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PORTER, ROGER B.: Files, 1981-1985


Policy Development, Office of


Roger Porter acted as the Secretary for the Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs (CCEA) handling administrative and logistical duties.  His collection contains a numbered series of folders with agendas, meeting minutes, participant lists and some background papers for the Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs meetings 1981-1982.   


The CCEA met far more frequently than any other Cabinet Council. Issues with which it dealt included budget and tax policy, monetary policy, economic and trade policy toward foreign countries and institutions, economic aspects of agriculture and natural resources, policy toward US banks and other financial institutions, unemployment, the minimum wage, the overall state of the US economy, and the 1981 air traffic controllers’ strike.


Although the CCEA met until 1985, this collection extends only to 1982. Other Reagan Library collections have much more extensive material on the CCEA. The White House Office of Records Management (WHORM) Subject File category FG010-02 (Cabinet Councils), which has been processed and opened to research in whole, has material on most CCEA meetings.


OA 8634

CCEA (Cabinet Council on Economic Affiars) Meeting #1-CCEA Meeting #37

CCEA (Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs) Meeting #38 09/08/1981

CCEA Meeting #39-CCEA Meeting #43 -09/08/1981-09/23/1981

CCEA (Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs) Meeting #44 09/23/1981 (1)-(3)


OA 8635

Meeting #45-Meeting #84, 09/24/1981-03/18//1982

CCEA (Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs) Meeting #85 03/19/1982


OA 8636

Meeting #86-Meeting #146, 03/22/1982-12/20/1982

CCEA (Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs) Meeting #147 12/21/1982


OA 8637

CCEA 1: Procedures, 03/06/1981

CCEA 2: Thrift Industry Difficulties, 03/06/1981

CCEA 3: Canada Economic Issue Papers, 03/06/1981

CCEA 4: Polish Debt Situation, 03/06/1981

CCEA 5: Polish Debt Situation, 03/17/1981

CCEA 6: Youth Minimum Wage Differential, 03/17/1981 (1)(2)

CCEA 7: President’s Tax Program 03/20/1981

CCEA 8: Cost of Living Adjustments and Entitlements Program, 03/20/1981

CCEA 9: Youth Minimum Wage Differential, 03/20/1981

CCEA 10: Negotiations on Polish Debt Rescheduling, 03/23/1981

CCEA 11: Progress of Tax Proposal 03/23/1981

CCEA 12: Targeted Jobs Tax Credit, 03/26/1981

CCEA 13: Financial Condition of Thrift Industry, 03/16/1981

CCEA 14: Targeted Jobs Tax Credit, 03/30/1981

CCEA 15: Synthetic Petroleum Reserve Funding, 03/30/1981

CCEA 16: Restructuring the Northeast Rail service, 04/07/1981

CCEA 17: Strategy for the Thrift Industry, 04/09/1981

CCEA 18: 4 OMB Issue Papers on IRS Role in Federal Debt Collection, 04/16/1981

CCEA 19: IRS Paper on Debt Collection Proposals, 04/16/1981

CCEA 20: Polish Debt Situation, 04/24/1981

CCEA 21: Background Paper: The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (OMB), 04/28/1981

CCEA 22: Financing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (Treasury), 04/28/1981

CCEA 23:  Domestic Monetary Policy 04/30/1981

CCEA 24: Developments in Financial Markets, 04/30/1981

CCEA 25: Accelerated Cost Recovery System, 05/05/1981

CCEA 26: Exchange Rate Intervention Policy 05/05/1981

CCEA 27: Report of the Thrift Industry Working Group, 05/07/1981

CCEA 28: Economic Situation and Outlook, 05/12/1981

CCEA 29 [not found]

CCEA 30: IRS and Federal Debt Collection: Tax Refund Offsets, 05/14/1981

CCEA 31: Accelerated Cost Recovery System, 05/14/1981

CCEA 32: Increase in Strategic Petroleum Reserve Outlays in FY 1981, 05/22/1981

CCEA 33: Ottawa Economic Summit: Macroeconomic Policy Paper 05/26/1981

CCEA 34: Polish Debt Situation, 05/26/1981

CCEA 35: Report of the Thrift Industry Working Group, 05/29/1981

CCEA 36: Polish CCC Guarantees, 05/29/1981

CCEA 37: Issues Associated with the U.S. Savings Rate, 06/02/1981

CCEA 38: Status of ACRS Proposal, 06/02/1981

CCEA 39:  President's Regulatory Relief Program, 06/04/1981

CCEA 40: Thrift Industry Assistance, 06/04/1981

CCEA 41: Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp. Fund, 06/03/1981

CCEA 42: Interim Report of CCEA Work Group on Cost-of-Living Adjustments and

          Federal Programs, 06/10/1981

CCEA 43: Polish Debt: Outlay Effects of Rescheduling and New lending in 1981 (dated

05/29/1981) Circulated 06/05/1981

CCEA 44: Report on Economic Development, 06/16/1981

CCEA 45: Briefing on the State of Financial Markets, 06/16/1981

CCEA 46: Economic Assumptions 06/16/1981

CCEA 47: The Davis-Bacon Act, 06/18/1981

CCEA 48: Ottawa Economic Summit: Microeconomic Policy, 06/23/1981

CCEA 49: Ottawa Economic Summit: Relations with Developing Countries,


CCEA 50: Ottawa Economic Summit: Energy, 06/25/1981

CCEA 51: Ottawa Economic Summit: Trade, 06/25/1981

CCEA 52: Ottawa Economic Summit: East/West Economic relations, 06/25/1981

CCEA 53: LDC Energy Development (Preparations for Ottawa [Economic]

          Summit), 06/30/1981

CCEA 54: Status of Tax Bill 07/07/1981

CCEA 55: Longshoremen's and Harbor Worker's Compensation Act, 07/07/1981

CCEA 56: Economic Update, 07/09/1981

CCEA 57: Budget Reconciliation Progress Report, 07/09/1981

CCEA 58: Report of the Thrift Industry Working Group, 07/14/1981

CCEA 59: Economic and Financial Situation in Poland, 07/16/1981

CCEA 60: International Investment Policy: Potential Problems of Direct

Investments in U.S. by Foreign Government Controlled Companies


CCEA 61: Report of Working Group on Cost of Living Adjustments and Federal

          Programs, 7/28/1981

CCEA 62: [not found]

CCEA 63: Strategic Petroleum Reserve Withdrawal Policy, 07/28/1981

CCEA 64: SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Crude Oil Release and Allocation Policies

          (CEA), 07/28/1981

CCEA 65: Summary, 07/24/1981, Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, House

Bipartisan Substitute Proposal, 07/28/1981

CCEA 66: Proposed Legislation to Expand the Asset and Liability Powers of Thrift

          Institutions, 07/29/1981

CCEA 67: International Investment Policy: Canadian Foreign Investment Materials,


CCEA 68: Review of Economic Outlook: CEA Update 07/31/1981

CCEA 69: Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, 07/31/1981

[CCEA70]: [Major Federal Policies Affecting Private Pensions, 07/31/1981]

CCEA 71: Briefing on the State of Financial Markets, 08/04/1981

CCEA 72: Financial Markets Report, 08/04/1981

CCEA 73: Polish Financial Situation, 08/06/1981

CCEA 74: Cancun Summit: Background for CCEA Discussions on 08/06/1981:


CCEA 75: International Investment Policy Report on CFIUS and CCEA Working Group

          on International Investment Policy, 08/06/1981

CCEA 76: Report of the Working Group on Federal Credit Policy, 09/08/1981

CCEA 77: Poland, 09/08/1981

CCEA 78: Work Agenda for the Working Group on Economic Statistics, 09/10/1981

CCEA 79: Review of Consumer Price Index, 09/10/1981

CCEA 80: Time Required for Changing the Consumer Price Index, 09/10/1981

CCEA 81: International Investment Policy: Margin Requirements Proposal, 09/10/1981

CCEA 82: Report of the Thrift Industry Working Group (CM #34), 09/15/1981

CCEA 83: Thrift Industry: Open Issues from Tuesday's Meeting, 09/17/1981

CCEA 84: International Sector of the U.S. Economy (CM #125), 09/18/1981

CCEA 85: US Exchange Market Intervention Policy (CM # 52) 09/18/1981

CCEA 86: Longshoremen's and Harbor Worker's Compensation Act Reform, 09/22/1981

CCEA 87: Strategic Petroleum Reserve Withdrawal Policy, 09/22/1981

CCEA 88: The Thrift Industry (from 09/22/1981 Meeting with President which Was


CCEA 89: Report of the Working Group on Federal Credit Policy, 09/23/1981

CCEA 90: Assessment of Multilateral Development Banks, 09/23/1981

CCEA 91: Report of the Pension Policy Working Group: Single Employer

          Termination Insurance Under ERISA: (CM #112) 09/24/1981

CCEA 92: Cancun Summit Papers re: Investments (3 Papers Enclosed), 10/01/1981

[CCEA 93]: [Cancun Policy Options: Assistance]

CCEA 94: Cancun Summit Papers re: International Food Security and Grain

          Reserves (2 Papers), 10/01/1981

CCEA 95: Cancun Summit Papers re: Trade (2 Papers), 10/01/1981

CCEA 96): Thrift Industry Dedication Memo for the President, 10/01/1981

CCEA 97: Economic Summary 10/08/1981

CCEA 98: Current Problems and Economic Condition of the Farm Sector, 10/08/1981

CCEA 99: Review of Economic Indicators, 10/08/1981

CCEA100: U.S. Policy re: "Global Negotiations" and Development, 10/13/1981

CCEA 101: The Financial Institutions Restructuring and Services Act of 1981,


CCEA 102: Depository Institutions Direct Investment in Real Estate, 10/15/1981

CCEA 103: Kuwait Petroleum Corporation's Investment in Santa Fe International

          Corporation, 10/15/1981

CCEA 104: Proposals to Enhance Revenue, 10/20/1981

CCEA 105: Housing Component of the CPI, 10/26/1981

CCEA 106: The Suspension of Multiemployer Pension Benefits Under ERISA :

CCEA 10/26/1981  

CCEA 107: Loan Guarantee Reduction FY 1982 (FCP Work Group Report), 10/30/1981

CCEA 108: Tax Treatment of Federal National Mortgage Association, 11/03/1981

CCEA 109: Wage Outlook: Trends and Outlook in Wage Settlements, 11/03/1981

CCEA 110: Report on Current Condition in Thrift Industry, 11/05/1981

CCEA 111: Progress Report of Working Group on Financial Institution Reform,


CCEA 112: Single-Employer Pension Termination Insurance, 11/10/1981

CCEA113: U.S. Balance of Payments: Developments and Prospects, 11/10/1981

CCEA 114: Review of the Economic Outlook - November 1981 11/10/1981

CCEA 115: Financial Market Developments, 11/12/1981

CCEA 116: Proposed Merger between Kuwait Petroleum Corp. and Santa Fe

          International Corp., 11/12/1981

CCEA 117: Changes in Savings Bonds Program, 11/24/1981

CCEA 118: Cost-of-Living Adjustments in Entitlement and Federal Programs,


CCEA 119: Polish Economic and Financial Situation (CM #114), 11/30/1981

CCEA 120: Report of Working Group on Federal Credit Policy, 12/04/1981

CCEA 121: Housing and the Construction Industry, 12/04/1981

CCEA 122: CFIUS  Regulation of Proposed Investment by Kuwait Petroleum Corp in

          Santa Fe International Corp., 12/04/1981

CCEA 123: Economic Impact of the Defense Build Up, 12/08/1981

CCEA 124: Defense Impact on Private Sector Wages and Salaries, 12/08/1981

CCEA 125: Federal Credit Policy: Further Discussion of Housing Credit, 12/10/1981

CCEA 126: Views of Dept. of Housing and Urban Development on Federal Credit

          Policy, 12/10/1981

CCEA 127: Report of CCEA Work Group on the Transfer of Fed. Programs and Revenue

          Resources, 12/18/1981

CCEA 128: Federal Credit Policy. 12/21/1981

CCEA129: Analysis of Current Economic Situation, 12/21/1981

CCEA 130: Transportation User Fees, 12/22/1981

CCEA 131: Financial Market Developments, 12/22/1981

CCEA 132: Administrations' Employment and Training Proposal, 01/07/1982

CCEA 133: Economic Forecasts  01/08/1982

CCEA 134: Economic and Financial Conditions in the Farm Sector, 01/19/1982

CCEA 135: Tax Expenditure Policy, 01/19/1982

CCEA 136: Tax Expenditures (paper # 2), 01/19/1982

CCEA 137: Review of the Economic Outlook 01/21/1982

CCEA 138: Unemployment and the Unemployment Compensation System, (Meeting

          with President), 01/28/1982

CCEA 139: Update on the Economy 01/28/1982

CCEA 140: Assessment of Multilateral Development Banks, 01/29/1982

CCEA 141: Polish Debt, 01/29/1982

CCEA 142: Hungarian and Polish Application for Membership in International Monetary Fund, 01/29/1982

CCEA 143: Employment and Training Policy, February 1982

CCEA 144: FY 83 Budget and Fiscal Program, 02/05/1982

CCEA 145: Conditions in the Thrift Industry (Chairman Pratt Paper), 02/05/1982

CCEA 146: Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisers to the President

          , 02/08/1982

CCEA 147: Debt Problems of LDC's and East European Countries (Working Group),


CCEA 148: U.S. Debt Policy -- The Role of Comparable Treatment (W.G.). 02/11/1982

CCEA 149: Report of the Working Group on the Commodity Futures Trading Com.,


CCEA 150: Employment and Training Policy (Meeting with President), 02/11/1982


OA 8638

CCEA 230 - Fed. Debt Collection and Tax Refund Offsets

CCEA 231 - Eximbank Financing for New York Subway Cars

CCEA 232: Report on OECD Executive Committee Special Session

CCEA 233: Indian Borrowing from the Asian Bank

CCEA 234: Report of the Working Group on LDC (Least Developed

          Countries) Financial Problems

CCEA 235:  Review of the Economic Outlook, 07/21/1982

CCEA 236 - Budget Outlook

CCEA 237 - Employment and Training Bill

CCEA 238 - Rural Housing Block Grants

CCEA 239 – Report of the Working Group on Pension Policy

CCEA 240 - Thrift Industry Legislation

CCEA 241: Unitary Taxation (CM #214), 07/30/1982

CCEA 242 - Rpt. of the Working Group on Troubled Industries (CM#262)

CCEA 243 - U.S. Domestic Private Investment

CCEA 244 - Financial Market Developments

CCEA 245 - Domestic Content Legislation

CCEA 246: Multilateral Development Bank Funding

CCEA 247: U.S. Membership in the AFDB (African Development Bank)

CCEA 248: Sectoral Impact of the Defense Buildup, 08/13/1982

CCEA 249 - Mid-Term Planning Exercise

CCEA 250: Savings and Interest

CCEA 251 - Savings Rate and Savings Statistics

CCEA 252 - Interest Rate Targeting Legislation

CCEA 253 - Economic Impact of U.S. Agricultural Exports in Value Added Products

CCEA 254 - Flat Rate Tax

CCEA 255: S1541 Amendments to ERISA, 09/17/1982

CCEA 256 - Residential Mortgage Investment Act

CCEA 257 - Mid-Term Planning

CCEA 258 - Financial Market Developments

CCEA 259: ERISA Amendments

CCEA 260 - Unemployment Insurance Benefits

CCEA 261 - Report of the President's Commission on Housing

CCEA 262: Current Unemployment Situation

CCEA 263 - Financial Market Developments

CCEA 264: Yen-Dollar Relationship (empty)

CCEA 265: Japanese Financial Market Restrictions

CCEA 266 - Federal Credit Policy: FFB

CCEA 267 - Mid-Term Planning [E]

CCEA 268 - Structural Unemployment [E]

CCEA 269 - Structural Unemployment

CCEA 270: Transportation User Fee, 11/06/1982

CCEA 271 - Structural Unemployment

CCEA 272 - Federal Credit Policy: FFB

CCEA 273 - NPAC Recommendations

CCEA 274: Alternative to Federal Regulation

CCEA 275: Balanced Monetary Policy and Price Stability Act, 11/24/1982

CCEA 276 - Federal Credit Policy: FFB

CCEA 277 - Capital Formation

CCEA 278 - The Incentives for Education Saving

CCEA 279 - Federal Credit Policy: FFB

CCEA 280 - Tax Incentive for Education Saving


          OA 9476

          Potential Staff: A-B

          Potential Staff: C  

          Potential Staff: D-E

          Potential Staff: F-G

          Potential Staff: H-I

          Potential Staff: J-K

          Potential Staff: L

          Potential Staff: M (1)(2)

          Potential Staff: N-OL

          Potential Staff: O’M-Q

          Potential Staff: R-SA

          Potential Staff: SC-STE

          Potential Staff: STO-V

          Potential Staff: W (1)(2)

          Potential Staff: X-Z (Empty)


OA 11639

Productivity Companies

Productivity: Committee for Economic Development (1)(2)

Productivity / Capital Investment

Productivity - Commerce Paper on Sectoral Prod. Growth

Hewlett, Sylvia

Productivity / Int'l Tech. Transfer

Productivity - Pat Choate Ideas (1)-(2)

Productivity - Commercial Economic Development

Productivity / Economic Policy Council

Productivity - Employee Stock Ownership

Productivity - General

Productivity: General Electric

Productivity: Georgia Tech.

Productivity Human Relations

Productivity - Human Resources

NPAC Subcommittee on the Role of Government in the Economy (1)-(4)

Role of Government - 06/21/1982 (1)-(3)

Role of Government - 11/03/1982

Capital Investment - 11/12/1982 / Meeting

NPAC Sub- Committee on Human Resources

Human Resources - 08/10/1982

Human Resources - 03/15/1982

R & D - 04/22/1982

R & D - 08/06/1982

NPAC Subcommittee on Research, Development and Tech. Innovation

Advisory Committee on Productivity (1)-(6)


OA 11640

NPAC - Executive Order

NPAC Address Lists

NPAC Members Press Release

NPAC - Press Release

Productivity Updates

WHC Anti-Trust Barriers

WHC Education

NPAC - CCEA Discussion Papers

NPAC Annual Report for 1983

[NPAC Start-up]

National Productivity Members (Bios and Letters from Regan)

Letters to Productivity Members

Ltrs and Memos to/from D. Regan

Letters / Memos - Inter-Departmental

Productivity Information Distribution List

Establishment of Nat'l Productivity Advisory Committee (E.O. and Rel. Paper)

Simon, William E. (Bill) (Correspondence)

Letters and Other Correspondence

Alexander, Lamar

Branscomb, Louis M.

Bouy, Harold J.

Jesse M. Calhoon

Camicia, Nicholas

Dart, Justin

Deaver, Michael

Dunlop, John T.

Feldstein, Martin

Gavin, C. Clifton

Goldstein, Harvey A.

Grace, Peter J.

Hall, Robert E.

NPAC Reports for Reagan

[Unfoldered Material - Miscellaneous]

[White House Conference on Productivity]


OA 11641

Grayson, C. Jackson Jr.

Kearns, David T.

Kingon, Alfred H.  Editor - Financial World

Kingon, Alfred H.

Charles F. Knight

Konyha, William

Lane, L.W. Jr. (Bill )

Macavoy, Paul W.

Donald S. MacNaughton

Metler, Ruben F.

John J. O'Donnell

Gerald L. Parsky

O'Neill, Paul

Perkins, John H.

Donald T. Regan

Schurn, R. Maurice

Siebert, V. Donald

Richard F. Schubert

Maurice R. Schurn

L. William Seidman

Schultz, George P.

William E. Simon

Smith, Roger B.

Jayne Baker Spain

Weber, Arnold

Subcommittees - General

Productivity - Articles  Newspaper/Magazine/Book

[WH Conference on Productivity - Steering Committee]

Ariz. St. U. Centennial

Productivity - January 6, 1982 Meeting

Regan's Talking Points (First Meeting)

NPAC - Subcommittees (General)

National Productivity Advisory Committee Meeting -01/06/1982

Seating Chart (First Meeting)

NPAC - Treasury Staff Support

12/24/1981 - Letter of Confirmation to Members

Correspondence (Roger Porter's) from NPAC Members

First Meeting Notice

Agenda for First Meeting

Porter Talking Points for President Reagan

Secretary Baldrige's Remarks (First Meeting)

Secretary Donovan's Remarks (First Meeting)

Simon, William Talking Points for 1st NPAC Meeting

Chairman Weidenbaum's Remarks (First Meeting)

Porter Memo to Vice President

Porter Memo to Deaver

Porter Administrative Memo to Members (First Meeting)

NPAC First Meeting Minutes

Role of Government Minutes 01/06/1982

Research & Development Minutes 01/06/1982

Capital Investment Minutes 01/06/1982

2nd NPAC Seating Chart 05/04/1982

Attendance List [05/04/1982]

NPAC Second Meeting Notice

NPAC Second Meeting – 05/04/1982 - Meeting Notice / Address List

Confirmation Letter to Members [Second Meeting]

Capital Investment - Second Meeting Papers

Human Resources - Second Meeting Papers

Porter Memo to Dederick

R & D - Second Mtg. Papers


OA 11642

National Productivity Advisory Committee Meetings 1982

Flat Rate Tax

Human Resources

Role of Government in the Economy

Capital Investment


Memos for Regan

Memos for Simon

Capital Investment


OA 11643 [Uninventoried]

Meetings CCEA (Cabinet Council for Economic Affairs) 01/03/1983-03/29/1984



OA  11644 [Uninventoried]

Meetings CCEA 01/04/1983-09/12/1983


OA 11645 [Uninventoried]

Meetings CCEA 09/20/1983-05/22/1984


OA 11646 [Uninventoried]

Meetings CCEA 05/29/1983-04/09/1985


OA 11647 [Uninventoried]

[Memos - 1982-1985]

Budget of the U.S. Government FY 1985 (Book)


OA 11648

Human Resources

Research Development and Technological Innovation

Environmental Regulatory Reform

Council of State Governments


White House Conference on Productivity

Small Business Investment Incentives Act

John Patton

Confidential Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives

Working Group on Unemployment Compensation

CCEA Working Group on Forecasting

CCEA Working Group on International Investment

CCEA Working Group on Savings Investment and Economic Growth


OA 11649

President’s Regulatory Program - I (1)-(3)

President’s Regulatory Program - II (1)-(8)



          Video Tapes, White House Conference on Productivity (Transferred to AV for Storage)



          Video Tapes, White House Conference on Productivity (Transferred to AV for Storage)



          Video Tapes, White House Conference on Productivity (Transferred to AV for Storage)


OA 15004

Correspondence:  09/11/1984-09/29/1984

Correspondence:  10/01/1984-10/10/1984

Correspondence:  10/11/1984-10/17/1984

Correspondence:  10/17/1984-10/22/1984

Correspondence:  10/23/1984-10/26/1984

Correspondence:  10/26/1984-10/31/1984

Correspondence:  11/01/1984-11/21/1984


OA 15005

Correspondence:  11/26/1984-12/11/1984

Correspondence:  12/01/1984-12/30/1984

Correspondence:  01/02/1985-01/22/1985

Correspondence:  01/23/1985-01/31/1985

Correspondence:  02/01/1985-02/15/1985

Correspondence:  02/19/1985-03/05/1985

Correspondence:  03/05/1985-03/30/1985


OA 15006

Correspondence:  04/01/1985-04/19/1985

Correspondence:  04/22/1985-05/07/1985

Correspondence:  05/07/1985-05/30/1985

Correspondence:  05/30/1985-06/04/1985

Correspondence:  06/04/1985-06/29/1985

Correspondence:  07/01/1985-07/18/1985

Correspondence:  07/19/1985-08/26/1985


OA 15007

[Textiles and CRB] (1)-(3)

Textiles and CRB (1)-(5)

Textiles and CRB: Imus Memo to Brock re: Economic Conditions (1)-(3)

Train Braxton Asia, Inc.

MOSS [Market Oriented Sector Selection Talks] - Meeting on Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals 08/20/1985 (1)-(11)

GSP - Generalized System of Preference

High Technology

Trade Policy Staff Committee – Volume I [October 1984-March 1985] (1)-(8)

Trade Policy Staff Committee – Volume II [March 1985-June 1985] (1)-(9)

Trade Policy Staff Committee – Volume III [June 1985] (1)(2)

Industrial Adjustment Policy

Industrial Revitalization Act of 1983

National Conference on Tonnage of Ships

Issue Alert / OPD

Japan Auto

Japan Trade Issues

Joint Economic Committee Press Releases

Labor Management Task Force

Landsat (1)(2)

Legislative Veto (1)(2)

Minority Business

Motor Carrier Industry

Motorcycle 201 Case

Motor Vehicle Certification

Pipeline Sanctions

Poland and MFN (Most Favored Nation)

President's Commission on Industrial Competitiveness

President's Export Council

Procurement Reform

Product Liability Reform

Research and Development


OA 15008

Porter Telephone Logs

Porter Daily Schedules

Displaywriter and Digital Disks (Transferred to AV for Storage)


OA 15009

NASA Shuttle Pricing

New Round

Nipon Cargo Airlines


Omnibus Trade Bill, H. R. 3398

PCIC (President's Commission on Industrial Competitiveness) (1)-(4)

President's Regulatory Program

President's Trade Policy Initiative

Semiconductors 301

Silicon Valley Trip




Porter - Trade Issues - 1985 (I)

Porter - Trade Issues - 1985 (II)

Porter - Trade Issues - 1985 (III)

Trade Strategy


Telecommunications (1)(2)

Telecommunications: [Telecommunications] (1)-(3)


OA 15010


Alaskan Oil Exports

All America Pipeline

Miscellaneous Articles

Bune Convention Recommendation

Bilateral Investment Treaties

Brookings Institute

CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy)

Cargo Preference

Commerce Department ITA



CITE (Coalition for International Trade Equity)

Danforth - Telecommunications Act


Drug Exports

Early Warning Reports

Potential U.S. / EC Trade Issues

Large Jet Transports

Export Controls


GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)

Gray Market

GTE Sprint

Hazardous Exports


High Tech Industries

Hot Air Popcorn Poppers

Inside U.S. Trade

Issue Papers

Industrial Policy



Japanese Action Plan

Japan - Aluminum Tariffs

Japan - Transportation

Japan - VRA

Korea (1)-(3)

Joe Massey Files

MIGA (Multilateral Investment Agency)

Moss Negotiation

Moss Medical Equipment

MOSS – Telecommunications: MOSS Negotiations on Telecommunications

MOSS – Telecommunications: State-Commerce Statement on Telecommunications Talks Svahn/Mossey

Multinational Trade Negotiations


OA 15012

R&D Antitrust

Research and Development

Small Business Issues

SBA - 8(A) Graduation

Snyder - Viteo Incs.

Space Technology


Specialty Steel 201

Telecommunications - Executive Order

Department of Transportation

US - EC Steel Issues (Economic Community)

White House Information

U. S. - Israel Free Trade Area Agreement

U. S. - Japan Trade

Trade Policy Committee

Trade Policy Staff Committee [July 1985] (1)-(6)


1983 Initiatives

Drugs / Workplace


Designer Drugs

Drug Abuse Abroad

Drugs / Crime

Drugs / Health

Danny Bogg's Office


Carlton Turner's Office

Oversight Working Group Meetings

Roger Porter's Office


Flash Reports


Federal Laboratories

FCC Syndication and Financial Interest Rule (Federal Communications Commission)

Export Performance

Export / Import Weekly

Export Financing U. S. Market

Export Administration Act Renewal

Ethnics and Conflicts

Economic Indicators


Countervailing Diets Case


Communication Meetings

Commission of U.S. International Trade Policy

Department of Commerce

CCCT Flash Report (Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade)

Cargo Preference

Briefing Papers

Bombandier (MTA Subway Cars)


Dan Smith - Inventory of Retired Files

Antitrust R&D

AISI -301 Case (American Iron and Steel Institute)


Aircraft Trade

Chron - September 1983

Administrative General

Agriculture Trade

Agriculture Trade - Wheat Flour Sale


Accession A93-1

Box 1

Briefing Books:

General Services Administration

Mid-Term Planning Meese Meetings October 1982-November 1982

October 1982 Mid-Term Planning

Mid-Term Planning Meese-Chaired Mtg 1982 Fall

Small Business Administration