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RISQUE, NANCY J.:  Files, 1987‑1989 


Office of Legislative Affairs, 1981‑1986 ‑ see separate inventory

Office of Cabinet Secretary, Cabinet Secretary, 1987‑1989


The following container list is the result of a preliminary arrangement and description completed by the Library on this collection in 1990 and redone in 2012.  This is the Risque Cabinet Secretary collection.  Please see a separate inventory for the Risque Legislative Affairs collection.




OA 14962

February 1987 Chron - Nancy Risque

March 1987 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)(2)

April 1987 Chron (04/01/1987-04/05/1987)

April 1987 Chron (04/06/1987-04/07/1987)

April 1987 Chron (04/07/1987-04/08/1987)

April 1987 Chron (04/09/1987-04/13/1987)

April 1987 Chron (04/14/1987-04/16/1987)

April 1987 Chron (04/16/1987-04/19/1987)

April 1987 Chron (04/20/1987-04/21/1987)

April 1987 Chron (04/22/1987-04/23/1987)

April 1987 Chron (04/24/1987-04/28/1987)

April 1987 Chron (04/28/1987-04/29/1987)

May 1987 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)‑(3)

June 1987 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)‑(4)

July 1987 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)‑(3)

August 1987 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)‑(3)


OA 15522

September 1987 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)(2)

October 1987 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)(2)

November 1987 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)(2)

December 1987 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)‑(3)

January 1988 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)‑(3)

February 1988 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)‑(4)

March 1988 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)‑(3)


OA 15624

April 1988 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)‑(3)

May 1988 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)(2)

June 1988 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)(2)

July 1988 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)(2)

August 1988 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)(2)

[August 1988 Risque Planning Notebook] (1)-(3)

September 1988 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)(2)

October 1988 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)(2)

November 1988 Chron - Nancy Risque (1)(2)

December 1988 Chron - Nancy Risque



OA 16066

Acid Rain (1)-(5)

Acid Rain 1986 (1)-(3)

Acid Rain (01/01/1987-02/23/1987)

Acid Rain (02/24/1987-03/03/1987)

Acid Rain (03/04/1987)

Acid Rain (03/05/1987-03/09/1987)

Acid Rain (03/09/1987-03/16/1987)

Acid Rain (03/17/1987-04/04/1987)

Acid Rain (04/05/1987-04/30/1987)

Acid Rain (05/01/1987-09/30/1987)

Acid Rain (09/30/1987-10/22/1987)

Acid Rain (10/22/1987-10/31/1987)

Acid Rain (10/31/1987)

Acid Rain (November 1987)

Acid Rain (December 1987)

Acid Rain 1988 (01/01/1988-01/10/1988)

Acid Rain 1988 (01/11/1988-01/19/1988)

Acid Rain 1988 (01/20/1988) (1)-(3)

Acid Rain 1988 (01/21/1988-01/22/1988)

Acid Rain 1988 (01/22/1988-01/31/1988)

Acid Rain 1988 (February 1988-March 1988)

Acid Rain 1988 (March 1988-June 1988)

Acid Rain 1988 (04/01/1988-04/25/1988)

Acid Rain 1988 (04/26/1988-04/30/1988)

Acid Rain – [US-Canada Bilateral Advisory and Consultative Group on

          Transboundary Air Pollution (BACG)] (1)(2)

Action Items – Nancy Risque      


Administration Policy Statement 06/03/1988 

Adoption Policy Development

Adoption Task Force

[Agency Plans May 1988 –September 1988]     

Agency Activities Plan – August 1988 – End of Administration (Binder)   

Agent Orange        

Agriculture, 1986  

Agriculture, March 1987 (1)(2)

Agriculture, April 1987

Agriculture, May 1987 (1)-(3)

Agriculture, June 1987

Agriculture, July 1987-August 1987

Agriculture, September 1987-October 1987

Agriculture, November 1987-December 1987

Agriculture, January 1988-April 1988

Agriculture, May 1988 (1)(2)

Agriculture, June 1988

Agriculture, July 1988 (1)-(3)

Agriculture, August 1988-November 1988

Agriculture: Forest Fires

Agriculture – [Meat Processing] Rules

Agriculture Missions (Hong Kong & Philippines) Report (1)(2)

Agriculture – [Soybean Program]

Agriculture – [USDA Regulation Implementation]

Agriculture – [Wheat Program]

AIDS, November 1986-January 1987 (1)(2)

AIDS, March 1987 (1)-(9)

AIDS, April 1987 (1)-(3)

AIDS, May 1987 (1)‑(6)

AIDS, June 1987‑July 1987 (1)-(3)

AIDS, August 1987 (1)(2)

AIDS, September 1987 (1)(2)

AIDS, October 1987-November 1987

AIDS, December 1987 (1)-(4)

AIDS, January 1988‑February 1988

AIDS, March 1988-May 1988

AIDS, June 1988-July 1988

AIDS, August 1988 (1)(2)

AIDS, September 1988

AIDS Commission (1)-(13)

AIDS Discrimination Memo from Bob Kruger (1)-(3)

AIDS [DPC Meetings; Memos of Record] (Binder) (1)-(9)

AIDS: Institute Pasteur/HHS (1)-(3)

AIDS Mailing (1)-(5)

AIDS Mailing – Draft Documents Never Sent (1)(2)

[AIDS - Quarterly Report – 06/30/1988]

[AIDS - Quarterly Report - 09/30/1988]

AIDS [1987 Presidential Decisions/06/09/1987Action Plan] (Binder) (1)(2)

AIDS Veterans


Aircraft Support for Ambassador Walters

[Alaska North Slope Gas Exports]

American-Arab Affairs, Summer 1988

Amorphous Metals

Annual Productivity Award

AT&T in Japan

Ayer Public Relations and Publicity Style Book


Bankruptcy Bill (S 903)


Beryllium Letter‑‑FYI [Empty]


Bledsoe, Ralph – Trip Report

Bork, Judge Robert

Brazil Informatics (1)(2)

Brazil Pharmaceutical Retaliation (1)-(3)

Briefing Papers


Budget: OMB – Budget Letters

OCA Budget

[Budget‑‑] Travel/Entertainment

[Cabinet Affairs Briefing for H. Baker] (1)-(4)

Cabinet Affairs Initiatives

Cabinet Biographies and Press Releases

Cabinet Breakfasts

Cabinet Council Reorganization

[Cabinet Issues‑‑Weekly Update, 12/31/1987]

Cabinet Meeting

Cabinet Meeting ‑ Part  2

Cabinet Meetings

Cabinet Members List

Cabinet Photo

Canada Free Trade Agreement (FTA) - Transmittal

Canada Free Trade Agreement (FTA) – Implementation (1)(2)

Canada Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Thank You Letters

Catastrophic Illness

Central America State of the Union Insert

Child Care I



Child Care II

Child Care Working Group

Child Protection and Obscenity

Clean Coal Technology


Commerce: Verity’s Trip to Japan

[Commerce and Trade, August 1988‑January 1989]



Consumer Product Safety Commission (1)-(7)

Convention 1988

Corporate Sentencing (1)(2)




[Diskette and Index - IBMIRD]

DPC Issues [Re: AIDS, Lease/Purchase‑Federal Buildings, Legal Immigration

 Reform, NOx, Nuclear Power, Privatization, Proposition 65] (Binder) (1)-(7)

[DPC/EPC, Agenda and Minutes]

DPC 1986 Review and 1987 Plans

DPC 1987

DPC 1987 Review and 1988 Plans

[Domestic Policy Council, 03/22/1988 – Adoption & AIDS] (1)-(3)

DPC – 05/11/1988

Domestic Policy Council, 06/09/1988 – The Family

DPC Meeting 06/22/1988 – Nuclear Power

[Domestic Policy Council, 07/26/1988 – AIDS]

DPC – 07/27/1988

DPC Weekly Updates



Drug Policy Abuse Office (1)(2)

Drug Policy Board


          OA 18381

Economic Bill of Rights

Economic Expansion

Economic Policy Council

EPC Weekly Updates

EPC/DPC - Part One

EPC/DPC - Part Two

[Economic Policy Council (EPC) Meeting, 04/24/1987 –Talking Points for “the New


Economic Policy Council (EPC) Meeting, 09/10/1987 [re: 301 Issues –

          Telecommunications, Japan Kansai Airport Construction, Korean Insurance

          Practices] (1)(2)

Economic Policy Council (EPC) Meeting, 09/16/1987 [re: Canada Free Trade


Economic Policy Council (EPC) Meeting, 09/17/1987 [re: Steel Pensions,


Economic Policy Council (EPC) Meeting, 05/04/1988 [re: Trade Assistance –

          Philippines, US-USSR Commercial Mission

Economic Policy Council (EPC) Meeting, 05/13/1988 [re: OECD Ministerial]

EPC Weekly Report 06/03/1988

Economic Policy Council (EPC) Meeting, 06/17/1988 [re: Pending Trade Disputes,

          Brazil Informatics, Toronto Summit]

Economic Policy Council (EPC) Meeting, 08/09/1988 [re: Meat Import Act, EC’s

          Internal Market, US-Japan Free Trade, Drought Policy Committee Report] (1)(2)

Economic Policy Council (EPC) Meeting, 09/07/1988 [Re: Export Licenses for Satellites

          to China]

EPC Legislative Briefing (Binder)

EPC in U.S.-Japan High Level Committee

EPC Memos and Miscellaneous Materials

EPC Staff Security Clearance

Economic Summit

Education (March 1987-04/16/1987)

Education (04/17/1987-04/30/1987)

Education (05/01/1987-05/04/1987)

Education (05/05/1987-05/31/1987)

Education (June 1987-August 1987)

Education (September 1987-December 1987)

Education (January 1988-March 1988)

Education (April 1988)

Education (May 1988-November 1988)

Education – Education After Bennett

Education – Possible Education Events (1)(2)

Education – President’s Trip to Chattanooga, 05/19/1987 (1)(2)

Education – [Topic at Economic Policy Council Meetings, 12/17/1987 & 12/18/1987]

Education – “What Works” (1)-(4)


Emergency Management

Energy (January 1987-May 1987)

Energy (June 1987) (1)(2)

Energy (July 1987-10/28/1987)

Energy (10/29/1987-January 1988)

Energy (February 1988-June 1988)

Energy (July 1988-November 1988)

Energy (December 1988-January 1989)

Energy Security (1)-(5)

Energy Security: Energy Security Review (March 1987) (1)(2)

Enrolled Bills Update

Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency: Stratospheric Ozone Depletion Summary

Environmental Protection Agency: Stratospheric Ozone Depletion Summary: Stratospheric Ozone

Environmental Protection Agency: Stratospheric Ozone Depletion Summary: Ground

          Level Ozone

Environmental Protection Agency: EPA

Environmental Protection Agency: EPA – Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Environmental Protection Agency: EPA Statement on CFC Reduction

European Community Pasta


Fairness Doctrine

Family Issues

Family Report

Family Report: DPC Meeting on the Family Report

Family Report: DPC Family

[Press Releases re: Family Report]

Comments on the Family Report (1)-(3)

Family Executive Order

Federal Child Care Legislation Background Material

Federal Emergency Management Agency


          OA 18382

Federal Employee Safety and Health

Federal Employment Dispute Study

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) [Canada-US Natural Gas Pricing


[Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation]

Federalism Executive Order

Female Appointees

Fetal Experimentation

Fetal Research


Food Security Wheat Program

FYI Cong. Letter on Savannah River

Freedom of Information Act


Gasper: Jo Ann Gasper – G. Bauer

Gasper: Jo Ann Gasper


General Services Administration (GSA)

General Services Administration: GSA – Peace Corps

General System of Preferences (GSP) (March 1987-April 1987)

General System of Preferences (GSP) (May 1987-November 1987)

General System of Preferences (GSP) (December 1987-January 1988)

Global Climate Change

Government in the Year 2000: Government 2000

Grace Commission

Grain Acreage Reduction

Hazardous Waste, 1987

Hazardous Waste, 1988 (1)(2)

Harmonized System [International Trade]

Health and Human Services (HHS) (March 1987)

Health and Human Services (HHS) (April 1987)

Health and Human Services (HHS) (May 1987) (1)(2)

Health and Human Services (HHS) (June 1987-07/14/1987)

Health and Human Services (HHS) (07/15/1987-07/31/1987)

Health and Human Services (HHS) (August 1987-October 1987)

Health and Human Services (HHS) (November 1987)

Health and Human Services (HHS) (December 1987)

Health and Human Services (HHS) (January 1988-February 1988)

Health and Human Services (HHS) (March 1988-May 1988)

Health and Human Services (HHS) (June 1988-December 1988)

Health and Human Services (HHS) – Report to the President – President’s Child Safety


Health Policy

Hodel Fire Briefing

Homeless, 1986

Homeless: Homeless I

Homeless: Homeless II

Homeless: Homeless III

Homeless: Materials from Susan Baker

Homeless Report

[House of Representatives - Rules and Procedures]

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (April 1987-July 1987)

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (August 1987-September 1987)

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (October 1987-March 1988)

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (April 1988-July 1988)

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (August 1988-October 1988)


Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) – [Anne Brusselmans]

Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) – [Nicaraguan Refugees, Extended

          Voluntary Departure (EVD)] (1)(2)

Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) – [Seasonal Agricultural Workers)

[India and Intellectual Property] (Action)

Interior (January 1987-April 1987)

Interior (May 1987-June 1987)

Interior (July 1987-August 1987)

Interior (September 1987-April 1988)

Interior (May 1988-August 1988)

Interior (September 1988-January 1989)

Interior – Minerals Management Service – Information Kit, April 1987

Iran-Contra Affair, Report of the Congressional Committees Investigating the


Japan Trade Series - CBS Dan Rather (Video Tape – Stored in A/V for Preservation)

Japanese Semiconductor Market Access


Justice: Bork

Kansai Airport (1)(2)

Dr. Koop [Abortion & AIDS]

Labor (March 1987-05/15/1987)

Labor (05/16/1987-05/20/1987)

Labor (05/21/1987-October 1987)

Labor (November 1987-January 1988)

Labor (02/01/1988-02/14/1988)

Labor (02/15/1988-02/19/1988) (1)(2)

Labor (02/20/1988-April 1988)

Labor (May 1988-August 1988)

Labor – Child Care and Mrs. Reagan/Hatch Child Care Issues (1)(2)

Labor – Polygraph (1)(2)

Lease Purchase - I

Lease‑Purchase – II

Legal and Regulatory Policies

Legal Immigration Reform

Legislative Affairs

[Legislative Agenda FY 1988] (1)‑(4)

[Legislative Issues 12/22/1987]

Letters of Commendation

Jeff Lewis’ Offer to Help Bush

Long Term Grains Agreement / Wheat Sales to the Soviet Union


OA 18383

Low Income Opportunity

Marine Debris

Marine Debris - Task Force Report

Meat Hormone Ban – U.S. – European Community

Medal of Freedom Nominations

Medicare Issue: Kidney Dialysis

Meeting with Judge Webster

Mess Bills

Mexican Motor Carrier Licenses


Monkey Research Memo from Mac

Moody Brothers

[Moscow Summit]

Mount Rushmore

NASA (March 1987-June 1987)

NASA (July 1987-August 1987)

NASA (September 1987-04/20/1988)

NASA (04/21/1988-June 1988)

NASA (July 1988-September 1988)

NASA: Events, Etc.

NASA: Ozone Press Conference

NASA: Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Commercially Developed Space Facility


NASA: RFP for CDSF:  Dawson Memo

NASA: Space Station Material (1)-(4)

NASA Briefing Book (1)-(3)

NASA – Photos

National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program - Draft Assessment Plan

National Contingent Plan Risk Range

National Drug Policy Board

National Guard

National Security Council (NSC)

National Security Council (NSC): INF Ratification

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Protocol I

Nitrogen Oxides Protocol II (1)-(5)

Nonwoven Gas Filter Elements

Nuclear Power: Nuclear Power Plant Safety and [Proposed NRC Licensing Changes]


Nuclear Power: Nuclear Power Plants – [Executive Order] (1)-(6)

Nuclear Reactor [Hanford, WA]

Nuclear Waste Negotiator

Nutrition Monitoring




Office of Personnel Management

Office of Personnel Management: OPM

Office of the Chief of Staff

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation (Binder)

Outdoor Recreation (Binder): DPC 01/20/1988


OA 18682

Outdoor Recreation Resources

[Ozone, June 1987]

Ozone Layer Protection (1)(2)


Parental Leave

Parental Role in Education

[Status Report on Parental Role Working Group] (1)(2)

[Paris Air Show – Transport of Voyager]

Patent and Trademark Infringement

[Photo Requests]

[Post-Election Activities 1988-1989]

Presidential Management Initiative

Presidential Proclamations/Decisions

Presidential Rank Awards

President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency

President's Export Council

President’s Weekly Update, 09/25/1987- Nancy Risque’s Copy


Proposition 65

Puerto Rico

Reagan Library

Reagan Record Project

Reflective Sheeting Case

Rice [1988 Section 301 Case] (1)-(4)

Scheduling Meetings and Memos

Scheduling Meetings and Memos: Scheduling Meetings

Scheduling Meetings and Memos: Scheduling Meetings: Issue Related Events

Scheduling Recommendations

Science and Technology Policy, Office of

Science and Technology with Japan

Section 301 Actions


Shakes and Shingles


Small Business Administration

Space, 1987

Space, 1988

Space: China Launch Project

Space Commercialization (1)-(6)

Space Debris (1)(2)


OA 19395

Space: National Space Policy

Space Station (1)(2)

Staff Memos

OCA Staff Mess Bills


State Dinners

State Dinners: State Dinners

State Dinners: In Performance

State of the Union - 1988


Steel Pensions

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan: EPC/DPC Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan: Santa Barbara Strategy

Strategic Plan: Cabinet Meeting 04/07/1987

Stratospheric Ozone (1)-(9)

Stratospheric Ozone [August 1987-September 1987] (1)(2)

Stratospheric Ozone Protocol (1)(2)

Sugar (1)(2)

Summit [G7 Economic Summit Venice 1987]

Summit [Venice]: Pre-Summit Ideas

Superconductivity (1)-(4)

Superconductivity – Super Collider (1)(2)

Supreme Court

Surrogate Speakers

Telecommunications (1)(2)

[Television – High Definition]

Title X

Toronto Summit Briefing, 06/14/1988

Tort Policy Working Group

Trade (March 1987-04/08/1987)

Trade (04/08/1987-04/19/1987)

Trade (04/20/1987-04/30/1987)

Trade (May 1987-06/16/1987)

Trade (06/16/1987-06/30/1987)

Trade (July 1987-September 1987)

Trade (October 1987-November 1987)

Trade Law Executive Order (Empty)

Trade Law: EO Implementing the Trade Act

Trade Legislation – Senate 1987 (Binder) (1)(2)

Trade – Legislative Strategy Group (LSG) re: [1987 Trade Bill] (1)(2)

Trade/Trade Legislation (1)-(7)

Transportation (February 1987-September 1987)

Transportation (October 1987-01/27/1988)

Transportation (01/28/1988) (1)-(3)

Transportation (01/29/1988-June 1988

Transportation (July 1988-January 1989)

Travel / Leave

Travel / Leave: OCA Leave: OCA Leave Requests

Travel / Leave: OCA Leave: Requesting Leave



U.S -Canada Summit (1)(2)

U.S.-China Satellites

[U. S. Open Investment Policy – NSSD 8-87]

[U.S -Soviet Issues]

U.S. Trade Representative (July 1987-October 1987)

U.S. Trade Representative (November 1987-December 1987)

U.S. Trade Representative (January 1988-March 1988)

U.S. Trade Representative (April 1988-August 1988)

U.S. Trade Representative (September 1988-January 1989)

U.S. Trade Representative: Yeutter Memo on EPC Chair [International Trade

          Reorganization, 1988] (1)-(3)

Urban Education Foundation – Note from Joe Wright to Cavazos

Uruguay Round

Veterans Administration: VA as Cabinet Department (1)(2)

Veterans Administration (1)-(5)

Veterans Administration – Part Two (1)-(3)

Veterans Administration – Part Two: VA AIDS Testing

Welfare Reform

Whaling Sanctions April 1988

Whistle Blower

White House Fellow (Readinger)

White House Fellows

White House Summit Group - 06/07/1988


[Women’s Issues]

Work Force Quality

World Ocean Agreement