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RISQUE, NANCY: Files, 1981-1986

Office of Legislative Affairs, 1981-1986

Office of Cabinet Secretary, Cabinet Secretary, 1987-1988, see separate inventory

OA 12596

Corporate Takeovers (1)(2)

1982 Legislative Outlook (1)(2)

Legislative Reports [October 1983-September 1984]

H.R. 4033 - S. 1429 [Briefing Materials]

Enterprise Zones

Fair Housing

Superfund (1)-(3)

Tuition Tax Credits


Central America Briefings


Youth Employment Opportunity Wage Act of 1984

YEOW 1985 (Youth Employment Opportunity Wage Act )(1)(2)

[Women's Issues] (1)-(5)

"A Woman's Influence"

[50 States Project Report - 11/13/1984]

Wednesday Group

Women-Related Action Items

[Women's Issues]

[Grove City]

Correspondence - Members

Correspondence - Miscellaneous

[Equal Rights Amendment]

Fifty States Project


Legal Equity


Cabinet Council / Cabinet Meetings

Child Support Enforcement

[Drug Enforcement During the Reagan Administration, 08/30/1984]

[1986 Budget Background Primer -- Prepared at the Request of the Senate Majority


[Women: Economic Equity Issues - 1983]

Drug Abuse Update [April 1983]

Legal Equity Task Force

Briefing Book - SPAA - James T. Broyhill

OA 12598

Women's Issues - 1983 (Binder)

Presidential Letter to Newt Gingrich - Lessons of Grenada Week

Pres. Awards for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching, 1985


Textiles: Textiles

Legislative Point of View - 1985

Congressional Business - 1985

Request for the Establishment of a Dept. of International Trade and Industry

Line Item Veto Legislation

H.R. 1616, Labor-Management Notification and Consultation Act of 1985

S. 812, Financial Export Control Act

Dade County, Florida Elected Officials Meeting Regarding Immigration

OCS Moratorium

School Prayer Amendment

Defense Authorization Bill -- Nickles/Gramm Amend. - Admin. Position

Natural Gas

Congressman Tommy Hartnett - Duck Print Autographs

Women (1)(2)

[Women's Issues]

Mike Deaver

MKD - Fiedler/Sexual Assault Legislation

CRS Report: Women in the Armed Forces

Grove City/Civil Rights (1)-(3)

Schneider - Title IX

Snowe Commission on Comparable Worth

Comparable Worth [1984-1985]

MKD - Budget Letter


Women's Groups: WEAL, NOW

Women's Business Ownership Committee

Women -Related Information

White House Publications

Comparable Worth

Title IX - Grove City

Collective Ideas

Tax Equity

Private Sector

Spokespersons / Suggestions and Ideas

Speech Material for Risque

Ronald Reagan Remarks

Legislation - Economic Equity Act of 1985

Pension Equity

[Administration. Efforts on Behalf of Women]

OA 13692

[Chron Files - January 1984]

[Chron Files - February 1984]

[Chron Files - March 1984]

[Chron Files - April 1984]

[Chron Files - May 1984]

[Chron Files - June 1984]

[Chron Files - July 1984]

[Chron Files - August 1984]

[Chron Files - September 1984]

[Chron Files - October 1984]

[Chron Files - November 1984]

[Chron Files - December 1984]

Chron Files - January 1985

Chron Files - February 1985

Chron Files - March 1985

Chron Files - April 1985

Chron Files - May 1985

Chron Files - June 1985

Chron Files - July 1985

Chron Files - August 1985

Chron Files - September 1985

Chron Files - October 1985

Chron Files - November 1985

Chron Files - December 1985

Chron Files - January 1986

Chron Files - February 1986

Chron Files - March 1986

Chron Files - April 1986

Chron Files - May 1986

[Weekly Minder 1984]

[Weekly Minder 1985]

[Weekly Minder 1986]