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RIZZUTO, CHRISTOPHER: Files, 1981-1984


Public Affairs, White House Office of


OA 10653

Bob Jones University / Goldsboro School

Enterprise Zones / Administration Proposal March 1982 (1)-(3)

Information on Urban Renewal etc.

Enterprise Zones (1)-(5)

Health Care Reforms 1983

Mount St. Helens

Natural Gas Deregulation

Employment Act of 1983

Export Trading Companies 1982

Youth Minimum Wage (empty)


Selective Service

Job Training

Balanced Budget Amendment

American Industries

New Federalism 1982

Social Security [1]

Social Security [2]


OA 10654

State and Local Government

Case Work / Special Projects

Reagan / Republican Party Politics

Reagan Interviews

RR Interview Cruzada Spanish Publications September 1983

RR Interview / First Monday September 1982

Reagan Appointments

Reagan Speeches 1982


Private Sector Survey of Cost Control in the Federal Government

Regulatory Relief 1982

Council on Integrity and Efficiency / OMB

Cabinet Councils


Odds and Ends

Gergen: General Materials For

Republican National Committee "Talking Points"

Congressman Ed Weber


Child Care / HHS Baby Doe Regulations 1983


OA 10655

Budget FY 1983 [1]

Budget FY 1983 [2]

President's Briefing Book 11/10/1981 Press Conference

Reagan Press Conference 02/18/1982

President's Press Conference 06/30/1982

President's Press Conference 07/28/1982

Cabinet Council Papers [Empty]

Reagan Briefing Book 10/01/1981 Press Conference

RR Press Conference 09/28/1982

President's Press Conference 03/31/1982


Clean Air Act (EPA)

Clean Air Act General

Domestic Issues Briefing