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PINKERTON, JIM: Files, 1981-1983 (0.3 l.ft.; Box 1)


Policy Development, Office of (1981-1982)

Political Affairs, White House Office of (1983)


Jim Pinkerton joined the White House staff on January 21, 1981.  He did not have a specific appointment or office assignment, but appears to have been working for Richard Williamson and John McClaughry in the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs.  He followed John McClaughry to the Office of Policy Development with a formal White House appointment on February 21, 1981. He continued in that function until March 12, 1982.  Beginning with a report dated at the end of 1981, and until the time he left the White House, Pinkerton appears to have been involved in analysis for the upcoming 1982 mid-term elections.  He wrote several lengthy analysis memos to Lee Atwater at this time.  Pinkerton was known to the Office of Political Affairs because of this work and he was brought in by Ed Rollins for a brief assignment with the Office of Political Affairs in September and October 1983. 


His material reflects only his time working with the Office of Intergovermental Affairs and as a staff member of the Office of Policy Development. Given the brevity of this material and his short work time with the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, the Library has elected to keep this material together.


          Box 1

          [Admin Memos]

          [Economic Adjustment/Defense Spending] November 1980-02/10/1981

          [Federal Regional Councils] (1)(2)

          [Federalism Paper]

          [Intergovernmental Groups and Assigned Personnel]

          [IRS Building in Kansas City, MO]

          [Intergovernmental Affairs – Proposed Organization]

          [Michigan Indian Fishing Dispute]

          [National Governor’s Association]

          [Neighborhood Statistics Program]

          [Pinkerton Correspondence, 01/21/1981-02/12/1981]

          [President Meeting with 12 Mayors, 02/03/1981]

          [Public Interest Groups (PIGS)]

          [Reagan for President Committee Issue Network]

          [Refugees – Cuban, Haitian, Indochinese]

          [Strategy for OMB Intergovernmental Outreach, Spring 1981]

          Pinkerton Telephone Logs, 02/02/1981-03/04/1981

          Pinkerton Telephone Logs, 03/05/1981-03/23/1981

          [ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission)/Motor Carrier Act]

          [Pinkerton Correspondence 02/20/1981-11/18/1981]


          [TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority)]

          [1982 Election Material for Atwater, 12/17/1981-01/31/1982]

          [1982 Election Material for Atwater, 02/01/1982-02/28/1982]

          [1982 Election Material for Atwater, 03/01/1982-03/22/1982]