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POPADIUK, ROMAN: Files, 1984-1988


Press Secretary, Office of the



OA 18335

Popadiuk Chron. April 1987 – December 1988



OA 18335

[American Agenda: Report to the Forty-First President of the United States 12/06/1988]

[Arms Control]

Articles about Colin Powell

Asahi Shimbun

ASEAN Interview

Atlas of United States Foreign Relations June 1983

[Background Information on United Kingdom and Soviet Union]

[Bios on J. Brady, Gergen, Speakes]

Bios of NSC

Commission on Defense Management

[Conventional Forces in Europe: The Facts]

[Department of State Daily Press Briefing: April 1988, October 1988 – December 1988]

[Disk Print Outs for 04/28/1988-11/15/1988]

[Downing of Iran Air Flight 655]

[Emergency Preparedness Executive Order]

[ICBM Modernization]

INF Treaty December 1987

[International Convention on Genocide]

Internal Office

Interviews with NSC Advisor

[Interview Requests 1985]

[Interview Requests 1986 and 1987]

1988 Interview Requests

Iran-Contra Briefings File


OA 18336

[Iran-Iraq War]

Helsingin Sanomat Int. [Finnish Newspaper]

Hurriyet [Turkish Newspaper]

Memos to Marlin

Memos to NSC Advisor [Colin Powell]

[Middle East: Libya, Israel, Kuwait, Pakistan, Palestine National Council]



NSC Advisor (Personal)

NSC Correspondence

[Nuclear Safety in United States]

Pending Presidential Interview Requests



Colin Powell (1)-(6)

President’s Interview with Excelsior 08/12/1986

Presidential Interviews Completed

Presidential Interview with Al-Qabas-Kuwait 05/12/1987

Presidential Press Conference 03/19/1987

Presidential Statements: Arms Control

[Press Briefing by U.N. Ambassador Veron Walters 07/16/1987]

[Press Briefing 07/20/1987 re: Iran-Contra, Iran/Iraq War, Persian Gulf War]

Press Conferences – Generally

[Press Plan for Toronto Economic Summit June 1988]

[Press Release: B-2 Bombers 11/22/1988]

[Press Release: Soviet Earthquake 12/13/1988]

Public Report of the VP’s Task Force on Combating Terrorism, February 1986

[Report of The Commission on Integrated Long-Term Strategy January 1988, DOD]


OA 18337

[Report to the Congress on Security Arrangements in the Persian Gulf 06/15/1987]

Report to the Congress on the Strategic Defense Initiative April 1987

Report to the Congress on the Strategic Defense Initiative April 1988

[Report of the Special Interagency Task Force on Western Lending to the Soviet Bloc,

Vietnam, Libya, Cuba, Nicaragua 11/07/1988]

Secretary George Schultz

Soviet Life: Summit Washington, D.C. 12/07/1987-12/10/1987

Soviet Military Power 1987

[South Africa]

[South America: Panama, Cuba]

[South Asia: Foreign Assistance]

[Space Shuttle Challenger]


Speeches of the NSC Advisor

State Dinners

[State of the Union Communication Plan]

[Statements about Countries and Issues 1987-1988]

Strategic Defense Initiative: Department of Defense

[The Strategic Land Force Reserve Article 08/05/1988]

[Talking Points: Aids to the Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance]


[Trip to Europe May-June 1984 Events Action Plan]


USIA: Public Diplomacy Correspondence

[U.S. Perspective on NATO 11/06/1987]

U.S. – Soviet Summit December 1987

Veja Magazine Interview with President 09/30/1986



OA 18545

Trip of President Reagan to Ireland, Normandy, and the London Economic Summit


Trip of President Reagan to the Bonn Economic Summit, Spain, the European

Parliament, and Portugal 04/30/1985-05/10/1985

Meetings of President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev, Geneva November


Trip of President Reagan to Indonesia/the ASEAN Conference and the Tokyo Economic

Summit 04/25/1986-05/07/1986

Meetings of President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev, Reykjavik October


Trip of President Reagan to Ottawa, Canada 04/05/1987-04/06/1987

Trip of the President to the Venice Economic Summit, Rome, the

Vatican….06/03/1987-06/12/1987 [copy 1 only]

Trip of President Reagan to the Venice Economic Summit, Rome, the Vatican, West

Berlin, and Bonn 06/03/1987-06/12/1987 [copy 2]

President Reagan, General Secretary Gorbachev, Washington Summit December 1987

Trip of President Reagan to the NATO Summit Brussels, Belgium 03/01/1988-


Trip of President Reagan to Helsinki, the Moscow Summit, and London 05/25/1988-


President’s Meeting with General Secretary Gorbachev New York, New York