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ROSEBUSH, JAMES S.: Files, 1981-1986


Private Sector Initiatives, August 1981-December 1981

First Lady, Office of the, 1982-1986


Mr. Rosebush began work for the Reagan administration as an appointee in the Department of Commerce in May 1981.  In August 1981, he was brought to the White House as a Special Assistant to the President for Volunteers and to set up the President’s Task Force for Private Sector Initiatives (PSI).  When the First Lady’s Chief of Staff Peter McCoy left at the end of 1981, Rosebush become the next First Lady Chief of Staff and in charge of the East Wing staff.

His collection contains telephone logs from his time at the Department of Commerce and some correspondence from his time working on volunteerism and the PSI.  Given the short term of his time with these entities we have kept all of his material together in one collection.


OA 5372

Incoming Correspondence, 11/13/1981-12/17/1981

Incoming Correspondence, 12/18/1981-01/10/1982

Incoming Correspondence, 01/11/1982-01/19/1982

Incoming Correspondence, 01/20/1982-02/15/1982

Incoming Correspondence, 02/16/1982-03/19/1982

Incoming Correspondence, 03/20/1982-04/20/1982

Incoming Correspondence, 04/21/1982-05/31/1982

Incoming Correspondence, 06/01/1982-07/14/1982

Incoming Correspondence, 07/15/1982-08/01/1982

Incoming Correspondence, 08/02/1982-08/12/1982

Outgoing Correspondence, 11/27/1981-02/11/1982

Outgoing Correspondence, 02/12/1982-02/20/1982

Outgoing Correspondence, 02/21/1982-03/10/1982

Outgoing Correspondence, 03/11/1982-04/10/1982

Outgoing Correspondence, 04/11/1982-05/10/1982

Outgoing Correspondence, 05/11/1982-06/10/1982

Outgoing Correspondence, 06/11/1982-06/21/1982

Outgoing Correspondence, 06/22/1982-07/12/1982

Outgoing Correspondence, 07/13/1982-07/27/1982

Outgoing Correspondence, 07/28/1982-08/24/1982

Incoming White House Memos, 07/31/1981-09/30/1981

Incoming White House Memos, 10/01/1981-11/30/1981

Incoming White House Memos, 12/01/1981-02/28/1982

Incoming White House Memos, 03/01/1982-04/30/1982

Incoming White House Memos, 05/01/1982-06/30/1982

Incoming White House Memos, 07/01/1982-08/24/1982

Outgoing White House Memos, 07/21/1981-09/10/1981

Outgoing White House Memos, 09/11/1981-09/18/1981

Outgoing White House Memos, 09/19/1981-10/07/1981

Outgoing White House Memos, 10/08/1981-11/03/1981

Outgoing White House Memos, 11/04/1981-11/17/1981

Outgoing White House Memos, 11/18/1981-12/18/1981

Outgoing White House Memos, 12/19/1981-01/12/1981

Outgoing White House Memos, 01/13/1982-01/28/1982

Outgoing White House Memos, 01/29/1982-02/28/1982

Outgoing White House Memos, 03/01/1982-03/20/1982

Outgoing White House Memos, 03/21/1982-04/21/1982

Outgoing White House Memos, 04/22/1982-04/30/1982

Outgoing White House Memos, 04/30/1982-05/10/1982

Outgoing White House Memos, 05/11/1982-05/31/1982

Outgoing White House Memos, 06/01/1982-07/15/1982

Outgoing White House Memos, 07/15/1982-08/04/1982

Outgoing White House Memos, 08/05/1982-08/15/1982

Outgoing White House Memos, 08/16/1982-10/04/1982


OA 6148

Rosebush Telephone Logs, 05/04/1981-08/06/1981

Rosebush Telephone Logs, 08/07/1981-09/22/1981

Rosebush Telephone Logs, 09/23/1981-10/31/1981

Rosebush Telephone Logs, 11/01/1981-11/20/1981


OA 11587 [Uninventoried]

Incoming WH Memos – September 1982-December 1984

Outgoing WH Memos – September 1982-December 1984


OA 11964

Travel Vouchers, 08/17/1981-01/31/1982

Travel Vouchers, 02/01/1982-02/18/1982

Travel Vouchers, 02/19/1982-03/31/1982

Travel Vouchers, 04/01/1982-07/18/1982

Travel Vouchers, 07/19/1982-09/15/1982

Travel Vouchers, 09/16/1982-11/30/1982

Travel Vouchers, 12/01/1982-01/31/1983


OA 11989

The President's Committee on Arts and Humanities

[First Lady’s National Symphony Orchestra Benefit Performance]

Larry Leamer (1)(2)

Bill Adler (1)(2)

Pepperdine College Event (1)(2)

Simplicity Pattern Correspondence (1)(2)

Eleanor Roosevelt Luncheon

San Francisco H.R.H. State Dinner, March 3, 1983 (1)-(6)

White House Preservation Fund (1)-(4)

[White House Preservation Fund Reorganization] (1)-(5)

Travel Completed – 1983 (01/01/1983-02/16/1983)

Travel Completed – 1983 (02/17/1983-04/12/1983)

Travel Completed – 1983 (04/13/1983-07/10/1983)

Travel Completed – 1983 (07/11/1983-11/22/1983)

Travel Completed – 1983 (11/23/1983-12/31/1983)

Travel Completed – 1984 (01/01/1984-03/18/1984)

Travel Completed – 1984 (03/19/1984-05/21/1984)

Travel Completed – 1984 (05/22/1984-07/03/1984)

Travel Completed – 1984 (07/04/1984-08/10/1984)

Travel Completed – 1984 (08/11/1984-08/31/1984)

Travel Completed – 1984 (09/01/1984-10/09/1984)

Travel Completed – 1984 (10/10/1984-12/31/1984)

Travel Completed – 1985 (01/01/1985-03/17/1985)

Travel Completed – 1985 (03/18/1985-05/21/1985)

Travel Completed – 1985 (05/22/1985-06/16/1985)

Travel Completed – 1985 (06/17/1985-07/28/1985)

Travel Completed – 1985 (07/29/1985-09/18/1985)

Travel Completed – 1985 (09/19/1985-10/06/1985)

Travel Completed – 1985 (10/07/1985-12/31/1985)


OA 12391

Facilities Expenditures Requests

White House Mess Bills and Expense Refunds (Statements)

Incoming Memorandums and Correspondents, January 1985-December 1985

Outgoing Memorandums and Correspondence, January 1985-December 1986


Phone Logs:  February 1985-January 1986

Deborah Balfour

Louise Bell

Ken Barun

Harleen Breaux

Shirley Campolieto

Marty Coyne

Elaine Crispen

Jane Erkenbeck

Linda Faulkner

Cathy Fenton

Jeanie Figg

Mary S. Gordon

Betsy Koons

Virginia Ann Miller

Estelle Stolz

Shirley Watkins

Wendy Weber