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ROBINSON, PETER M.: Files, 1983-1988


Speechwriting, White House Office of – Speechwriter




Peter M. Robinson was born in 1957 and grew up in Vestal, New York.


In 1979, Robinson graduated summa cum laude from Dartmouth College.  He majored in English. He went on to study politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford University.  Robinson graduated from Oxford in 1982.


Robinson began his service in the White House as the chief speechwriter for Vice President George Bush from 1982-1983. In 1983, he was hired as a Special Assistant to the President and a member of the speechwriting staff.  He served on the Speechwriting staff from 1983-1988.


After leaving the White House, Robinson attended the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. He graduated with an MBA in 1990. The journal he kept as a student formed the basis for his best-selling business book, Snapshots from Hell: the Making of an MBA, 1994.


At the conclusion of graduate school Robinson spent a year in New York City with Fox Television, reporting to the owner of the company, Rupert Murdoch. He spent a second year in Washington, D.C., with the Securities and Exchange Commission, where he served as the director of the Office of Public Affairs, Policy Evaluation, and Research.


Peter M. Robinson joined the Hoover Institute as a research fellow in 1993. At the Hoover Institution, he writes about business and politics, edits Hoover's quarterly journal, the Hoover Digest and hosts Hoover's vidcast program, Uncommon Knowledge.


Robinson has also authored two additional books: How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life, Reagan Books, 2003) and It's My Party: A Republican's Messy Love Affair with the GOP, Warner, 2000.


As an author of numerous essays and interviews, Robinson has published in the New York Times, Red Herring, and Forbes ASAP, the Wall Street Journal, and National Review Online. He is the editor of Can Congress Be Fixed?: Five Essays on Congressional Reform (Hoover Institution Press, 1995).


In 2005, Robinson was elected to serve as a Trustee of Dartmouth College.


Robinson lives in northern California with his wife, their children and their dog, Crusoe.



This collection contains five series.  While it includes speeches by the Vice President, the material does not appear to be from Robinson’s time working for Vice President Bush, 1982-1983.


SERIES I: SPEECH DRAFTS, 1983-1988 (4.2 l.f., Boxes 1-11)


This series consists of material authored by Peter Robinson for remarks, speeches and tapings given by President Reagan and the occasional speech by White House staff members.  The majority of folders simply contain the finished product – either the press release version of the remarks or the President’s teleprompter copy.  For larger “topic” speeches they may contain some edits and various drafts.  The material is arranged in chronological order of the remarks, speeches and tapings. It begins with an RNC Luncheon in September 1983 and concludes with in address in June 1988. More detailed drafting of Robinson speeches can be found in the Office of the Speechwriting: Speech Drafts.


SERIES II: SUBJECT FILES, 1983-1988 (2.2 l.f., Boxes 11-17)


This series consists of material related to general subjects.  It is mostly dated from 1983-1988, but does include a few pre-1983 items including Reagan’s two most used speeches from the 1960s and book excerpts. The material consists of newspaper clippings, magazine articles and publications from the Department of State.  It also contains a number of subject review papers and memos from the Office of Public Affairs, the Office of Management and Budget, other White House offices, Congress, the Republican Party and other outside agencies. Included are handwritten notes of Robinson meetings with various staff members including Lyn Nofziger and Don Regan. It also includes quotes and joke files. In only a few instances are included drafts or speech ideas for a particular subject.  The material is arranged in alphabetical order by subject.


SERIES III: REFERENCE FILES, 1983-1988 (0.6 l.f., Boxes 17-19)


This series consists of material specific to certain speeches.  The folders may contain Peter Robinson handwritten notes regarding a topic or specific speech, copies of some drafts, the final version of the speech and newspaper clippings on the reaction to the speech.  It also contains input from outside sources similar to Series II regarding a specific speech. The material is arranged alphabetically.


SERIES IV: CHRONOLOGICAL FILES, 1984-1987 (0.1 l.f., Box 19)


This series consists of outgoing memos and correspondence to White House offices, public citizens and personal contacts.  The material was removed from two 3-ring binders and foldered. Binder #1 (03/27/1985-10/28/1985) also contained a few news clippings, and speech drafts.  The material is arranged in chronological order.


SERIES V: PERSONAL FILES, 1983-1988 (0.1 l.f., Box 19)


This series consists of personal material relative to Peter Robinson.  It includes personal correspondence, notes on personal meetings, and notes on personal Catholic retreats.  It also includes folders on possible outside employment in the private sector.  The material is arranged alphabetically.




SERIES I: Speech Drafts. 1983-1988

          Box 1

          Luncheon with Members of the Republican National Committee, 09/16/1983

          Briefing for RKO Executives, 10/03/1983

          Radio Address by the President to the Nation, Camp David 10/15/1983

          Taping: Texas GOP Fundraiser, 10/26/1983

          Texas Fundraiser – VIP Reception 10/27/1983 [Not Used]

          Texas Fundraiser (Dallas, Texas), 10/27/1983 [Not Used]

          Signing Ceremony for HHS/Labor Appropriations Bill, 10/31/1983

          Taping: Federal Office Automation Conference 10/31/1983

          Signing Ceremony for Martin Luther King Holiday Legislation (Robinson) 11/02/1983

          Reagan / Bush Reunion, 11/03/1983

          Announcement of Philadelphia Urban Education Foundation Project, 11/07/1983

          Taping: Operation Opportunity Conference Sponsored by OPIC, 11/07/1983

          Remarks: Reception for American & Japanese Businessmen (Japan), 11/10/1983

          Toast: P.M. Luncheon (Tokyo, Japan), 11/10/1983

          Remarks: Swearing In Ceremony for Susan Phillips, Chairman of the Commodity Futures

                   Trading Commission, 11/17/1983

          Signing Ceremony for H.R. 2780 State and Local Fiscal Assistance Amendments of

                   1983, 11/30/1983

          Kennedy Center Honors Reception, 12/04/1983

          American Enterprise Institute Dinner Dropby, 12/08/1983

          Remarks: American Enterprise Institute Dinner Dropby, 12/08/1983

          Presidential Address: National Forum on Excellence in Education, 12/08/1983

          Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Week, 12/13/1983

          Briefing for Gannett Editors, 12/14/1983

          Briefing for Gannett Editors, 12/14/1983 [Empty]

          Radio Address by the President, 12/31/1983

          Radio Address, 12/31/1983

          Radio Address: To the Nation, Camp David, 01/07/1984

          Briefing for Business Leaders Departing for Grenada, 01/09/1984

          Lunch with Elected GOP Women Officials, 01/13/1984

          Executive Forum on Third Anniversary of the Reagan Administration, 01/20/1984

          Opening of the National Theater, 01/23/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Senate Republican Policy Committee Lunch, 01/24/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Breakfast with House Republican Members, 01/27/1984

          Presidential Remarks: To House and Senate Republicans, 02/02/1984

          Signing Ceremony: Black History Month, 02/02/1984

          National Association of Secondary School Principals, Las Vegas, NV, 02/07/1984

          Public Papers of the President, 02/08/1984

          Susan B. Anthony Birthday Party, 02/15/1984 [Empty]

          Taping: Radio Information for the Blind, 02/16/1984 [Empty]

          Taping: Automotive Service Industry Association, 02/16/1984

          Taping: Radio Information Center for the Blind, 02/16/1984

          Taping: Automotive Service Industry Association, 02/16/1984 [Empty]

          Presidential Remarks: Luncheon with Elected GOP Women Officials, 02/17/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Toast Princess Grace Foundation Benefit, 02/21/1984

          Signing Ceremony for Expendable Launch Vehicle Executive Order, 02/24/1984

          State Visit: President Kirchschlaenger of Austria Arrival Ceremony State Dinner and

                   Entertainment 02/28/1984

          Briefing for National Alliance of Senior Citizens, 02/29/1984

          Lunch with Elected GOP Women Officials, 03/02/1984

          Address: Remarks of the President at the 42nd Annual Convention of the National

                   Association of Evangelicals, 03/06/1984

          Address the National Association of Evangelicals Columbus, Ohio, 03/06/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Young Leadership Conference of the United Jewish Appeal,


          Fundraiser for Frank Wolf (Deaver’s Remarks) 03/13/1984

          Presidential Remarks: State of Small Business, 03/19/1984

          Presidential Talking Points: The Recovery, Senate Republican Policy Committee,


          Taping: American Advertising Federation, 03/23/1984

          NRSC’s Inner Circle Reception, 03/26/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Women Business Owners of New York, 04/05/1984

          Signing Ceremony for Fair Housing Month, 04/10/1984

          Signing Ceremony for the Agricultural Programs Adjustment Act of 1984, 04/10/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Dropby Fundamentalist 1984 Convention, 04/13/1984 [Not Used]

          Taping: A.I.D. Small Business Conference, 04/16/1984

          Taping: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting, 04/16/1984

          Taping: Chicago World Trade Conference, 04/16/1984

          Presidential Remarks: CCTV Questions and Answers, 04/28/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Reception with the American Community (China), 04/28/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Reciprocal Banquet – Great Wall Hotel (China), 04/28/1984


          Box 2

          Presidential Remarks: Toast at the Dinner Honoring Premier Zhao Siyang, 04/28/1984

          Presidential Taping: National Red Cross Annual Meeting, 05/07/1984

          Presidential Taping: National Right to Life Convention, 05/07/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Reception for Senate – House Dinner Committee, 05/10/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Senate – House Dinner, 05/10/1984 [Empty]

          Presidential Remarks: Mother’s Day Event at the Jeanne Jugan Residence, 05/13/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Dropby for White House News Photographers Dinner, 05/16/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Reception for the Republican National Heritage Groups Council,


          Presidential Taping: National Exchange Club’s Convention, 05/21/1984

          Presidential Taping: Catholic Health Association Meeting, 05/22/1984

          Presidential Taping: D-Day Remarks for French Television, 05/22/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Meeting with Reagan – Bush Supporters, Colorado Springs, CO,


          Presidential Taping: American Cancer Society Fundraiser 05/13/1984

          Presidential Taping: Washington Charity Dinner, 05/31/1984

          Presidential Taping: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Benefit Dinner, 05/31/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Toast for Luncheon with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip,


          Presidential Remarks: Dropby Briefing for National Council of Farmer Cooperatives,


          Presidential Taping: Reagan Roundup, 06/14/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Opening Day for the International Games for the Disabled, Nassau

                   City, New York, 06/17/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Signing Ceremony for Wilderness Legislation, 06/19/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Dropby Briefing for Black Appointees, 06/25/1984 [Empty]

          Presidential Taping: National Computer Conference, 06/26/1984 [Empty]

          Presidential Remarks: Lunch with Republican Women, Elected Officials and Candidates,


          Presidential Remarks: 50th Anniversary of the Duck Stamp, 07/03/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Regional Press Briefing Luncheon for Editors and Broadcasters,


          Presidential Taping: Public Service Announcement for United Negro College Fund,


          Presidential Remarks: National Campers and Hikers Association Campvention,


          Presidential Remarks: Signing Ceremony for Drinking Age Legislation, 07/17/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Greet Girls’ Nation Group, 07/20/1984

          Presidential Taping: North American Council on Adoptable Children, 07/23/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Greet American Legion Boys’ Nation, 07/23/1984 [Empty]

          Presidential Remarks: Dropby Southern Strategy Session, Atlanta, Georgia, 07/25/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Reception for Women Appointees in Commemoration of

                   Women’s Equality Day, 08/26/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Visit Jefferson Junior High School, 08/27/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Address Award Winning Secondary Schools, 08/27/1984

          Presidential Address: B’Nai B’rith International Convention, 09/06/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Dropby Briefing for Women Executives of Major Corporations

                   and Financial Institutions, 09/07/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Rally at Union-Endicott High School, Endicott, NY, 09/12/1984

          Presidential Taping: Public Service Announcement for Texas Chamber of Commerce,


          Presidential Taping: Future of Small Town America, 09/14/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Airport Rally, Cedar Rapids, IA, 09/20/1984

          Presidential Remarks: To the Students and Faculty of the University of South Carolina,

                   09/20/1984 [Empty]

          Presidential Taping: American Coalition for Traditional Values, 09/21/1984

          Presidential Taping: American Coalition of Traditional Values (Not Used), n.d. [Empty]

          Presidential Remarks: Reception for Presidents of Historically Black Colleges,


          Presidential Address: Rally at Old Heidelberg Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 09/26/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Reagan – Bush Rally, Gulfport, Mississippi, 10/01/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Reagan – Bush Rally, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/07/1984

          Presidential Taping: T.V. Spot on Youth, [Not Used], 10/11/1984

          Presidential Remarks: United Negro College Fund 40th Anniversary Dinner, 10/11/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Whistle-Stop at Ottawa Ohio (Robinson Thomson) (Empty)

          Presidential Remarks: Bolingbrook High School, Bolingbrook, Illinois, 10/16/1984

          Presidential Taping: Los Angeles Boy Scout Award Ceremony, 10/17/1984 [Empty]


          Box 3

          Presidential Remarks: Ending Statement for Debate Closing, 10/21/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Reagan – Bush Rally, Medford, Oregon, 10/22/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Telephone Call to U.S. League of Savings Institute Conference,


          Presidential Remarks: Signing Ceremony for Trade and Tariff Act of 1984 (omnibus

                   Trade Bill), 10/30/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Introduction to Reagan – Bush Rally, Springfield, Illinois,


          Presidential Remarks: Introduction to Reagan – Bush Rally, Saginaw, Michigan,


          Taping: Heisman Trophy Show, 11/12/1984

          Presidential Remarks: State Visit of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, 11/13/1984

          Presidential Taping: Army-Navy Game, 11/29/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Kennedy Center Honors Reception, 12/02/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Ceremony to Congratulate Heisman Trophy Award Winner Doug

                   Floutie, 12/06/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Private Sector Initiatives Citation Ceremony, 12/10/1984

          Presidential Remarks: Ideas for Inaugural Address, January 1985

          Presidential Remarks: Opening for Michael Evans’ Show Corcoran Gallery of Art,


          Presidential Taping: U.S. Olympic Committee House of Delegates Meeting, 01/24/1985

          Presidential Remarks: Dinner with Freshmen Members of the Congress and their

                   Spouses, 01/29/1985

          Presidential Remarks: Presentation of National Technology Awards, 02/19/1985

          Presidential Taping: Japan Productivity Center, 02/26/1985

          Presidential Taping: National Juvenile, Diabetes Telethon, 02/26/1985

          Presidential Address: National Association of Independent Schools, 02/28/1985

          Presidential Remarks: Luncheon with Regional Editors and Broadcasters on MX,


Presidential Remarks: Dropby Briefing of American Legislative Exchange Council,

          03/11/1985 [Empty]

Presidential Remarks: Dropby Briefin of American Legislative Exchange Council,


Presidential Remarks: Dropby Briefing for American Business Conference, 03/13/1985

Presidential Taping: Texas Sesquicentennial Celebration, 03/14/1985

Presidential Remarks: Luncheon with Senate Republican Policy Committee, 03/19/1985


Presidential Remarks: Luncheon with Senate Republican Policy Committee, 03/19/1985

Presidential Remarks: Meeting with Corporate and Economic Leaders, New York City,

          NY, 03/26/1985 [Not Used]

Presidential Remarks: Reception for Victory ’84 Committee, 03/28/1985

Presidential Taping: Public Service Announcement for Strong Memorial Hospital,


Presidential Remarks: Dropby for Nicaraguan Refugee Fund Dinner, 04/03/1985 [Not


Presidential Remarks: Senior Citizens Volunteer Ceremony, 04/26/1985

Presidential Remarks: U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 04/29/1985

Presidential Statement: Senate Budget Vote, 04/30/1985

Presidential Remarks: State Dinner Toast, Sintra Palace, Lisbon, Portugal, 05/09/1985

Presidential Remarks: State Dinner Toast, Ajuda Palace, Lisbon, Portugal, 05/09/1985

Presidential Remarks: Summer Jobs Kickoff, 05/17/1985

Presidential Address: The National Association of Manufacturers. 05/24/1985

Presidential Remarks: Walt Disney World Inaugural Parade, Orlando, FL, 05/27/1985

Presidential Remarks: Winnebago County Courthouse, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 05/30/1985

Presidential Remarks: Ford’s Theater Gala, 06/02/1985

Presidential Remarks: AT&T Technologies Plant, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,


Presidential Remarks: AT&T Technologies Plant, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,


Presidential Taping: Message for the 15th Baptist World Congress, 06/13/1985

Presidential Taping: Generic Message for July Fourth, 06/13/1985

Presidential Scholar Ceremony, 06/20/1985

State and Local Leaders, 06/27/1985

Taping: Tribute to the Los Angeles Olympic Volunteers, 07/09/1985

Regional Press Luncheon, 07/09/1985

Luncheon with U.S. Delegation to UN Conference on Women, 07/10/1985

Vice Presidential Speech: Captive Nations Week Ceremony, 07/25/1985

Statement: 40th Anniversary of Bombing of Hiroshima, 08/05/1985

Luncheon at North Carolina State University Student Union, Raleigh, North Carolina, 09/04/1985

Senior Citizens Forum on Tax Reform, Tampa, Florida, 09/12/1985

Luncheon with Republican Elected Women Officials, 09/13/1985

Luncheon with Regional Journalists, 09/16/1985

Radio Talk: Foreign Policy, 09/21/1985

Departure Statement: King Hussein of Jordan, 09/30/1985


Box 4

Briefing on Tax Reform Action Coalition, 10/01/1985

Meeting with Business Leaders on Tax Reform, Cincinnati, Ohio, 10/03/1985

Radio Talk: Budget and Middle East, 10/05/1985

Address: Dinner for Republican Governors’ Association, 10/17/1985

Remarks: Dropby to Interest Group Leaders on Tax Reform, 10/17/1985

Remarks: Signing Ceremony for “Year of Liberty,” 10/28/1985

Signing Ceremony for year of Liberty, 10/28/1985

1984 Reagan-Bush Campaign Supporters, 11/06/1985

State Dinner with Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Entertainment Thank You, 11/09/1985

Toast for State Dinner with Prince Charles and Princess Diana, 11/11/1985

Taping: Public Service Announcement for the American Red Cross, 11/15/1985

Taping: WTVF Public Service Documentary on Aging, 11/15/1985

Taping: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 11/25/1985

Statement: Thanksgiving Day Message, 11/28/1985

Taping: Army-Navy Game, 11/29/1985

Ceremony for National Initiative on Technology and the Disabled, 12/03/1985

Radio Talk: Agriculture, 12/05/1985

Taping: Afghan Relief Dinner, 12/06/1985

Taping: Tournament of Roses, 12/06/1985

Presidential Statement: Death of Justice Potter Stewart, 12/07/1985

Human Rights Day Ceremony, 12/10/1985

Presidential Taping: Broadcast on BBC & WQRC, 12/19/1985

Presidential Radio Talk: Legislative Achievements of 1985, 12/21/1985

Radio Talk: Afghanistan, 12/28/1985

Presidential Radio Talk: Mexico and Canada, 01/04/1986

Taping: National Retail Merchants Association, 01/08/1986

Presidential Radio Talk: Economy, 01/11/1986

Presidential Taping: P.B.S. “Lesson from Space,” 01/15/1986

Presidential Remarks: Ceremony for Presentation of Young American Medals, 01/16/1986

Presidential Remarks: Dropby Budget Briefing, 01/24/1986

Presidential Remarks: Dropby Budget Briefing, 01/27/1986

President’s Birthday Party Address, 02/06/1986

Mrs. Reagan’s Remarks: CENIKOR Graduation, 02/07/1986

Presidential Remarks: Regional Press Luncheon, 02/10/1986

Radio Talk: Welfare, 02/15/1986

Mrs. Reagan’s Remarks to Governors’ Wives, 02/17/1986

Mrs. Reagan’s Remarks: Governors’ Wives, 02/17/1986

Dropby Briefing for the Business Council, 02/19/1986

Address to the National Governors’ Association, 02/24/1986

Taping: U.S.C. Tribute to Virginia Ramo, 02/26/1986

Receive “What Works” Report from Secretary Bennett, 03/04/1986

Reception for National Newspaper Association, 03/06/1986

Remarks in Acceptance of the Americanism Award for Ambassador Luce, 03/07/1986

Taping: 1986 Television Academy Hall of Fame, 03/10/1986

Regional Press Briefing, 03/11/1986

Taping: Associated General Contractors, 03/12/1986

Radio Talk: Negotiations (Nicaraguan), 03/15/1986

Address by the President to the Nation: Contras in Nicaragua, 03/16/1986

Taping: Rededication of Olive View Medical Center, 03/19/1986


Box 5

Taping: Message for National Fitness Foundation Award Recipients, 03/19/1986

Presidential Radio Talk: Packard Commission, 04/15/1986

Reception for the Advertising Council, 04/08/1986

Speech for Chief of Staff, 04/01/1986

[Speech for Chief of Staff] (1)-(4)

Taping: “Hollywood Legend and Reality,” 04/10/1986

Taping: Boswell Celebrity Classic, 04/10/1986

Radio Talk: Budget, 04/12/1986 [Empty]

Remarks: Reception for Republican Congressional Leadership Council, 04/17/1986

Taping: Harold Boel’s Retirement Dinner, 04/21/1986

Taping: American Cancer Society Benefit at Kennedy Center, 04/21/1986

Arrival Remarks: Honolulu, Hawaii, 04/26/1986

Arrival Statement: Guam, 04/29/1986

Medal of Freedom Citation: Walter Annenberg, 04/30/1986

Taping: Local One’s Centennial Celebration, 05/12/1986

Medal of Freedom Citation: Albert Bruce Sabin, 05/12/1986

Taping: Boswell Celebrity Classic, 05/12/1986

Taping: Children’s Hospital Trauma Season Campaign, 05/12/1986

Reception for Responsible Government for American Foundation, 05/13/1986

Remarks for Responsible Government for American Foundation, 05/13/1986

White House Photographers Association Dinner, 05/15/1986

Observance of World Trade Week and Presentation of Presidential “E” & “E Star” Awards, 05/19/1986

Chief of Staff, n.d. (1)-(4)

Taping: PSA for Register to Vote Drive, 05/22/1986

Taping: American Association of Retired Persons, 05/22/1986

Taping: National Travel Industry Convention, 05/22/1986

President’s Remarks: American Retail Federation, 05/22/1986

Radio Talk: Voluntarism, 05/24/1986

Remarks: Chamber of Commerce on Tort Reform, 05/30/1986

Remarks: Volunteer Action Awards Luncheon, 06/02/1986


Box 6

Taping: Opening Performance of Kirov Ballet in “Swan Lake” at Wolf Trap, 06/02/1986

Remarks: Breakfast with Senators, 06/05/1986

Remarks: Gala at Ford’s Theater, 06/08/1986

Don Regan’s Remarks: Business Roundtable, 06/09/1986 (1)(2)

Remarks: Dropby CSIS Briefing, 06/10/1986

Departure Remarks to Citizens of Glassboro, New Jersey, 06/19/1986

Commencement Address to Glassboro High School, Glassboro, New Jersey, 06/19/1986

Remarks: Presidential Scholars Ceremony, 06/23/1986

Remarks: OPSail at Governor’s Island, 07/04/1986

Remarks: Tax Reform, Dothan, Alabama, 07/10/1986

Taping: National Aviation Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony, 07/14/1986

Remarks: Medal of Arts Luncheon, 07/14/1986

Dropby Briefing on Trade Issues, 07/17/1986

Taping: Productivity Improvement in the Federal Sector, 07/21/1986

Remarks: Ronald Reagan Library Foundation Luncheon, 07/21/1986

Remarks: Future Farmers of America, 07/22/1986

Remarks: Fundraiser for Congressman Carroll Campbell, Columbia, South Carolina, 07/24/1986

Remarks: Meeting with American Legion Boys Nation, 07/25/1986

Remarks: Dropby Briefing for Washington Interns, 07/29/1986

Don Regan’s Remarks: Senatorial Fundraiser, New York, NY, 07/30/1986 (1)-(3)

Don Regan’s Remarks: The Reagan Revolution and Conventional Wisdom, August 1986

Remarks: Dropby Briefing for Presidential Appointees, 08/04/1986

Satellite Address to Knights of Columbus Convention, 08/05/1986

Taping: Danny Thomas 50th Wedding Anniversary, 08/11/1986

Remarks to 4-H and Future Farmers of America, Springfield, Illinois, 08/12/1986

Address on Agriculture at State Fair, Springfield, Illinois, 08/12/1986

Presidential Statement: Contra Vote, 08/13/1986 (Not Used)

Remarks: Congressional Barbecue, 08/14/1986 (Not Used)

Remark By: Donald T. Regan, Small Business Council, 08/18/1986 (1)-(3)


Box 7

Taping: United Way Message, 09/09/1986

Taping: Telephone Pioneers 75th Convention, 09/09/1986

Taping: National Basketball Association, 09/09/1986

Taping: Health Distributors Convention, 09/09/1986

Taping: Campaign for Penn State Dinner, 09/09/1986

Don Regan’s Remarks: Penn State, 09/13/1986 (1)(2)

Mr. Regan’s Remarks: Fundraising Dinner at Penn State, 09/13/1986

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Luncheon, 09/15/1986

Mr. Regan’s Remarks: Marine Corps Breakfast, 09/17/1986 (1)(2)

Remarks: Fundraiser for Kay Orr, Omaha, Nebraska, 09/24/1986

Remarks: Rally for Kay Orr, Omaha, Nebraska, 09/24/1986

Remarks: Address to National Fraternal Congress, 09/25/1986

Taping: Disney World Celebration of the Constitution, 09/25/1986

Taping: Harlow Foundation Awards Dinner, 09/25/1986

Taping: “Vote America” PSA, 09/25/1986

Remarks: Dedication of Carter Library, 10/01/1986

Taping: Congressman Wortley Campaign, 10/02/1986

Reception Following Vladimir Horowitz Concert, 10/05/1986

Republican Governors’ Association Dinner, 10/07/1986

Georgia Victory ’86 Rally, Atlanta Georgia, 10/08/1986

Departure Statement to U.S. Forces, Keflavik, Iceland, 10/12/1986

Signing-In Ceremony for Dr. William Graham, 10/16/1986

Remarks: Dinner for Republican Governors’ Association, 10/17/1986

Ronald Reagan Library Foundation Dinner, 10/19/1986

Taping: Life and Health Insurance Medical Research Fund, 10/20/1986

Taping: Tribute to John Amos as “1986 Georgian of the Year,” 10/20/1986

Dropby Meeting with Republican Chairmen, 10/20/1986 (Not Used)

Regan’s Remarks to the Military Order of the Carabao, 10/21/1986 (1)(2)

Lawn Departure Insert for Dolan Speech, 10/23/1986


Box 8

Remarks: Rally for Kit Bond, Springfield, Missouri, 10/23/1986

Remarks: “In Performance at the White House,” 10/26/1986

Rally for James Broyhill, Charlotte, North Carolina, 10/28/1986

Remarks: Rally for Jim Abdnor, Rapid City, South Dakota, 10/29/1986

Remarks: Rally for Ken Kramer, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 10/30/1986

Briefing for White House Senior Staff, 11/05/1986

Remarks: Senate Republican Dinner, 11/21/1986

Radio Talk: Thanksgiving, 11/22/1986

Radio Talk: Federalism, 12/06/1986 (Not Used)

Kennedy Center Honors Reception, 12/07/1986

Meeting with Newly-Elected Members of Congress, 12/10/1986

National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, 12/11/1986

Taping: Tournament of Roses Parade, 12/16/1986

Presidential Radio Talk: Christmas 12/20/1986

Taping: Walt Disney Christmas Message 12/16/1986

Taping: Generic Christmas Messages 12/16/1986

Remarks: Signing Ceremony for 1987 National Day of Prayer Proclamation, 12/22/1986

Taping: Documentary of Gibbons v. Ogden, 12/23/1986

Radio Talk: Budget, 01/10/1987

Mr. Regan’s Remarks: Hoover Institute, 01/14/1987 (1)-(3)

Radio Talk: Defense Budget, 01/17/1987

Radio Talk: Pre-State of the Union Message, 01/24/1987

Taping: American Institute of Architects Annual Leadership Conference, 01/26/1987

State of the Union, 01/27/1987 (1)-(3)

Taping: American Institution of Architects, 01/28/1987

Taping: “We the People” T.V. Program on the Bicentennial of the Constitution,            02/02/1987

Radio Talk: Welfare Reform, 02/07/1987

Remarks: Congratulations to Winners of America’s Cup, 02/09/1987

Mr. Regan’s Remarks to the Eagles, 02/12/1987

Talk to Students about Abraham Lincoln, 02/12/1987

Radio Talk: Catastrophic Health Insurance, 02/14/1987

Mr. Regan’s Remarks to Project ’88, 02/14/1987

Taping: 45th Anniversary of Voice of America, 02/17/1987


Box 9

Reception for Congressional Supporters of Clean Water Bill Veto, 02/19/1987  (Robinson) [Not Used]

Radio Talk: Competitiveness, 02/21/1987

Dropby Briefing for Mid-America Committee, 02/25/1987

Taping: Message for the National Committee for Adoption, 02/26/1987

Dinner for Newly-Elected Members of Congress, 03/03/1987

Address: U.S. – Soviet Relations, 03/09/1987 (1)(2) (Not Used)

Radio Talk: The New Team, 03/14/1987

Taping: Childhelp, USA Benefit Dinner, 03/17/1987

Greet Crew of Komsomolets Kirgizii and Present Commendations to Coast Guard     Rescuers, 03/17/1987

Foreword for In Defense of Freedom, 03/23/1987

Remarks: American Business Conference, 03/24/1987

Remarks: Executive Forum, 03/30/1987

Prime Minister of France (Chirac): Arrival Ceremony, State Dinner Toast, Entertainment            Thank You, 03/31/1987

Event with Organizers of the Bicentennial of the Constitution, Philadelphia, PA,            04/01/1987

Address: Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana (and Airport Arrival Remarks),            04/09/1987

Taping: International Herald Tribune Centennial Celebration, 04/21/1987

Reception for Eureka College, 05/12/1987

Remarks: Swearing-In Ceremony for William Webster as Director of the CIA,  05/26/1987

Remarks: Dropby Briefing for GOPAC, 05/28/1987

Greeting to Representatives of an Essay Project on the Constitution, 06/01/1987

Remarks: Brandenburg Gate West Berlin, Germany, 06/12/1987 (1)-(3)

Subject File: Notes on Berlin from Pre-Advance

Remarks: Tempelhof Airport, West Berlin, Germany, 06/12/1987

Radio Talk: Trade, 06/13/1987

Remarks: Regional Press Briefing, 06/16/1987

Taping: National Right to Life Convention, 06/17/1987

Luncheon with Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne, Florida, 06/22/1987

Medal of Freedom Citation: Nathan Perlmutter, 06/23/1987

Medal of Freedom Citation: Mstislav Rostropovich, 06/23/1987

Reception for Citizens of the Republic, 06/25/1987

In Performance at the White House, 06/28/1987

Meeting with State and Local Officials, Danville, Indiana, 07/13/1987

Address to the National Association of Countries, Indianapolis, Indiana, 07/13/1987

Remarks: All-America Cities Award, 07/16/1987

Remarks: Economic Bill of Rights Briefing for State and Local Elected Officials, 07/22/1987

Remarks: C-Flag Ceremony, 07/23/1987

Remarks: Paul Volcker Dinner Toast, 07/28/1987

Remarks: Dropby Briefing for Right to Life Activists, 07/30/1987

Swearing-In Ceremony for Alan Greenspan as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, 08/11/1987

Radio Talk: Follow Up to Speech on Iran-Contra Hearings, 08/15/1987

Remarks to Presidential Appointees, 09/08/1987

Arrival and Departure Greeting to Pope John Paul II, Miami, FL, 09/10/1987


Box 10

Address: Conference on U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, 09/16/1987

Radio Talk: Bork, Shevardnadze, and the Budget, 09/19/1987

Signing Ceremony for National Historically Black Colleges Week, 09/24/1987

Reception Following Concert by Russian Pianist Vladimir Feltsman, 09/27/1987

Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Bill Signing, 09/29/1987

Medal of Freedom Citation: Warren E. Burger, 10/07/1987 (Not Used)

Medal of Freedom Citation: Irving R. Kaufman, 10/07/1987

Luncheon for U.S.I.A. Volunteer International Council, 10/09/1987

In Performance at the White House, 10/18/1987

Address at U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New York, 10/28/1987

Swearing-In Ceremony for Judge William Sessions to be Director of the F.B.I., 11/02/1987

Remarks by the President at United Way Headquarters, 11/09/1987

Meeting with Afghan Resistance Leaders, 11/12/1987

Radio Talk: Kennedy, Central America, and Budget, 11/14/1987

Radio Talk: Gross National Product, 11/21/1987

Dropby at Florida State G.O.P. Fundraising Luncheon, Jacksonville, Florida, 12/01/1987

Swearing-In Ceremony for James Burnley as Secretary of Transportation, 12/03/1987

Swearing-In for Don Wilson as Archivist of the United States, 12/04/1987

Radio Talk: Upcoming Summit Meeting and Budget, 12/05/1987

Kennedy Center Honors, 12/06/1987

General Secretary Gorbachev State Dinner Toast, 12/08/1987

Entertainment Thank You for Van Cliburn, 12/08/1987

Center for Strategic International Studies, 12/14/1987

Swearing-In Ceremony for Ann McLaughlin as Secretary of Labor, 12/16/1987

Address: Fundraiser for George Voinovich, Cleveland, Ohio, 01/11/1988

Address: Dinner Honoring Roger Stevens, 01/13/1988

Taping: American Legion Mid-Winter Conferences, 01/14/1988

Taping: Anti-Defamation League Dinner Dance Honoring Sister Marie Madeleine, 01/14/1988

Address: Presentation of the “Citizen’s Medal” to Brooke Astor, 01/19/1988

Presidential Address: Suitland High School, 01/20/1988

Presidential Remarks: Dropby Briefing on Central America, 01/20/1988 (1)-(4)

Presidential Remarks: Dropby Briefing for State Legislators, 01/29/1988

Presidential Radio Talk: Central America, 01/30/1988

Presidential Remarks: Dropby Eagles Dinner, 02/02/1988

Address: Dropby Briefing for the American Business Conference, 03/23/1988

Address: Visit Local High School, 03/24/1988


Box 11

Address: National Association of Broadcasters, Las Vegas, Nevada, 04/10/1988 (1)(2)

Address: Greet 1988 NCAA Basketball Champions Louisiana Tech University of Kansas, 04/11/1988

Address: Dropby Briefing for Associated General Contractors, 04/18/1988

Address: Dropby Reception for Pete Dawkins, 04/19/1988

Remarks: In Performance at the White House, 04/24/1988

Address: National Strategy Forum, Chicago, Illinois, 05/04/1988 (1)(2)

Address: National Strategy Forum, Chicago, Illinois, 05/04/1988

Radio Talk: I.N.F. Treaty, 05/07/1988

Remarks: President’s Dinner Reception, 05/11/1988

Radio Talk: Trade, 05/14/1988

Remarks: Ronald Reagan Library Foundation Dinner, 05/21/1988

Preservation Ball: A Fred Astaire Remembrance, 05/21/1988

Address: Worldnet Address, 05/23/1988

Remarks: Ceremony Upon Departure for Moscow Summit, South Lawn, 05/25/1988

Remarks: Reciprocal Dinner and Thank You Toast, Spaso House, 05/31/1988

Remarks: Meeting with Selected Societ Citizens, Spaso House, Moscow, 05/31/1988

Radio Talk: Follow-Up to Moscow Summit and Lead-In to Economic Summit,  06/04/1988

Address: World Gas Conference, 06/06/1988 (1)(2)

Economic Aid to Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua, n.d. (Not Used)

Stump Speech: Working Draft, n.d.


SERIES II: Subject Files

Box 11, cont.


Arms Negotiations

RR Trip to Asia (Newspaper Clippings)


Box 12

Background Material: B’nai B’rith (Speech Dated 09/07/1984) (1)-(3)


Blue Collar Workers

Bork, Testimony of Robert

Budget (1)-(4)

Bush 11/21/1983


Campaign 1984

Campaign 1986


Central America (1)(2)


China Background: Peter (1)-(4)


Box 13

Civil Rights Commission

Clement Conger Resignation

Computers [Empty]




Dartmouth Incident



Deficit Reduction


Democratic Opposition (1)(2)


Domestic Policy, Gingrich

Economics (1)-(5)

Economic Bill of Rights

Economy, The Wall Street  Journal 01/10/1983

Education (1)(2)

Education: School Discipline 01/03/1984

Election, 1984 (Realignment by G. Will)

El Salvador


End of the World



Box 14

Environment (Assessment of 12 Month Period of E.P.A.) (1)(2)


Europe Trip, June 1984 (1)(2)

“The Party of Vision” by Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr.



Federal Spending (1)(2)

Foreign Language

Foreign Policy: Precepts

Fourth of July 1986

Fourth of July 1986 (New York Post)


Freedom Fighters

Free Enterprise


Geneva Summit

Glassboro Speech Clippings

Gold Standard

1984 GOP Convention, Dallas, Texas

Phil Gramm

Grenada, 10/25/1983

Ben Hart, Washington Post 11/13/1984

Speech Given by HRH the Prince of Wales at the Harvard 30th Commemoration Ceremony, 09/04/1986




The Jamestown Foundation






Jack Kemp Speech


Lambro, Donald


Letters from Washington


Box 15

Liberation Theology




Internal Memos to Peter Robinson for Speechwriter (1)-(3)


Moscow Summit 1988



NATO: Kissinger

New Chief Speechwriter (Buchanan Article)

Nicaragua (1)-(4)

Notes from Meeting with Lyn Nofziger

Nuclear Policy

Office of Policy Development, by Roger Porter

Old Age

Old PMR Speeches


Other Writers’ Speeches (1)(2)




Pork in Appropriations

Post-Economic Summit Travel and Themes

Mr. Regan’s Remarks: The Center for the Study of the Presidency, 04/09/1986

Mr. Regan’s Remarks: Conference on Small Business, 08/18/1986

Broome County Community College, Peter M. Robinson, 04/20/1988

PMR Speech to Surgeons


Box 16



Quotes, Tough Talk


Possible Radio Talks, Reduction of FTE’s

Ronald W. Reagan (Article for Phi Delta Kappan Magazine)

Encroaching Control I am an Evanston Booster- by Ronald Reagan on 05/08/1961


Ronald Reagan

Reagan Agenda and Control of the Senate Paper

Reagan Pledge

Reagan’s Policies

Reagan Revolution Records Talking Points

Reference Articles from Ronald Reagan

Reagan v. Mondale

Mrs. Reagan



Regulatory Reform


The Republican Party

Robinson Speeches


School Prayer (Empty)

Remarks to Senate Policy Committee

South Africa

Soviet Union (1)(2)



Clippings on Speeches

Speechwriting Dispute Clippings

Speeches Given by Peter M. Robinson (Empty)

Staff Wars

State of the Union Draft of 12/30/1983 (Dolan)

State of the Union 1985

State of the Union 1986 (Clippings)

State of the Union 1987

State of the World Under Ronald Reagan

Summit 1987

Talking Points to Reagan Record – July 1984



Tax Reform Plan (1)(2)


Box 17

Tax Reform Plan (3)-(5)


“The Speech”

Third World

Tort Reform

Trade (1)(2)

Trade Deficit

The New York Times – Flat Tax, 01/06/1984

United Nations Address





Wirthlin 01/17/1984

Women: “The Women in My Life” by Ronald Reagan

Women 10/14/1983

Yalta Conference


SERIES III: Reference Files

Box 17, cont.

Education Speech 12/08/1983 (New York Times)

Education Speech 12/08/1983 (Washington Post)

Education Speech 12/08/1983 (Washington Times)

Education Speech in Indiana, The Washington Times 12/13/1983

Inaugural Address 01/21/1985


Ladies Home Journal Article

Martin Luther King Ceremony 11/02/1983

Mrs. Reagan: Dedication of Scottsdale Memorial Hospital, North 12/22/1983

Mrs. Reagan Houston Magic Circle (Empty)

Mrs. Reagan Humanities Luncheon

Mrs. Reagan National Council on Alcoholism

Mrs. Reagan: Remarks to Congressional Wives’ Luncheon 05/09/1984 (Empty)

Mrs. Reagan Seattle Chemical People (1)(2)

Mrs. Reagan Secondary School Principals (Empty)

Mrs. Reagan Second Genesis (Empty)

Mrs. Reagan’s Notes

Mrs. Reagan’s Remarks at Susan B. Anthony Event

Luncheon 1984

Mrs. Reagan’s Remarks: The Girls Club of New York


Box 18

Miscellaneous Adams/Jefferson Correspondence

Narration of Inaugural Prelude Pageant 1985 (1)(2)

Notes from Staff Meeting 01/10/1985, re: State of the Union Address

Notes: Meeting with Dick Wirthlin and Donald Regan, 02/06/1986

Old Speeches – Nancy Reagan, Nancy Reagan on PW1 (1)(2)

Presidential Interview: Il Giornale (1)(2)

Presidential Introduction to Norman Rockwell’s Patriotic Times

Press Coverage: Award Winning Secondary Schools, 08/27/1984

Press Coverage: B’nai B’rith 09/06/1984

Press Coverage: Campvention Bowling Green, Kentucky, 07/12/1984

Press Coverage: Union-Endicott High School, Endicott, New York, 09/12/1984

Reagan-Bush Reunion 11/03/1983

Speeches (Other Writers) (1)-(5)

Staff Meeting Notes 05/15/1985

(Elliot) State of the Union Address 01/25/1984

Trip to Eastern Europe with American Council of Young Political Leaders (1)(2)


Box 19

Vice Presidential Speeches

Washington Post: Senate-House Dinner 05/10/1984


SERIES IV: Chronological Files, 1984-1987

Box 19, cont.

03/29/1984–03/26/1985 (Binder – Marked Peter #1)

03/27/1985–10/28/1985 (Binder – Marked Peter #1)

11/08/1985–02/24/1986 (Binder – Marked Peter #1)

11/08/1985–05/06/1986 (Binder – Marked Peter #1)

05/06/1986–09/29/1986 (Binder – Marked Peter #1)

09/29/1986–05/05/1987 (Binder – Marked Peter #1)

06/08/1987–09/22/1987 (Binder – Marked Peter #1)


SERIES V: Personal Files

Box 19, cont.

Army (Reserves)

Buckley Letters

Employment: Bain and Company

Employment: Daniel J. Edelman, Inc. (Public Relations)

Employment: General Electric (1)(2)

Employment: Russell Reynolds and Associates

Father Hocken on Lent

Father Rutler

Holiday Inns Employment (1)(2)

London (Employment)

Meeting with D. Regan 06/18/1986

Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race