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ROMANO, NEIL: Files, 1982-1988


Drug Abuse Policy Office, White House


OA 19043

Andrew Llubaris USIA 09/04/1985


Drug Testing Hearing 05/07/1986

Pharmacy Times January 1987 Issue

[Final Draft - Summary of National Opinion Polls on AIDS]

Peru Briefing 09/13/1985

"The Americans - Biography of a Nation"

"Your Choice" - KUTV 1985

"Don't Take the Bait" - KUTV [Includes Videotape - Tape moved to A/V for storage]

"EPIDEMIC" [KUTV Substance Abuse Campaign 1983-1984]

Drug Abuse Policy Office Communication Implementation Strategies 1982-1986

(Binder) (1)-(3)

"Drug Abuse in America - Targeting the Problem"

"AIDS: Let's Give America the Facts" (Reel-to-Reel Tape - Moved to A/V for storage)

1988 AIDS Information Monitor (1)-(5)


OA 19044

(The following material has been moved to A/V for storage)

10/07/1987 Bubba Smith, "Best Defenders" (Video Tape)

April 1987 "Cocaine, The Big Lie" 3/4 (Video Tape)

12/02/1987 Bill Cosby, "Black Artists Against Drugs" 3/4 (Video Tape)

05/20/1987 DHHS/A&M Records, "Just Say No" Spots 3/4 (Video Tape)

06/15/1987 Chris Evert 3/4 (Video Tape)

01/01/1988 Kids Summit Against Drugs 3/4 (Video Tape)

1986 NORML/OMNI Conference 3/4 (Video Tape)

1988 "Mirrors" VHS (Video Tape)

1987 U.S. Border Patrol, "Demand Reduction" VHS (Video Tape)

1988 Kids Drug & Alcohol VHS (Video Tape)

1988 A Gift of Life VHS (Video Tape)

1988 Drugs at Work (Video Tape)

1987 "Don't Forget Sherrie" VHS (Video Tape)

1988 Lookin' Good VHS (Video Tape)

1988 Drug Avengers VHS (Video Tape)

1987 Testing DOJ (Video Tape)

1987 Drugs and Youth: The Challenge (Video Tape)

1987 Toward a Drug-Free America (Video Tape)

1987 Call Suzie I & II (Video Tape)

1987 Guardians of the Forrest (Video Tape)

1987 Suicide: A Teacher Dilemma (Video Tape)