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PLATT, ALEXANDER H.: Files, 1985-1987


International Economic Affairs Directorate, NSC


Box 90979

GATT Round

Tokyo Trade / Issues [empty]

Report to the President on Investigation No.22-49 Under Section 22 of the Agriculture        

          Adjustment Act - Sugar – September 1985 United States International Trade Commission


Administration Trade Bill


EPC [Economic Policy Council]

Free Trade Areas



South Africa

Strike Force

Section 232

301 Cases

Trade Policy Development

Trade Speeches

TPRG Papers [Trade Policy Review Group]


Box 90980

Patent Policy



CIA Info

Platt Chron, April 1986

Platt Chron, March 1986

Platt Chron, February 1986

Platt Chron, January 1986


Box 90981

Platt Chron, September 1985

Platt Chron, December 1985

Platt Chron, October 1985

Geneva Oversight Group. - Jonathan Miller

Dept of State Briefing Book - Honolulu Sherpa Meeting, 01/31/1986-02/02/1986

Airbus Industry: Background Information

United Kingdom “Sherpa” Meeting, 03/07/1986-03/09/1986 – Brockett Hall – Hertfordshire

(Binder) (1)-(4)

Platt Chron, 11/85


Box 91540

President's Trip to the Tokyo Economic Summit Briefing Book, 05/03/1986-05/07/1986

The Trip of the President to the Venice Economic Summit Briefing Book, 06/08/1987-


Tokyo Economic Summit - Mechanics

Tokyo Economic Summit - Trade

Tokyo Economic Summit - Sherpa Process

Tokyo Economic Summit - Summit White House Group

Tokyo Economic Summit - Unstructured Time

NSIS [National Security Impact Statement]

Presidential Commission

Venice Summit

NSSD on Investment

Tokyo Economic Summit - Background

Tokyo Economic Summit - Briefing Book


Box 91541

Platt Chron - November 1986

Platt Chron - December 1986

Platt Chron - January 1987

Platt Chron - February 1987

Platt Chron - March 1987


Box 91543

Platt Chron - April 1987

Platt Chron - May 1987

Platt Chron - June 1987

Platt Chron - July 1987

Platt Chron - August 1987

Platt Calendar - 1987


Box 91544

Platt Chron - May 1986

Platt Chron - June 1986

Platt Chron - July 1986

Platt Chron - August 1986

Platt Chron - September 1986

Platt Chron - October 1986