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          OA 7108 [Uninventoried]

          A/V Tapes


          OA 9009

          [Public Affairs Calendar September 1983]

          [Public Affairs Calendar September 1983] August 1983 Secretary Schedules

          Weekly Reports (Back-up)

          Weekly Reports [August 1983]

          [Unfoldered Material - Weekly Reports July 1983-October 1983]


          OA 9010

          [Instruction Book - FUTIL]

          Press Conference - Back-up

          Briefing / Press Con. Material

          [Unfoldered Material re: Poll; AWACS]

          [White House Office Administrative Manual - Interim Edition, January 1981]

          Presidential Recovery Periods 04/20/1981

          Gun Control - Background Briefing

          Immigration & Refugee Policy - Talking Pts

          Block Grant Package

          Tax Package (Talking Points)

          Social Security - Analysis of Editorials

          Social Security Package

          [News Digest - June 1984]



          Quotes on Reagan Administration

          September 24 Vice President Statement - Defense Spending (USSR vs. U.S.)

          [Unfoldered Material re: Economic Recovery Program; Soviet Grain Embargo;

                   Presidential Recovery Period (Disability)]

          Nuclear Energy - Talking Points

          AWACS (Various Projects / Talking Points) (1)-(3)

          Media Briefing


          OA 9011

          Automobile Domestic Content Leg. RLS/WH/ 08/11/1982

          Grain Sales - Soviets  RLS/WH/1982

          Energy - General  08/181982 RLS/WH 1982

          Chronological Files - RLS  RLS Memos  RLS/WH/ August 1982 [Empty]

          Speakers - Target Cities - Schedule  08/03/1982  RLS/WH 1982

          Taxes - Sen. Fin. Tax Leg. 08/03/1982  RLS/WH 1982

          Campaign 1982 - Themes 08/09/1982  RLS/WH 1982

          Economy - General 08/02/1982  RLS/WH/1982

          [Regulatory Reform]

          Surrogates Talking Points

          Rollins Group - Daily Meetings

          [Export - Trade]

          Surrogate Program - Notes 08/09/1982 RLS/WH August 1982

          Speakers Bureau - WH 08/04/1982 RLS/WH/ August 1982

          Pres. Press Conference - Briefing 07/30/1982 RLS/WH 1982

          Campaign Strategy RLS/WH September 1982

          Welfare Reform / Blacks

          Foreign Policy RLS/WH

          RLS/WH Supplemental Veto September 1982

          Pres. Briefing Book

          [Campaign October 1982]

          Thatcher [News Clippings, 1983]

          Civil Rights Commission

          Social Security

          Kissinger Commission

          Economic News


          OA 9012

          Women: Draft / Back-up / Notes

          Women - General (Administration Points)

          Women: Equal Pay for Equal Work

          Women Articles / Publications (Non-Admin)

          Women: Equal Rights, Opportunity


          OA 9013

          Women: RR Radio Address

          Women: Polls

          Women's Report (Dept / Agency Summaries)

          Women's Report: Back-up Info: Drafts (Women)

          Women's Report: Back-up Info: Dept/ Agency Reports (By Subject)

          Women's Report: Back-up Info: Appendix (Women) - Notes

          1982 Year End Report

          1982 Year End Report: Energy & Environment

          1982 Year End Report: Making Government Work / Economy

          1982 Year End Report: Human Concerns

          1982 Year End Report: Returning Power to the Private Sector

          1982 Year End Report: Chronology - Foreign Visitors


          OA 9014

          [Weekly Communications Reports] 05/29/1983-06/04/1983

          [Weekly Communications Reports] P.A. Upcoming Week 05/02/1983-05/06/1983

          [Weekly Communications Reports] Week of 05/09/1983-05/13/1983

          [Weekly Communications Reports] 05/15/1983-05/20/1983 Weekly Report

          [Weekly Communications Reports] Week 05/22/1983-05/27/1983

          [Weekly Communications Reports 06/18/1983-06/24/1983]

          [Weekly Communications Reports] Week 06/06/1983-06/10/1983

          [Weekly Communications Reports] Weekly Report 06/26/1983-07/01/1983

          [Weekly Communications Reports] 07/01/183 - Weekly Report


          OA 9015

          Schultz, George

          Smith, William French (1)-(7)

          Stockman, David

          Weidenbaum, Murray

          Watt, James (1)-(4)

          Haig, Alexander

          Republican Party/Political Perceptions

          Tapscott-Gate: 1981

          Reagan Econ. Program NJ: June 1981 from Gov. Byrnes' Office

          Reagan - Tax Cut Plan (1)-(8)

          Quotes on Tax Programs


          OA 9016

          Schweiker, Richard

          Haig Resignation / Schultz Appoint. 07/25/1982

          Kirkpatrick, Jeane

          Meese, Edwin

          Nofziger, Lyn

          Pierce, Samuel R., Jr.

          Regan, Donald

          Edwards, James

          Ford, Gerald

          Friedersdorf, Max

          Grace, J. Peter [empty]

          Lewis, Drew (1)-(5)

          Bush, George

          Devine, Don (OPM)

          Casey, William

          Donovan, Ray (1)-(4)

          Block, John

          Brock, Bill

          [Unfoldered Articles re: Reorganization of White House Staff and Reagan Cabinet]


          Allen, Dick (Briefings)

          Baker, Howard

          Baker, Jim

          Baldridge, Malcolm

          Bell, Terrell


          OA 9017

          [Unfoldered Material re: Domestic/Economic Issues 1981-1982]


          OA 9018


          [Davis/Bacon Regulation; Agricultural Credit; EEOC; Government Public Relations; Small Business; VA; Judicial Reform Act

                   Of 1982; Safeguarding National Security Info.; Depository Institutions Amendment of 1982; Budget and the

Economy; Supply-Side Economics; 1980 Campaign; Tax Proposals; Jeanne Kirkpatrick] (1)-(5)

          Voting Rights

          Year End Report 1982

          Economic Statements by Administration (General)

          Supply Side Economics

          Economic Report of the President: 1982





          Mid-session Review: OMB

          Banking: Commercials/Thrifts

          Banking Regulation/Deregulation

          Federal Reserve Board/System

          Monetary Policy/Interest Rates

          Interest Rates

          Minorities and the Economy

          Blacks and the Economy

          Economic Recovery Program: Regional Impact

          Federal Spending/Receipts



          OA 9019

          Foreign Policy

          Soviet Union

          Latin America

          [Arms Control] (1)-(3)

          Middle East

          [1982 Reagan Administrative Promises Made, Promises Kept Draft]

          [Unfoldered Material re: Reagan Administration Promises Made, Promises Kept]

          Responses Already Examined (1)-(3)

          Promises to Agencies

          [Unfoldered Material - Lithographs of RR and NR]

          [Unfoldered Material - Natural Gas Consumer Regulatory Reform Amendments 1983 -

                   Support and Testimony]

          [12/20/ 1982 EPA Press Packet]

          [Superfund – Proposed Priorities List] (1)-(3)


          OA 9020

          Reagan Economic Program II, General Materials (1)-(5)

          Reagan Speech - 09/24/1981, Economic Program II, Fall 1981 (1)(2)

          Business and the Reagan Plan

          Economic Program: Loan Guarantees

          Economic Program: Regulation

          Economic Rec. Pro. - Industry Response

          Stock Market/Wall Street

          Reagan Interview - Registered Rep.

          Credit Budget for the U.S.

          Budget Procedures/Review

          Budget and Impoundment

          Budget: Balance Budget Amendment

          Reagan: Program for Economic Recovery (1)-(4)


          Continuing Resolution

          Industry Subsidies/Bailouts

          Economic Recovery Program I (February 1981) (1)-(5)

          Economic Recovery Program (1)-(4)

          Reagan Economic Program - Fall 1981 Executive Briefing Book

          Reagan Interview: Housing, Fall 1981 "Professional Builder" (Cahners)

          Housing: General Market & Construction


          OA 9021

          [1981 Tax Cut] (1)-(4)

          1981 Tax Plans: Comparisons (1)(2)

          Reagan Tax Cut Victory

          Reagan Tax Cut Speech July 1981

          Reagan Bipartisan Tax Cut - Fact Sheets/General Info. (1)-(5)

          Reagan Bipartisan Tax Cut - Comparison

          Reagan Bipartisan Tax Cut - Small Business

          Reagan Bipartisan Tax Cut - Speeches

          Taxes (1)-(6)

          Taxes - Individual

          Taxes – Business (empty)

          Tax Foundation (1)-(4)

          Reagan Tax Cut Program (1)-(7)

          Tax Briefing (II)

          Tax Enhancement - 1982 Proposals

          Budget: FY 1981

          Gram-Latta: I / II

          Reagan Bipartisan Budget: Fact Sheets/General Information

          1981 Budget: Clippings

          Reagan Budget: Reconciliation (FY 1982)

          Reconciliation Bill: Republican 1981

          Omnibus Reconciliation Act (1981)

          Reagan Bipartisan Budget: Administration Statements, Congressional Statements

          Reagan Bipartisan Budget: Comparisons

          Fiscal '83 Budget - Dept. Briefings


          OA 10431

          Standard & Poor's Register 1980 October

          Public Papers of the Presidents, Jimmy Carter 1978 (Volume I) (Duplicate Copy – Disposed)

          Public Papers of the Presidents, Jimmy Carter 1978 (Volume II) (Transferred to Book Collection)

          The State of Small Business: A Report to the President

          Fiscal Accountability of the Nation's Energy Resources

          Visit of Ronald Reagan President of the United States to the Economic Summit,

                   Ottawa, Canada July 1981


          OA 10432

          Social Security (1981)

          Soviet Union (1)(2)


          State of the Union

          Strategic Minerals

          Strategic Petroleum Reserve

          Student Aid (1)(2)


          Tax Bill (1982)

          Tax Exemptions Segregated Schools

          Technological Transfer

          Truckers Strike

          Truly Needy

          Tuition Tax Credits (April 1982)


          OA 10433

          Presidential Documents 4th Quarter to December 1983

          Presidential Documents 4th Quarter January 1981-April 1981

          Presidential Documents 4th Quarter 1981 Asst.


          OA 10434

          Progress Reports on Reagan's 1st Year

          America’s New Beginning: A Program for Economic Recovery (transferred to Book


          Understanding Budget and Appropriations


          OA  (Publications)

          President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control: Task Force Report on the Department of Energy, the Federal Energy

                   Regulatory Commission and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Transferred to Book Collection)

          President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control: Task Force Report on the Department of Health and Human Services,

 Department Management, Office of Human Development services, ACTION (Transferred to Book Collection)

          President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control: Task Force Report on Personnel Management (Transferred to Book


          President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control: Task Force Report on the Department of Commerce (Transferred to

                   Book Collection)

          President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control: Task Force Report on the Environmental Protection Agency, the Small

 Business Administration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Transferred to Book Collection)

          President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control: Task Force Report on the Department of Agriculture (Transferred to

                   Book Collection)

          Health United States and Prevention Profile 1983

          Child Support and Alimony: 1978

          Annual Evaluation Report, Volume II Fiscal Year 1980

          (EPA) "Can We Delay A Greenhouse Warning?"

          Report of the White House Science Council

          Natural Gas Proposals

          Review: 1982 Session of the Congress

          Washington Quarterly Spring 1983

          1982 A Year of Progress: Preparing for the 21st Century

          The President's National Urban Policy Report, 1982

          Council on Environmental Quality, Environmental Quality 1982 (Annual Report) (book)

          American-Arab Affairs Fall 1983, Number 6

          President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control Press Kit (1)-(3)

          Public Policy Week

          1980 Census of Population and Housing

          Employment and Earnings Vol. 27, No. 11, November 1980


          OA 10436


President Reagan’s Program for Economic Recovery, April 1981

          Reagan Tax Program (1)-(4)

          White House Cable Connection

          Talking Points on Issues of Interest to Women

          1981 Republican Almanac

          Review of the First Year 1981

          President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control Press Kit 11/08/1983 (1)(2)

          Briefing Books


          OA 10437

          Tax Bill Signing News Conference

          October 1 – Press Conference

          News Conference, March 31

          Press Conference 11/10

          Washington Star Briefing Book August 3

          Washington Star Briefing Book

          President’s Briefing Book: 10/01/1981 Press Conference

          President’s Briefing Book: 08/12/1981 Tax and Budget Bill Signing – California

          President’s Briefing Book: 08/03/1981

          President’s Briefing Book: 11/10/1981 Press Conference

          Weekly Briefing Book – Mike Baroody

          [President’s Domestic Issue Briefing Book for Press Conference – September 1981]

          [President’s Domestic Issue Briefing Book for Press Conference – June 1981]

          [President’s Domestic Issue Briefing Book for Press Conference – June 1981]

          [Briefing Book – Domestic and Foreign Policy Issues]


          OA 10438

          Presidential Documents 2nd Quarter 1982

          Presidential Documents 1981 Index

          Presidential Documents 2nd Quarter April 1983-June 1983

          Presidential Documents 3rd Quarter July 1983-September 1983


          OA 10439

          02/17/1982 Presidential Budget Briefing

          PCIE [President’s Commission on Integrity and Efficiency] Presentation to the

                   President Press Conference [1982]

          [General Briefing Book for USDA – 07/01/1982]

          [Budget Briefing Book – 1981]


          OA 10440

          Politics 1984 Presidential Elections

          Prayer / Public Schools (1)(2)

          Private Sector Initiatives (PSI)

          Champ:  PSI (Monsanto)

          Quality of Life

          Railroads:  General



          Regulatory Reform (1)-(5)

          Safety Belts

          Savings and Loans (See Also Banking)

          School Lunches

          School Prayer [Alabama Case]

          Science Technology

          Senior Citizens

          Small Business

          Steel Industry


          OA 10441


          ACORN [Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now]


          Air Traffic Controllers


          Arms Control

          Arms Sales

          AWACS (1)-(4)

          Baby Doe Regs

          Balanced Budget Amendment


          Black Lung


          Block Grants

          Bloomington Baby


          Budget Cuts Round II

          1983 Budget


          Cancun (1)(2)

          Cargo Preference

          Caribbean Basin Initiative February 1982 (1)-(5)

          CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act)

          U.S. Chamber of Commerce

          Chemical Weapons

          Fred Cherry

          Civil Defense

          Civil Rights Commission

          (Destro Nomination) Background


          OA 10442

          Reagan Pedia

          Human Resources Cont’d

          Government and Politics

          Natural Resources Environment

          Economic Affairs Cont’d

          Human Resources

          Trade and Commerce

          Economic Affairs


          Reagan:  Records as Governor 1967-1974


          OA 10443

          [Various Government and Non-Government Publications]


          OA 10444


          Ellis Island

          Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board

          Energy Department (General)

          European Trip (RR)

          Executive Office Building

          Export Trading Company Legislation

          Fairness (See also Truly Needy and Food Stamps)

          Federalism (See also State of the Union)

          Federal Bureaucracy

          Federal Loan Guarantees

          Food Stamps


          OA 10445

          1981 U.S. Industrial Outlook

          1979 Statistical Yearbook

          Targeting Community Development

          Crime in U.S. – 1980

          The State of the Region 1981

          The Automobile Calendar, January 1981

          Actions to Help the U.S. Auto Industry 04/06/1981

          Employment and Earnings, V. 29, no. 2 February 1982

          Employment and Earnings, v. 30, no.3 March 1983

          Council on Environmental Quality, Environmental Quality 1980 (Annual Report) (book)

          Semiannual Report of the Inspector General

          The President’s Campaign Against Waste and Fraud July 1981 (2 copies)

          Materials on President Reagan’s Program of Regulatory Relief

          Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Report 1982

          Women in America’s Defense

          The President’s Commission on Housing

          Consumption Tax: An Idea Whose Time is Coming

          Wisconsin Citizens’ Primer on Peacekeeping 1983

          The President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control Press Kit (1)(2)

          Reauthorization of the Clean Water Act

          Policy Review

          Caspar W. Weinberger - Annual Report to Congress on FY 1984, 02/01/1983

          UN Studies, The U.S.-Third World Conflict

          The Dream of Christian Socialism

          Review: 1981 Session of the Congress

          Confessions of a One-Armed Economist

          Proposals for a Biennial Budget

          View from the Capitol Dome

          "Questions and Answers - Withholding on Interest and Dividends"


          OA 10446

          Foreign Aid

          Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

          Foreign Service

          Foreign Trade

          Freedom of Information

          Gasoline Tax


          Grain Agreement (U.S. and Soviet)

          Grenada (1)(2)

          Gun Control (1982)

          Health Care

          Margaret Heckler



          Housing Commission 1982 (Reagan)

          Human Rights



          Infant Formula

          Interior Accomplishments





          OA 10447



          Urban Policy (1982 RR)

          User Fees

          Values: American


          Vocational Education

          Waste/Fraud/Abuse: HUD

          Wolftrap Farm: Virginia

          Waste Fraud

          Water Rights


          White House

          WIC [Women, Infants, and Children Food Program]


          Weather Satellites

          Withholding/Interest and Dividends



          OA 10448

          Media Appearances (RR and Previous Presidents)



          Minority Business

          Misstatements (News Conference)

          Multilateral Development Banks

          Walter Mondale

          Moyer's CBC Special

          National Alliance of Businessmen

          National Security: General Guidelines

          Natural Gas Decontrol/Deregulation

          Naval Petroleum Reserve

          New Right


          Nuclear Freeze/Reduction


          O'Connor, Sandra


          Oil Prices/OPEC

          Orphan Drug Act

          OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

          Ottawa Summit

          Overseas Private Inv. Corporation (OPIC)

          Platform Poland

          Politics (Election 1982)


          OA 10449

          Civil Rights

          Clean Water


          Coal Leasing


          Congress General



          Cotton Dust


          Daily Price Supports


          Dear Mr. President

          Democrats 1982

          Draft Registration

          Drunk Driving


          OA 10450

          Presidential Documents: 2nd Quarter April1981-June 1981

          Presidential Documents 1st Quarter January 1981-March 1981

          Presidential Documents 3rd Quarter July 1981-September 1981

          Presidential Documents 4th Quarter October 1981-December 1981

          Presidential Documents 1st Quarter January 1982-March 1982


          OA 10451

          [President Reagan's Program for Economic Recovery - Executive Briefing Book -

                   April 1981]  

          [President Reagan's Program for Economic Recovery - Executive Briefing Book -

                   April 1981 (copy)]

          [President Reagan's Bipartisan Plans for Tax and Spending Restraint -

                   Information Booklet - June 1981]

          Budget Revisions

          Miscellaneous Reference Materials

          Journal: The American Institute for Socio/Economic Studies

          Fall 1981 Foreign Affairs


          OA 10452

          Presidential Documents 3rd Quarter July 1982-September 1982

          Presidential Documents 4th Quarter October 1982-December 1982

          Presidential Documents 1982-1983 Index

          Presidential Documents 1st Quarter January 1983-March 1983


          OA 10453

          Debt Collection Project

          A Preface to Trade - 1980

          Budget of the United States Government - Fiscal Year 1984

          Special Analysis Budget of the U.S. Government - FY 1981

          The United States Budget in Brief Fiscal Year 1981

          Special Analysis Budget of the U.S. Government - FY 1982

          Budget of the United States Government - Fiscal Year 1982

          The United States Budget in Brief - Fiscal Year 1982

          The Federal Budget for 1982

          The United States Budget in Brief - Fiscal Year 1983

          Budget of the U.S. Government - FY 1983

          Budget of the U.S. Government - FY 1983 Appendix


          OA 10454

          Reports on Reagan's First Year

          Chrysler Corporation Loan Reports


          OA 10455

          [Various Government Publications re: Aging, Budget]


          OA 10456

          RR Speeches/Major Statements

          Cabinet Speeches/Major Statements

          Talking Points



          OA 10457


          Republican National Committee (RNC) Publications

          Foreign Policy (1983)

          Foreign Policy RR Major Speeches

          Foreign Policy


          RR:  News Conferences/Questions and Answers/Television



          OA 10458

          [Uninventoried - Various Budget Reports 1981-1983]


          OA 10459

          Washington Information Directory 1979-1980

          Punitive Medicine

          Medical Miracles

          The Tongue-Tied American

          President's Task Force on Victims of Crime December 1982

          U.S.-Japan Mutual Security

          Agricultural Statistics 1980

          Policy Review - 24

          Public Papers of the Presidents Jimmy Carter 1978 (II)

          The Wilson Quarterly Special Issue 1982

          Semiannual Report of the Inspector General

          The Journal/The Institute for Socioeconomic Studies 1976-1982 Index

          Nuclear Safety: Risks and Regulation

          The Federal Loyalty-Security Program



          Reagan Campaign Speeches Vol I / 11/06/1979-06/08/1980

          Reagan Campaign Speeches Vol II / 06/17/1980-09/13/1980

          Reagan Campaign Policy Papers: I. Reagan Speaks on the Issues

          Reagan Campaign Policy Papers: II. Reagan/Bush Policy Papers

          Reagan Campaign Speeches Vol III / 09/13/1980-10/24/1980

          Reagan Campaign Praises (Original) Hopkins 1980


          OA 10461

          Dallas Magazine Questionnaire Released 07/12/1984

          Biblical Scorecard Questionnaire Released 07/13/1984

          Community and Junior College Journal Questionnaire Released 07/18/1984

          Runner's World Question Questionnaire Released 07/18/1984

          Phi Delta Kappa Article Released 07/30/1984

          Disabled American Veterans Questionnaire Released 07/31/1984

          Roads Magazine Questionnaire Released 08/01/1984

          Aerospace America "Americas' Future in Space:  We All Have a Stake" Released


          Citizens for the Republic Newsletter "Together We Have Made a New Beginning"

                   Released 08/06/1984

          American Society of Newspaper Editors "The 1984 General Election" Released


          U.S. Jaycees Questionnaire Released 08/06/1984

          The Alaska Voter's Pamphlet Statement Released 08/07/1984


          OA 10462

          Army Times [Questionnaire Released 10/17/1984]

          Lumberline [Questionnaire Released 10/18/1984]

          Hartford Courant / Arms Control [Released 10/18/1984]

          Nat'l Retail Merchants [Questionnaire Released 10/19/1984]

          Pension Forum [Questionnaire Released 10/19/1984]

          Sunday Visitor [Questionnaire Released 10/19/1984]

          Greenwich Village [Coalition Against Nuclear Arms Statement Released 10/22/1984]

          Knights of Columbus

          Jewish Exponent [Statement Released 10/26/1984]

          National Catholic News [Questionnaire Released 10/26/1984] (1)-(3)

          Bureau of Nat'l Affairs [Questionnaire Released 10/26/1984]

          National Forests [Products Assoc. Statement Released 10/30/1984]

          Detroit Free Press [Questionnaire Released 10/31/1984]

          Knight-Ridder Newsp. [Questionnaire Released 11/01/1984]

          Gannet [Statement Released 11/01/1984]

          LTV / Education Article

          LTV / Environment

          LTV / Employment (S. Version)

          LTV / Employment Article

          LTV / Industrial Policy

          LTV / Wall St. Journal - Defense

          LTV / Defense Article

          LTV / Economy & Deficits

          LTV / Ad on Trade

          LTV / Wall St. Journal

          LTV / Deficit Article


          OA 10463

          Political Profiles Questionnaire Released 08/15/1984

          The State of Oregon Questionnaire Released 08/15/1984

          Physics Today Questionnaire Released 08/20/1984

          The Mother Earth News Statement Released 08/27/1984

          Oklahoma Business Magazine Questionnaire Released 08/27/1984

          National Recreation and Park Association Questionnaire Released 08/27/1984

          The Society of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters:  The Kemper Group

                   Questionnaire Released 08/27/1984

          Machine Design Magazine "The Candidates and Technology" Released 08/27/1984

          Manufactured Housing Digest Questionnaire Released 08/27/1984

          Nation's Business Questionnaire Released 08/31/1984

          Florida Catholic Conference Questionnaire Released 09/04/1984 (1)(2)

          American Bar Association Journal Questionnaire Released 09/05/1984

          Video Review Magazine Released 09/07/1984

          Kansas League of Women Voters Questionnaire Released 09/10/1984

          American School Food Service Asst. Questionnaire Released 09/10/1984

          Michigan Living Questionnaire Released 09/10/1984

          Los Angeles Herald Examiner Feature on "Active Seniors" Released 09/12/1984

          Parents Without Partners Questionnaire Released 09/13/1984

          National Sheriff's Association Questionnaire Released 09/13/1984

          Exceptional Parent Article

          National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association Letter Released 09/14/1984

          California Health Review Questionnaire Released 09/14/1984

          Farm Journal Questionnaire Released 09/14/1984


          OA 10464

          Ebony Magazine Questionnaire Released February 1984

          Florida Questionnaire (Catholic Conference) Released February 1984

          Iowa Catholic Conference Questionnaire Released 02/17/1984

          Working Woman Questionnaire Released 03/05/1984

          Perspective Magazine Close Up Foundation's Questionnaire Released 03/14/1984

          Omni Magazine Presidential Candidate's Poll Released 03/15/1984

          Radiology Magazine Released 03/15/1984

          Radiology Magazine "America's Health Care: The Future is Now" Released 03/29/1984

          Physicians Financial News Questionnaire Released April 1984

          Roosevelt Center For American Policy Studies Questionnaire Released April 1984

          Marriage and Family Living Questionnaire Released 04/29/1984

          Business and Health Article Released 04/24/1984

          Car and Driver Questionnaire Released 04/24/1984

          Music Educators National Conference Article Released May 1984

          American Hospital Questionnaire Released May 1984

          Education Week Interview Released 05/07/1984

          National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors Questionnaire

                   Released 06/18/1984

          Motorcycle Industry Shopper Questionnaire Released 06/19/1984

          Omni Magazine Interview Released 06/25/1984

          Modern Maturity Questionnaire Released 07/02/1984

          Blue Print for Educational Reform Questionnaire Released 07/03/1984

          Tacoma, Washington's Mayor's Veteran Task Force Questionnaire Released 07/03/1984

          Museum News Statement Released 07/03/1984

          Mail Handlers Division, AFL-CIO Questionnaire Released 07/03/1984

          Multi-Level Marketing News Article Released 07/05/1984

          Association Management Questionnaire Released 07/09/1984


          OA 10465

          [Weekly Agency Reports October 1982-January 1983]


          OA 10466

          Congressional Reports


          Presidential Briefing Book 10/26/1981 Not Used

          Presidential Briefing Book Press Conference 09/29/1981

          Presidential Briefing Book 08/12/1981

          02/18/1982 Press Conference

          Briefing Book PEP

          Media Briefing 04/21/1981

          Economic Tax Briefing 07/22/1981 (1)-(6)

          Media Briefing Labels and Letter

          Media Briefing - Responses

          Media Briefing 07/22/1981

          Media Briefing

          [Unfoldered Material - Department, Agency and Speakers Bureau Weekly Reports,



          OA 10467

          Scholastic Update Questionnaire Released 09/14/1984

          Associated Builders Questionnaire Released 09/14/1984

          Consulting Engineer Questionnaire Released 09/18/1984

          Physics Today Questionnaire Released 09/18/1984

          Automotive Age Questionnaire Released 09/18/1984

          Washington State Voters' Pamphlet Statement Released 09/18/1984

          National Enquirer Article Released 09/19/1984

          Wood and Wood Products Questionnaire Released 09/19/1984

          Medical Tribune Questionnaire Released 09/20/1984

          Flying Magazine Statement "General Aviation" Released 09/21/1984

          National Conference of State Legislatures Questionnaire Released 09/24/1984

          Perspectives Magazine Questionnaire Released 09/24/1984

          State of Rhode Island Governors Committee on Employment of the Handicapped

                   Statement Released 09/25/1984

          Western Gerontological Society Questionnaire Released 09/25/1984

          Landmarc Questionnaire "Coal: America's Energy 'Ace in the Hole'" Released


          American Banker Magazine Statement Released 09/25/1984

          Financial Software Article "Computers: An American Success Story" Released


          Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Questionnaire Released 09/26/1984

          National Small Business Association Questionnaire Released 09/27/1984

          Today's Catholic Teacher Statement Released 10/02/1984

          American Student Dental Association Statement Released 10/02/1984

          Illinois Farm Bureau "Voter's Handbook" Questionnaire Farm Week Newspaper

                   Released 10/03/1984

          Hallmark Statement Released 10/03/1984

          National Right to Life News Statement Released 10/03/1984

          Southwest District Arkansas Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs

                   Comments National Legislative Platform Released 10/04/1984

          Federal Bar and News Journal Statement Released 10/05/1984

          American Legion Statement Released 10/05/1984

          Professional Insurance Agents PAC Questionnaire Released 10/10/1984

          Independent Living Center Statement Released 10/10/1984

          Firehouse Magazine Questionnaire Released 10/12/1984

          Journal of Medical Technology Article Released 10/12/1984

          Michigan Farmer Questionnaire Released 10/12/1984

          American Institute of Architects Questionnaire Released 10/12/1984

          American Farm Bureau Federation Questionnaire Released 10/16/1984


          OA 10468 [Uninventoried]

          Back-up Materials for the 1984 Reagan/Mondale Domestic Debate (Site: Louisville, Ky)


          OA 10469

          Daily Briefings (Gergen, Speakes, Brady) March 1981-October 1981

          Daily Briefings (Gergen, Speakes) November 1981-December 1981

          Daily Briefings (Gergen, Speakes) January 1982-February 1982

          Daily Briefings (Gergen, Speakes) March 1982-April 1982

          Daily Briefings (Gergen, Speakes) May 1982-June 1982


          OA 10470

          Speakes Daily Briefings (Also Senior Administrators Briefings) July 1982-August 1982

          Speakes Daily Briefings September 1982-October 1982

          Speakes Daily Briefings Novenber 1982-December 1982

          Speakes Daily Briefings January 1983-February 1983


          OA 11588

          Radio Interview, 08/24/1985

          Press Conference, 03/21/1985

          Press Conference, February

          Press Conference, 01/09/1985

          04/24/85 Interview w/ Pat Robertson

          Regional Editors, 07/09/1985

          Regional Editors, 03/11/1985

          Regional Editors Luncheon, 03/18/1985

          Readers' Digest, 03/05/1985

          Wall Street Journal, 02/07/1985

          New York Times, 02/11/1985

          National Wildlife Magazine, 02/28/1985

          MX Missile, March 1985

          Farm Bill Fact Sheet, 03/06/1985

          Talking Points Budget Provisions, March 1985

          Budget Points, 02/04/1985


          OA 11589

          [Russ Mack Memos, Notes]

          [Unfoldered Matrerial - Martin Feldstein Information, Biography]

          Howard Cosell

          Statistical Bulletin, the Conference Board

          Gannett / Domestic Policy, 11/01/1984

          Kathy Wriston

          William Poole

          High School Sports in Education

          Kids Life and Times 1984

          1984 State of the Union

          State of the Union 02/06/1985

          Tax Reform, Background Talking Points

          Entrepreneurship Article, New York University, August 1985


          OA 11590

          The President, Myths and Facts

          Comparison of Voting by Congressional District

          DOD Briefing Book, August 1981

          The President's Major Human Resource Programs

          Briefing/Working Draft, 12 Myths Regarding Reagan Administration

          Briefing Book Regarding Domestic Issues, August 1981

          Economic Recovery

          Religion in America, 1982 (The Gallup Report, June/July 1982)

          Issue Book, Economy, Foreign / Domestic Issues


          OA 11591

          The First 100 Days - Presidents Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon and Carter] (Binder) (1)-(3)

          President Reagan's Fall Proposals, October 1981

          Binder Regarding Defense, Economy, Foreign Policy, Domestic Policy, and Other Issues

          [Guidance re: Defense, Arms Control, Chemical Weapons, Comprehensive

                   Program for National Defense, the Draft, FY 1983 Defense Budget, MX

                   Missile, Soviet Threat]

          1981 Department of Health and Human Services Accomplishments

          Weekly Presidential Update 12/14/1981

          Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge

          Briefing Papers for 01/18/1982

          The American Assembly, the Future of American Political Parties

          Press Briefing Book

          President's Private Sector Survey Task Force Operations Guide, May 1982

          Fairness Issue, A Briefing Book on Individual Programs and General Perspectives,



          OA 12807

          [Unfoldered Material - Uninventoried]

          Administrative Programs and Activities

          President Reagan's Fall Proposals/Additional Budget Savings/Modernization of U.S.

                   Strategic Forces, October 1981 (Prepared by the White House Public Affairs


          Social Security Material / Republican National Committee, August 1981

          Social Security: Speeches, Media Markets,  Editorials, Commissioner Letters to the

                   Editor, Cartoons

          Presidential Commitments / An Index to Statements of President Ronald Wilson Reagan

                   (thru May 1982)

          President's Program for Economic Recovery

          Poverty and Related Issues

          Safeguarding National Security Information/Calendar of Events System (1)(2)


          OA 12808

          *(This box contains document lists for folders marked "Guidance Systems."  Individual

          documents are indicated by the indentation.) 

          News Briefs (OPI / OPD)

          Issue Alerts (OPI / OPD)

          Fact Sheets (Various Subjects)

          Presidential Statements (OPI/OPD)

          EOP Login Procedures for the Text Word Processing System

          The Control Manager

          Sub-Directory User Guide

          Census Report on Income & Poverty

          Form Letters for Different Occasions and Subjects (Presidential and Staff)

          "The Reagan Record:  Two Years of Progress"

          "A New Beginning:" [A Chronology of the First Year  - - Campaign Subjects and

                   Accomplishments for the First Year of the Presidency]

          EOP Computer Center Handbook

          Guidance System: A-C* (see note above)

                   African Development Bank

                   Arms Control / Remarks by the President to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council

                   Background Paper on President's Address to a Joint Session of the Congress

                   Budget  -  Fairness

                   Budget  -  Quotes  -  Budget  -  Fairness

                   Central American Democracy, Peace and Development Initiative

                   Civil Rights Commission Reauthorization Act of 1983

                   Commission on Security and Economic Assistance

                   Crime - Domestic Violence

          Guidance System: D- G * (see note above)

                   Day After (ABC Movie)  -  Arms Control

                   Discrimination / Women

                   Drug Abuse Prevention

                   Federal Employee Pay Increase

                   Grenada - Polls (I)

                   Grenada - Polls (II)

          Guidance System - Topic Names H* (See Note Above)

                   Health Care

                   Health Care - Quotes

                   Health - Safety Net

                   Health Care - Older Americans

                   Health Care - Women

                   Housing Sales

                   Housing Starts

                   Housing - Poor

          Guidance System - Topic Names I (1)* (See Note Above)

                   Indian Policy Statement

                   Industrial Production

                   (Intermediate Range Nuclear Force) - Arms Control

                   Infant Mortality

                   Inflation (13 documents)

          Guidance System - Topic Names I (2)* (See Note Above)

                   Inflation (13 documents)

                   Interest Rates

          Guidance System Topic Names J-L* (See Note Above)


                   Job Safety

                   Job Training Partnership

                   Leading Indicators


                   Legal Equity

          Guidance System Topic Names M-O* (See Note Above)

                   Minority Business Development

                   Misery Index


                   National Parks

                   Nuclear Freeze

                   Nuclear Waste Policy of 1982

                   Oil Decontrol

                   Older Americans

                   Organ Transplants

          Guidance System - Topic Names P-Q (1)(2) (Relevant = Private Sector Survey on Cost Control)

                   Pension Reform

                   Personal Income

                   Pipeline Sanctions and Allies

                   Polls - Approval (Confidence in the President)


                   Presidential Speech, 09/26/1983

                   Private Sector Survey on Cost Control


                   Promise and Performance

          Guidance System - Topic Names R * (See Note Above)

                   Reform 1988

                   Regulatory Reform

                   Retail Sales

          Guidance System - Topic Names S (1)* (See Note Above)

                   Safety Net

                   School Discipline

                   School Lunch

                   School Prayer

          Guidance System - Topic Names S (2)* (See Note Above)

                   Selective Service

                   Small Business

                   Social Security

                   Southwest Border Region

                   Southwest Border States (Working Group)

                   Soviet - U.S. Relations

                   START Talks

                   Surface Transport Assistance

          Guidance System - Topic Names T * (See Note Above)



                   Themes - 1984

                    Title IX

                   Toxic Waste

                   Trade   -   International

                   Trade Reorganization

                   Tuition Tax Credits

          Guidance System - Topic Names U * (See Note Above)


                   Unemployment - Youth

                   U.S. / China Science and Technology Cooperative Agreement

                   U.S. Oceans Policy

          Guidance System - Topic Names V-Z* (See Note Above)

                   Veterans - Emergency Veteran's Job Training Act of 1983, (Enrolled Bill H.R.


                   Waste and Fraud

                    Women - Appointments

                   Women - Entrepreneurs

                   Women - General

                   Women - Social Security

                   Women - Taxes


          OA 12992

          [Unfoldered Material - Background Material for Report: "The Reagan Agenda and

                   Control of the Senate]


          OA 14710

          USDA  Online Guidance Information

          Selected National Security Issues, December 1985

          Peace Depends on the President's Defense Proposals

          Update on Drug Abuse Prevention Campaign

          Baroody's Press Log

          Public Affairs Review 1983

          At the Eye of the Storm:  James Watt and the Environmentalists

          Chesapeake Bay Booklets

          Interpac Systems Notebook

          State of the Union 1983 - Text and Fact Sheet

          President Reagan’s Bipartisan Plan for Tax and Spending Restraint, June 1981

          State Files

          Ronald Reagan Record 1-4 Years


          OA 14711

          Commercial Space Group Issues Papers 1983

          Compuserve - How Congress Voted Notebook

          Up from Dependency

          Guidance System Materials

          Economic Report of the President 1983-1987

          Budget Report of the President 1988


          OA 14712

          White House Guidance 1983

          Surrogates - Line of the Day (1)-(4)

          [Weekly Activity – April 1983-October 1983]

          [Weekly Activity – April 1983-October 1983]: Public Affairs Plan (Weekly)

          [Media Appearances by Administrative Spokesmen, Surrogates, Cabinet and

                   Sub-Cabinet Officials and White House Officials - 1983]

          Dave's Project (1)-(4)

          [White House Talking Points 1983-1984]

          Original Speaker Kits - By Date as Sent Out

          Speaker Kit Material (Originals) by Number - as Sent Out


          OA 14713

          Issue Updates (OPI / OPD)

          White House - Talking Points 1984 (notebook)

          The Network - Voices for Vietnam (notebook)

          Daily Press Guidance (Baroody) (notebook)

          White House Communications - Update - Daily Digest – August 1986-December 1986


          White House Communications - Update - Daily Digest – April 1986- July 1986


          Fairness Book (notebook)

          Press - President's Trip to Indonesia / Asian Conference and the Tokyo Economic

                   Summit, 04/26/1986-05/07/1986 (notebook)


          OA 14828

          Police Memorial Week, 03/15/1987

          Miss Indian USA Photo Op - 1986

          Flag Day [June 1986]

          George Brooks "Mr. President" [06/28/1986]

          National Day of Excellence [September 1986]

          Buck May [January 1986-June 1986]

          Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary [1985-1986]

          MSHA Awards [August 1986]

          Norman Rockwell Museum [June 1986]

          Wisconsin Drug Legislation [June 1986-August 1986]

          Agency Reports – September 1986

          Agency Reports – October 1986

          Agency Reports – November 1986

          Agency Reports – December 1986

          Agency Reports – January 1987

          February 1987 Agency Reports

          Agency Reports – March 1987

          Agency Reports – April 1987

          Agency Reports – May 1987


          OA 14894

          EBOR (Economic Bill of Rights): Comments

          [EBOR (Economic Bill of Rights): Comments] (1)0(3)

          EBOR (Economic Bill of Rights): Drafts (1)-(3)

          [EBOR (Economic Bill of Rights): Drafts] (1)-(5)

          EBOR (Economic Bill of Rights): Fact Sheets and White Papers (1)-(4)

          EBOR (Economic Bill of Rights): Final Drafts

          EBOR (Economic Bill of Rights): Planning (1)-(4)

          EBOR (Economic Bill of Rights): Research / Background (1)-(4)

          [EBOR (Economic Bill of Rights): Research / Background] (1)-(5)


          OA 15155

          [Telephone Log - March-April 1986]

          [Telephone Log - April-May 1986] (1)(2)

          [Telephone Log - May-June 1986]


OA 15308

          [“Judge Bork: Separation of Powers and Special Prosecutor Bills,” by Gary

`                 Lawson]

[“Judge Robert Bork’s Decisions in Which He Wrote No Opinion: An Analysis of

          the Regulatory and Benefit Cases,” by Robert A. Anthony]

[“The Judicial Performance of Robert Bork in Administrative and Regulatory

          Law,” by Richard B. Stewart]

          The Essays and Their Authors [Essays re Judge Bork] (Binder) (1)-(3)

          Bork Clips before Hearings (1)-(8)

          Bork Clips before Labor Day (1)-(12)

          Bork – Congressional Record (1)-(13)

          Ginsburg Clips (1)-(11)


          OA 15309

          11/17/1987 Output List of Daily Newspapers (1)(2)

          Drug Abuse File

          Judicial Appointments

          Defense Budget (1)(2)

          Contra Aid


          Acid Rain


          Economic News

          [Press Releases] To Be Entered 06/10/1986-01/25/1987

          [Press Releases] To Be Entered 01/26/1987-01/27/1987

          [Press Releases] To Be Entered 01/28/1987-02/19/1987

          [Press Releases] To Be Entered 02/20/1987-03/09/1987

          [Press Releases] To Be Entered 03/10/1987-03/26/1987

          [Press Releases] To Be Entered 03/27/1987-05/19/1987

          [Press Releases] To Be Entered 05/20/1987-06/08/1987


          U.S. Soviet Relations

          Talking Points (Old) [Empty]

          Reagan Record [Empty]

Trade (1)(2)


          Tax Reform

          Monthly Highlights

          Press Statements

          TG Memo Griscom on Supportive Economic Writers

          SDI File

          Bill Mauldin Subject File

          Bork Clips Before Hearings (1)-(27)

          Bork Clips After Hearings (1)-(12)


          OA 15355

          Amended Federal Aviation Act of 1958

          January 1986 Chron

          February 1986 Chron

          March 1986 Chron

          April 1986 Chron

          May 1986 Chron

          June1986 Chron

          July 1986 Chron

          August 1986 Chron

          September 1986 Chron

          October 1986 Chron

          November 1986 Chron

          December 1986 Chron


          OA 15356

          Good Housekeeping Project File 12/05/1986

          Good Housekeeping Project File 12/05/1986: GH Background Info

          American School Board Project File 11/26/1986

          Communication Chrons, May - August 1985

          Communication Chrons, Sep - December 1985

          Talking Points Tracking System

          Iran Talking Points Project File, 12/05/1986 (1)-(7)

          Domestic Briefing Materials for 08/12/1986 Project File

          Ginsburg Chron 10/29/1987-11/04/1987        Nicaragua

          [Unfoldered Material - P.A. Planning File 1986]

          [Unfoldered Material - P.A. Meeting File 1985-August 1987]


          OA 15357

          Persian Gulf Material 1987

          Press Conference Materials for USA Today, 07/01/1986

          Draft Reagan Record, Project File, 06/25/1986

          South Africa, Pat Buchanan's Article, Project File, 09/26/1986

          Newsweek Briefing, Project File, 08/09/1986

          Regional Press Briefing, Project File, 08/09/1986

          Press Conference, Project File, 07/29/1986

          November Highlights, 12/01/1986

          Defense Speech and Fact Sheet, 02/26/1986

          Defense Advocacy Material - Surrogated or Media, 02/26/1986

          Conservative Digest, Project File, 03/23/1986

          Press Conference, Project File, 10/07/1986

          American Heritage, Project File, 11/03/1986


          OA 15470

          Anthony M. Kennedy - Speeches and Writings (1)-(6)

          Bork - Opinions, etc. (1)-(6)

          Ginsburg - Wire Stories

          Memos Internal – Bork (1)-(3)

          Bork - Media Plans (1)(2)

          Memos Internal - Bork (Authored by Rodota) (1)-(3)

          Bork Correspondence - Miscellaneous

          Bork Endorsement Information

          Bork Presidential OP-ED (Never Sent)

          Norman Lear - People for the American Way

          Surrogate OP-EDs on Bork (1)(2)

          Kennedy Internal Memos

          Bork Statements (1)-(3)


          Kennedy States Project - Never Completed

          Polls - Civil Rights Issues

          Bork - Materials Gathered by Allison Hartwell (1)-(3)

          Kennedy – Crime (1)-(4)

          Kennedy - Comparable Worth (1)(2)

          ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union]

          NORML [National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws]

          NEA [National Endowment for the Arts]

          Court Backlog

          Rejection of Abe Fortas (1)(2)

          Rejection of John Parker (1)(2)

          Ginsburg / Bork Materials (1)(2)

          11/02/1987 Schedule of the President (Regarding Ginsburg)


          OA 15471

          Kennedy Clips - Miscellaneous (1)-(41)

          Endorsements (1)-(7)

          "Researching Judge Kennedy" (1)(2)


          OA 15523

          Summary of Bork Initiatives (Binder) (1)(2)

          References to Bork Nomination - Presidential Scheduling (Binder) (1)(2)

          Economic Indicators - 1986

          Update - 1987

          Bork Chron 07/26/1987-08/02/1987 (Binder)

          Bork Chron 08/03/1987-08/11/1987 (Binder)

          Bork Chron 08/12/1987-08/17/1987 (Binder)

          Bork Chron 08/18/1987-08/25/1987 (Binder)

          Bork Chron 08/26/1987-09/07/1987 (Binder)

          Bork Chron 09/08/1987-09/10/1987 (Binder)

          Bork Chron 09/11/1987-09/16/1987 (Binder)

          Bork Chron 09/17/1987/09/20/1987 (Binder)

          Bork Chron 09/21/1987-10/09/1987 (Binder)

          Talking Points - 1985

          What's News - Wall Street Journal (December 1986-July 1987)


          OA 16024

          Court of Appeals

          White House Information on Judges (1)(2)

          [Judicial Background Information] (1)-(6)

          [Bork Confirmation] (1)-(5)

          [Bork Confirmation - Ford Library Material]

          [Kennedy Confirmation]

          Rehnquist Confirmation

          Judges - Manion Confirmation

          Judges - Confirmation Process

          Judges - Carter Appointments (1)-(6)

          Judges - Harry Claiborne

          Judges - Nomination Process (1)-(3)

          Black Soldiers


          OA 16025

          SOTU [State of the Union] - Drugs

          Waste, Fraud and Abuse

          Airline Deregulation

          Bus Deregulation

          Cable Deregulation (1)(2)

          Telephone Deregulation (1)-(4)

          Deregulation - Reagan

          Energy Regulation / Auto / Drugs

          Deregulation - General

          Bank Deregulation

          Alcohol Regulation

          Trucking Deregulation (1)(2)

          Railroad Deregulation (1)-(5)


          OA 16026

          Regan - TV Guide


          Scheduling File for Public Affairs (March 1986-June 1986)

          RNC: 1985 New Issues Booklet - RNC Issues Research Staff, November 1985  Joe


          RNC: Domestic / Economic Talking Points, 11/25/1985

          Joe [Millennium of Christianity in Russia] (Envelope)

          Millennium Project

          "The Military Budget on a New Plateau: Strategic Choices for the 1990's" - Stephen

                   Daggett etal, CNS

          [Unfoldered Material re: Ronald Reagan Request for Foreword in Martin Luther King

                   Book  -  Lincoln Exley, 04/18/1988

          [Unfoldered Material - President's Weekly Update 01/22/1988-04/22/1988]

          [W.H. Martin Request for Our Republican Journal, 04/20/1988]

          [Gidwitz (Helene Curtis) Letter, 04/21/1988]

[Mattson Letter, 06/16/1988]

          [Ambassador Schnabel Letter, 06/17/1988]

          [Froelicher Letter, 06/17/1988]

          [Whalen Letter, 06/09/1988; Abraham Request, 06/09/1988]

          [Kathy Larkin Dear (Jobs) Request for Ronald Reagan Article, 05/23/1988]

          Schmergel (Harvard International Review) Request, 05/23/1988; Lynch (Trans

America League) Request, 05/17/1988]

          [JR Reimbursement Request (NPR Cassette), 04/25/1988]

          [Quinn (Poughkeepsie Journal) Request, 05/09/1988]

[David (Wood Creek Corporation) Letter Regarding Ronald Reagan's Column,


          [Requests For Bork Materials]

          [Nordham (The Age of Washington), 04/22/1988]

          [Bork Editorial Analysis, 11/19/1987]

          ["I Have a Dream" Visit by Students, February 1988]

          ["The Supercollider: Opening New Frontiers into Inner Space" DOE (Video Cassette -

                   Moved to A/V for Storage)]

          [NPR's Morning Edition #880217] (Audiotape Cassette)


          OA 16278

          Public Affairs Positions (Resumes) G – Z

          Past Public Affairs Personnel Security Forms

          Intern Applications Summer 1986-1987

          Resumes – Interns and Paid Staff Positions


          OA 17290

          Resumes – Deputy Director

          [Unfoldered Material re: Job Candidates]

          Keeney Jones


          [Job Candidates]



          National Urban Coalition Letter 02/24/1987

          Manchester Union Leader 04/09/1987

          Chattanooga Press Briefing 05/19/1987

          Economic Bulletin Distribution


          OA 17291

          Success Magazine

          First Monday – Interview

          World Affairs Council 04/10/1987

          Press Conference

          OMB Briefing

          Nation’s Business

          Article for TV Guide June 1986

          Ladies Home Journal 07/20/1986

          Broadcasting Magazine 8-13

          Fortune Interview 08/08/1986

          USA Today Interview

          Donald Regan Speech on the Reagan Revolution & Conventional Wisdom


          OA 17292

          JB Micromanagement Files

          Bill Hall

          Legislative Message 01/25/1988

          Other Projects

          [Unfoldered Material re: Requests re: Newspaper Columns Written by or about the


          Michael Delon


          [Unfoldered Material – Talking Points re: GNP Growth; Ethics in Government;

                   November 1988 Highlights]

          Drug Charts

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Outlines

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Cap Punishment

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Defense Procurement

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Drugs

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Exclusionary Rule

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Funding

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Guns

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Household Crime – Elderly

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Judges

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Organized Crime

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Other

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Porn

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Public Corruption

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Sentence / Prisons

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: States

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Terrorism

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: Victims

          Reagan Record Crime & Justice: White Collar Crime

          Agriculture and Farm

          Aircraft Carriers

          Black / White Health



          Federal Spending

          Justice / Judiciary

          Minimum Wage


          Outline / Spending

          Reagan Record




          [Unfoldered Material – Articles on Health Care]


          OA 17293

          Reagan Record:  Drug Abuse Materials

          Aid to Poor: Reagan Record

          Reagan Record: Files for Economy


          OA 17394

          Economic Growth: Successive Drafts

          Revised Economic Growth

          Reagan Record: Drugs


          OA 17395

          Resumes A – F

          Annual Reports of National Science Board

          Reports National Science Board

          Annual Reports National Science Foundation

          Science and Technology (1)(2)


          OA 17396

          Women’s Issues (1 of 4)

          Women’s Issues (2 of 4)

          Women’s Issues (3 of 4)

          Women’s Issues (4 of 4)


          OA 17397

          Reagan and Civil Rights 01/04/1987

          Aid to Nicaraguan Resistance 01/13/1987

          Managing Government Talking Points 01/13/1988

          January Highlights 02/05/1988

          President’s Request for Aid to the Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters 01/28/1988

          Budget Themes Talking Points 02/05/1988

          Privatization I Briefing 02/16/1988

          FY 1989 Budget Fact Sheet

          FY 1989 Budget Planning


          NATO Summit 02/22/1988

          Agriculture – Catastrophic – Welfare 01/26/1987

          Budget Issue Brief 08/01/1987

          Trade Issue Brief 04/30/1987

          Soviet Military Power

          April Highlights

          March Highlights


          OA 17398

          1986 Highlights 10/22/1986

          Administration Accomplishments 10/1/1986

          RR Accomplishments 10/10/1986

          Black Americans 10/6/1986

          Fact Sheet on Veterans Affairs

          Fact Sheet on Water Resources

          Immigration Fact Sheet

          Election Talking Points 10/6/1986

          October Highlights

          Drug Abuse Fact Sheet


          OA 17399

          Talking Points on Regulation (1)(2)

          Poverty Talking Points

          Iceland Talking Points

          Trade Policy Talking Points

          Agriculture Policy Overview

          Budget Resolution, 09/25/1986

          Schools Without Drugs, 09/24/1986

          PJB’s Letter / TPs on Economy / Coelho, 09/23/1986

          September Highlights

          U.N. General Assembly, 09/22/1986

          T. P.s on Government Waste

          Quality of U.S. Servicemen, 08/20/1986

          Talking Points on Farm Policy, 08/13/1986

          Waste, Fraud, & Abuse, 06/24/1987

          Economic Bill of Rights

          Broadcasting Magazine, 06/24/1987

          June Highlights 1987


          OA 17400

          AIDS Fact Sheet

          May Highlights 06/09/1987

          Hoosier Event 04/13/1987

          Drug Abuse 06/19/1987

          Acid Rain 03/30/1987

          Highway Bill, H.R.2 03/27/1987 (1)-(3)

          Tower Report Follow-up

          February Highlights

          Welfare Legislation Fact Sheet 02/21/1987

          “Needy” Programs 02/03/1987

          Health Care 02/04/1987

          Defense Proposal 01/30/1987

          Education Proposals

          OMB Drug Abuse Proposal 01/26/1987

          Budget Talking Points – Steelman

          AIDS 01/30/1987 (1)(2)

          Budget Reform Proc. 01/30/1987

          Clean Water Act 01/29/1987

          SOU Exec Summary – Workers – Education Trade 01/26/1987

          G-R-H Targets 01/29/1987

          Economic Update 01/26/1987

          January Highlights 02/03/1987

          Catastrophic Legislation Fact Sheet 02/21/1987

          The President’s National Welfare Strategy “Up From Dependency”

          “Quest for Excellence  - Project File


          OA 17401

          1988 Budget 01/07/1987

          Nicaraguan Materials 05/04/1987

          Editorial Cartoonist Event 05/07/1987

          Reagan on Civil Rights 10/19/1987

          “Progress & Opportunity for Minority Americans” 10/27/1987

          October Highlights 1987

          Kennedy Briefing Material 11/18/1987 (1)-(5)

          Veterans 11/20/1987

          Summit / INF 11/20/1987

          Kennedy Qualifications 11/23/1987

          Deficit Reduction Agreement 11/23/1987


          OA 17402

          [Miscellaneous Articles October 1988]

          Drug Bill

          Shuttle Launch

          Welfare Reform

          Soviet Restructuring

          Iraqi Chemical Warfare

          ‘88 Olympics

          Nobel Peace Prize

          Reagan and the U.N.


          Yellowstone Fires

          South Africa Sanctions

          Textile Bill

          Brady Bill//NRA

          [Editorials] 08/07/1988-08/13/1988

          [Editorials] 08/14/1988-08/20/1988

          [Editorials] 08/21/1988-08/27/1988

          [Editorials] 08/28/1988-09/03/1988

          [Editorials] 09/11/1988-09/17/1988

          [Editorials] 09/18/1988-09/24/1988

          [Editorials] 09/18/1988-10/01/1988


          OA 17403

          [Editorials] 09/04/1988-09/11/1988

          [Editorials] 10/09/1988-10/15/1988

          [Editorials] 10/02/1988-10/08/1988

          [Editorials-October 1988]

          Project Files - July 1986 - South Africa (1)-(3)

          Project Files July 1986 July Highlights

          Talking Points on Drug Abuse

          Talking Points on SDI

          July Talking Points [1986]


          OA 17404

          Blank Forms [Lists of Various Types of Newspapers]

          Media Project Issues Brief

          Worksheet (Old)

          Originals [Masters of Forms]

          [Editorials] 05/22/1988-05/28/1988

          [Editorials] 05/15/1988-05/21/1988

          [Editorials] 05/08/1988-05/14/1988

          [Editorials] 05/01/1988-05/07/1988

          [Editorials] 04/24/1988-04/30/1988

          [Editorials] 04/17/1988-04/23/1988

          [Editorials] 04/10/1988-04/16/1988


          OA 17405

          [Editorials] 04/03/1988-04/09/1988

          [Editorials] 03/27/1988-04/02/1988

          [Editorials] 03/20/1988-03/26/1988

          [Editorials] 03/13/1988-03/19/1988

          [Editorials] 03/06/1988-03/12/1988

          [Editorials] 02/28/1988-03/05/1988

          [Editorials] 02/21/1988-02/27/1988

          [Editorials] 02/14/1988-02/20/1988

          [Editorials] 02/07/1988-02/13/1988


          OA 17406

          Editorials 01/31/1988-02/06/1988

          Editorials 01/24/1988-01/30/1988

          Editorial Analyses – Friday Issues

          [Editorials] 05/29/1988-06/04/1988

          [Editorials] 06/05/1988-06/11/1988

          [Editorials] 06/12/1988-06/18/1988

          [Editorials] 06/19/1988-06/25/1988

          [Editorials] 06/26/1988-07/02/1988


          OA 17407

          [Editorials] 07/03/1988-07/09/1988

          [Editorials] 07/10/1988-07/16/1988

          [Editorials] 07/17/1988-07/23/1988

          [Editorials] 07/24/1988-07/30/1988

          [Editorials] 07/31/1988-08/06/1988


          OA 17408

          1986 Accomplishments



          Elections 1986

          Help Wanted Index

          Employment (1)(2)

          Bicentennial of Constitution


          [Editorials – End of Administration]

          11/4 Issue Paper – The Election

          By Subject [Editorials]


          OA 17409

          Current Issues

          Old “Subject” – Filed Editorials

          Old Editorials Filed by Subject [1 of 3]

          Old Editorials Filed by Subject [2 of 3]

          Old Editorials Filed by Subject [3 of 3]



          New Trade Bill (Plant Closings)

          Gorbachev’s Extraordinary Party Conference

          North/South Korea

          FBI: Racism

          Catastrophic Health Care

          Iran Air Tragedy

          The Drought

          Iran/Iraq Cease Fire


          Welfare Reform

          Jackson at Convention

          Minimum Wage

          Democratic Convention (Clips and Speeches)

          Plant-Closings Bill

          Defense Appropriations Bill

          Nicaragua-Ambassador Expulsion, New Aid (7/13-7/15)

          Supreme Court/Special Prosecutors (6/30-7/7)

          Judicial Appointments

          Subject: Jimmy Wright

          Jimmy Wright II

          Richard Phelan, Special Investigator in Jim Wright Case

          El Salvador/Duarte

          Pentagon Scandal 6/15 –

          War on Drugs 5/22-6/9

          ABM Violations

          Howard Baker 6/15 –

          Base Closings



          Teamsters Case 6/30-7/12

          Mexican Elections (Anti-American Sentiment) 6/6-7/18

          Dukakis at Convention 7/12-7/26

          Plant-Closings Veto 3 Editorials

          NCNB Takeover of First Republic Bank of Dallas


          Vietnam Withdrawal

          US Plan to Oust Noriega

          Philippines/Marcos Return?

          US-Canada Free Trade (Canadian Passage Prospects)

          Bush Childcare

          Nicaragua II – Update

          Iran Peace/Hostages

          AIDS (Presidential Commission Report) 06/03/1988-06/20/1988

          Schultz/Latin America




          OA 17410

          Shorham/Nuclear Power 5/28-6/8

          Equal Rights “Reversals”

          Savings & Loans

          Tawana Brawley


          Shultz-Middle East Mission 6/7-6/9

          Trade/Toronto Conf.

          Sandinista/Contra Negotiations 5/25-6/13

          Subject: Panama

          Subject: Post Summit

          Subject: Trade Bill

          Thornburgh Appt Editorials 7/13-7/16

          Meese Resignation 7/6-7/14

          Bentsen Nomination

          Federal Management/Personnel

          Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB)

          Recent Press Briefings 02/20/1987

          1987 State of the Union

          Tax Reform/Sites


          OA 17411

          Trade Policy

          Trade Background 1985-1986

          Youth Employment Bill


          OA 17412

          Windfall Profit Tax Talking Points 04/25/1986

          Tokyo Summit Talking Points 04/25/1986

          Talking Points – April Highlights 05/12/1986

          Talking Points on Tax Reform 05/14/1986

          Talking Points on Trade 05/23/1986

          Talking Points on Terrorist Attacks 05/12/1986

          Talking Points on Tokyo Summit 05/13/1986

          Talking Points on Chernobyl Nuclear Accident 05/12/1986

          Talking Points on Guidance System 05/23/1986

          Presidential Address on Trade 05/29/1986

          May Highlights

          US-Canada Trade 06/18/1986

          Talking Points on the President’s Judicial Appointments 06/19/1986

          Materials on Contra Aid 06/24/1986

          Reagan Revolution 07/03/1986

          June Highlights 07/16/1986

          Talking Points on SDI, 07/18/1986

          Issue Brief on Trade 07/18/1986

          Talking Points/Issue Brief South Africa 07/22/1986

          Talking Points on Textiles and Protectionism 08/06/1986

          July Highlights

          Talking Points on Drug Abuse – Issue Brief 08/20/1986

          Talking Points on Farmers – Issue Brief 08/20/1986

          Economic Talking Points 08/14/1986

          US Military Talking Points 09/15/1986

          August Highlights 09/16/1986

          Talking Points – Drugs 09/15/1986

          August Highlights

          Drug Fact Sheets 09/15/1986

          Talking Points – Government Fraud 09/17/1986

          Talking Points on Economy/UNGA Speech 09/23/1986

          PJB’s Letter re: Coelho 09/23/1986

          PJB’s South Africa Article 09/26/1986

          Talking Points – Drugs in School

          Talking Points – Trade Policy 10/02/1986

          Talking Points – Continuing Resolution 10/03/1986

          Talking Points/Congress-Inability to Budget 10/03/1986

          Talking Points/Issue Brief – Farm Policy 10/03/1986

          September Highlights

          Iceland/SDI Talking Points 10/16/1986

          Iceland/SDI Issue Brief 10/16/1986 [empty]

          Remarks on Iceland by RR Critics/Rodota 10/20/1986

          Tax Reform Fact Sheet 10/22/1986

          Talking Points on America’s Families 11/05/1986

          Fact Sheet on Veterans’ Benefits 10/28/1986

          Water Resources Development Act Fact Sheet 10/29/1986 [empty]

          Fact Sheet on Immigration 11/06/1986

          Anti-Drug Abuse Fact Sheet 10/27/1986

          Election Talking Points/Issue Briefs 11/06/1986

          October Highlights 11/05/1986 TP’s

          Post Press Conference TP’s 11/20/1986

          Threat of Re-regulation 11/21/1986

          Fairness of Tax Reform 11/21/1986

          November Highlights Talking Points 12/09/1986

          Iran Issue – Talking Points 12/18/1986


          OA 17413

          Economic Bulletin May

          Economic Bulletin 2

          July Economic Bulletin

          Working File July 8 Economic Bulletin

          Economic Bulletin August [1 of 2]

          Economic Bulletin August [2 of 2]

          Economic Bulletin September 9/8 [1 of 2]

          Economic Bulletin September 9/8 [2 of 2]


          OA 17414

          March Highlights 04/08/1988

          April Highlights 05/02/1988

          May Highlights 6/9

          July Highlights

          August Highlights

          September Highlights 10/06/1988

          October Highlights 11/02/1988

          November Highlights 12/01/1988


          OA 17415

          [Economic Bulletin September]

          Economic Bulletin-October 1988

          [Economic Bulletin November]

          December Economic Bulletin


          OA 18010

          White House Fellows

          TV Guide President’s Article 11/13/1987

          Speech Inserts for INF, Kennedy & Budget 12/03/1987 (1)(2)

          Kennedy Op-Ed #3 12/11/1987

          Kennedy Op-ed #2 12/11/1987

          Kennedy Op-Ed #1 12/10/1987

          RR Quote for RNC 12/17/1987

          7 Years of Accomplishments 12/17/1987

          First Monday Interview 12/22/1987

          Op-Ed on 22nd Amendment 01/08/1988

          Budget-Cabinet Speech

          Draft Cabinet Speech on Economy 02/26/1988

          Dateline Article 03/02/1988

          Grove City Letters 03/08/1988

          Grove City Op-Eds 03/08/1988

          Hoover Institution 03/07/1988

          Presidential Statement for Science & Children 07/11/1988

          Defense Funding 03/30/1988 RR Response

          Ronald Reagan – Supercomputers – Response 04/08/1988 (1)-(4)



          Reagan Record: Taxes, Drugs, Poverty, South Korea 03/11/1988 (1)-(4)

          Reagan Record: Korean Cars

          Reagan Record: Poverty (1)(2)

          Reagan Record: Coast Guard

          CIA – Drug Smuggling

          Foreign Investment (RR Response) 03/29/1988

          Minorities- “RR” Research 04/08/1988

          RR Response – NLRB 04/08/1988

          Elderly 3/28/1988 RR Research Paper

          Farms 03/07/1988

          RR Research Paper on Energy 08/12/1988 [1 of 2]

          RR Research Paper on Energy 08/12/1988 [2 of 2]

          American Education: Making It Work

          Homeless 03/16/1988 (1)(2)

          Veterans (RR Response) 03/29/1988

          RR Response Paper – AIDS

          RR Response Paper – LEAA

          RR Response Paper – Housing

          Minimum Wage 04/15/1988

          Antitrust Enforcement

          Talking Points on Plant Closings

          Low Income Assistance Programs


          OA 18012


          Acid Rain

          Affirmative Action


          AIDS (1)-(9)

          AIDS – News Clippings (1)-(7)

          Arms Reduction

          Auto Industry


          Black Americans

          Budget (3 Folders)


          OA 18013

          Budget-W.H. Info (2 Folders)

          Budget – News Articles

          Budget: Line Item Veto

          Budget: Balanced Budget Amendment

          Constitutional Amendment

          Constitutional Amendment: Constitutional Convention / Balanced Budget Amendment

          Constitutional Amendment: Balanced Budget

          Daily OMB Legislative Highlights Report

          Daily OMB Legislative Highlights Report: Weekly Legislative Reports

          George Bush



          Central America –Contra Aid

          Central America –Contra Aid: Contra

          Central America –Background


          OA 18014

          Box Inventory – Public Affairs Office

          Child Care

          Contra Aid


          Crime: Kennedy-Victims (1)(2)

          Child Abuse and Pornography (1)(2)

          Clean Water Bill



          Congress: Super Majority

          Defense Budget

          Defense: The People Who Protect Us

          Defense Budget: Overview

          Deregulation (1)-(3)

          Drugs: News Articles

          Drugs: News Articles: Drugs


          OA 18015

          Democratic Party

          District of Columbia

          Domestic Policy Council

          Economic Indicators: News Clippings (1)(2)

          Economy CPI/PPI (1)(2)

          East/West Round Tables

          Educational Excellence (1)(2)

          Education Spending


          OA 18016



          Equal Opportunity

          Forecasts - Energy


          Environmental Quality

          Fairness Doctrine

          Family Issues


          Foreign Policy

          Federal Mgt



          OA 18017

          Freedom - Liberty

          Role of Government (Hold for RR)

          Grace Commission


          Gov't Efficiency


          Homeless (1)-(8)

          Human Rights


          The House Republican

          Housing Industry




          INF Treaty


          Interest & Mortgage Rates

          International Affairs



          OA 18018



          Jobs: State Initial Unemployment Claims


          Labor (1)-(8)

          RR Presidential Library


          Current Legislative Affairs


          Misery Index

          N.A.M. Speech

          National Security Council

          News Media

          Oliver North

          Nuclear Waste Repositories



          OA 18019

          Political Affairs


          Population Statistics


          Presidential Popularity

          Presidency (also, see RR)

          Private Sector Initiatives




          OA 18020

          Public Affairs Planning

          P.A. Budgets

          Public Affairs - Office Projects

          Nancy Reagan

          Ronald W. Reagan (1)(2)

          Republican Party

          Republican Senate


          Saturday Radio Address

          Small Business

          South Africa (1)-(6)

          Soviet Union

          Social Security



          OA 18021


          Space Communication

          Super Conductivity

          Stock Market

          Strategic Defense Initiative

          Summit - INF Treaty

          Supreme Court (1)(2)

          Tax Reform Chronology

          Tax Reform

          Teen Pregnancy

          Teen Suicide

          Terrorism/Libya (1)(2)

          Thornburg Materials

          Tort Reform

          Tower Report


          OA 18022

          Moscow Summit (1)-(3)

          RR Research Paper on Drug Abuse [1 of 2]

          RR Research Paper on Drug Abuse [2 of 2]

          Highlights of Moscow Summit 06/09/1988

          Toronto Economic Summit


          OA 18023

          Trade - Packets May 1986-Pres. (2 folders)

          Trade - W.H. Press Releases News Articles



          Waste/Budget Materials

          Welfare Reform



          WH Staff



          OA 18024

          "Production Measures for Selected Industries and Government Services" DOL

February 1988

          Natural Resources and Environment

          "Quarterly Public Assistance Statistics" FY '86

          Poverty Material

          Low Income Housing & Homeless (1)-(7)



          Child Support Enforcement

          AFDC/Food Programs



          OA 19180

          Deficit / Energy

          Enterprise Zones / SDI (1)-(8)

          Trade Expansion - Youth & Foreign Affairs

          [Draft Reagan Record, 1985-1987] (1)-(5)

          Tax Reform - Tort Reform


          OA 19181

          Media Publications

          Media Publications September 1988-November 1988

          Media Publications December 1988 -

          Presidential Statements: An Index to Statements on Important Issues by President

                   Ronald Wilson Reagan from 01/20/1981

          ["Issues Management Letter: Public Exposure in the National Media" 07/02/1986-12/17/1986]

          ["Issues Management Letter: Public Exposure in the National Media" 01/29/1987-06/18/1987]

["Issues Management Letter: Public Exposure in the National Media" 07/07/1987-11/06/1987]

["Issues Management Letter: Public Exposure in the National Media" 11/20/1987-01/15/1987]

          Fairness Issues: Briefing Book on Individual Programs and General Perspectives –


          "United States Border Patrol" 1988" (Videotape - Moved to A/V for Storage)


          OA 19182

          "The Reagan Record on Energy"  (multiple copies)

          "The Reagan Record on the Family and Traditional Values"  (multiple copies)

          "The Reagan Record on Crime and Justice" (multiple copies)


          OA 19183

          [The Reagan Record] Note to Users & Current Index

          [The Reagan Record] Response Papers 1-5

          The Reagan Record

          [The Reagan Record] Education

          [The Reagan Record] Education [empty]

          [The Reagan Record] Nation's Elderly

          [The Reagan Record] Trade 8/8/1988

          [The Reagan Record] Minority Opportunity & Civil Rights [empty]

          [The Reagan Record] Science & Technology [empty]

          [The Reagan Record] Energy 08/12/1988

          [The Reagan Record] Family 09/08/1988

          [The Reagan Record] 09/08/1988 Foreign Affairs  [empty]

          [The Reagan Record] A Legacy of Accomplishment

          [The Reagan Record] Crime & Justice 08/19/1988

          [The Reagan Record] Trade 08/08/1988 [empty]

          [The Reagan Record] Energy 08/12/1988

          [The Reagan Record] Defense

          [The Reagan Record] Defense

          [The Reagan Record] Science & Technology 06/23/1988


          OA 19184

          "The Reagan Record on National Defense and Arms Reduction"  (multiple copies)

          "The Reagan Record on the Family and Traditional Values" (multiple copies)

          "The Reagan Record on Trade"  (multiple copies)


          OA 19185

          "The Reagan Record on Education"  (multiple copies)

          "The Reagan Record on Aid to the Poor" (multiple copies)


          OA 19186

          "The Reagan Record: A Legacy of Accomplishment" (multiple copies)

          "The Reagan Record on Environment and Agriculture" (multiple copies)


          OA 19187

          "The Reagan Record: A Legacy of Accomplishment" (multiple copies)

          "The Reagan Record on Education" (multiple copies)


          OA 19188

          Chron Files January 1988

          Chron Files February 1988

          Chron Files March 1988

          Chron Files April 1988

          Chron Files May 1988

          Chron Files June 1988

          Chron Files July 1988

          Chron Files August 1988


          OA 19189

          "The Reagan Record on Trade" (multiple copies)

          "The Reagan Record on Aid to the Poor" (multiple copies)


          OA 19190

          "The Reagan Record on Foreign Policy" (multiple copies)

          "The Reagan Record on the Crusade for a Drug-Free America" (multiple copies)

          "The Reagan Record on Crime and Justice" (multiple copies)


          OA 19191

          Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988

          Fact Sheet Year 2000 9/9

          RR Response Prison Furloughs 9/16

          RR Research - Aid to the Poor 9/16

          RR Response - Family Income 9/19

          RR Research Paper: Environment

          UN Speech Fact Sheet 9/26

          Fact Sheet Textile Veto 9/20

          RR Response on Poverty 9/29

          Fact Street on U.S.-Canada Trade

          RR Research Paper - Education

          RR Response on Wages 09/26/1988

          RR Response on Wages 09/26/1988: Family Income Response

          RR Response on Programs for Ch.

          RR Response on Trade 9/30

          Fact Sheet - Budget Process 09/30/1988

          Time Article "Are You Better Off?" 10/05/1988

          Family Support Act Fact Sheet 10/7

          Draft Statement on Edward Teller

          Response Paper on Medicaid

          RR Paper on Medicare

          Boca Raton News

          RR on Housing

          Department of Veterans Affairs

          Talking Points on 1990 Budget

          Budget FS 01/9/1989


          OA 19192

          December Highlights

          Op-Eds Mixed [1 of 2]

          Op-Eds Mixed [2 of 2]

          RR Response on Child Hunger

          Genocide Fact Sheet 11/03/1988

          President's Address to Students Fact Sheet 11/14

          Fact Sheet on Thatcher Visit [1988] [Press Releases, Remarks, News Articles] (1)(2)

          Anti-Drug Abuse Act

          Fact Sheet on Trade

          Post Employment Act 11/23

          Ethics in Gov't TP

          Post-Employment Restrictions Act 11/23/1988

          Economic Growth (RR Research Paper) 04/12/1988

          08/14/1988-08/20/1988 [1 of 2] [Material re: Drugs thru 10/21/1988]

          08/14/1988-08/20/1988 [2 of 2] [Material re: Drugs thru 10/21/1988]


          OA 19193

          RR on Jobs/Job Quality 08/10/1988

          RR on Aid to College Students 08/10/1988

          Draft for Soviet Journal 08/11/1988

          Revised T. Points 08/16/1988 "72 Years of Accomplishment"

          RR on Energy August 1988

          Fact Sheet - Trade Bill 8/23

          Reagan Response on "Sleaze List"

          Drug Talking Points 8/29

          Judicial Vacancies TP 9/2

          RR Response Paper - Job Training 9/2

          RR Research Paper - Foreign Policy

          Economic Growth Revision 9/6

          Issue Brief - Legacy of Accomplishment


          OA 19194

          [Talking Points re: Judge Bork] (1)-(6)

          [Talking Points re: Central America]

          [Talking Points re: July 1987 Highlights]

          Bork Talking Points

          [Bork Nomination] (1)-(6)

          [1988 Legislative and Administrative Message]

          [1988 State of the Union]

          [Crusade for a Drug-Free Nation]

          [Network Coverage of 1988 Speech re: Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters]

          [Deficit Reduction]

          [INF Treaty]

          [Moscow Summit]

          [1987 Talking Points re: Sequestration and the Budget Agreement]

          [1988 Rescission]

          [Drug Talking Points]

          [Talking Points re: Civil Rights and Grove City]

          [February 1988 Highlights]

          [June 1988 Highlights]


          OA 19195 [Uninventoried]

          Material is either unfolded or without folder titles.


          OA 19196

          Economic Bulletin

          Planning - Budget Media Schedule

          Request for Videotaped Messages

          Resumes - General

          U.S. Conference of Mayors


          Surrogate Speakers

          Richard Wirthlin  -  Pollster

          Staff Assistant Position

          Washington Seminar 03/24/1988

          Special Requests

          Personnel Action Forms


          [Public Affairs Subscription Requests]

          Public Affairs Misc. File - 01/09/1989 [1]

          Public Affairs Misc. File - 01/09/1989 [2]

          PA Personnel [Current]



          Drug Advocacy - 9/7

          Briefing 4/22 Roosevelt Room

          Drug Briefing - October 14

          Department Anti-drug Materials

          Drug Media Schedule

          Drug Briefing Roosevelt Room 6/16

          Drug Advocacy Meeting 07/14/1988


          OA 19197

          John Parmalee Visit

          Public Response to WH Talking Points & Issue Briefs

          President's Weekly Update – 05/06/1988

          President's Weekly Update - 05/13/1988

          President's Weekly Update - 05/20/1988

          Chronological Files – December 1987

          Chronological Files November 1987

          Chronological Files October 1987

          Subject File - Drugs

          Subject File - Drug Packets

          File - "Gloom & Doom"

          File of Miscellaneous Letters

          Public Affairs - Editorial Analysis Projects, Charts, Coding System


          OA 19198

          "The Reagan Record on Environment and Agriculture" (multiple copies)

          "White House Office of Public Affairs - Briefing Book" (multiple copies)


          OA 19199

          Aid to the Poor (1)(2)

          Crime & Justice 08/19/1988

          Crime & Justice 08/09/1988

          Environment and Agriculture

          09/13/1988 Economic Growth (1)(2)

          Drugs 06/06/1988

          Defense 07/11/1988

          Scit Tech 07/11/1988 [empty]

          Drugs 06/06/1988

          Response Papers 26-30

          Response Paper - Originals

          Research Paper Divider - Example

          Response Paper 16-20

          Response Paper 21-25

          Response Papers 21-25

          Response Papers 11-15

          Response Papers 6-10


          OA 19200

          Legacy Document [5 of 5]

          Quotes for Legacy Booklet (1)(2)

          Republican National Committee

          [July 1984 Reagan Record]  (Binder)

          Materials on Judge Robert H. Bork (1)(2)

          Index of Part-time Boards


          OA 19201

          "The Reagan Record on Trade" (multiple copies)

          "The Reagan Record on Crime and Justice"(multiple copies)

          "The Reagan Record on National Defense and Arms Reduction" (multiple copies)


          OA 19202

          Minority & Civil Rights



          Economic Growth p4/20/1988

          "The Reagan Record on Foreign Policy"   (multiple copies)

          "The Reagan Record on the Crusade for a Drug-Free America"  (multiple copies)


          OA 19203

          Drought Relief Initiatives p6/24/1988

          June Highlights p7/11/1988

          Drought Relief Fact Sheet 07/14/1988 [Empty]

          Canada Free Trade Fact Sheet 07/25/1988 [Empty]

          Public Lands Fact Sheet 07/26/1988

          Nicaragua - T.P. & I.B. 08/02/1988

          July Highlights 08/09/1988

          Progress & Opp for Women T.P. & I.S. 08/17/1988

          T.P. & I.B. - A Legacy of Accomplishment 08/24/1988

          T.P. "National Crusades for a Drug Free America" 09/06/1988

          T.P.'s Judicial Emergencies 09/09/1988

          August Highlights 09/12/1988

          Fact Sheet Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988 09/13/1988 [Empty]


          OA 19204

          Chron File October 1988

          Chron File November 1988

          Chron File December 1988


          [Reagan Budget]

          Jan. Economic Bulletin

          Op. Ed. Admin. Women by M.M. 7/28

          AIDS Fact Sheet (1)(2)

          RR Response - Federal Judges 8/1

          RR on Family/Values 08/09/1988


          OA 19205

          [September 1988]

          Environmental Laws

          Drought Relief Initiatives 6/22

          Nat'l Defense & Arms Reduction 6/24

          Drug Fact Sheet 06/30/1988

          Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 Fact Sheet 07/01/1988

          Drought Fact Sheet 07/14/1988

          Presidential Statement on Margaret Brock 07/12/1988

          RR Response Paper on Women in Government 07/15/1988

          RR Research Paper on Trade 7/20

          Take Pride in America F. Sheet 7/26 Protecting Public Lands

          Immunization Programs - RR Response 7/29

          Nicaragua/Contra Aid TP & IB 7/29

          U.S. Canada - Free Trade F. Sheet 7/25

          RR Research on Crime & Judiciary


          OA 19206

          Talking Pts. on Veterans 12/22/1987

          1987 Highlights 12/23/1987

          Seven Years of Accomplishments 01/04/1988

          Reagan Admin. & Civil Rights 01/08/1988 [empty]

          Revised I Brief for Contra Aid 01/20/1988

          Managing Govt. 01/25/1988

          S.O.T.U. Fact Sheets 01/25/1988

          Request for Aid (Contras) 01/28/1988

          Budget Themes FY 1989 02/05/1988

          I. Brief on Privatization 02/18/1988

          FY '89 Budget Fact Sheet 02/18/1988

          NATO Summit 02/26/1988

          Trade Talking Points 02/26/1988

          Crusade for a Drug Free America 03/04/1988

          Farm Economy 03/11/1988

          February Highlights 03/14/1988

          Recession Fact Sheet 03/14/1988

          March Highlights 04/15/1988

          Minimum Wage 04/20/1988

          Fact Sheet Canada Free Trade 09/28/1988

          Fact Sheet Textile & Trade Act. 09/28/1988 [empty]

          September Highlights 10/14/1988

          October Highlights 11/08/1988

          Anti-Drug Abuse Act. 11/18/1988

          Ethics in Government 11/23/1988

          November Highlights 12/07/1988

          T.P. on FY 1990 Budget 01/03/1989


          OA 19207

          Draft Booklet on the Reagan Legacy [1 of 3]

          Draft Booklet on the Reagan Legacy [2 of 3]

          Draft Booklet on the Reagan Legacy [3 of 3]

          Legacy Document [1 of 5]

          Legacy Document [2 of 5]

          Legacy Document [3 of 5]

          Legacy Document [4 of 5]


          OA 19208

          Telephone Directory

          Administration Accomplishments 12/18/1986

          1986 Highlights - Talking Points

          The FY 1988 Budget - 01/14/1987

          SOU Address 1987; SOU Fact Sheet 1987


          Talking Points 02/02/1987 The President's Veto of H.R.1; Economic Update 02/02/1987

          Talking Points 02/10/1987 FY 1988 Deficit/G-R-H Targets

          12/09/1987 Domestic Budget Priorities; January Highlights 02/09/1987

          Talking Points 02/10/1987 Welfare Program

          February Highlights 3/10

          Talking Points Tower Report 3/17

          Executive Forum 03/30/1987 (Constitution Hall)

          Highway Bill H.R. 2  03/31/1987

          Soviet Military Power 1987; Jobs; March Highlights 04/24/1987

          Trade and Budget Packet 05/08/1987

          Contra; April Highlights 06/02/1987

          AIDS; May Highlights; NAM Speech 06/19/1987

          Waste, Fraud and Abuse Talking Points 06/21/1987

          Fairness Doctrine 06/23/1987

          EBOR Budget Attach Packet - 07/03/1987

          [EBOR Budget Attach Pack - 07/03/1987]

          June Highlights

          Drug-Free Nation Talking Points 07/24/1987

          Bork 07/30/1987

          July Highlights 08/31/1987

          09/04/1987 Central American Peace Plan Talking Points & August Highlights

          Bork and Criminal Justice 09/10/1987 Issue Brief and Talking Points

          Bork and Civil Rights 09/29/1987 [Issue Brief and Talking Points]

          Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg 10/29/1987 Talking Points

          Deregulation Talking Points and Issue Brief 10/30/1987

          Ginsburg Issue Brief (Revised) 11/03/1987

          Sept. High & OAS Address 11/03/1987

          Minority T.P's 11/04/1987

          October Highlights 11/17/1987

          Deficit Reduction Agreement 11/24/1987

          Judge Kennedy Qualifications Talking Points 11/25/1987

          Sequestration and the Budget Agreement 12/02/1987

          INF Treaty and Summit Talking Points and I.B. 12/03/1987

          The Summit Agenda and Case for INF Treaty 12/08/1987

          Judge Kennedy Pieces 12/09/1987 Revised


          OA 19209

          [Unfoldered Material - Miscellaneous Memos Apparently Arranged by Month]

          Miscellaneous Public Affairs File

          Miscellaneous File White House Public Affairs

          Communications Staff Meeting


          OA 19210

          [1988 Reagan Record]

          Duberstein Op-Ed

          Powell Op-Ed (1)-(3)

          Maseng Op-Ed

          Catastrophic Response Paper

          Women - NWPC Study

          Quad Stuff

          Atlanta Demo. Attacks

          Sleaze File

          New Job, Not Good Jobs

          500 Billion Response

          Drug Task Force

          Take Pride

          Defense Bill Veto


          Ethics Veto

          Weekly Editorial Project

          Friday Reports

          Forest Fires

          Federal Judges

          Issues Brief

          Furloughs - Federal

          Op-Ed Project-General

          Culvahouse Op-Ed

          Sprinkle Op-Ed

          Kae Rairdin Op-Ed

          Bi-Coastal Op-Ed

          Bauer Op-Ed

          Rowny Op-Ed

          Economic Bulletin


          OA 19211

          [Requests for Presidential Messages, Comments, Articles]

          Congress Heights Elementary School


          Anne Gibson (JDB)

          Child Care

          Department of Education

          The Reagan Record

          Republican National Committee

          Media List


          [1988 Media Plan]

          Scheduling Proposals

          [Promises Made, Promises Kept]

          Public Liaison Calendar

          [Marion Blakey Correspondence and Memos - 1988]

          Poverty Statistics

          Non-Administration List - History

          Non-Administration Requests for RR

          Line of the Day

          Event/Media Plan – Fall 1988

          Inter-Office Memos

          Administrative Affairs


          House Ethics

          Communications Calendar

          Fall Interns

          Current Interns


          OA 19417

          "The Reagan Record"


          Box 1

          Meet the Press Transcripts January 1988-December 1988

Face the Nation Transcripts January 1988-December 1988

This Week with David Brinkley January 1988-December 1988

Department of Agriculture “Selected Speeches and News Releases” December 1987-

          January 1989

Joint Statement by President Reagan and Prime Minister Takeshita on Economic Issues


“The Geopolitical Implications of the U.S.-Canada Trade Pact” by James Baker

Treasury News January 1988-October 1988

A.I.D. News Release 1988 (1)(2)

A.I.D. Remarks by the A.I.D. Administrator December 1987-November 1988

A.I.D. Statements by A.I.D. Staff February 1988-September 1988

United States Mission to the United Nations, January 1988-December 1988