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POINDEXTER, JOHN: Files, 1983-1986


National Security Affairs, Office of the Assistant to the President for


Also see “Lebanon Crisis Material from Poindexter- 06/04/1982-07/06/1982” in the Philip Dur Collection for more work product of John Poindexter.


          Box 1 (Previous Box Designation: Box FBI-137 Special Counsel Investigation)

          Morris, Max (Admiral Ret.)

          Shultz, George

          Items Discussed at 0930's

          Set P85-102 Used to Sanitize BSR 12/30/1986 (Envelope)

          Record of Schedule (JMP) 1986

          Record of Telephone Calls 1986 (JMP)

          Miscellaneous, 1984-1985

          11:00 am - Friday, 01/10/1986 - P/NSC Meeting - Cabinet Room

          John M. Poindexter - Florence - Administrative Matters

          California Trip to Sort Out

          Handwritten Notes by JMP

          Chron January 1986

          Chron February 1986

          Chron 03/01/1986-03/10/1986

          Chron 03/11/1986-03/16/1986

          Chron 03/17/1986-03/31/1986

          Chron April 1986

          Chron 05/01/1986-05/11/1986

          Chron 05/12/1986-05/31/1986

          Chron 06/01/1986-06/29/1986

          Chron 06/30/1986

          Chron 07/01/1986-07/08/1986

          Chron 07/09/1986-07/31/1986

          Chron August-September 1986

          Chron October 1986

          Chron November 1986


          Box 2

          [Box Label]

          [Iran Contra Investigation Transfer Sheet]

          [Beirut Bombing: “Response to September 1983 Lebanon Terrorist Attack”]

          [Security for the U.S. MNF Contingency in Beirut]

          [Regional Crises and Tensions – State Department Memo, November 1983]

          [Handwritten Notes by JMP 02/25/1983-12/31/1983]

          [Beirut Situation Reports, September 1983-December 1983]

          [NSDD re: Lebanon, December 1983]

          [Syria Missile Strike, December 1983]

          [Jesse Jackson Meeting with the President, 01/04/1984 – Poindexter’s Notes]

          [Poindexter Middle East Trip, April 1984] (1)(2)

          [Progress on Peace for the Middle East – Undated Paper]

          [Leslie Lenkowski]

          [NSPG Meeting 05/17/1984 – Escalation in Gulf War/Energy Threats] (1)(2)

          [Iran-Iraq War, May 1984] (1)-(3)

          [Iran-Iraq War: Saudi Arabia]

          [Intelligence Reports on Lebanon Groups, 1984]

          [Baalbek, Lebanon]        

          NSPG Meeting – 12:00 pm Friday, 10/19/1984 Situation Room

          [Grenada Talking Points]

          [TWA 847 Hijacking, June 1985-July 1985] (1)-(8)

          [Counterterrorism Planning re: Lebanon & Remaining Hostages, June 1985-July

                   1985] (1)-(3)

          [Terrorism Background Briefings, June 1985]

          [Talking Points/Congress Nicaraguan Funding]

          [North Memo re: Supplying Contras, 11/07/1984]

          [Central America Negotiations: “Contadora, November 1984”]

          [Strategic Defense Issues]

          [Record of Schedule (JMP) 06/19/1985-06/28/1985]


          Box 3 (Previous Box Designation: FBI-139 Poindexter Special Counsel Investigation)

[Unfoldered Material re:  Poindexter '85-'86 Schedule, Minutes to NSPG 07/01/1985, SSG 07/22/1985,


          Bud Out

          Five 8" Disks with Inventory and Printouts

          Nine 5 1/4" Program Disks

          Three 5 1/4" Document Disks

          Flexible Disk Cartridge


          Record of Schedule 1985

          Miscellaneous Meeting Items 1985

          Chron File 1985

          Record of Telephone Calls 1985

          P1-P28 Iran Folder Copied by FBI in Entirety

          [Iran] P-32 - P-54 Copied by FBI in Entirety

          [Unfoldered Material re:  Iran]


Box 4 (Previous Box Designation: FBI 134 Poindexter Non-Official Outer Office Files) Efficiency Reports (Signed by JMP)

          Administrative - Tours, WH Mess, Health Unit, Trans, 1986

          Poindexter Family History

          Food For Progress (Amb. Keating)

          Bios - Miscellaneous

          Army-Navy Club

          Personal Correspondence, 1986

          Navy Personnel File (Medical, ID, Leave Forms, etc. - JMP)

          Massie, Suzanne

          Holloway, James (Admiral Ret.)

          NSC / JMP Personnel

          Schedule  President’s Daily  1986

          Schedule  Vice President’s 1986 - Daily 

          Schedule  President’s Monthly Block  1986


          Box 5 (Previous Box Designation: FBI-135 Poindexter Non-Official Outer Office Files)

          Congratulatory Letters / Responses 1985

          Congrats Responses fm New Nat’l Security Advisor - January 1986

          Congrats Responses fm New Nat’l Security Advisor - January 1986

          Invitations (Accepts) January 1986-June 1986

          Invitations - Official  1985

          Invitations - Social  1985

          Invitations (Regrets) January 1986-June 1986


Box 6 (Previous Box Designation Box 4 Poindexter Non-Official Outer Office Files)

Presidential Appointments (Personnel)

          Miscellaneous, 1982-1983

          Flag Officer Newsgrams

          [Miscellaneous - First Administration]

          [Miscellaneous - Things to Do]

          NSC Staff

          Routing Guides


          NSC Admin..

          Personal Mail & Correspondence, 1985


Box 7 (Previous Box Designation FBI-125 Poindexter Office Retired to the Secretariat)

Completed Appointment Requests - 1986

          Libya NSDD

          McFarlane, Robert Carl

          Hostages  JMP

          Leaks  JMP


          Pearce / Green Initiative

          Reagan, Ronald

          Regan / JMP Breakfast

          Weinberger, Caspar

          Speakes, Larry

          Records  Shelf Lists

          Sensitive Briefing

          Action Responses from JMP


          WH Task Force Withdrawal Sheets


          Box 8 (Previous Box Designation FBI-117 Admiral Poindexter Office Files; NSC Secretariat)

          CIA - The World Factbook Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Six  Copy 0398


          Baker, James

          Bush, George  Vice-President

          Buchanan, Pat

          Casey, William  DCI

          Adelman, Kenneth

          Clark, Judge

          DOMs (Daily Operations Mtgs)

          FGL (Family Group Luncheon)

          Gott Furcht, Fred

          Misc. 1981-1984

          Summit (Tokyo, Includes Notes from Plenaries) 1986

          To Do

          WHTF Withdrawal Sheets


          Box 9 (Previous Box Designation FBI-127 Secretariat; Admiral Poindexter Office Files)

          [Unfoldered Material - Handwritten Notes 1984]

          Handwritten Notes (Stenographic Pad) - 08/03/1983 - 09/17/1983

          Handwritten Notes (Stenographic Pad) - 09/08/1982 - 10/25/1982

          Handwritten Notes (Stenographic Pad) - 02/22/1982 - 03/24/1982

          Handwritten Notes (Stenographic Pad) - 12/02/1983 - 01/25/1984

          Handwritten Notes (Stenographic Pad) - 02/10/1983 - 04/10/1983

          Handwritten Notes (Stenographic Pad) - 12/09/1981 - 02/22/1982

          Handwritten Notes (Stenographic Pad) - 04/10/1983 - 06/07/1983

          Handwritten Notes (Stenographic Pad) - 06/07/1983 - 08/03/1983

          Handwritten Notes (Stenographic Pad) - 12/03/1982 - 02/10/1983

          Handwritten Notes (Stenographic Pad) - 09/17/1983 - 12/02/1983

          Handwritten Notes (Stenographic Pad) - 05/28/1982 - 09/08/1982

          Handwritten Notes (Stenographic Pad) - 03/24/1982 - 05/28/1982

          Handwritten Notes (Stenographic Pad) - 10/25/1982 - 12/30/1982

          [Unfoldered Material re:  Middle East]

          Sit Room [Empty]

          ADV/LDX [Empty]

          Urgent to Read [Empty]

          [untitled folder] [Empty]

          Information (Hold) [Empty]

          To Read [Empty]

          Press Items [Empty]

          Hold Box (Lower Right) [Empty]

          In Box (Upper Left) [Empty]

          NSC Action Items [Empty]

          NSC Action Items [Empty]

          [Unfoldered Material - WHTF Withdrawal Sheets]

          Videotape - Michael Gorbachev


Box 10 (Previous Box Designation FBI-118 NSC-Secretariat File Series - Admiral Poindexter Office Files Box 4)

          Chronological 1981

          Chronological 1982

          Miscellaneous Meeting Items 1984

          Chron. File - JMP 1984

          Chron. File - JMP 1983


          Box 11 (Previous Box Designation FBI-131 Admiral Poindexter Office Files Box 6:NSC-Secretariat)

          Miscellaneous Items

          Hold File

          Williamsburg Summit

          Odeen Report

          Talk to Judge


          Falkland [Also: El Salvador, Honduras, Israel, Lebanon]

          SIG / IG Subjects

          SITRM Project

          Soviet Navy

          Soviet Strategy (1982)

          Soviet Summit (1982)

          Soviet Summit (1983)

          START [Press Statement 1983]

          Strategic Defense [Speech – March 1983] (1)-(3)

          Tanter, Ray



          Cordell Hull Cabinet Conference Room

          Versailles Summit Schedule

          NSC Staff Meetings

          Command, Control & Communications

          State Visits

          Situation Room Organization

          "Good Example" NSC Paper        

          AWACS for Saudi Arabia



          Civil Defense

          Continuity of Government


          Covert Actions

          Crisis Management

          Egypt / Sudan

          [Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board]


          Box 12 (Previous Box Designation FBI-132 Admiral Poindexter Office Files Box 7 - NSC-Secretariat)

          Special Counsel Iran Contra Investigation Withdrawal Sheets



          Foreign / Defense Issues & Objectives

          Foreign Policy Booklet

          Jordanian Arms Sales

          Intelligence   General



          [Soviet-American Exchange Program]




          Poland - Crisis

          Foreign Policy Approach

          Property Review Board

          PRC - Technology Transfer


          Nuclear Freeze / Nuclear Policy (1)-(3)

          Old Presidential Decisions


          Monthly Reports

          MX Commission, - 01/03/1983

          National Command Authority

          National Security Affairs Calendar


          NSC / NSPG Organization

          NSSD No.1



          Box 13 (Previous Box Designation FBI-133 NSC-Secretariat; Admiral Poindexter Files)

          The White House National Security Council Blue Book - John M. Poindexter

          [Loose Documents]

          Keating, Ambassador Robert B. - Emergency Hunger Study Grp.

          For the President - Classified - Summitry


          World Peace Council Programme of Action 1981

          Meeting Papers, 1985

          Misc. Correspondence & Draft Speeches


          Box 14 (Previous Box Designation FBI-126 Poindexter Public Affairs)

          Thomas C. Reed Speeches

          Biography and Misc. Info - William F. Clark


          McFarlane Speeches, Interviews, etc.

          Robert C. Mcfarlane 1985



          Central and South America