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POSA, LEONARD M.: Files, 1982-1983


Public Affairs Directorate, NSC



RAC Box 1

Advance Measures

Advance Research

Antenna Design (empty)

[Armenian Tbilisi] (Cassette Tape)

[Background Briefings, Canada Broadcast Policy, NSDD 45]

[BIB 1982 Report]


Caribbean Working Group 01/17/1983-04/04/1983

Caribbean Working Group 04/05/1983-05/27/1983

CID (Cuban Independence and Democratic) Radio Broadcasting

Cuban Interference to United States

[Daily Report: Latin America]


[Defense and Arms Control]

[Defense Intelligence Agency] (1)-(3)

DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellites) 01/01/1982-01/11/1982

DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellites) 01/12/1982-03/10/1982

DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellites) 03/12/1982-08/31/1982

DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellites) 09/01/1982-09/16/1982

DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellites) 09/17/1982-11/16/1982

DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellites) 11/17/1982-06/17/1983

[Georgian Tbilisi] (Cassette Tape)

[Interagency Work in Progress]

IBC (International Broadcasting Committee) 10/19/1982-02/16/1983

IBC (International Broadcasting Committee) 02/17/1983-03/17/1983

IBC (International Broadcasting Committee) 03/18/1983-04/21/1983

IBC (International Broadcasting Committee) 04/22/1983-05/12/1983

IBC (International Broadcasting Committee) 05/13/1983-05/31/1983

IBC (International Broadcasting Committee) Meeting 06/06/1983-07/10/1983

IBC (International Broadcasting Committee) Meeting 07/11/1983-07/12/1983

IBC (International Broadcasting Committee) Planning Meeting Notes


IBC (International Broadcasting Committee) Planning Meeting Notes


[International Communication Agency – Content Reports] (1)(2)

[International Telecommunications]

ITU (International Telecommunication Union) 08/09/1982-06/19/1983

ITU (International Telecommunication Union) 06/20/1983-06/28/1983

ITU (International Telecommunication Union) 06/29/1983-07/13/1983

ITU (International Telecommunication Union) HF (High Frequency) 1984


ITU (International Telecommunication Union) HF (High Frequency) 1984


ITU (International Telecommunication Union) HF (High Frequency) 1984



RAC Box 2

Jamming, [Sound of] 1958 (Cassette Tape)

Jamming 04/20/1982-12/01/1982

Jamming 12/02/1982-03/09/1983

Jamming 03/10/1983-04/03/1983

Jamming 04/04/1983-05/16/1983

Jamming 05/17/1983-06/06/1983

Jamming: Concepts – Unintentional

Jamming: Evaluations (01/29/1982-01/24/1983)

Jamming: Evaluations (undated)

Jamming: Intelligence Community

Jamming: [Inter-Agency Committee on Jamming]

Jamming: Meeting Notes

Jamming: Monitoring 01/06/1978-10/09/1982

Jamming: Monitoring 10/10/1982-02/16/1983

Jamming: Political/Legal

Jamming: Reprisal (11/17/1982-12/22/1982)

Jamming: Reprisal (undated)

Jamming: Technical Countering


[Language Broadcast Networks]


[Long-Range Goals in International Telecommunications and Information (1)-(5)

Marti 04/08/1981-06/10/1982

Marti 06/11/1982-08/18/1982

Marti 08/19/1982-01/16/1983

Marti 01/17/1983-02/08/1983

Marti 02/09/1983-02/22/1983

Marti 02/23/1983

Marti 02/24/1983-04/04/1983

Marti 04/05/1983 (1)(2)

Marti 04/06/1983-05/13/1983

Marti 05/14/1983-06/29/1983


RAC Box 3

Marti 06/30/1983-07/05/1983

Marti 07/06/1983-07/11/1983

Monitoring 03/10/1965-10/28/1982

Monitoring 10/29/1982-01/31/1983

Monitoring 02/01/1983-06/16/1983

Monitoring 06/17/1983-06/24/1983


[National Security Affairs Calendar]

NSDD (National Security Decision Directive) 77 (12/28/1982-05/12/1983)

NSDD (National Security Decision Directive) 77 (05/13/1983-06/25/1983)

NSDD (National Security Decision Directive) 85

New Factions

Northern Wedding

[Orion Application] (1)-(3)

[Preparation for the Regional Broadcasting Satellite Conference (RARC)] (1)(2)

[Presidential Determination] 53


[Radio Broadcasting to Cuba] 04/08/1981-03/06/1983

[Radio Broadcasting to Cuba] 03/07/1983-03/20/1983

[Radio Broadcasting to Cuba] 03/21/1983 (1)(2)

[Radio Broadcasting to Cuba] 03/22/1983-04/05/1983

[Radio Broadcasting to Cuba] 04/06/1983 (1)-(3)

[Radio Broadcasting to Cuba] 04/07/1983-04/18/1983

[Radio Broadcasting to Cuba] 04/19/1983-04/29/1983

Radio Free Cuba Feasibility Study (1)(2)

[RFK (Radio Free Kabul)]

RL (Radio Liberty) RFE (Radio Free Europe 09/28/1979-11/15/1982

RL (Radio Liberty) RFE (Radio Free Europe 11/16/1982-02/28/1983

RL (Radio Liberty) RFE (Radio Free Europe 03/01/1983-05/09/1983

Radio Propagation Predictions of the High Frequency Broadcasting Bands (1)-(7)


RAC Box 4

Radio [Frequency Propagation Charts I] (1)-(7)

Radio [Frequency Propagation Charts II] (1)-(3)

Radio [Frequency Propagation Charts III]

[Radio Wave/Reception]

RCVR (Receiver)

Report of Ad Hoc Working Group on NORDTEL and Benelux] (1)(2)

[Research Report: West European Public Opinion on Key Security Issues – 1981-1982]


[Russian Moscow] (Cassette Tape)

[Russian Tbilisi] (Cassette Tape)

[Statement of Work]

Study NSDD (National Security Decision Directive) 45 (03/11/1982)

Study NSDD (National Security Decision Directive) 45 (05/28/1982) (1)-(3)

Study NSDD (National Security Decision Directive) 45 (06/15/1982)-07/15/1982)

Study NSDD (National Security Decision Directive) 45 (07/16/1982)

[Task Force on Emergency Communications]

[Transcripts – American Digest]

[Transcripts – English Programs Division Feature] (1)(2)

[Transcripts – Miscellaneous]

[Transcripts – Special English] (1)-(3)

[Transcripts – Special Report]

[Tri-Nation Scout Friendship Program]


[Ukranian Kiev] (Cassette Tape)

USIA (United States Information Agency) 30th Anniversary

[Uzbek Tashkent] (Cassette Tape)

[Voice of America Close-up Report 12/01/1982 “Jamming Update”]

[Voice of America Facilities Handbook] (1)(2)

[Voice of America Frequency Report] (1)-(5)

Voice of America Funding