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RANGE, REBECCA G.: Files, 1987-1989


Office of Public Liaison


Rebecca Range was appointed the Special Assistant to the President for Public Liaison and Director that office on September 2, 1987.  She replaced and acting director, Carl Anderson.   He had been acting director since the departure of Mari Maseng in late June 1987. Ms. Range remained as director of the office until the end of the administration.  Due to the interim acting directorship, the Range collection contains some work product of Carl Anderson during this time.


This collection is arranged in three series: SERIES I: Subject File, SERIES II: Event File, SERIES III: Correspondence



          OA 15172

          Acid Rain

          Administrative Items

          Afghanistan Policy

          [Agency Information] (Binder)

          Agenda 1988

          AIDS (1)-(7)

          Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act

          American Bankers Association Invitation

          Statements Adopted by the AFL-CIO Executive Committee

          Anderson, Carl


          Armenian Assembly of America (AAA)

          Baker Burglar Story

          Baker Letters

          Howard Baker Departure

          Baldrige Quality Awards

          Gary Bauer Memos

          Betrayal: Michael Dukakis and the Battle to Save Historic Prowse Farm


          Meeting with Senator Baker and Black Groups

          How Blacks Are Faring Under the Economy

          The Bork Nomination: Essays and Reports

          [Bork] (1)-(10)

          Budget of the United States Government 1989

          Budget and Appropriations

          Budget Compromise

          The Budget for FY 1989

          Meeting on Budget Package 11/30/1987

          Budget Transitions: 1928-1980

          Burnley, Secretary Jim

          Briefing for Business Government Relations Council TBA

          Campaign Watch Summary

          Canada Free Trade Agreement

          The Capital Source, Fall 1987

          The Capital Source, Fall 1988

          Catastrophic Health

          S.1127 Catastrophic Health 09/14/1987

          Cavazos, Lauro - Secretary of Education

          [Central America]


          OA 15623

          Chao, Elaine L.

          Chennault, Anna C.

          Chennault, Anna

          Chennault, Anna Assignments

          Child Care

          Child Care: A Workforce Issue

          Christmas Cards 1987

          Citizens Against Government Waste

          Citizens for a Sound Economy

          Citizens for Reagan - Aid to the Nicaraguan Resistance: Profiles of Swing Congressional

                   Votes January 1988

          Citizens for Reagan / Wright June Newsletter

          Civil Liberties Act of 1987

          Administration Talking Points Civil Rights

          Coalition for Open Markets and Expanded Trade - Wayne Valis

          Commerce Drug-Free Workplace Events


          Connecticut Primary and Mississippi Run-off

          Conservative Digest Interview (HBB)

          Conservative Meeting

          Contra Aid

          Contra Aid - Central America Outside Information

          Contra Aid - Issue Briefs and Talking Points

          Conventions in 1988

          Crime Bill

          Cuban Americans (1)-(3)

          Dan Danner

          Bob Davis

          Decennial Census Tabulations of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders

          Deficit Reduction


          OA 15766

          The Deindustrialization Myth

          DOD Authorization


          Dewhirst, Mary

          D.C.  Appropriations 1989

          Dobson, Dr. James (empty)

          Domestic Policy Council

          Domestic Policy Council (Background Paper)

          Domestic Policy Council Meetings January 1988 (Stored in CFOA 780)

          Domestic Policy Group

          Domestic Policy Speech

          Drought Relief Initiatives


          Administration Drug Policy

          Signed Advance Notices of Random Drug Testing

          Ken Duberstein

          Duberstein Business Meetings

          Duck Stamp Prints

          Ducks Unlimited

          Eastern Airlines

          Record-Breaking Peacetime Expansion A Summary of Economic Accomplishments

          Economic Policy Council [empty]

          Economic Policy Council (Background Information)

          Economic Policy Council Meetings August 1987-June 1988 (Stored in CFOA 780)

          Domestic Policy Group

          Economic Working Group 59 Months of Economic Expansion


          Election Results 1988

          Emergency Planning

          Fair Housing

          Fall Events


          Report to the Domestic Policy Council on the Family

          Report to the President - The Family

          Federal Aviation Agency

          Update to the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance 1987


          Feldman, Trude

          Fernandez, Eduardo - Carlos Perez

          Interim Report of the Working Group on Financial Markets

          Fiscal Crisis - Citizens for a Sound Economy Report

          Fleming Academy / Joshua Beck

          Foreign Policy Speech


          OA 16204

          Council of Foreign Relations 1988 Annual Report

          Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act S. 3763

          Gallaudet University

          General Motors-Saturn Investment Tax Credit

          Irving Goldstein - COMSAT

          Issues to be Raised with Gorbachev

          Grove City (1)-(6)

          Gun Control - Waiting Period

          [Hansen, George]:  [Mrs. Hansen Letter]

          [Hansen, George]:  Pardon Request Documents

          [Hansen, George]:  Strong Call for Immediate Hansen Pardon

          [Hansen, George]:  Did not Violate Parole

          [Hansen, George]:  Did not Violate Ethics Law

          [Hansen, George]:  Ethics Law is Civil not Criminal

          [Hansen, George]:  Hansen’s Civil Rights Clearly Abused

          [Hansen, George]:  Selective Prosecution of Congressman Hansen

          Hatch Act

          Hazardous Materials

          High Risk Notification

          HR 900


          Housing Bill (1)(2)

          Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infections in the United States: A Review of Current Knowledge and Plans for Expansion of HIV Surveillance Activities (1)(2)

          Industry Concerns 1988

          Institute for Advanced Studies

          Intermediate Nuclear Forces

          Regretted Invitations

          Report of the Congressional Committees Investigating the Iran-Contra Affair

          Issues '88 - A Platform for America:  Domestic Policy Planks Vol. I

          Issues '88 - A Platform for America:  Defense & Foreign Policy Planks Vol. II

          Issues '88 - A Platform for America:  Social Policy Planks Vol. III

          Japanese Internment Bill

          Jewish National Fund

          Jewish Organizations

          Judicial Appointments

          Judge Kennedy

          Kennedy, Judge Anthony

          Kennedy, Judge Anthony:  Supreme Court Nominee

          Kennedy, Judge Anthony:  East Room - Supreme Court Announcement

          Judge Kennedy's Comments at the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference (Binder)


          OA 17717

          Kojelis, Linas

          [Kojalis] Replacement for Linas


          Law Enforcement Groups

          Leadership Council on Civil Rights

          Legal Services Corporation (1)-(3)

          Administration's Legislative Agenda

          Legislative Message - Policy Needs to Be Defined

          Line of the Day

          Long Range Scheduling

          Long Range Scheduling: Rebecca Range - Long Range Scheduling Meeting

          [Major Constituent Groups Planning Guide]

          Mandated Benefits - I

          Mandated Benefits - II

          Report of the Presidential Task Force on Market Mechanisms

          McDonald, Nicole / P. Laxalt

          McGuigan, B.

          Medal of Freedom

          Merger and Acquisition Policy

          Miami Chamber of Commerce

          A National Survey of American Voters: Attitude toward the Middle East (American Jewish Congress)

          Minimum Wage (1)(2)

          Minimum Wage Restoration Act

          Moscow Summit

          Videotape for National Association of Evangelicals TWH TBA

          National Decency Forum

          National Economic Commission

          National Foundation for the Arts

          National Nutrition Monitoring

          National Security Strategy of the United States January 1988

          National Welding Supply Association

          National Women's Economic Alliance

          Nebraska Small Business Group

          [New Orleans Trip]


          Nicaraguan Biographies: A Resource Book

          Human Rights in Nicaragua under the Sandinistas

          [Nicaragua] The Sandinista Military Build-Up: An Update

          Nims, Dr. Jerry - Liberty Federation

          Letter for Okamoto from Sec. Shultz

          OPL / Agency Liaison Briefings

          OPL Budget

          OPL History

          OPL Mailing Lists

          Staff Photo with OPL 10/29/1987

          OPL Staff Files:  Anderson, Curt

          OPL Staff Files:  Beserra, Rudy - I

          OPL Staff Files:  Beserra, Rudy - II

          OPL Staff Files:  Bolton, Roger

          OPL Staff Files:  Bell, Mariam

          OPL Staff Files:  Bradley [Melvin]

          OPL Staff Files:  Chumachenko, Kathy

          OPL Staff Files:  Dewhirst, Mary

          OPL Staff Files:  Duggan, Jaunita

          OPL Staff Files:  Evans, Greg

          OPL Staff Files:  Foley, Todd

          OPL Staff Files:  Green [Max]

          OPL Staff Files:  Hobson, Bob

          OPL Staff Files:  Kruke, Kevin

          OPL Staff Files:  Sutherland, Scott

          OPL Staff Files:  Waldman, Ben


          OA 17718

          Omnibus Trade Bill - Plant Close

          Organization of Chinese Americans

          Otis, George / Petition

          Pacific Legal Foundation


          Parental and Medical Leave Act of 1988

          Pendleton, Clarence

          The People, Press and Politics

          Pepper Bill / Health Care

          Personal Gift Records


          Plant Closing (1)(2)

          Plastic Guns

          Policy Agenda 1987 / Fuelner Memo

          Polish American Congress

          Polish American Scouting Organization (WH Out Card to Range 4/22/88)

          Polish Scouting Organization


          Polygraph Bill


          Pownall / Commercial Launches

          Presidential Citizens Medal

          Presidential Medal of Freedom

          Presidential Personnel Memos

          Presidential Remarks

          President's Pro-Life Bill

          President's Report on Privatization

          Privatization Event

          Privatization of Conrail: The Public Offering

          Privatization - Status Report to the President and Cabinet 06/23/1988 (Binder) (1)(2)

          List of Proclamations

          Rail Safety

          The Reagan Record

          The Reagan Record 1988 - Office of Public Affairs (Binder)

          Ronald Reagan on Cue

          Recommended Telephone Call

          Republican Platform Hearings


          Request for Personnel Action

          Risk Notification

          Sanchez, Rudy National Hispanic Family Against Drug Abuse

          Scheduled Events / Rebecca Range

          Scheduling Proposals (Binder)


          OA 17719

          [Scheduling Recommendations (Reject)] (1)-(3)

          [Scheduling Recommendations] (1)-(3)

          Scherrer, Yvonne

          Schnepper, Marty

          Secretary of Labor Announcement

          Security Information (Office Folder) Provided by EOP Security Officer

          Ship / Fisheries Legislation

          Sidak, Gregory

          Sloan, David - GTE

          Sloan, John - National Federation of Independent Business

          Small Business Debentures

          Small Business Events

          South African Sanctions (1)(2)


          Space Commercialization

          Space Commercialization:  [Space]

          Space Commercialization:  [Space]: NASA

          State Dinner Lists - I

          State Dinner Lists - II

          State Dinner Lists (Actual)

          State of the State Messages 1988

          State of the Union 1988

          State of the Union Additions

          State Unemployment Rates

          Note from Senator Stevens

          Cancelled Meeting / Chief Executive Officer's & POTUS per Senator Stevens' Request

          Stock Market

          Strategic Defense Initiative

          Students for America

          Sugar Export Enhancement Program

          Summit and Intermediate Nuclear Forces


          OA 17720

          Super Tuesday Update Information


          Supreme Court Nominee - General

          Surrogate Speakers

          Dinner for King of Sweden (Senator Stevens Request)

          Talking Points

          Tax Proposals

          Tax Reform Action Coalition

          Taylor, Barry

          Telecommunications (1)(2)

          Telecommunications Deregulation (1)-(4)

          Executive Office of the President Telephone Directory January 1988 (1)-(4)

          [Telephone Directory Interim Release June 1987

          White House Telephone Directory January 1988 (1)-(6)

          Textile Bill / Daschle Amendment


          Thornburgh, Richard

          Toronto Economic Summit

          New Tour Background


          Trade Bill - I

          Trade Bill - II

          Trade Bill - III

          Trade Bill - IV

          Transportation Reform Alliance

          White House Travel

          Trout, Jeffrey

          United Shareholders

          Vice President's Speeches

          Victims of Crimes

          Videotape - Untitled (Stored in Audio/Visual for preservation)


          OA 17721

          The Washington Center / M. Schwartz

          Washington Workshop Foundation

          OPL Weekly Wrap-up Reports June 1987-July 1987 - September 1987-February 1988

          Weekly Wrap-Ups / Weekly Reports March 1988-May 1988

          Weekly Wrap Up Memos for 05/27/1988-09/09/1988

          Weekly Reports September 1988-December 1988


          Welfare Reform - Minimum Wage

          West Wing Artwork

          Whale Rescue Mission

          White House Counsel Memos on Future and Post Employment

          White House Counsel's Office Memos

          Williams, David A.

          Williamsburg Charter

          Women Appointees

          Women's Issues

          Wood Dust



          OA 17722

          Hispanic Heritage Week Proclamation Ceremony 09/11/1987 [empty]

          Address National Alliance of Business 09/14/1987

          National Alliance of Business 09/14/1987

          Arthritis Foundation Photo Op 09/16/1987

          Trade Association Liaison Council Breakfast 09/17/1987

          Hispanic Scholarship Fund Representatives Photo Op 09/18/1987

          Historically Black Colleges Proclamation Ceremony 09/24/1987

          Concerned Women for America 09/25/1987

          Chief Executive Officers Meeting Re: Bork 10/01/1987

          German-American Day 10/02/1987

          Organization of American States Address 10/07/1987

          National Safety Belt Use Day 10/15/1987

          Veterans of Foreign Wars 10/15/1987

          Anti-Crime Coalition 10/16/1987

          Anti-Crime Legislation 10/16/1987 [empty]

          His Holiness Vasken I Photo 10/23/1987

          Photo-Op with His Holiness Vasken I 10/26/1987.

          American Association for Respiratory Care Video 10/27/1987

          Westin Reception 10/28/1987

          Ginsburg Announcement 10/29/1987

          National Law Enforcement Association Luncheon 11/02/1987

          Meeting with Business Leaders on Canada Free Trade Agreement 11/04/1987

          Alzheimer's Disease Photo-Op 11/05/1987

          Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Association 11/05/1987

          Asian-American Voters Coalition 11/05/1987

          Ethnic, Minority and Republican Leaders Drop-by 11/06/1987

          Briefing 11/06/1987 Ginsburg [Supreme Court Nomination]

          Dobson Photo-Op, 11/10/1987

          Pornography Legislation Briefing 11/10/1987 (1)-(3)

          Meeting with the Veterans Organizations 11/10/1987

          American Legion Photo-Op 11/12/1987

          American Lung Association-Photo-Op 11/12/1987

          American Council of Life Insurance 11/16/1987

          Jewish Leaders Meeting re: Summit 11/17/1987

          Heritage Foundation's President's Club 11/18/1987

          Business Partners Briefing 11/19/1987

          Chamber of Commerce 11/19/1987

          Epilepsy Foundation Poster Child Photo-op 11/19/1987

          Thanksgiving Turkey 11/23/1987

          Heritage Luncheon 11/30/1987

          Drop-by Human Rights Event 12/03/1987

          National Better Hearing and Speech Month Photo-Op 12/03/1987

          OPL Briefing - Anti-Crime Coalition Briefing 12/04/1987

          Human Rights Day Signing Ceremony 12/10/1987

          American Friends of Lubavitch 12/15/1987

          American Farm Bureau New Orleans, LA 01/11/1988

          The City Club of Cleveland, OH 01/11/1988

          Signing Ceremony for Martin Luther King Jr. Day 01/12/1988

          Photo with Wall and Ceiling Industries 01/14/1988

          Lions Clubs International Photo-Op 01/14/1988

          Phone Call to Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School 01/15/1988

          Photo with March of Dimes Poster Child 01/19/1988

          Drop-by Briefing on Central America 01/20/1988

          Briefing on Central America 01/20/1988

          Drop-by Briefing on Central America 01/22/1988

          Address 15th Annual March for Life Rally via Telephone Hook-Up 01/22/1988

          Mansfield, Ohio Chamber of Commerce 01/22/1988

          Meeting with Right to Life Volunteers 01/22/1988

          Address Reserve Officers Association Mid-Winter Conference 01/27/1988

          Address National Religious Broadcasters 02/01/1988

          National Prayer Breakfast 02/04/1988

          Small Business Legislative Council 02/04/1988 Secretary Verity

          Small Business Legislative Council 02/04/1988

          Photo with Assistant for Minority Affairs 02/04/1988

          Meet with Women's Sports Foundation 02/04/1988

          Presidential Classroom Department of Agriculture 02/08/1988

          Boy Scouts of America Report 02/09/1988

          Telephone Call - Bishop Bevilacqua 02/10/1988 TBA

          U.S. Chamber of Commerce - U.S. Chamber 02/10/1988 (HHB)

          Photo with Masonic Fraternity 02/11/1988

          Lunch with Presidents of Business Association 02/17/1988 HHB

          Receive Easter Seals 02/18/1988

          Meeting with John Datt - American Farm Bureau Federation (HHB) 02/23/1988

          Key Chief Executive Officers Drop-by 02/25/1988

          Meeting with Leaders of Service Organizations 02/26/1988

          The Boone and Crockett Club 02/29/1988

          Address American Legion 02/29/1988

          Mid-America Committee Lunch Speech HHB 02/29/1988 Chicago, Ill.

          Ohio State University / Leadership, Education and Development Group 03/02/1988

          Address Veterans of Foreign Wars 03/07/1988


          OA 17723

          American Life Insurance Underwriters 03/08/1988 HHB

          U.S. League of Savings Institutions 03/08/1988

          Address Leadership of National Jewish Coalition 03/08/1988

          Drop-by Coalition on Trade (POTUS) 450 03/11/1988

          Drop-By for Prime Ministers Club 03/15/1988

          Drop-by Luncheon with Chief Executive Officers (Duberstein) 03/17/1988 RR

          American Business Conference 03/23/1988 POTUS

          Address Blacks in Higher Education (HHB) 03/24/1988.

          National Conference on Blacks in Higher Education (HB) 03/24/1988

          Photo Op with National Republican Heritage Groups Council TBA 03/24/1988

          Meeting with Greek Independence Day Participants 03/25/1988

          Visit to Reynolds Metals – 03/28/1988

          Presentation of Cancer Courage 03/29/1988

          Signing Ceremony, Education Day 03/29/1988 POTUS

          National Grocer's Association 04/11/1988

          Weyrich Conservative Event 04/12/1988 POTUS

          [Fortune 100 Chief Executive Officers 04/12/1988 - Cancelled]

          Drop-By Briefing for Young Presidents 04/13/1988

          Photo with Childhelp USA 04/14/1988

          Photo with National Hispanic Assembly 04/14/1988

          Drop-by for Associated General Contractors 04/18/1988

          Electronic Industries Association 04/19/1988

          Address Advertising Council (HHB) 04/20/1988

          Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America 04/20/1988

          In Performance Guest List 04/24/1988

          Meeting Regarding Millennium of Christianity 04/25/1988

          State Dinner for Prime Minister of Canada and Wife 04/27/1988

          Photo with Muscular Dystrophy Poster Child 04/28/1988

          U.S. Chamber of Commerce 05/02/1988 Constitution Hall

          Telephone Call to J. Jasinowski HHB 05/02/1988

          American University Tour 05/03/1988

          Photo - Cardinal Lubachivsky 05/03/1988

          Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce 05/03/1988

          Asian Pacific Heritage Week 05/03/1988

          Edison Electric Industries 05/03/1988 HHB

          California Bankers Association 05/04/1988 HHB

          Photo: National Day of Prayer 05/05/1988

          Photo with Hispanic Association for Corporate Responsibility 05/05/1988

          Meeting On Soviet Jewry 05/12/1988

          Photo - Non-Commissioned Officers 05/12/1988

          Goodwill Industries Photo-Op 05/12/1988

          Task Force on Adoption 05/12/1988

          Safe Kids 05/13/1988

          National Industrial Council (HHB) 05/16/1988

          American Furniture Manufacturers 05/18/1988 HHB

          American Retail Federation Briefing 05/18/1988 HHB

          Photo: Cuban Am. Leaders Oval Office 05/19/1988.

          Summit Departure/Arrival 05/25/1988 and 06/03/1988 [Moscow Summit]

          POTUS [President of the United States] Summit Speeches 05/25/1988 (1)-(3)

          Drop-By World Gas Conference 06/06/1988

          National Food Processors Association 06/07/1988

          Photo - Arthritis Foundation Poster Child – 06/09/1988

          Photo - Polish American Congress 06/09/1988

          National Cuban American Foundation 06/13/1988

          Briefing for American Coalition for Trade Expansion 06/16/1988

          Meeting with Chief Executive Officers on Canada Free Trade 06/16/1988

          Elaine Chao Swearing-In Ceremony 06/17/1988

          Unveiling Portrait of Baldrige 06/17/1988

          Drop-by Business Roundtable Washington, D.C. 06/22/1988

          Photo - National Puerto Rican Coalition 06/23/1988

          Meeting with California Business Leaders 06/24/1988 POTUS

          Former Vietnam POWS Recognition Ceremony 06/24/1988

          State Dinner for President of Turkey 06/27/1988

          Meeting with Cuban Leaders 06/29/1988 Miami, FL

          Photo: Multiple Sclerosis Mother and Father 06/30/1988

          National Safety Belt Use Week Signing Ceremony 06/30/1988

          Catastrophic Health Signing Ceremony 07/01/1988

          Photo with Indy 500 Winner Rick Mears 07/08/1988

          Captive Nations Signing Ceremony 07/13/1988

          Meeting with Farm Leaders 07/13/1988

          Photo with Korean War Veterans 07/26/1988

          Meeting with American Legion Boys Nation 07/27/1988

          Address Student Congress on Evangelism 07/28/1988

          Address - Future Farmers of America 07/29/1988

          Address National League of POW/MIA Families 07/29/1988

          Eastern High School Choir 08/01/1988

          Meeting with Defense Experts 08/04/1988

          In Performance Guest List 08/06/1988

          Visit U.S. Precision Lens Cincinnati, OH 08/08/1988

          Potential POTUS Events 08/15/1988 - Missouri


          OA 17724

          Address American Legion Convention Louisville, KY 09/06/1988

          Photo with Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 09/08/1988 POTUS

          Address Federalist Society Mayflower Hotel 1:30pm 09/09/1988

          Signing Ceremony for Hispanic Heritage Week 09/13/1988

          Address U.S. Jaycees 09/20/1988

          Highway Users Federation Briefing (Duberstein) 09/20/1988

          Comments to Transportation Executives (KD) 09/20/1988

          Luncheon with Small Business Legislative Council (Duberstein) 09/22/1988

          Historically Black Colleges Photo 09/28/1988

          Appropriations Bill Ceremony 09/28/1988

          Photo with Boys Clubs Youth of the Year 09/28/1988

          Signing of Columbus Day Proclamation 10/03/1988

          Photo with Commander-in-Chief of Veterans of Foreign Wars 10/05/1988

          Cornerstone Laying for Holocaust Memorial Museum, 10/05/1988

          State Dinner for President of Republic of Mali 10/06/1988

          German-American Day Ceremony 10/06/1988

          Photo with Newly-Elected National Leaders of Reserve Officers Association 10/11/1988.

          Lunch with Archbishop Bevilacqua, Philadelphia, PA 10/12/1988

          Photo with Asian-Indian Americans 10/13/1988

          Photo with Ukrainian American Religious Leaders 10/13/1988

          Photo with Leadership of Congress of Independent Unions 10/14/1988

          Signing Ceremony for Methanol and Alternate Fuels 10/14/1988

          Address Archbishop Carroll and All Saints High Schools 10/17/1988

          Photo with Patriarch Michel Sabbah 10/18/1988 - Catholic Patriarch

          Jefferson Educational Foundation 10/19/1988

          Meeting with U.S. Chamber of Commerce Association Insiders 10/2019/88 (KD)

          Meeting with Soviet Refusniks (P) 10/25/1988 Oval Office 1:15 p.m.

          Meeting with American Council for Capital Formation (KD) 10/26/1988

          Whistleblower Protection Act Memorandum of Disapproval 10/26/1988

          Berne Convention Implementation Act (P) Los Angeles, California 10/28/1988

          Receive Simon Wiesenthal Center 1988 Humanitarian Award 10/30/1988 Los Angeles.

          Meeting with National Restaurant Association (Tuck) 11/03/1988

          Signing Ceremony for Genocide Treaty POTUS 11/05/1988 Detroit, Michigan (1)(2)

          Meeting American Stock Exchange (KD) National Press Club 11/09/1988

          Meeting with Cardinal Obando Y Bravo 11/09/1988 [Cancelled]

          Briefing the Heritage Foundation (KD) 11/10/1988

          Briefing for Heritage Foundation President's Club (KD) 11/10/1988

          Remarks at Veterans Day Ceremony 11/11/1988 Vietnam Veterans Memorial

          State Dinner for Prime Minister Thatcher 11/16/1988

          U.S. Chamber of Commerce Address 11/17/1988

          Receive Thanksgiving Turkey 11/18/1988

          Drug Bill Signing Ceremony 11/18/1988 Kranowitz

          Accept Christmas Seals from American Lung Association 11/28/1988

          Meeting with International Electronics Manufacturers (KD) 12/01/1988

          Meeting with MAPI's Presidents Council (KD) 12/02/1988

          Presentation of Chanukah Menorah 12/01/1988

          Signing of Year of the Young Reader 12/05/1988

          Photo with Alzheimer's Association. 12/06/1988

          Photo with Officers of Air Force Association 12/06/1988

          Address American Enterprise Institute's Annual Dinner 12/07/1988

          Human Rights Day Event 12/08/1988

          Photo with National Association of Manufacturers Executive Committee 12/08/1988

          Drop-by Briefing for Business/Government Relations Council 12/13/1988

          National Future Farmers of America 12/17/1987

          Coalition for Fiscal Restraint (KD) 01/09/1989

          Photo w/ Laymen's National Bible Association 01/13/1989

          Knights of Malta Dinner New York City 01/13/1989

          [Constituency Event Planning 1988] (Binder)

          [Event Planning Fall 1988] (Binder)

          [Event re: Mississippi – Undated]



          OA 17725

          Alpha-Chron File A-D (Binder)

          Alpha-Chron File E-Z (Binder)

          Miscellaneous Correspondence

          [Correspondence - Tracking Information June 1988-July 1988] (Binder)

          1986, The White House Correspondence Manual (Binder)