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PETERSON, EILEEN: Files, 1983-1984


Public Liaison, White House Office of


Eileen Peterson began work at the White House Office of Public Liaison in June of 1984 and left the White House at the end of May 1985. She was primarily involved with the youth constituency.  Her collection currently consists of one alphabetical listing of subjects and events.

The end of her files includes a variety of videotapes which have been transferred to AV for preservation storage.  Four of the videotapes are a one inch format.  The library does not have the means for viewing these tapes at this time.


            OA 11165

          A. B. Data / Middle East Tour 03/25/1985

          Abdala Cuban Youth


          American Association of University Students

          American Council of Young Political Leaders

          American Family Society - Wayne Scott

          AFL / CIO Political Action Committees

          American Legion Auxiliary 38th Annual Girls’ Nation 07/20/1984

          American Seed Trade Students

          American Student Association

          American University 12/05/1984

          American University Briefing 11/28/1984

          American University / Washington Semester 07/12/1984

          Ameriquest 03/15/1985

          Arlington High School North 03/14/1985

          Arms Control and Modernization (1)-(5)

          Arrow National American Indian Youth Committee

          Awana Youth

          Beta Club College Facts Chart

          Big Brothers / Big Sisters

          Boy Scouts of America

          Boy Scouts of America 02/08/1985

          Boys Clubs of America

          1984 Boys Clubs Youth of the Year 09/18/1984

          Boys Nation 1984

          Business Week Seminar

          Cabinet Council System

          Campfire Inc.

          Campfire Inc. Photo Op 03/22/1985

          Canada’s Progressive Conservative Youth

          Center for Interamerican Security

          Charles Edison Foundation

          Child Care

          Child Abuse / Pornography Prevent

          Child Protection Act of 1984

          Children of the American Revolution Pin Presentation 04/17/1985

          Children’s Defense Fund

          Choate School Briefing - 02/20/1985

          Close Up

          Close Up 01/25/1985

          Club Condorcet

          College News Editors - Ambassador Jean Kirkpatrick Briefing

          College Republicans

          Committee for the Bilateral Nuclear Weapons and Human Rights Declaration

          Congressional Awards

          Conservative Youth Federation


          OA 11166


          Correspondence 1984

          Correspondence 1985

          Cost Control Survey [President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control]


          Delavan, Wisconsin Senior High 04/01/1985

          Directions Sports

          Drug Abuse - Drug Policy

          Department of Education

          El Salvador

          Elisabeth Irwin High School 04/02/1985


          Forms (Miscellaneous)

          Foundation for Economic Education

          4-H Briefings July 1984-August 1984

          Freedom Council

          Freedom Leadership Foundation

          Freedoms Foundation

          French Embassy Student Briefing 07/05/1984

          Friends of the Americas, Woody Jenkins


          Future Business Leaders of America

          Future Business Leaders of America Briefing 08/10/1984

          George Washington University College Republicans Briefing 02/15/1985

          GEO. / LOGUE Briefing 10/30/1984

          German / American Partnership 04/12/1985

          Gift Records

          Girl Scouts 03/06/1984


          Harris, Barbara

          Harvard Democratic Club Briefing 03/26/1985

          William R. Hearst Foundation United States Senate Youth Program 02/04/1983

          Heritage Foundation

          Heritage Foundation British Groups 04/24/1985

          High Frontier

          Hispanic Youth Briefing 10/19/1984 and 11/02/1984


          “How our Laws Are Made” Revised 06/05/1980

          Howard University

          Howard University 04/19/1985

          Hugh O’Brian Foundation


          Institute for Educational Affairs Mailing List

          Institute of International Education

          Intercollegiate Studies Institute

          Intern Briefing 09/12/1984

          International Visitors Workshop

          International Year of Youth

          International Youth

          International Youth Conference - Kingston, Jamaica 04/06/1985-04/10/1985

          International Youth Exchange

          International Youth Soccer Foundation


          OA   11167

          International Youth Year Briefing 02/14/1985

          International Youth Year Commission 06/22/1984 POTUS

          International Youth Year Task Force

          Internships in Washington, D.C.


          Issue Update [empty]

          Jefferson Educational Foundation

          Jefferson Educational Foundation Briefing 08/16/1984

          Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

          Juvenile Justice Briefing 09/21/1984

          Juvenile Justice SAC [State Advisory Groups] Briefing 09/13/1984

          Keep America Beautiful

          Leadership Foundation

          Leadership Institute

          Mailing Lists

          Manchester College 01/18/1985


          Incoming Memos

          Outgoing Memos

          Methodist Students 04/18/1985

          Mr. T’s 10 Commandments

          National Association for Campus Activities

          NAACP Youth Division

          National Association for the Education of Young Children

          National Association of Secondary School Principals Division of Student Activities

          National Center for Pan American Studies

          National Center for Public Policy Research

          National Collaboration

          National 4-H Council

          National Institute of Mental Health

          National Network of Runaway and Youth Services

          National Organization for Victim Assistance

          National Red Cross

          National Safety Council

          National Urban League

          National Youth Work Alliance


          North American Jewish Youth Council - North American Jewish Students Network

          OEOB History

          Outstanding Young Women 1984

          Pace University Briefing 10/25/1984

          Penn House - Oakwood School 04/19/1985

          The Potomac Organization, Inc.

          Presidential Academic Fitness Awards

          Presidential Classroom

          President’s Commission on Industrial Competitiveness

          Private Sector Initiatives

          Radio and Children - Action for Children’s Television

          Renaissance Women

          Reynolds, Dana

          Rhema Youth Briefing


          OA   11168

          Salvation Army

          Scheduling, Regrets

          School Age Child Care Project

          Sister Cities

          Small World News

          Spence School Briefing 10/26/1984

          Statue of Liberty

          Strategic Defense Initiative

          Student Aid

          Student News Service

          Students for a Better America

          Students for America

          (TAP) Touch America Project


          United Neighborhood Centers of America, Inc.

          USIA Austrian Students - 08/09/1984

          USI.A Fulbright Scholars 03/12/1985

          USIA IV - 02/13/1985

          USIA IV Briefing 08/01/1984      

          USIA IV Briefing 09/27/1984

          USIA IV Entrepreneurship U.S.A.  03/13/1985

          USIA IV Foreign Policy 05/09/1985

          USIA IV Latin Americans 04/30/1985

          Union Nationale Inter-Universitaire

          United States Student Association

          U.S. Youth Council

          Variety Clubs

          Vision Quest, Wagon Train

          Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America

          Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America Photo Op 09/27/1984

          Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America Briefing 10/04/1984

          Volunteer Youth Awards

          The Washington Center

          Western Association Student Financial Aid Administrators 03/06/1985

          World Health Day

          Young American Medals (Bravery)

          Young Americans for Freedom

          D. C. Young Americans for Freedom Briefing 04/12/1985

          Young Americans for Freedom Briefing Strategic Defense Initiative 10/05/1984

          Young America’s Foundation

          Young Astronauts

          Young Conservative Alliance

          Young Conservatives / Freedom Fighters 03/20/1985

          Young Democrats

          Young Men’s Christian Association

          Young President’s Organization

          Young Republican National Federation

          Young Women’s Christian Association - Mary Harm

          [Youth - Articles]

          Youth for Understanding

          Youth Policy Institute

          [Youth - Surveys 1982-1983]

          "Policy on Central America 10/30/1984” - Three ¾“ Cassettes (Stored in Audio/Visual

                   for Preservation)

          (The following are one inch video tapes.  They are stored in Audio/Visual for Preservation. 

The library does not have the facility for viewing these tapes)

Kraemer (Conclusion) Lenczowski (1” videotape)

          Sven Kraemer (1” videotape)

          Reilly (1” videotape)

          Macias (1” videotape)