Issue - Anti Inflation)

Procedures Manual Department of Natural Resources - Issue

General Reference Material (Energy Conservation Task Force Issue)

Procedures Manual Phase I - OMB Grant Issue

Procedures Manual Phase II - White House (Wexler)

Procedures Manual (Energy Mobilization Board - Issue)

Procedures Manual (Energy Security Corporation - Issue)

Procedures Manual (Hospital Cost Containment - Issue)

Procedures Manual (MTN - Issues)

Procedures Manual (SALT II - Issue)

Procedures Manual (SALT II Ratification - Issue)

Procedures Manual (Small Scale Hydro -Issue)

Historical Documentation (NLSS - Meeting File)

Systems Reference Guide - Meeting and Briefing Systems (NLSS)

Procedures Manual (Meetings)

Pledge Tracking System (Energy Conservation - Issue)

Pledge Tracking System / General Descriptions

Briefing (PPO)

Correspondence (PPO)


OA 1535


C Track

Diary Contact

First Lady's Log


Issue Tracking System

Issue Tracking Miscellaneous

OMB Energy Task Force


Meeting & Briefing System

Name List Services System

Name / ORG System

Congressional Outreach

Photo Retrieval System


Speaker Tracking

Series 1 System Overviews

Series 2 Miscellaneous Technical Reports

PPO Work Processing System Conceptual Approach (Briefing)

PPO Status Report / Division Memo SHINE

Procedural Manual Standards

Issue / Outreach Briefing

User Guide Standards

QUIP Reference Manual

Pledge Tracking

Series 3 - Requirements Spec.

PPO Requirements Spec.

Name Lists Services System

Series 4 System Reference Manual


Issue Master

First Lady's Log - Reference Manual


OA 1536

Meeting File

Outreach Master

PPO Administrative Procedures

Small Scale Hydro

PATS Contact File

Meeting File - Procedures

Abbreviated Meeting File - Procedure Manual

First Lady's Log - Procedure

First Lady's Log - Procedure


OA 1845 [Uninventoried]

Management Services Contract Applications


OA 1846 [Uninventoried]

Management Services Contract Applications