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RIGGS, DOUGLAS A.: Files, 1983-1985 (6.9 l.ft., Boxes 1-18)


Office of Public Liaison: Special Assistant to the President, 1983-1985




Born in Rigby, Idaho in 1944, Douglas A. Riggs received a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in 1966 and a master’s degree in labor relations from West Virginia University in 1967.  He served in the U.S. Army from 1967 to 1970.  Following military service, Riggs attended law school at Cornell University receiving his law degree in 1973. Riggs moved to Anchorage, Alaska to work as an associate in a private law practice where he focused on labor relations and the TransAlaska Pipeline System.  In 1975 he served as General Counsel and subsequently as Executive Director of the Alaska State Housing Authority.  From 1977 to 1979 Mr. Riggs served as Special Counsel and Administrative Assistant to Governor Jay Hammond of Alaska.  In 1980 he was a partner in the law firm Bogle & Gates with a focus on corporate matters, including representation of management in labor relations. 


Riggs replaced Robert Bonatati in the White House Office of Public Liaison in July 1983 as an associate director before being promoted to Special Assistant to the President in November 1983.   Riggs was responsible for liaison between the White House and organized labor, veterans, military service groups, sportsmen, fraternal organizations, nuclear power industry, the maritime industry, the American overseas community and other special constituent groups.  He was responsible for enhancing the relationship between these groups and the White House while developing support for President Reagan and his policies.


Following a nomination by President Reagan and eventual confirmation by the United States Senate in May 1985, Mr. Riggs served as General Counsel of the United States Department of Commerce.  He served as the chief legal officer of the Department and the legal adviser to Secretary Malcolm Baldrige.  His duties included coordinating the legislative and regulatory programs of the Department.  In 1988 Mr. Riggs joined Pitney Bowes Inc. where he served as General Counsel, Secretary, Corporate Communications Officer, and Corporate Planning Officer, and in 1996 became Vice President, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer until 2000.  Currently Mr. Riggs is an attorney at Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi with a specialization in corporate governance. 


Scope and Content


Riggs’ files consists of two series: SERIES I: Correspondence and Memoranda; SERIES II: Subject File.


SERIES I:  CORRESPONDENCE AND MEMORANDA, 1983-1985 (4.3 l.ft., Boxes 1-12)


This series consists of correspondence between Douglas Riggs and various labor, veterans, and government officials regarding invitations to seminars and conferences, introductions, speech drafts, and guest lists.  Some of the topics covered include the Airline Deregulation Act, Law Enforcement Act of 1985; POW/MIAs; presidential reelection of 1984; union protests against apartheid in South Africa; healthcare for American veterans; and presidential messages to various conventions.  Memoranda include internal messages sent to and from Riggs covering automobile imports, trucking deregulation, labor strategies, requests for meetings, schedules, travel plans, and routine administrative matters.  Both filing sets are arranged chronologically.


SEREIS II:  SUBJECT FILE, 1983-1985 (2.6 l.ft., Box 12-18)


This series consists of files regarding the American Legion; economic recovery; the Hobbs Act; information on various national and local labor leaders; labor strategy; maritime issues; the National Labor Relations Board; nuclear power assembly; and schedules.  It is arranged alphabetically.


Container List



          Box 1

          June 1983-September 1983 Incoming Correspondence

          October 1983 Incoming Correspondence (1)(2)

          [November 1983-December 1983 Incoming Correspondence]

          January 1984 Incoming Correspondence

          February 1984 Incoming Correspondence (1)-(4)

          March 1984 Incoming Correspondence (1)-(5)


          Box 2

          April 1984 Incoming Correspondence (1)-(4)

          May 1984 Incoming Correspondence (1)-(4)

          June 1984 Incoming Correspondence (1)-(4)

          July 1984 Incoming Correspondence (1)


          Box 3

          July 1984 Incoming Correspondence (2)(3)

          August 1984 Incoming Correspondence (1)-(4)

          September 1984 Incoming Correspondence (1)(2)

          October 1984 Incoming Correspondence (1)(2)

          November 1984 Incoming Correspondence (1)(2)

          December 1984 Incoming Correspondence (1)(2)


          Box 4

December 1984 Incoming Correspondence (3)

          January 1985 Incoming Correspondence

          February 1985 Incoming Correspondence (1)(2)

          [March 1985 Incoming Correspondence (1)(2)

          [April 1985 Incoming Correspondence]

          July 1983August 1983 Correspondence [Outgoing]

          September 1983 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)-(3)

          October 1983 Correspondence [Outgoing]

          November 1983 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)(2)

          December 1983 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)-(4)


Box 5

January 1984 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)-(4)

          February 1984 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)(2)

          March 1984 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)-(3)

          April 1984 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)-(3)

          May 1984 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)(2)


          Box 6

          May 1984 Correspondence [Outgoing] (3)-(6)

          June 1984 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)-(4)

          July 1984 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)-(3)

          August 1984 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)-(3)


          Box 7

          September 1984 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)-(4)

          October 1984 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)-(6)

          November 1984 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)-(3)


          Box 8

          December 1984 Correspondence [Outgoing]

          January 1985 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)(2)

          February 1985 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)(2)

          March 1985 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)(2)

          April 1985 Correspondence [Outgoing] (1)(2)

          August 1983September 1983 Memorandums (1)(2)

          October 1983 Memorandums (1)-(3)

          November 1983 Memorandums (1)


          Box 9

          November 1983 Memorandums (2)-(4)

          December 1983 Memorandums

          January 1984 Memorandums (1)-(3)

          February 1984 Memorandums (1)-(3)

March 1984 Memorandums (1)-(4)

          April 1984 Memorandums (1)(2)


          Box 10

          May 1984 Memorandums (1)-(5)

          June 1984 Memorandums (1)-(4)

          July 1984 Memorandums (1)(2)

          August 1984 Memorandums (1)-(4)


          Box 11

          September 1984 Memorandums (1)-(4)

          October 1984 Memorandums (1)-(4)

          November 1984 Memorandums (1)-(3)

          December 1984 Memorandums

          January 1985 Memorandums (1)(2)


          Box 12

          February 1985 Memorandums (1)(2)

          March 1985 Memorandums (1)(2)

          April 1985 Memorandums



          Box 12, Continued

Age 60 Rule

          Alaska Pension Funds (1)(2)

          AFLCIO News 11/10/1984 Issue

          [American Legion, New York – 1984 Meeting with Riggs – Petitions] (1)-(8)


          Box 13

          [American Legion, New York – 1984 Meeting with Riggs – Petitions] (9)-(14)

          Armor Piercing Bullet (1)(2)

          Boys Nation/Justis

          Cottage Industry/Antosh

          Davis/Bacon [Davis Bacon Act]

          Economic Recovery Speaking Points (1)(2)

          Fifty Mile Rule (1)(2)


          Fraternal Organizations


          Box 14

          Gift Record of Items Given to Riggs

          Joseph Karel Hasek

          Hobbs Act (1)(2)

          Jaycees (1)(2)

          Labor Appointments (1983-1984)

          Local Labor Leaders (1)-(4)

          List of Labor Leaders (1)-(3)

          Labor Publications

          Labor Strategy (1)-(4)


          Box 15

          Legal Liaison (1)(2)

          Liaison with American Community (1)-(4)

          Maritime (1)-(4)

          Maritime Act of 1983

          Maritime Alaska Bill (1)(2)

          Maritime Boggs Bill

          Maritime CDS (Construction Differential Subsidy) Payback (1)(2)

          [Maritime] Cove Shipping (1)


          Box 16

          [Maritime] Cove Shipping (2)(3)

          Maritime Cunard Bill

          Maritime Notes

          Maritime Reagan/Bush Promises

          Maritime Suggested Policy Goals (1)-(3)

          Maritime: Who is Who

          Mooseheart Information

          MX File (1)(2)

          National Federation of Independent Unions – 04/11/1983

          National Labor Relations Act

          National Labor Relations Board (1)-(3)


Box 17

          National League of Postmasters

          Nuclear Power Assembly Meeting (1)-(3)

          History of Old Executive Building

          Operating Differential Subsidy

          Pershing Hall

          Phelps/Dodge Teamsters

          Private Organization List

          Projected Schedules (09/16/198301/12/1984)

          Projected Schedules (01/13/198402/05/1984)

          Projected Schedules (02/06/198403/01/1984)

          Projected Schedules (03/02/198403/11/1984)

          Projected Schedules (03/12/198409/13/1984)

          Rotary International

          Schedule Proposals (03/08/198302/26/1984)

          Schedule Proposals (02/27/198405/11/1984)

          Sportsmen’s Groups

          Taxi Vouchers

          Travel Vouchers (1)(2)


Box 18

Travel Vouchers (3)-(6)

United Mine Workers

          Voting Rights of Military Personnel