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RUSTHOVEN, PETER J.: Files, 1981-1985


Office of the Counsel to the President


This collection is arranged into six series: SERIES I: Subject File; SERIES II: Disaster Declarations; SERIES III: Civil Aeronautics Board Decisions; SERIES IV: Radio Addresses: SERIES V: Speeches, Remarks & Tapings – SUBSERIES A: Presidential, SUBSERIES B: White House Staff; and SERIES VI: Chronological File.





          OA 11406

          PJR/Abortion (1)-(6)

          PJR/Abortion Film

          PJR/Abramoff, Jack

          PJR/Abrams, Donald - Correspondence re: Wall Street Journal Article

          PJR/Acacia Mutual Life Insurance Company H.R. 2479

          PJR/"Active Seniors" Feature in Los Angeles Examiner, Statement for

          PJR/Adams, Jo Ann - Correspondence re: "Pagan-Witch Friend Letters"

          PJR/Adolescent and Family Life Planning Program - S. 2616

          PJR/Adopt-A-School Plan

          PJR/Adoption Week - S.J. Res. 238

          Advisory Commission on Federalism

          PJR/Aerospace America Magazine Questionnaire

          African Development Bank

          PJR/Agriculture Department Inspector General Investigation

          PJR/Air Force Generals

          PJR/Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Questionnaire

          PJR/Ak-Chin Indian Community Water Rights - H.R. 6206

          PJR/Alamaden Vineyards - Letter

          PJR/Alaska National. Interest Lands Conservation Act: Chugah Land Study

          PJR/Alaskan Mitchell Minor Who Donated $1,000 to Help with the National Debt

          PJR/Albosta, Don - Medicare

          PJR/Alderman, James Ronnie - Correspondence re: Executive Privilege

          PJR/Aldrich, David - Woman VP??

          Allen, Richard V.

          PJR/Allnut, Frank

          PJR/American Alliance for Small Business - Presidential Letter

          PJR/American Banker Magazine Presidential Article

          PJR/American Bar Association Journal Questionnaire

          PJR/American Bar Association Resolution re: Nicaragua from John Norton Moore

          PJR/American Bar Association Resolutions

          PJR/American Business Women’s Day

          American Civil Liberties Union - Felt and Miller

          PJR/American Conservative Union - Request for White House Photographs

          PJR/American Farm Bureau Questionnaire

          American Farm School Reprint 1978 Reagan Radio

          PJR/American Legion Magazine - Presidential Article

          PJR/American Life Lobby, Inc.

          PJR/American Polygraph Association

          PJR/American Program Bureau (Boghosian)

          PJR/American School Food Service Association Questionnaire

          PJR/American Society of Newspaper Editors Questionnaire

          PJR/American Student Dental Association Presidential Article

          American Telephone and Telegraph

          PJR/"American Way Committee to Retire the National Debt"


          PJR/Anderson, Carl

          PJR/Anderson, Timothy B. - Letter to Deaver re Dispute w/Stallone and MGM/United


          PJR/Antennucci, Alfred Correspondence re: His Service to President

          PJR/Anti-Defamation League Day

          PJR/Anti-Lobbying Laws

          PJR/Anti-Terrorism Legislation

          PJR/Apodaca, Patrick

          PJR/Appointments and Incompatibility Clauses of Constitution

          PJR/Appropriations Bill Supplemental H.R. 3959

          PJR/Appropriations Lapse - Treasury

          PJR/Arbonaise, Anthony - Correspondence re: "Wonder of World" Concept

          PJR/Arms Control amd Disarmament Act Authorization H.R. 2906

          Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

          PJR/Army Camps for Flood Victim (Benyow)

          PJR/Army Generals

          PJR/Arns, August Correspondence

          PJR/Asian American Fund - Request for RR to Serve as Honorary Member

          Asian/Pacific American Week

          PJR/Assignments Status Reports

          PJR/Associate Builders and Contractors Questionnaire

          PJR/Association Management - Presidential Interview

          PJR/Association of American Editorial Cartoonists Invitation to RR to Address


          AWACS Sale

          PJR/Bach, Sister Mary Ivan Correspondence. re: Doonesbury

          PJR/Bahrain, Emir of - Request to Engrave Seal on Pistols as Gift

          PJR/Baker, Ben - Request Use of RR Name on Memorial for Slain Law Officer

          PJR/Baker, James A. III - Secretary of Treasury Nomination

          PJR/Baker, James - Conrail

          Baker, James - Letter to re: Harold Washington and Charles Hayes

          PJR/Baker, Jim and Mrs.

          PJR/Bakker, Jim

          Balanced Budget Amendment

          PJR/Bales, Gerry re: Wildlife Habitat Charitable Trust

          PJR/Bankruptcy Amendments and Federal Judgeship Act of 1984 - H.R. 5174 Signing


          PJR/Bankruptcy Judges

          PJR/Baringer - The Agenda

          PJR/Bass, Bill - Correspondence re: ADDY Awards

          PJR/Batey, Brian - Custody Dispute


          OA 11407

          Baxter - (Assistant Attorney General) Draft Statement

          PJR/Beach Blanket Babylon

          PJR/Beirut University Request for Presidential Letter

          PJR/Benson, Jeannie - Correspondence re: Son Who Torched Abortion Clinics

          PJR/Beury, Guy and Boyd, Robert W. Gift Exploitation?

          PJR/Beverly Enterprises

          PJR/Bialkin, Kenneth of Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith Letter

          PJR/Biblical Scorecard Questionnaire

          PJR/Big Brothers and Big Sisters Recognition - H.J. Res. 594 

          PJR/Bivens Suits

          PJR/Black Colleges Day.- S.J. Res. 85

          PJR/Black Contribution Made to American Independence - H.R.R. 454

          PJR/Bluefeld Caterer Advertisement

          Bob Jones (1)-(3)

          Borders, William A., Jr.

          PJR/Boston Globe Editorial Cartoon

          Boston Reverse Discrimination Cases

          Bradford, Cyrus E.

          PJR/Braniff-Southwest Airline Matter

          PJR/Bratton v. City of Detroit

          PJR/Breger, Marshall - Publication of Remarks Review

          PJR/Briefing Materials for Donald Regan

          PJR/Briefing Materials for TV Interviews - 7/27/84

          PJR/Briggs, Orin C.

          PJR/Brosnan, Peter L. Request RR to Endorse Movie Project

          PJR/Correspondence from Brouiletter, C. Bader - re: Jean Kirkpatrick

          PJR/Bruce, Preston Photo Request

          PJR/Budget and Fiscal Program for 1983 as Proposed by the Administration

          PJR/Burke, Jerry Ford - Ad Using RR Photograph

          PJR/Burns, Mrs. M.B. - Correspondence (Year of the Bible, Abortion, etc.)

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy

          PJR/Cabinet Members - Protection

          Cable News Network Case

          PJR/California Delegate List

          PJR/California Health Review Questionnaire

          PJR/Campaign Related Materials 1984

          PJR/Campaign Workers Dinner

          PJR/Campbell, Richard - Correspondence

          PJR/Canadian Films - Justice Department Decision

          PJR/Canadian Trucking

          PJR/Cancer Control Month - (Draft Proclamation)

          PJR/Careers Magazine Inquiry

          PJR/Carpenter, Warren - Correspondence re: Arkansas Public Schools

          PJR/Catholic News Service Questionnaire

          PJR/Central America

          PJR-Central America Commission

          PJR/Central America Issues Communications Releases

          PJR/Central Intelligence Agency Information Act - H.R. 4164

          PJR/Central Intelligence Agency Information Act - H.R. 5164

          PJR/Central Intelligence Agency Information - Public Disclosure of

          PJR/Chemical Weapons

          PJR/Chesser, Robert L. - Telegram Giving Debating Tips

          PJR/Chesterfield Posters Abroad - Use of RR Picture

          PJR/Chicago School Desegregation Case

          PJR/Child Abuse Amendments of 1984 - H.R. 1904

          PJR/Child Abuse Letter (Ames)

          PJR/Child Abuse Prevention Month - S.J. Res. 27, 161

          PJR/Child Health Day 1983

          PJR/Child Protection Act of 1984 H.R. 3635

          PJR/Child Support Enforcement Legislation


          OA 11408

          Christmas Ornament (White House)

          Circuit Judicial Conference Media and Law Seminar - 1982

          PJR/Citizens for America

          PJR/Citizenship Day and Constitution Week - Proclamation

          PJR/Citizenship for Alien Servicemen Killed in Action

          PJR/Citizenship Renunciation of C.  Reed and M.  Boyd

          PJR/Civil Aeronautics Board Sunset Act of 1984 - H.R. 5297

          PJR / Civil Rights Act of 1984

          PJR/Civil Rights Commission (General)

          PJR/Civil Rights Commission Reauthorizations, Appointments

          PJR/Civil Rights Commission - Removal of Members Litigation

          PJR/Civil Rights Correspondence

          Civil Rights Policy - General

          PJR/Civil Service Questions

          PJR/Civilian Pay Increases - RR Message to Congress - 1981

          Classification - Executive Order [12356] (1)(2)

          Clean Water Act

          PJR/Cleaves, Robert N. - Correspondence re: Pantera Club

          PJR/Clegg, Roger - Memo to re: Cuban Political Prisoner

          PJR/Clinch River Breeder Reactor

          PJR/Close-Up Program

          PJR/Coalition for Peace Through Strength - Publication of Presidential Remarks

          PJR/Coast Guard Authorization Act - S.  2526

          PJR/Cohen, Randy

          PJR/Cole, John F. - Request for RR Endorsement of Medicines for Christ, Inc.

          PJR/Coleman, William - Correspondence Praising Nuclear Regulatory Commission

                   Solicitor Briggs

          PJR/College Kids Say the Darndest Things

          PJR/Comins, Edward I.  (American Spectator Ad)

          Commission on Wartime Relocations and Internment of Civilians

          Committee of One

          Committee on Arts and the Humanities

          PJR/Committee on Interagency Radiation and Research and Policy Coordination –

                   Funding of

          PJR/Common Cause Inquiry Concerning Salaries for First Lady’s Staff

          PJR/Common Cause Questionnaire

          PJR/Communications with Independent Agencies, etc.

          PJR/Community and Junior College Journal Presidential Interview

          Commutation Petition Filed by S.C. Davis

          PJR/Compact of Free Association of the United States with the Federated States of 

                   Micronesia, etc.

          Conference on Children and Youth

          PJR/Conger, Clement - Use of Name White House in Advertisement (Ray)

          PJR/Congressional Censure Letters

          PJR/Congressional Reports Elimination Act of 1982

          PJR/Conservation and Renewable Energy Tax Credits

          Conservative Digest / February 1982

          Conservative Legislative Proposals

          Constitution Bicentennial / NEH (National Endowments for the Humanities)

          PJR/Constitution - Questions

          PJR/Constitutional Liberties Rally Questionnaire

          PJR/Continuing Appropriations for RY 85 - H.J. Res.  648

          PJR/Continuing Appropriations H.J. Resolution  631

          PJR/Contraceptives to Minors - Rescission of Parental Notification

          Contract Sanctity

          PJR/Cook, Janet - Correspondence

          Cooke, Lieutenant Christopher

          Cornelius, William J. - Texas Correspondence from

          PJR/Cotton, Lieutenant Commander - Freedom of Information Act

          PJR/Council of Independent Regulatory Agencies - Breakfast Meetings.

          PJR/Council on Environmental Quality

          PJR/Council on Environmental Quality Authorization and Tensas River Range –

H.R. 4585


          OA 11410

          PJR/Courts-Martial Executive Order

          PJR/Couvillion, Glynne C. - Correspondence Soliciting RR Endorsement of Fiji Retina


          PJR/Cowboy Hall of Fame

          PJR/Cowles, Fleur Correspondence

          PJR/Crawford Technical Services Small Business Administration Bidding Controversy

          PJR/Credit Card and Electronic Fund Transfer, Testimony of Knapp re:

          PJR/Cribari, Robert

          PJR/Crichton, John - Letter about RR Favorite Charities

          PJR/Crime Victim’s Week (Draft Proclamation)

          PJR/Crimes of U.S. Citizens or Nationals Abroad - H.R. 45

          Criminal Justice

          Cuba:  Rusthoven/Cooksey

          PJR/Cuban Involvement in Drug Trafficking - Testimony

          PJR/Cumberland Island Wilderness Legislation

          PJR/Dairy Price Support Program - S. J.  Res. 149

          PJR/Dallas Magazine Questionnaire for RR

          PJR/Danielson, Michael (Photo Request)

          PJR/Daravansky, Sviatoslav - Correspondence re Use of Soviet Union Sources in

                   Department of Justice  Investigations

          PJR/Dartmouth Review, The

          PJR/Davis, Claire - Call from London Requesting RR Photo be Used in TV Ad for a


          Davis, June

          PJR/Davis, Paul - Requests RR to Participate in Fundraising Auction

          Death Penalty

          PJR/Deaver Diet Book - Correspondence

          PJR/Deaver, Michael

          PJR/Deaver, Mike - Proposed Letter from MKD to Postal Service in Support of Stamp

          PJR/Debate Briefing Book

          PJR/Debates - 1984

          PJR/Debt Collection Services - Use of Attorneys - H.R. 5196 Testimony

          PJR/Debt Limit (Out Card to Debra Owens - 08/21/1985)

          PJR/Declassification/Release Request / DOJ Litigation

          PJR/Declassification/Release Request Under FOIA/International Trade Administration

          PJR/Declassification/Release Request Under FOIA [U.S./Vatican Relations]

          PJR/Declassification Request - Burnett / Young / Reger

          PJR/Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 - DOJ Views (H.R. 2163)

          PJR/Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 -H.R. 4170 (1)(2)

          PJR/De Fore, Don - Correspondence

          PJR/Delaware Vietnam Vets Memorial Institute Request for RR to Be Honorary


          PJR/Delegation of Authority to Treasury Secretary re: Payment to Development Banks

          PJR/del Junco, Tirso - Plaque Proposal

          PJR/Democratic Telethon Disruption - Letter

          PJR/DeMoss, Michael - Request for RR Statement for Reynaldo G.  Garza School of 


          PJR/Dennis, Mrs.  Clyde - Letter re: Publishing RR Memoirs

          PJR/Department of International Trade and Industry

          Departmental and Agency General Counsel

          PJR/Depue, Roger - Statement Before Federal Bureau of Investigation Behavioral

                   Science Unit


          PJR/Detroit Free Press Questionnaire

          PJR/Developmental Disabilities Act of 1984 - H.R. 5603

          PJR/"Dial-A-Porn" Telephone Services

          PJR/Dickinson, William - Letter about Department of Justice

          PJR/Dillin, Judge Hugh

          PJR/Disabled American Veteran Magazine Questionnaire for RR

          PJR/Disaster Relief Act of 1974 - S. 279 - Funds Mistakenly Paid under

          PJR/Disclosure of Information by Central Intelligence Agency - S. 1324

          PJR/Discrimination re: Virginia Driver’s License

          PJR/Dismantling of Departments of Energy and Education - Letter from Zimmerman

          PJR/District of Columbia Tax Exemption for Jewish War Veterans Memorial - H.R. 4994

          PJR/Dixon Memorial Arch Committee - Request for Presidential Contribution

          PJR/Dolan, Anthony R.

          PJR/Donovan Memo on Unemployment Benefits for Displaced Workers

          Donovan, Raymond (1)-(12)

          PJR/Do’s and Don’ts in Advertising Copy

          PJR/Doss, Joseph and Leopold Frade (Episcopal Priests)

          PJR/Dreisbach, Phillip - Request for Unborns to be Buried at Arlington

          PJR/Drug Enforcement Administration Appropriations - Mullen Testimony

          PJR/Dull, Ned – Correspondence re: Grand Encampment of Knights Easter Service at


          PJR/Duplication Requests

          PJR/"Earth Day"

          PJR/Ebony Fashion Fair

          PJR/Ebony Magazine Questionnaire


          OA 11411

          Economic Recovery Program

          PJR/Editorial Letters to the Editor by Administration Officials

          PJR/Education Amendments of 1984 - S. 2496

          PJR/Education Commission Report

          PJR/Education Consolidation and Improvement Act Amendments - H.R. 1035

          PJR/Education, Department of - Waiver

          PJR/Education - National Forum Article

          PJR/Education - National Year of Partnerships Proclamation

          PJR/Education Proposals - Draft Message and Fact Sheet

          PJR/Education Savings Accounts

          PJR/Education Week Interview

          PJR/Eilert, Rick - Photo Request

          PJR/El, J.  Gilbert Golson – Correspondence re Joint Resolution Honoring Black


          PJR/Ellis, Deborah Letter Seeking Husband’s Discharge from Army

          PJR/(Ellis,Stephen) Custody Battle (Correspondence)

          PJR/Employment Message

          PJR/Enrolled Bill Status Sheets

          Enrolled Bills, Review of - 1981 and 1982

          PJR/Enterprise Zones

          PJR/Environmental Protection Agency - New Assistant Administrators - S. 1696

          PJR/Environmental Protection Agency: White House Review of Proposals

          PJR/Epcot Center Poll / Meese

          PJR/Equal Access Act, The - H.R.5345

          PJR/"Equal Access Bill" - H.R. 2732

          PJR/"Equal Access to Voting Rights Act, The " - H.R. 1250 -

          PJR/Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

          PJR/Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Litigation Against Martinsburg

                   Academy -Correspondence

          PJR/Ervin, Sam - Correspondence re: Religion and First Amendment

          PJR/Ethics in Government Act - Special Prosecutor Provisions

          PJR/Ethics in Government Conference

          PJR/Ethics Opinions

          PJR/Evans, Michael - Book Forward

          PJR/Exceptional Parent Questionnaire

          PJR/Executive Clemency

          Executive Exchange – President’s Commission

          Executive Order on Classification (1)-(6)

          [Executive Order on Classification Package] (1)-(5)

          PJR/Executive Order - Federal Regulation (12291)

          Executive Order: Foreign Service

          PJR/Executive Order on Drug Policy Functions

          PJR/Executive Order on Intelligence

          PJR/Executive Orders - General

          Executive Privilege - American Society of Access Professionals / Freedom of

                   Information Act 

          Executive Privilege - Anderson

          PJR/Executive Privilege - Cabinet Councils

          Executive Privilege / English and Kindness - Presidential Memorandum

          PJR/Executive Privilege - Environmental Protection Agency

          Executive Privilege / General


          OA 11412

          PJR/Executive Privilege - General Dynamics 

          Executive Privilege - Harper

          [Executive Privilege] Rusthoven Notes of Interviews with House Judicial Committee re:

                   Environmental Protection Agency

          Executive Privilege - Watt Contempt Proceedings

          PJR/Export Administration Act Regulations

          PJR/Export/Import Bank

          PJR/Extension of the Exclusion from Income of Educational Benefits - H.R. 2568

          PJR/Falwell, Jerry

          PJR/Family Fairness

          PJR/Family Reunion Month and National Family Week Proclamations

          PJR/"Farm Hall" Transcripts

          PJR/Farmers Home Administration Emergency Loan Program Regulations

          PJR/Federal Advisory Committee Act

          PJR/Federal Bar News and Journal Article

          Federal Bureau of Investigation / Conflicts Interviews - 1981 (Binder)

          PJR/Federal Bureau of Investigation Counterintelligence Guidelines

          [PJR/Federal Bureau of Investigation Counterintelligence Statements to Congress]

          Federal Bureau of Investigation  - Domestic Security Guidelines

          PJR/Federal Bureau of Investigation - Investigation of Union Violence - Statement of


          PJR/Federal Bureau of Investigation   Statement on Proposed Legislation to Safeguard

                   Welfare of Children in Public and Private Facilities

          Federal City Council

          PJR/Federal Communications Commission Regulation of Content of Electronic

                   Communications - S. 1917

          PJR/Federal Communications Commission Complaints

          PJR/Federal Communications Corporation [Commission]

          PJR/Federal Contract Compliance Programs/Correspondence

          Federal Credit/Loan Guarantee

          PJR/Federal Election Commission

          PJR/Federal Employee Literacy Training Program

          Federal Government Shutdown

          PJR/"Federal Grants to Non-Profit Agencies"

          PJR/Federal Home Loan Bank Board Investment Limitation Rules

          PJR/Federal Home Loan Bank Board Preferred Stock Controversy

          Federal National Mortgage Association - Appointees to Board of Directors

          PJR/Federal Privacy and Telephone Records Act - H.R. 424

          PJR/Federalism, New

          [PJR/Ferroalloy Investigation]

          PJR/Fielding - Liberia Trip

          PJR/Fifty States Project

          PJR/Financial Planner Magazine - Proposed Article

          PJR/Financial Services Competition - Draft Testimony - Assistant Attorney General

                   Baxter about

          PJR/Findings snd Recommendations of Commission on Wartime Relocation of


          PJR/Firefighters Local Union no. 1784 v. Stotts

          PJR/Firestone, Simone - Request for RR to Endorse Monopoly Anniversary

          PJR/Fitz-Patrick Correspondence from Mills

          PJR/Florida Catholic Conference Questionnaire

          PJR/Fochtmann, Manfred, Correspondence re Endorsement of "Third World Institute"

          PJR/Fogelson, Nathan Bankruptcy Correspondence

          PJR/Foley Federal Building and Courthouse - H.R. 4717

          PJR/Ford, George (Grain)

          PJR/FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Applications

          Foreign Service Act of 1980 - Authorities and Responsibilities

          PJR/Forest Service Study near Rancho del Cielo

          PJR/Former Presidents - Allowances, etc.

          Foundation of Education Assistance

          PJR/Foundation to Rebuild America

          PJR/Freedman, Monroe - Letter to National Law Journal about 9th Circuit

          Freedom of Information Act

          [PJR/Freedom of Information Act Request for J. Edgar Hoover Official Files]

          Freedom of Information Requests

          Freedom of Information Act: Transitions Reports

          PJR/Fuller, Craig Memo re: Conflict of Interest Question at National Aeronautics and

                   Space Administration

          PJR/Fundraising Letter by "A Better Chance Inc."

          PJR/Gagliani, Lucy L. - Correspondence re: Tax Problems

          PJR/Galway, Ireland - Proclamation for Quincentennial Year

          PJR/Garcia v. San Antonio Metropolitan Transit Authority (10th Amendment Litigation)

          PJR/German-American Tricentennial

          PJR/Gift Reporting Forms

          Gifts Policy

          PJR/Gifts to White House

          PJR/Congressman Gilman Letter re: Constituent Need for Warmer Climate

          PJR/Girard, Jan - Correspondence re: Polygraph Testing

          PJR/Golden-Collum Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse - H.R. 4354

          PJR/Golden Gate National Area Dedication to Phillip Burton

          PJR/Gorton, Slade (Senator)

          Governmental Privilege

          PJR/Granat, Jerry - Correspondence

          PJR/Great Seal of the United States, The

          PJR/Greentree v. U.S. Parole Commission

          PJR/Groshan, Robert Letter Enclosing Seminar Paper on Foreign Relations Law

          PJR/Gschwandtner Correspondence

          Gun Control

          Haitian Interdiction

          PJR/Halifax Building Society - Advertisement Request

          PJR/Hamilton, James


          OA 11413

          PJR/Handicapped - Discrimination Against (Infanticide)

          PJR/"Handicapped, Discrimination Against" (Bloomington Baby, et al)

          PJR/Handicapped Regulations - General

          PJR/Hanna, Walter - Request to Distribute a RR Recording

          PJR/Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Photographs First Lady

          PJR/Harrington, Robert J. - Jelly Beans

          PJR/Hartford Courant - Statement on Arms Control

          PJR/Harzenstein, A.S.

          PJR/Hatch Act

          Hawaiian Fundraising Committee

          PJR/Health and Human Services Family Planning Regulation

          PJR/Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Amendments of 1984 - S. 771

          PJR/Hegg, Steve - Request for Assistance

          PJR/Heinz, Senator - Request for President

          PJR/Helland, Hans - Correspondence re: Criticism of Judge in New York

          PJR/Hershman, Bill

          PJR/Hieronimus, Zoh - Great Seal Correspondence

          PJR/Highway Program Amendment for Construction Projects - H.R. 4957

          PJR/Highway Safety Advisory Committee Reappointment of Members

          PJR/Highway User Fee (1)-(3)

          Hiring Freeze Case


          PJR/Holley, Francis - Request to JAB (James Baker) for Help

          PJR/Hollis, Anna - Proposed Presidential Letter

          Honorary Memberships

          PJR/Hospice Care, Foster Care and Social Security Amendments - H.R. 5386

          Hostage Compensation

          Hostage Relief Act of 1980

          Hostages - Wyatt

          PJR/Houghtling, David - Correspondence

          PJR/Howard University Fundraising Efforts

          PJR/Hugel, Max - Correspondence re: Hugel v. McNell

          PJR/Hughes, Margaret - Problem with Check Cashing

          PJR/Human Events Request for Presidential Letter thru Kemp

          PJR/"Human Life Bill" Letter to Senator Helms

          H.H.Humphrey Fellowship Certificates

          PJR/Humphreys, Marylil - Request Use of Presidential Book Forward

          PJR/Hundley - Correspondence from re: Health and Human Services Regulations

          PJR/Hunger Task Force

          PJR/Hustler Magazine

          PJR/Illegal Alien Children - Education of

          Immigration Policy (1)-(5)

          Independent Regulatory Council

          Indian Land Claims Legislation

          PJR/Indian Self-Determination and Educational Assistance Act - S. 973

          PJR/Indiana Wilderness S. 2710

          PJR/INNcredible Discount Card Offer

          Inspectors General - Representative Fountain


          OA 11414

          Intelligence Activities

          PJR/Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 85 - H.R. 5399

          Intelligence Litigation

          PJR/Intelligence Oversight Board

          PJR/Inter-Agency Advisory Committees

          PJR/Interagency Working Groups

          Inter-American Convention on Commercial Arbitration

          Interdepartmental Group on Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information

          PJR/Internal Revenue Service

          PJR/Internal Revenue Service Collection Practices

          PJR/Internal Revenue Service Rules re: Clergy Deductions

          PJR/International Games for the Disabled - Use of RR Name

          PJR/International Private Enterprise Task Force

          International Trade Commission Review of Determinations

          PJR/Interview - November 30 w/FFF

          PJR/Iran-National Emergency

          PJR/Ivanauskas, C.S. - Correspondence

          [PJR/Jamaica Bauxite / Anti-Deficiency Act]

          PJR/James, Pauline - U.S. Courts North District Illinois Discrimination Allegation

          PJR/Jane Doe v. United States (1)-(4)

          PJR/Japanese Prime Minister Nobuske Kishi Correspondence Concerning Moon,


          PJR/Jasso, Ricardo – Correspondence re Invitation to First Lady to Serve as Chairperson

                   For Prevention of  Inhalant Abuse

          PJR/Jaycees' Questionnaire

          PJR/Jeanette, Frank, Judge - Thanks for RR Letter

          [Jelly Beans]

          Jelly Beans / Maillard / Allan Rodway

          PJR/Jensen, Jeff - Interior Textiles

          PJR/Job Training Partnership Act of 1982

          Joffrey II

          PJR/John F. Kilkenny - U.S. Post Office - H.R. 5997

          PJR/Jones, Oliver P. Mrs. - Correspondence re: Delaware Letter Carriers Unfair Labor


          PJR/Jones, Trace - Wants RR to Buy Jelly Beans

          Judicial Appointments

          Judicial Selection (1)-(3)

          Judicial Survivors’ Annuities Reform Act

          PJR/Judicial Vacancies in California Central District

          Department of Justice 1983 Budget Request

          PJR/DOJ Comment Letter on H.R. 4696 - Clarify Privacy Act v. Freedom of Information


          Justice Department: Notice Policy re: Litigation against State Governments, Agencies,


          PJR/Kalin, George - Request for Intervention

          PJR/Kamm, David - Correspondence in Support of the President

          PJR/Kansas City School Desegregation Case

          PJR/Kemp, Jack - RR Forward for Book

          PJR/Kennedy, Russell - South Bend Press Club

          PJR/Kessler Inquiry

          PJR/Kindness, Congressman Thomas - Request RR Forward for Book

          PJR/Kinkade, Jack - Correspondence re: H.R. 5125


          OA 11416

          PJR/Kmiec, Douglas - Correspondence Supporting President

          PJR/Knights of Columbus Questionnaire

          Knips, Peter W. - Courier Press Ltd.

          PJR/Kovachevich, Elizabeth, Judge – Correspondence re: Speech She Made

          PJR/Kurtz, Howard G. - "World Law Third Option"

          PJR/Labor Department Solicitor’s Office

          PJR/Ladies Home Journal Article for President

          PJR/Ladue, Peter - Requesting RR Endorsement for Russell Project

          PJR/"Lafayette Part ‘Sleep’ Case"

          PJR/Lasorda, Tom - Request for Presidential Foreword for Book

          PJR/Latin - Letter to Student

          PJR/Law Clerks 1982

          Law Day Ceremonies: George Bush

          PJR/Law Day, U.S.A. - 1984

          PJR/Law Enforcement Background Paper

          PJR/Law of the Sea Treaty (Out Card to LOV/Marianas 05/04/2000)

          PJR/Law Review Articles

          PJR/Leahy, J. Devereaux - Correspondence re: RR Debate

          PJR/Lear, Norman - Correspondence with Presidential about Religious Freedom

          PJR/Leifheit, Viola - Requests Seal for Quilt for Grandson


          PJR/Leavers, Leo (Presidential Gravesites}

          Legal Review of Proposed Proclamations and Executive Orders

          Legal Services Corporation (1)(2)

          LeFever, Ernest W.

          PJR/Legislative Veto (1)-(4)

          PJR/Letters of Recommendation

          PJR/Levi Strauss as Official Olympic Outfitter

          PJR/Levin - Letter about Casey

          PJR/Lifetide Foundation - Request for RR to Serve as Chairman

          PJR/Lighthouse Business Council; NY Association for the Blind

          PJR/Lincoln Logs (Aron)

          PJR/Literary Cavalcade Questions for RR

          PJR/Lithuanians - Department of Justice Office of Special Investigations

          Local Tax, Motor Vehicle and Voting Laws

          PJR/Lord’s Covenant Church of Phoenix - Anti-Reagan Literature

          PJR/Lorenzo, Susanne - Requests K. Osborne Participation in Book

          PJR/LTV Series of Articles for the President

          PJR/Lubbock, Texas School Prayer Case

          PJR/Lugar - Use of RR Signature

          PJR/Lundy, Wayne - Correspondence re: Where’s the Rest of Me?

          PJR/Lyddy, James P. - Request to Use Videotape about Bob Hope

          PJR/Lyles, A.C. - (R. Benson Movie)

          PJR/Malt Beverage Interbrand Competition Act - S. 1680

          PJR/Mansfield Breweries

          PJR/Maranatha Miniseries (David Waller Has) (Empty)

          PJR/March of Dimes

          PJR/Mariana Islands - Citizenship, etc.

          PJR/Marine Sanctuaries and Miscellaneous Marine Amendments - S. 1102

          PJR/Maritime Appropriations Authorization Act - S. 2497

          PJR/Markey, David - Correspondence re: Bell Operating Companies

          PJR/Marriage and Family Living Magazine Questions for RR

          PJR/Marshall Park Dedication

          PJR/Martin, Lynn - Requests RR Participation in Fund Raising Auction

          PJR/Mary W. Lasker Center for Health Research and Education - H.R. 5576

          PJR/Mass Mailing Guidelines

          PJR/Matthews (United.States. v.)

          PJR/McCabe, Mark - Correspondence

          PJR/McCallister, Mary Jean (Equal Credit Opportunity Act)

          PJR/McConkey, Lieutenant Phillip - Release from Navy

          PJR/McDonald v. Smith

          PJR/McFarland, Jack

          PJR/McHam, Jesse - Offers RR Membership in Rotary Club

          PJR/McLain, James - Requests RR to Write Forward for Book

          PJR/Meese Correspondence

          PJR/Meese-Deaver-McKean Matter: Drafts of Chronologies, Report (1)(2)

          PJR/Meese-Deaver-McKean Matter: Notes of Meetings, Telephone Conversations,

                   File Reviews

          PJR/Meese-Deaver-McKean Matter: Materials from McKean (1)(2)

          PJR/Meese-Deaver-McKean Matter: GAO Reports and Related Materials

          PJR/Meese-Deaver-McKean Matter: McKean 278

          PJR/Meese-Deaver-McKean Matter: Miscellaneous Press Clips (Incomplete)

          PJR/Mehlinger, Louis R. - Letter Request from President

          PJR/Mello, Julio - Phone Call

          PJR/Mental Illness Awareness Week Proclamation

          PJR/Merit Pay System

          PJR/Merit Systems Protection Board Special Counsel Report re: Improper Actions

          PJR/Merli, Gino - Intrepid Correspondence


          OA 11417

          Message Requests

          PJR/Metzenbaum Correspondence re: American-British Air Carriers

          PJR/Meyer, Hermine H.

          PJR/Military Aircraft - Use of to Transport Archbishop Pio Laghi

          PJR/Military Justice Act of 1973 - S. 974

          PJR/Miller, Alice (the Poet)

          PJR/Minority Bank Deposit Program

          Minority Business Development

          Miscellaneous Items without Written Responses

          PJR/Missing Children Stamp

          PJR/Modern Maturity Magazine Article on Older Women Workers

          PJR/Mondale, Walter F.

          PJR/Moon, Sun Myung (1)-(3)

          Moratorium on Government Periodicals

          PJR/Morrison, Trudi - NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities) Matter

          PJR/Mother’s Day, 1983 (Draft Proclamation)

          PJR/Motor Vehicle Theft Law Enforcement Act - H.R. 6257

          PJR/Multi-Level Marketing News - Presidential Insert

          PJR/Municipal Clerk’s Week Proclamation - S.J. Res. 92

          PJR/Munson, Rev. Thomas - Wants to be Chaplain of White House

          PJR/Music Educators National Conference

          PJR/Nader, Ralph

          PJR/"Nancy Hanks Center"

          PJR/Nation Letter about Racially Restrictive Covenants

          PJR/National Adoption Week

          PJR/National Amateur Baseball Month - -Draft Proclamation

          PJR/National Bar Association President's Message to Summit

          PJR/National Big Brother and Big Sister Week

          National Clean-up and Flag-Up America’s Highways

          PJR/NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)

          PJR/National Commission for Employment Policy

          National Commission on Student Financial Assistance

          PJR/NCPAC (National Conservative Political Action Committee)

          PJR/National Day of Prayer

          PJR/National Debt Retirement Act of 1982

          PJR/National Diabetes Month

          National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities

          PJR/National Energy Education Day

          PJR/National Enquirer Article

          PJR/National Family Week

          PJR/National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities Act Amendments - H.R. 2751

          PJR/National Hispanic Heritage Week Proclamation

          PJR/National Law Journal Interview Request (Kaplan)

          PJR/National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association

          PJR/National Organ Transplant Act - S. 2048

          National Productivity Advisory Commission

          PJR/National Retail Merchants Association Questionnaire

          National Review Magazine

          PJR/National Right to Life News Presidential Article

          PJR/National Safe Boating Week


          OA 11418

          PJR/National Security and Arms Reduction Panel

          PJR/National Security Council Directives on Emergency Preparedness /


          National Security Decision Directive 84- Unauthorized Disclosure: NSDD 84 –

                   Congressional Correspondence, etc. (1)-(8)

          National Security Decision Directive 84- Unauthorized Disclosure: NSDD 84 - Public

                   Correspondence (1)-(4)

          National Security Decision Directive 84- Unauthorized Disclosure: NSDD 84 - Press,

                   Miscellaneous (1)-(5)

          NSDD 84 – General (1)-(8)

          National Security Decision Directive 84- Unauthorized Disclosure: NSDD 84 –

                   Drafts (1)-(5)

          PJR/National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee

          PJR/National Spinal Bifida Month - S.J. Res. 275

          PJR/National Transportation Safety Board - Authorization

          PJR/National Urban Coalition Dispute with the Internal Revenue Service

          PJR/Nation’s Business Questionnaire

          PJR/Navy - Military Sealift Command Bidding

          Neal, Patricia - Immigration Status of Housekeeper

          PJR/Neamon, Anne

          PJR/Nebraska Christian School Controversy

          PJR/Neutrality Act Litigation - (Dellums v. Smith)

          PJR/New Orleans Police Case

          PJR/New York MTA (Metropolitan Travel Auathority) Subway Car Matter

          New York City Teacher Reassignment

          Rusthoven/Nicaragua [Sugar Quotas]

          PJR/Nicholson, George

          PJR/Nickell, Jim - Letter about Pornography Problem

          PJR/Nickelson, John L. (Nut) Correspondence from

          PJR/Nickles, Senator Photo Request

          PJR/Northrop-McDonnell Douglas Case

          (10)PJR/Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Budget Review Board Directive

          PJR/Nuclear Weapons - Atmospheric Testing of

          PJR/O’Brien, Thomas

          PJR/Obscenity Laws

          Oceanic Constitution, The - H.R. 3782

          PJR/O’Donnell, Timothy - Letter re: Reclassification of Steel Imports

          PJR/Offers of Memberships

          PJR/Office of Government Ethics "Opinion Letters"

          PJR/ OLC (Office of Legal Counsel) Opinions

          OMB (Office of Management and Budget) Regulatory Review - Dingel Subpoena

          Office Redecorating Expenses

          Ohio Special Election

          PJR/Oklahoma Business Questionnaire

          PJR/Oldfield, Barney - Request for RR to Support Nomination for Personal Award

          PJR/Ollman, John  - Requests RR to Write Paragraph for Book

          PJR/Olson Concerning Velde v. Nat’l Black Police Assn, Memo From

          Olympic Contingency Plans: PJR/Olympics 1984

          Olympic Contingency Plans: Draft Proclamations, Executive Orders, Governor's


          Olympic Contingency Plans: OLC (Office of Legal Counsel) Memoranda

          Olympic Contingency Plans: Statutes (10 USC §§331-335; 18 USC §112)

          Olympic Contingency Plans: Precedents (Michigan, 1967; Alabama, 1963)

          O’Neill, Councilor Albert L.

          PJR/Organ Donor Awareness Week - H.F. Res. 229

          PJR/O’Sullivan, Timothy - Correspondence re Dispute with Mediation Service

          PJR/Our Sunday Visitor Questionnaire

          Outer Continental Shelf Leasing Program

          PJR/OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation) Bilateral Agreement with


          PJR/Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) - General Counsel’s Office

          PJR/OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation) - Nicaragua

          Oversight Procedures

          Pace Consent Decree

          PJR/Pacific Magazine Interview

          Panama Canal Act Amendments

          PJR/Paoleschi, Johanna M. - Request for Help

          PJR/Paperwork Reduction Act

          PJR/Paperwork Reduction Act Amendments of 1984

          PJR/Parade Magazine Inquiry re: Federal Bureau of Investigation

          PJR/Parents Without Partners Questionnaire

          PJR/Parrish, James - Request Info on Counsel to President Job


          OA 11419

          PJR/Pashayan, Charles

          PJR/PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Union)

          Patino v. Reagan, et al.

          PJR/Patterson - Use of President’s Ranch in Fundraising Project 

          Pauken, Thomas / Director of ACTION

          PJR/Paul, Ellen Frankel - Book Forwarded on Federal Regulation of


          PJR/Paulson, Allen - Selling Planes to West Germany

          PJR/Peace Corps Abortion Policy

          PJR/Pearce, Randolph - American Burn Society

          PJR/Penberthy, Larry - Correspondence re Corruption in Energy Dept.

          PJR/Penn, William - Proclamation of Honorary Citizenship

          Pennsylvania School Desegregation Case: Hoots v. Pennsylvania (1)(2)

          PJR/Pension Equity Act of 1983

          PJR/Personal Liability of Federal Officers

          PJR/Personnel Actions - Comparing MSPB (Merit System Protection Board) and

                   Arbitration Procedures for Employee Appeals

          PJR/Petroleum Marketing Practices Act Amendments of 1984 - Draft Department of

                   Energy Statement on H.R. 5023

          PJR/Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity

          PJR/Phoenix School Desegregation Case Correspondence

          PJR/Photo Request by David Murray for Calendar

          PJR/Photo Request - Duke Children's Classic

          PJR/Photo Request - Howard County Cable Television

          PJR/Photo Requests / General

          PJR/Photograph Request - Invest in America

          PJR/Photos - Garabedian

          PJR/Pimenta, Ernesto - Correspondence re: Review of Portugal Materials

          PJR/Pitteway, Leslie - Must Discontinue Use of RR in Advertising

          PJR/Pocket Veto I (1)(2)

          PJR/Pocket Veto II (1)-(8)

          PJR/Pocket Veto Legislation (Barnes v. Carmen) (1)-(8)

          [PJR/Polish Children’s Heart Surgery]

          PJR/Polish Solidarity

          PJR/Political Travel


          PJR/Posthumous Citizenship for William Penn, etc. - S.J. Res. 80

          PJR/Povah, Trevor S.

          Presidential Budget Message Draft - January 1983, 1985

          Presidential Club" / FA Manson

          PJR/Presidential Communications Vulnerability Assessment

          PJR/Presidential Design Awards Program

          PJR/Presidential Foreword to Transcript of Republican Study Committee Hearings on

                   Strategic Defense Initiative

          PJR/Presidential Immunity from Liability

          PJR/Presidential Message to the Federal Bar Association Convention 1982

          Presidential Pardons

          Presidential Proclamations, Review of  - 1981 and 1982 (1)-(5)

          Presidential Succession and Disability (1)(2)

          Presidential Yacht

          PJR/"The President’s Acre" Cemetery

          PJR/President’s Authority to Suspend Travel to Foreign Countries

          PJR/President’s Commission on Executive Exchange

          President’s Committee on American Youth

          President's Defense Speech - March 1983

          PJR/President’s Economic Policy Advisory Board

          PJR/PFIAB (President's. Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board) I

          President's. Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board II

          PJR/President’s Income Tax Return

          PJR/Press Conferences

          PJR/Press Office Inquiries

          PJR/Presser, Jackie

          PJR/Preston, John David – Correspondence re: Judicial Appointment

          PJR/Private Express Statutes - Testimony

          PJR/Private Sector Initiatives

          PJR/Private Sector Initiatives Proposal for "Contribute to America Day"

          PJR/Private Sector Survey

          PJR/Proclamations Summary

          PJR/"Project Transport"

          PJR/Pro-Life Demonstrators Arrest - (Phone Call)

          Proof, Colonel Beauregard "Barrell"

          Proposed Presidential Letter - 1986 World Cup Application

          PJR/Public Lands and National Parks Act of 1983 - H.R. 1213

          Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act

          PJR/Purtill, Richard - Request for Information

          PJR/Quaal, Ward - Correspondence re: Orion Satellite Corporation

          PJR/Quigley, Thomas - Public Liaison Mess

          Quint Inquiry: Consumer Product Safety Commission Contract

          PJR/Radiation Compensation and Other Matters Involving "Toxic Tort" Issues

          Rancho Mission Viejo, Message to - Clark

          Ravitch, Long Island Railroad

          PJR/Ray, Howard (Advertisement)

          PJR/Raye, John R. , M.D. - Request Duplicate Presidential Letter

          PJR/Reagan, Maureen - Appointment to Industry Sector Advisory Board

          PJR/Reagan, Maureen - "Sell Overseas America"

          PJR/Reagan, Maureen - Taiwan

          PJR/Reagan, Michael

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: Drug Survival News Item

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: "First Love" Article

          PJR/Nancy Reagan - Foster Grandparents Book (1)-(7)

          Reagan, Nancy - Foster Grandparents Book – [Royalties]

          Reagan, Nancy - Foster Grandparents Book – [Lawsuit] (1)-(8)

          [Foster Grandparents Book: N.R. Contract] (1)(2)

          [Reagan, Nancy – Foster Grandparents Book – Lawsuit] (1)-(4)

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: Godparent Invitation

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: Invitation to be Honorary Chairman of Second World

                   Congress of Pediatric Cardiology

          Nancy Reagan : Letter to  Palmer Drug Abuse Program

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: Message to "Friends of Artist Equity"

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: National Sympathy Orchestra

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: Outside Photography

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: Participation in Cultural Exchange with India

          Nancy Reagan: Rastar Project

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: Use of "Different Strokes" Tape

          Nancy Reagan: Winston Offer of Jewelry

          [Contract with Rusconi, Inc. re: French and Italian Translation Rights to Nancy]

          Ronald Reagan: Article by Jerry D. Lewis

          PJR/Ronald Reagan: Article for Ladies Home Journal

          Ronald Reagan: California Pension

          Ronald Reagan: Doubleday Inquiry re: Memoirs

          PJR/Ronald Reagan: Family Weekly Interview

          PJR/Ronald Reagan: Flores v. Reagan

          PJR/Ronald Reagan: Letter to Higgins re: Hand Press

          Ronald Reagan: Martin v. Reagan

          PJR/Ronald Reagan - Museum in Santa Barbara

          Ronald Reagan - Portrait of (Katharina Trebitsch)

          PJR/Ronald Reagan - Questions from Sports Afield

          Reagan, Ronald – Reader’s Digest Article Reprint

          PJR/Ronald Reagan: Responses for California Teamster Magazine

          PJR/Ronald Reagan: Rouse Dedication of Book on Shakespeare


          OA 11422

          Ronald Reagan - Schoor, Gene, "Young RR"

          Ronald - Reagan  Social Security

          PJR/Reagan Speeches Compilation

          Ronald Reagan - USO (United Services Organization)

          PJR/Ronald Reagan - Use of Film Clips for TV Show

          Ronald Reagan - Wall Street Journal re: Elephant Sculpture

          Reale, Dante S.

          Reapportionment / Redistricting

          PJR/Recess Appointments -Military

          Recruitment Advisory Committee for Minorities (Proposal)

          PJR/Red Cross Month

          Reduction of Federal Loan Guarantee and Other Credit Programs

          Refugee Policy

          Refugee Policy: Afghanistan Refugees

          PJR/Regan, Donald - Newsweek Account about Nun Remarks

          Regulatory Reform Legislation: Miller

          PJR/Regulatory Task Force - Termination of

          [Release of Official White House Photos for Revised First Lady Autobiography]

          PJR/Rienker - Use of RR Name

          PJR/Relief for 16 Employees of Charleston Naval Shipyard  S. 1212

          PJR/Relief of Certain Former Flight Engineers of Western Airlines - Department of

                   Justice Statement on H.R. 3623

          PJR/Relief of Christopher - H.R. 723

          Relief/Maria Cecilia Gabella - OSSA

          PJR/Relief of Hartman - H.R. 452

          PJR/Relief of Joseph K. Hasek - H.R. 1362

          PJR/Relief of Seela Jermiah Piula - S. 214

          PJR/Removal Authority of President - (JFK Trustees, etc.)

          PJR/Reorganization Act Amendments of 1984 - H.R. 1314

          PJR/Reorganization Plan Litigation and Proposed Legislation H.R. 6522

          PJR/Republican National Committee Talking Points

          PJR/Republican National Convention

          PJR/Republican Platform

          Request for Endorsement of Book by President - Dean Jones

          PJR/Request for Intervention: Clement, William A. Jr.

          PJR/Request for Intervention: Contreras, Marion

          PJR/Request for Intervention: Cordell, Thomas (Baker) Muse Air

          PJR/Request for Intervention - Coughlin, Jack

          PJR/Request for Intervention: Defrees, Captain. David L. USA

          Request for Intervention: Edwards - Dental Hygienists 

          Request for Intervention: Grace - Statue of Liberty

          Request for Intervention: Helms/Reed - Whistleblower

          PJR/Request for Intervention: Howe, Judge - Autograph $5 Bills

          Request for Intervention: Lacey - Public Prosecutor

          Request for Intervention: Miscellaneous

          Request for Intervention: Pate - Federal Communications Commission

          PJR/Request for Intervention: Pikula, Joseph, Walter

          PJR/Request for Intervention: Ricks, James - General Services Administration Dispute

          PJR/Request for Intervention: Rosenbaum, Dick - Federal Energy Regulatory


          Request for Intervention: Sagona - Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of

                   Investigation etc.

          PJR/Request for Intervention - Schiavone, Jean 

          Request for Intervention: Schippers, Federal Bureau of Investigation  Agents

          PJR/Request for Intervention: Serbian Movement for Democracy

          Request for Intervention: Stelling - Veterans Administration Benefits

          Request for Intervention: Stranahan - Federal Trade Commission

          PJR/Request for Intervention: Tompkins, Sally / SE Ohio Legal Services

                   Corporation (LSC )

          Request for Intervention: Van Wagenen - Veterans Administration Benefits

          Request for Presidential Article - Leaders Magazine

          Request for Presidential Message - National Bar Association Law Journal

          Request for Presidential Part. in Book and Movie - Benavidez, Roy

          Request for Presidential Statement for Book - California Chamber of Commerce

          Request for RR Introduction to First Issue - Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal

          PJR/Request for RR Participation: Altamirano, Cesar

          Request for RR to Participate in Book - Fields, Dale W.

          Request for Presidential Message - NY County Lawyers’ Association

          Request for RR Participation in Book  - O’Connell, John M.

          Request for RR Participation in Cookbook - Outdoor Life Magazine

          Request for RR Participation in George Washington University Fundraising Effort –

                   O’Leary, Dr. Dennis

          Request for RR to Contribute to Book - Wilburn, James R.

          Request to Publish Great Speeches of RR - McClaughry, John

          Requests from Various Companies for Presidential Photographs - Miscellaneous

          PJR/Ressman, Tamara

          PJR/Retirement Benefits for Federal Bankruptcy Judges - H.R. 6216

          PJR/Retirement Letter for Military Appeals Judge

          PJR/Revell - Federal Trade Commission Matter

          PJR/Rhodes, Steve (Black National Bank)

          PJR/Richard B. Russell Dam and Lake Project - S. 912

          PJR/Richman, Marc - Correspondence re: Fairness Issue

          PJR/Rifkin, Paul

          Right to Work

          PJR/Riley, Wallace - Correspondence

          PJR/Rivera, Ramon


          OA 11423

          PJR/Roberts, Oral

          PJR/Roderer Champagne - Use of RR Name

          PJR/Romanian Emigrees

          PJR/Ronson, William Letter about Mario Merola and Ray Donovan

          PJR/Rooney, Mickey - Correspondence

          PJR/Rostroprovich, Slava

          PJR/Roston, Arnold

          PJR/Roukema, Congresswoman – Correspondence re Seal

          PJR/Rowe, James - Correspondence re: Ellipse and Lafayette Park

          PJR/Ruge, Dr.  FOIA Request for Kennedy Autopsy Records

          PJR/Rule, Gallagher - Request for Photo of RR for Sculpture

          PJR/Russo, Joseph A. Correspondence

          PJR/Sadat Peace Foundation

          Samuel, Terry - Requests Help in Obtaining National Aeronautics and Space

                   Administration Contract

          San Carlos Apache Indian Tribe, Distribution of Funds to - S.J. Res. 136

          PJR/Sassone, Robert L. - Correspondence re: Abortion

          PJR/Sayers National Football League Franchise - Request for Presidential Endorsement

          PJR/Schedule A - Attorneys

          Schmidt, George H.

          PJR/Schneider, Robert - Wick Correspondence

          PJR/Scholastic Update Questionnaire

          School Desegregation - E. Baton Rouge, LA

          School Prayer Amendment I [1982 – February 1984] (1)-(6)

          School Prayer Amendment II [February 1984 – February 1985] (1)-(5)

          Schreiner, Herbert W. - Correspondence re: Cartoons in LA Times

          PJR/Schulte, George (Uhlmann)


          PJR/Scott, Willard

          PJR/Scouten, Rex

          Secret Service

          PJR/Secret Service Protection

          Secret Service Protection of the Residence

          PJR/SerVaas, Cory

          PJR/Sex Tapes Story

          PJR/Sharp, Sarah - Correspondence

          PJR/Shelton College v. New Jersey - Request for Government Intervention

          PJR/Sherwood, Helen  Correspondence re: Social Security Payments to Dead Mother

          Sikh Hijackers in Dubai

          PJR/Sisco Sisters Request

          PJR/Six-Year Term Letters

          PJR/Small Business and Federal Procurement Competition Act of 1984 - H.R. 4209

          PJR/Small Business Judicial Access Act of 1983 - H.R. 406

          PJR/Small Business Secondary Market Improvements Act of 1984

          PJR/Small Business Week

          Smalley, Ian

          PJR/Social Security Benefits Termination for Deceased Individual

          PJR/Social Security Boards of Trustees - Public Members

          Social Security Card

          PJR/Social Security   Correspondence

          PJR/Social Security Cost-of-Living Increase - H.R. 6299

          PJR/Social Security Disability Reform Act - H.R. 3755

          PJR/Social Security Reform Act

          Social Security Reform Task Force

          PJR/Sofaer, Judge Abraham - Sentencing : Lessons from the Bible

          Solidarity Day

          PJR/Soviet Military Strength

          PJR/Space Shuttle - Talking Points for Conference Call

          PJR/Speakes, Larry - Memo from Housing and Urban Development Employee

          PJR/Special Analysis H: Federal Aid to State and Local Governments

          Special Session of Congress

          PJR/Specialty Steel

          PJR/Sperling (White House Limousine)

          PJR/SPIN Report

          PJR/Spivak, William - Requests Assistance to Obtain Legal Fees from Royal Saudis

          PJR/Stalfelt, Sven Ovov - /Request RR to Respond to Questions for Book

          PJR/Stallone Fund for Autism Research

          Standards of Conduct - Conflict of Interest (1)(2)

          Standards of Conduct: Travel

          Standards of Issuance of Commemorative Proclamations (Baindou F12-008)

          Standby Petroleum Allocation Act Veto Message

          PJR/State Dinner Inquiry

          PJR/State of Small Business

          PJR/Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island

          PJR/Steel, U.S. / British Steel Transaction

          PJR/Stein, Clem

          PJR/Steinman, Phillip - Request to Use RR Photograph

          PJR/Stevenson, Kathy - Handwriting Analyst

          PJR/Stine, Marie Louise Von Brentano

          PJR/Stone, Irving

          PJR/Strassberg, Toby - Veterans Administration Investigation

          PJR/Student Loan Consolidation and Technical Amendments Act - H.R. 3394

          Student Loan Marketing Association

          PJR/Sultan of Brunei Correspondence

          Summer Interns 1982

          PJR/Sundseth, Carolyn

          PJR/Superfund Enforcement - Letter from T. Atkeson to Barnes

          PJR/Supreme Court Term Opening Letter to President

          PJR/Sutter/Wittmann Letter about Obscenity Laws

          PJR/Synanon Distribution Network

          PJR/Synthetic Fuels Corporation  Armand Hammer

          Synthetic Fuels Corporation / Toby Moffett

          PJR/Talking Points for Use by Administration Spokesmen


          OA 11424

          Task Force on Arts and Humanities

          Tax Agreement US/British Virgin Islands

          Tax Exemptions – Desegregation I

          Tax Exemptions / Desegregation II

          Tax Exemptions / Desegregation III

          PJR/Taylor, William - Letter to MDT (Margaret Tutwiler) about Use of RR Photo

          PJR/Technical Corrections Act of 1982 - H.R. 6056

          Telecommunication Competition and Deregulation Act - S. 898 

          PJR/Telegram Security

          PJR/Temporary Extension of Housing, Mortgage, etc. H.J. 366

          PJR/Terrorism Legislation Statement by Federal Bureau of Investigation Assistant

                   Director Gilbert

          Testimony of Assistant Attorney General Archer on Legislation to Improve Tax


          PJR: Testimony of Ted Olson on S.951's Anti-Busing Provisions

          TELACU (The East Los Angeles Community Union)

          PJR/Thies, John - Use of RR Name in Fundraising Endeavor

          PJR/Third Branch Interview

          Thrift Industry Legislative Proposals

          PJR/Tidwell, Robert - Correspondence re: Courtemanche

          Tillison, John - Department of Defense Proposal to Terminate

          PJR / Title IX - Legislation Civil Rights Act of 1984 (1)-(3)

          PJR / Title IX - Legislation Congressional and Public Comments (1)(2)

          PJR / Title IX - Litigation (1)(2)

          PJR/Today’s Catholic Teacher - Presidential Article

          PJR/Tolley, Jerry - Permission to Quote President in Football Drill Book

          Topanga - Las Virgines Resource Conservation District

          Tozzi Conversations

          PJR/Train Museum (Manson)

          PJR/Travel Agent News Magazine - Article

          PJR/Trowbridge, Alexander  - Correspondence

          PJR/Trucking Licenses - Extension of Moratorium - Mexican Carriers

          PJR, Troxler, L. William

          Tuition Tax Credit


          OA 11425

          PJR/Turner, Carlton

          PJR/Turner, Robert

          PJR/Twenty-Second Amendment - Correspondence re: Repeal of

          U.S. - Canadian Fishing Treaties

          U.S. Cavalry Association Reactivated

          PJR/U.S. Claims Court, - Article III Status

          PJR/U.S. Information Agency - Materials to Review

          PJR/U.S. Information Agency/Motion Picture/TV Acquisition Initiative (1)-(2)

          [PJR/U.S. Information Agency - Protocol - U.S. and Morocco]

          U.S. Information Agency Request

          [PJR/U.S. Information Agency - Use of Services, Facilities and Personnel of other

                   Government Agencies]

          [PJR/U.S. Information Agency - Wick Residence Security]

          U.S. League of Savings Assoc.

          U.S. Navy Procurement Contract

          U.S. Parole Commission

          U.S. Postal Service

          U.S. Sinai Support Mission

          U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation (1)-(3)

          PJR/U.S. v. Exxon (Oil Overcharges)

          PJR/U.S. v. Woodley (Ninth Circuit Opinion) (Not in box)

          Universal Postal Union

          PJR/Unknown Soldier Medal - H.R. 5515

          PJR/Up with America - Endorsement

          PJR/Use of Presidential Seal on Commemorative Stamps, Envelopes

          PJR/Val de Loire Restaurant Use of RR in Advertising

          PJR/Van Arsdale, Nancy - Correspondence re: Time Magazine and Mrs. Reagan

          PJR/Vatican, The

          PJR/Veterans Bill Language

          PJR/Veto Message for HR 6682

          Victims Rights Week

          PJR/Video Review Questionnaire

          PJR/Vietnam Memorial: Memorandum of Conveyance

          PJR/Vietnamese Newspapers

          PJR/Vietnamese Refugees - Proposed Commendations for Rescuers

          PJR/Visa Application

          PJR/Visa Card Correspondence re Ferne G. McClatchy


          PJR/Volunteers in Prevention, Probation and Prisons, Inc.

          PJR/Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped - H.R. 1250

          Voting Rights Act

          PJR/Walls, John - Letter About White House Fellows

          PJR/Walter Hagen Golf Tournament - Use of RR Name

          PJR/Wang, Dr. A.N. - Presidential Letter to

          PJR/War Powers Material

          PJR/Washington Opera Request for Donation

          PJR/Washington Post Briefing Materials

          PJR/Washington Post Libel Case

          PJR/Water Projects - Planning Principle and Guidelines

          PJR/Water Resources Act of 1984 - S. 684

          PJR/Watkins, Jeffrey - Request Seal for Congressional Country Club

          PJR/Weapons Convention

          Webb, Rev. James E. - The Voter Re-identification Act

          PJR/Webster, George - Correspondence

          PJR/Webster - Testimony before Senate Judiciary Committee

          PJR/Webster Testimony on Anti-Terrorism Efforts of Federal Bureau of Investigation

          PJR/Wesley Sisters - Noise Problem

          PJR/Western Gerontological Society Questionnaire

          Western White House Novelties - Gary M. Scuitto

          PJR/Wheeling Creek Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention H.R. 5717

          Whetstone, Frank

          PJR/Whitehurst, William

          PJR/White House as Official Residence Question (Clothier)

          White House Christmas Card Invoice, 1982

          PJR/White House Conference on Productivity

          White House Council on Aging

          PJR/White House Digest Papers - Nicaragua/Central America

          PJR/White House Employees/Ethics Questions


          OA 11426

          White House Fellows

          White House Office of Policy Information Issue Updates

          PJR/White, Stan - Correspondence

          PJR/Whittlesey, Faith - Invitation to Serve on Board of National Forum Foundation

          PJR/Whittlesey Remarks

          PJR/Wickstrom, Pastor James - Wisconsin Dispute

          PJR/Wilkie, Jane - Request for First Lady

          PJR/Wilkins, Roy - Medal to Widow - H.R. 3420

          PJR/Will County Career Education Center - Presidential Talking Points

          PJR/Williams, Thomas - Correspondence re: Eviction

          PJR/Willing, Roberta - Requests JAB (James Baker) Help from Federal Communication


          Wolftrap Fundraising Efforts

          PJR/Women’s Issues: Equal Rights Amendment

          PJR/Women’s Issues: Executive Order: President's Task Force on Legal Equity for


          PJR/Women’s Issues: PJR/Legal Equity for Women

          PJR/Women’s Issues: PJR/Omnibus Sex-Bias Legislation

          PJR/Women’s Issues: Women in the Administration etc. Fact Sheet

          PJR/Women’s Issues: Women’s Army Corps Veterans’ Associations - H.R. 4966

          PJR/Women’s Issues: PJR/Women's History Week

          PJR/Wood and Wood Products Questionnaire

          Wood, E Michael. - Iran

          PJR/World Research, Ed Meese, Request from

          PJR/"World Without Hunger" Award Winners

          PJR/Wright, Joseph - International Unalienable Rights Day

          PJR/Yankelovich Correspondence

          PJR/Year of the Bible

          Year of our Lord" Use in Presidential Proclamation

          PJR/Yost, Nicholas - Letter re: Foreign Assistance Programs

          PJR/Young Americans for Freedom

          PJR/Young Investigator Awards

          Youth Employment Demonstration Amendments of 1981

          PJR/Zinner, Nancy  Domestic Problems



          OA 11426 (Continued)

          Disaster Declaration Procedures

          Alabama Disaster Declarations

          Arizona Disaster

          Arkansas Disaster

          California Disaster

          Colorado Disaster

          Connecticut Disaster

          Florida Disaster

          Georgia Disaster

          Hawaii Disaster

          Idaho Disaster

          Illinois Disaster

          Indiana Disaster

          Iowa Disaster

          Kansas Disaster

          Kentucky Disaster

          Louisiana Disaster

          Maine Disaster

          Marshall Islands Disaster

          Maryland Disaster

          Massachusetts Disaster

          Michigan Disaster

          Mississippi Disaster


          OA 11430

          Missouri Disaster

          Montana Disaster

          Nebraska Disaster

          Nevada Disaster

          New Jersey Disaster

          New Mexico Disaster

          New York Disaster

          New York Emergency Request March, 1984

          North Carolina Disaster

          North Dakota Disaster

          Request for Disaster Assistance Northern Mariana Islands 12/07/1981

          Ohio Disaster

          Disaster Relief for Oklahoma

          Oregon Disaster

          Disaster Relief for Pennsylvania

          South Carolina Disaster

          South Dakota Disaster

          Tennessee Disaster

          Texas Disaster

          Utah Disaster

          Virgin Islands Disaster

          Virginia Disaster

          Washington Disaster

          West Virginia Disaster

          Wisconsin Disaster



          OA 11430 (Continued)

          Civil Aeronautics Board Bases [1981-1984]

          PJR/CAB Decision: Aero B. Venzuela, C.A.

          CAB Decision - Aeronaves del Peru

          CAB Decisions: (1) Air Berlin USA, (2) Two Americas Trading Co., Inc., (3) Air

                   Florida, Inc., (4) Spanish Main International Airlines, (5) Universal Airlines, Inc.

          PJR/CAB Suspension Order for Air Canada Fare Increases

          CAB Suspension Order in Air Canada

          PJR/CAB Decision in Air Charter (SAFA)

          PJR/CAB Decision: Air Express Inter. Airlines, Inc.

          CAB / Air Florida / Western Litigation

          CAB Decisions: 1) Air Florida; 2) Genair International and Capitol International

          CAB Decision: Air Nauru

          CAB: (1) Air Nauru, (2) British Caledonian Airways, Ltd.

          CAB - (1) Air Nauru, (2) Laker Airways, Ltd., (3) German Cargo Services

          PJR/CAB Decision in Albany/Burlington-Montreal Service Proceedings, California-

                   Toronto/Montreal and Texas Caribbean Air, Inc.

          CAB Decision: ALM Antillean Airlines

          CAB Decisions: (1) Approved Service Plans, (2) World Airways, Inc.

          CAB Decision: Arista International and Air Florida

          CAB Decision in A/S Conair, Hapag-Lloyd Fluggesellschaft, MBH; Servicio de Cargo

                   Aerea, S.A.; and China Interocean Transport, Inc.

          Civil Aeronautics Board - Elizabeth Bailey

          PJR/CAB Decisions: Blue Bell; The Flying Tiger; Global International Airways;

                   Challenge Air Transport; and Arista International Airlines

          CAB (Civil Aeronautics Board) Decision: Braniff and Pan American

          CAB (Civil Aeronautics Board) Decision - British Airways Board

          CAB Decision in British Caribbean Airways, Ltd.

          CAB Decisions in Calm Air International and Time Air

          CAB Decision: Canadian Charter Air Carriers


          OA 11431

          CAB Decision in Central Zone - Caracas/Maracaibo Venezuela Service Case

          CAB Decision in Ceskoslovenska Aerolinie

          CAB: Compagnie Nationale Air France

          CAB Decision: Continental Air Lines, Inc.

          CAB: Continental Airlines, Texas International Airlines I

          CAB: Continental Airlines / Texas International Airlines II

          CAB - Continental / Western Merger

          CAB Order on Czechoslovak Airlines Charter Application

          CAB - Dallas-Houston/Calgary, Edmonton Fare Increase

          CAB - (1) Delta Airlines, Inc.; (2) Air Florida/Eastern Airlines;  (3) Altair Airlines

          CAB: (1) Elan Air Corporation; (2) Action Air Cargo Corp.

          CAB Decision in Empress Ecuatoriana de Aviacion

          CAB Decisions in Flight International Airlines, Inc., Jet East, Spokane-Alberta Service

                   Case; United States-Dublin Route Proceeding; City of St. Louis and TWA

          CAB Decision in Four Seas Airlines

          PJR/CAB Decision - Frontier Airlines; Action Air Cargo; United Air Carriers

          CAB: 1) Galaxy Airlines, Inc.; 2) Central American International

          CAB: Global International Airways, United States-Jordan

          CAB Decisions in Gulf Air Transport Inc. and Sun Country Airlines, Inc.

          CAB - U.S.-India

          CAB Decisions: 1) International Air Cargo, Inc.; 2) Zantop Airlines, Inc.

          CAB IATA (International Air Transport Association) Show Cause Proceeding

          CAB Decision - Suspension Order in Jugoslovenski Aerotransport

          PJR/CAB Decision in Las Vegas-Alberta Service Case

          CAB - (1) Linea Aerea del Cobre S.A.; (2) Heavylift Cargo Airlines; (3) Compagnie

                   National Air Fr.

          PJR/CAB Decision: Lufttransport-Unternehmen KG. (LTU)

          CAB - Marco Island Airways, Inc. and Classic Air, Inc. Fitness Investigation

          PJR/CAB Decision in Modern Airways, Inc. and Lusair International, Inc.

          CAB: Monarch Airlines Ltd.; Aerovias Quisqueyana C. por A

          CAB - (1) Montana Austria Flugbet; (2) Orient Express Co.; (3) Various Foreign Air

          CAB Decision: New Gateway to Brazil

          CAB - NY-Mexico City Concorde Fare

          PJR/CAB Case - Northeastern International Airways, Pan American, Buffalo Airways,

                   and Western Air Lines

          CAB Decision in Northeastern Int'l Airways, Inc., Eastern Air Lines, Inc. and Pan

                   American and Air National Aircraft Sales and Service, Inc.; and Ryan Aviation


          PJR/CAB Decision in Orion Life Services, Inc. and Trans International Airways, Inc.

          CAB Decisions in Ozark Air Line and Two Americas Trading Co., Inc.

          PJR/CAB Decision: Polskie Linie Lotnieze

          CAB Decisions in San Juan-Toronto/Montreal Service Case; and Arista International

                   Airlines, Inc.

          PJR/CAB Decision: Scandinavian Airlines System I

          CAB Decision: Scandinavian Airlines System II

          CAB Decisions in South Pacific Island Airways, Inc.; Orion Lift Service, Inc.; American

                   Airlines and Continental Airline, Inc.; Transamerica Airlines and Arrow Airways,

                   Inc.; Air Florida, Inc.; Trans World Airlines, Inc.; and Western Air Lines, Inc.

          CAB Decision in South Pacific Island Airways, Inc. and the Flying Tiger Line, Inc.

          CAB Spantax, S.A.

          CAB - Standard Airways, Inc.

          PJR/CAB Decision: Star Airlines / Eagle Aviation

          PJR/CAB Decision - Sterling Airways A/B, A/S Conair and Scanair

          CAB Decisions in TACA International Airlines, S.A.; Aeroline El Salvador, S.A.

                   and APA International Air, S.A.

          CAB Decision: Thomson Travel

          CAB - (1) Transamerica Airlines; (2) Challenge Air Transport; (3) Chicago / Texas /


          CAB Decision - Transbrasil S.A. Linhas Aereas

          PJR/CAB Decisions: Trans-Panama; Trans North Turbo Air; and Aer Turas Teoranta

          CAB Decision: Transportes Aeros Nacionales, (TAN)

          CAB - Transportes Aeros Portugueses


          OA 11432

          CAB - (1) U.S.-Benelux Low-Fare; (2) Trans Global Airlines; (3) Capitol International

          CAB Decision: U.S.-Benelux Low-Fare Proceeding

          PJR/CAB Decisions: U.S.-Chile; Yukon Air Service; Arista International

          CAB - U.S.-France Discount Fare Increases Files by CNAF

          PJR/CAB (Civil Aeronautics Board) Decision: U.S.-Germany, Saipan/Guam/Palau-


          CAB - (1) U.S.-Ireland Show Cause; (2) Tex/Great Lakes-Eastern; (3) Braniff


          CAB Decision: U.S.-London Case

          PJR/CAB Decisions: UT Freight Service; and Air Tungaru Corp.

          CAB Decision in Verig, S.A. and Transbrasil, S.A. Linhas Aereas

          PJR/CAB Decision: Wein Air Alaska, Inc.

          CAB - (1) World Airways (2 cases); (2) Transamerica Airlines; (3) United Airlines (2

                   cases); (4) American Airlines

          CAB - James, Pendleton



          OA 11432 (Continued)

          President's Radio Messages

          PJR/Presidential Radio Talk, Recovery and Bipartisan Leadership 11/06/1982

          PJR/Presidential Radio Address 11/06/1982

          PJR/Radio Address - Taxes 04/09/1983

          Presidential Radio Talk on Armed Forces Day, 05/21/1983

          PJR/Radio Talk on Education 06/18/1983

          PJR/Presidential Radio Talk on Space Shuttle 06/18/1983

          PJR/Radio Talk on "Fairness" 07/09/1983

          PJR/Radio Talk on Arms Control 07/16/1983

          PJR/Radio Talk on International Monetary Fund and Transplants 07/23/1983

          PJR/Radio Talk on Efficiency in Government 07/30/1983

          PJR/Radio Talk on Trade 08/06/1983

          Radio Address - "Wrap-up" of the Congress 11/19/1983

          PJR/Radio Talk on Families (12/03/1983)

          PJR/Christmas Radio Talk 12/24/1983 ??

          PJR/ New Year's Eve 1983 Radio Talk 12/31/1983

          PJR/Cuban Broadcast over Voice of America 01/05/1984

          PJR/Radio Talk on Deficits 01/21/1984

          PJR/Radio Talk - Space 01/28/1984

          PJR/Radio Talk on Bipartisanship 02/04/1984

          PJR/Radio Talk on Nicaragua 04/14/1984

          PJR/Radio Talk on Fairness and Taxes - 04/21/1984

          Radio Talk on the Economy and Drug Abuse - 06/30/1984

          PJR/Radio Talk on Environment 07/14/1984

          PJR/Radio Talk on Space 07/21/1984

          PJR/Radio Talk on Olympics 07/28/1984 (Hester F1752)

          PJR/Radio Talk Titled "Jobs for the Future" - 09/01/1984

          PJR/Radio Talk on Educational Challenges - 09/08/1984

          PJR/Radio Talk on Economic Growth 09/15/1984

          PJR/Radio Talk - Election Appeal – 11/03/1984




          OA 11432 (Continued)

          Speech – NAACP - Reagan, Ronald 06/29/1981

          President's Economic Speech – 09/24/1981

          Speeches to Indiana/Iowa State Legislature 02/09/1982

          Conservative Political Action Conference Speech 02/26/1982

          President's Speech to National Association of Manufacturers 03/18/1982

          Speech: Ronald Reagan / National Conference of Christians and Jews 03/23/1982

          President's Remarks for Black Church Leaders Luncheon 03/26/1982

          President's Remarks - Luncheon with National Religious Leaders 04/13/1982

          Remarks for Signing Ceremony - Task Force on Victims of Crime 04/23/1982

          Draft Presidential Remarks to 70th Ann. Chamber of Commerce Meeting 04/26/1982

          Presidential Remarks - Private Sector Initiatives / National Service Organization Leaders


          President's Remarks - Senate House Dinner 05/04/1982

          President's Remarks: Chicago YMCA Luncheon – 05/10/1982

          PJR/Presidential Message to the National Academy of Sciences 05/12/1982

          President's Address to Parliament 05/13/1982

          PJR/President's Remarks at World Trade Center 07/13/1982

          PJR/American Bar Association Conference 08/09/1982 and 08/03.1984

          PJR/Presidential Remarks for Alfred M. Landon Lecture - Kansas State University


          PJR/Presidential Remarks: National Black Republican Council Dinner 09/15/1982

          PJR/Presidential Remarks: San Gennaro Festival, Flemington, New Jersey 09/17/1982

          PJR/Presidential Remarks: Swearing-in of New Citizens, White House Station, New

                   Jersey 09/17/1982

          PJR/President’s Remarks at Various 1982 Campaign Events - October 1982

          PJR/President’s Remarks at Luncheon for Supreme Court 10/01/1982

          PJR/President's Remarks to the Theodore Roosevelt Association 10/27/1982

          PJR/Presidential Remarks, Free Elections Luncheon 11/04/1982

          PJR/Presidential Remarks National Family Week 11/12/1982

          PJR/Presidential Remarks Governor Treen Reception 11/16/1982

          Presidential Remarks - Visit to U.S. Coast Guard "Dauntless" 11/17/1982

          PJR/Presidential Remarks South Florida Task Force 11/17/1982

          Presidential Remarks - Private Sector Initiatives Luncheon 12/08/1982

          1983 State of the Union Address (1)-(4)

          PJR/Presidential Remarks Executive Forum - 01/20/1983

          Draft Presidential Remarks Drop-by Rec. for Richards 01/27/1983

          PJR/Presidential Remarks to Small Business Council of St. Louis 02/01/1983

          PJR/Presidential Remarks for Annual Prayer Breakfast 02/03/1983

          PJR/Presidential Address on Education (03/12/1983)

          PJR/Crimefighters (NY) Remarks 04/27/1983

          PJR/Ashbrook Dinner - Remarks 05/05/1983

          Presidential Remarks - Senate House Dinner 05/12/1983

          Presidential Remarks for Ruckelshaus Swearing-in 05/16/1983

          Presidential Remarks for "Arts in America" Luncheon 05/17/1983

          Presidential Address to the Cuban American National Foundation 05/20/1983

          Presidential Commencement Address at Seton Hall University 05/21/1983

          Pres. Remarks for Taped Message to National Conference of Christians and Jews


          Presidential Remarks - "Best of Class of 1983" 05/23/1983

          PJR/Williamsburg Summit Presidential Remarks, Toast 05/28/1983 and 05/30/1983

          Presidential Remarks for Rudy Boschwitz 06/09/1983

          Presidential Remarks on Excellence in Education 06/09/1983

          Presidential Remarks - "Give an Officer a Life Jacket" 06/10/1983

          Presidential Remarks for Young Republicans Convention 06/10/1983

          PJR/Knoxville-Farragut High School - Remarks for Panel Discussion 06/14/1983

          PJR/Knoxville, Tennessee English Class - Drop-by Remarks 06/14/1983

          PJR/Address to National Parent Teacher Association Conference 06/15/1983

          PJR/Presidential Address to American Medical Association 06/23/1983

          PJR/Presidential Remarks for Space Shuttle Landing 06/24/1983

          PJR/Remarks for All-Star Taping (Baseball) 06/27/1983

          PJR/Presidential Address to National Association of Student Council 06/29/1983

          PJR/Presidential Remarks for Excellence in Education Forum 06/30/1983

          PJR/Fourth of July Message 07/02/1983

          PJR/American Federation of Teachers 07/05/1983


          OA 11433

          PJR/Presidential Remarks for "Teachers of the Year" 07/13/1983

          PJR/President's Remarks for the National Association of Elementary and Secondary

                   Principals 07/29/1983

          PJR/President's Address to the American Bar Assoc. 08/01/1983

          PJR/Presidential Remarks - Mexico Trip 08/13/1983-08/14/1983

          PJR/Presidential Remarks to the American Legion Convention 08/23/1983

          PJR/Presidential Remarks to Washington State GOP Fundraiser 08/23/1983

          PJR/Presidential Remarks to Hispanic Small Business Luncheon 08/25/1983

          PJR/Presidential Remarks to GOP Women's Leadership Forum, San Diego – 08/26/1983

          PJR/Remarks - Executive Women in Government 09/19/1983

          PJR/Remarks - University of South Carolina 09/20/1983

          PJR/Remarks - Thurmond's Fundraiser 09/20/1983

          PJR/Remarks - U.S. Information Agency's 30th Anniversary 09/21/1983

          PJR/Remarks at Broadcasters and Editors Regional Meeting 09/21/1983

          PJR/Women's Sports Remarks 09/26/1983

          PJR/Monetary Fund Remarks 09/27/1983

          PJR/Secondary School Remarks 09/28/1983

          PJR/Presidential Remarks Young Amer. Medals for Bravery and Service 10/01/1983

          PJR/Presidential Remarks for Drop-by Briefing for RKO Executives 10/03/1983

          PJR/Remarks for the START Delegation Send-off 10/04/1983

          PJR/Remarks for Associated Press Reception 10/05/1983

          PJR/Remarks to the National Federation of Republican Women 10/06/1983

          PJR/Remarks to Jewish Coalition 10/26/1983

          PJR/Remarks for Swearing-in of Katherine Ortega 11/03/1983

          PJR/Remarks at Reagan-Bush Reunion 11/04/1983

          PJR/Presidential Remarks at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina 11/04/1983

          PJR/Presidential Remarks for Overseas Private Investment Corporation Opportunity

                   Conference 11/07/1983

          PJR/Presidential Remarks for Announcement of Philadelphia Urban Educational

                   Foundation Project 11/07/1983

          Presidential Toast for Prime Minister's Luncheon - Tokyo 11/10/1983

          Presidential Remarks - U.S. Troops in the Mortar Area - Korea 11/13/1983

          Remarks - Council of State Governments - Bob Hope at Army/Navy 11/17/1983

          PJR/Remarks for Voice of America Thanksgiving Broadcast on Religious Freedom


          PJR/Remarks to the Campus Crusade for Christ 11/28/1983

          PJR/Remarks for Menorah Candlelighting Ceremony 12/04/1983

          PJR/Remarks to American Enterprise Institute 12/08/1983

          PJR/Remarks to Commission on Excellence in Education in Indianapolis, IN 12/09/1983

          PJR/Remarks for Signing Ceremony for International Human Rights Day Proclamation


          PJR/Address to Congressional Medal of Honor Society 12/12/1983

          PJR/Remarks for Gannett Editors 12/14/1983

          PJR/Remarks for lighting of National Christmas Tree 12/15/1983

          PJR/1984 State of the Union (1)(2)

          PJR/Acceptance Speech by RR – 1984

          PJR/Presidential Remarks: Calif. Trucking Assn. - 50th 01/12/1984

          PJR/Presidential Remarks: McCarthy, Tennessee - Tribute 01/12/1984

          PJR/Presidential Remarks: Small Business Legislative Council 01/12/1984

          PJR/Presidential Remarks - Private Sector Survey on Cost Control 01/16/1984

          PJR/Executive Forum 01/20/1984 and 01/25/1985

          PJR/Lincoln Day Message 01/23/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Taping of National Rifle Association Firearm Safety Message


          PJR/Presidential Address Spirit of America Rally 01/26/1984

          PJR/Address to National Religious Broadcasting Convention 01/30/1984

          PJR/Remarks for National Tourism Week 02/01/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Luncheon with Elected GOP Women Officials 02/03/1984

          PJR/Remarks at Eureka College 02/06/1984

          PJR/Remarks to Nevada GOP Luncheon 02/07/1984

          PJR/Remarks to National Association of Secondary School Principals 02/07/1984

          PJR/Remarks for National Conference for Hospital Trustees 02/16/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Commission on Security and Economic Assistance 02/21/1984

          PJR/Evangelical Address 03/06/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Business Editors 03/07/1984

          PJR/Presidential Remarks for Meeting with Jewish Leadership 03/13/1984

          PJR/Remarks to Young Leadership Conference of the United Jewish Appeal 03/13/1984

          PJR/Remarks to Accompany 1983 Report on the State of Small Business 03/19/1984

          Remarks for Jewish Community Leaders 04/05/1984

          Remarks to New York State Federation of Catholic School Parents 04/05/1984

          Remarks for Ceremony Honoring National Teacher of the Year 1984 04/11/1984

          PJR/Remarks for National Republican Congressional Committee Leadership Council

                   Reception 04/12/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Housing Industry Leaders 04/12/1984

          PJR/Fundamentalist Drop-by 04/13/1984

          President's Address - National Catholic Education Association 04/15/1984

          PJR/Tapings: Boy Scouts Dinner, National Guard of California Dinner 04/16/1984

          PJR/Tapings: National Association of Broadcasters; Chamber of Commerce Annual

                   Meeting; A.I.D. Small Business Conference 04/16/1984

          PJR/Alaska Remarks - May 1983 [05/01/1984]

          PJR/Remarks for Sons of Italy 05/05/1984

          PJR/Smithsonian Board of Regents Dinner Remarks 05/06/1984

          PJR/Tapings - National Red Cross Annual Meeting; California Special Olympics;

                   National Restaurant Association 05/07/1984

          PJR/National Right to Life Convention Remarks 05/07/1984

          PJR/Catholic Health Association Meeting Taping 05/07/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Volunteer Action Awards Luncheon 05/07/1984

          PJR/Remarks to Council of the Americas Meeting 05/08/1984

          PJR/National Association of Realtors Convention 05/10/1984

          PJR/Mother's Day Remarks at the Jeane Jugan Residence 05/13/1984

          PJR/Olympic Torch Ceremony Remarks 05/14/1984

          PJR/Remarks to American Retail Association 05/16/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Drop-by at the White House News Photographers Annual Dinner


          PJR/Tapings for Alzheimer's Disease; Gospel Concert of Bethal Bible Vill and Indiana

                   State GOP Convention 05/21/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Medal of Honor to William Crawford and Awarding of the

                   Commander-in-Chief's Trophy 05/30/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Air Force Academy Commencement 05/31/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Cancer Society Fundraiser 05/31/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Cystic Fibrosis Benefit Dinner 05/31/1984

          PJR/European Trip Remarks – 05/31/1984-06/06/1984

          RR Remarks for National Council of Farmer Cooperative Briefing 06/12/1984

          RR Remarks for Missing Children Center 06/13/1984

          RR Remarks for Opening of International Games for Disabled 06/17/1984

          RR Remarks for Museum News 06/21/1984

          RR Remarks to the National Association of Minority Contractors 06/27/1984

          RR Remarks to the Conference on U.S.-Soviet Exchanges 06/27/1984

          PJR/Remarks for North Atlantic Treaty Organization Meeting 06/30/1984

          RR Remarks at Firecracker 400 07/04/1984

          RR Remarks at General Motors Technical Center 07/05/1984

          RR Remarks for Dedication of Orion, Michigan General Motors Plant 07/05/1984

          PJR/Remarks for American Coalition for Traditional Values 07/09/1984

          RR Remarks for Regional Press Briefing Luncheon 07/09/1984

          PJR/Remarks to Local Celebrations upon Nomination 07/09/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Visit to Chesapeake Bay - 07/10/1984

          PJR/Environmental Remarks at Roosevelt Island - 07/11/1984

          PJR/Remarks to Campers and Hikers Convention in Kentucky 07/12/1984

          PJR/Remarks to American Farm Bureau Federation 07/13/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Captive Nations Week Signing Ceremony - 07/16/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Caribbean Leaders Conference - 07/19/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Apollo Astronauts - 07/20/1984

          PJR/Remarks for POW-MIA Day 07/20/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Paralyzed Veterans Convention - 07/23/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Adoptable Children Council - 07/23/1984

          PJR/Remarks for American Legion Boy's Nation - 07/23/1984

          PJR/Remarks to Future Farmers of America - 07/24/1984

          PJR/Remarks for St. Ann's Festival - 07/26/1984

          PJR/Remarks at Elizabeth, New Jersey - 07/26/1984

          PJR/Remarks to Greet Olympic Team - 07/28/1984

          PJR/Remarks at Goddard Space Flight Center - 08/30/1984

          PJR/RR Remarks to Catholic Golden Age Society - 08/31/1984

          PJR/RR Remarks for California GOP and Reagan-Bush Leadership 09/03/1984

          PJR/DeAnza College Labor Day Rally 09/03/1984

          PJR/Mile Square Park, CA Labor Day Rally 09/03/1984

          PJR/RR Remarks to Salt Lake City GOP Reception - 09/04/1984

          PJR/RR Remarks to American Legion Convention - 09/04/1984

          PJR/"Choosing a Future" Address 09/05/1984


          OA 11434

          PJR/B'nai B'rith Convention Remarks 09/06/1984

          PJR/Taping for American Trucking Association Convention 09/06/1984

          PJR/Tapings for 75th Anniversary of the NAACP and NRECA Meetings 09/06/1984

          PJR/Taping for National Convention of Citizens for Educational Freedom 09/06/1984

          PJR/Festival of Our Lady of Czestochowa Remarks 09/09/1984

          PJR/D'youville College Remarks 09/12/1984

          PJR/Union-Endicott High School Rally 09/12/1984

          PJR/Address to High-Tech Corridor Board Meeting 09/13/1984

          PJR/Taping for Tribute to U.S. Information Agency Director Charles Wick 09/14/1984

          PJR/Address for Rally in Waterburg, Connecticut 09/19/1984

          Remarks for Rally in Hammonton, New Jersey 09/19/1984

          PJR/Iowa Remarks - 09/20/1984

          PJR/Address to Rally at Monroe Mall, Grand Rapids, Michigan 09/20/1984

          PJR/Westinghouse Furniture Systems Address 09/20/1984

          PJR/Tapings for Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and Electronics Industry

                   Annual Fall Conference 09/21/1984

          PJR/Tapings for Holiday Message to Armed Forces; Roast of Dallas County Republican

                   Chairman 09/21/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Reception for the Heads of United Nations Delegations 09/23/1984

          PJR/Supreme Court Justices Reception Remarks - 09/25/1984

          PJR/Address to World Bank and International Monetary Fund 09/25/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Taping for United Hellenic American Congress Banquet 09/27/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Detroit Swearing-in Ceremony - 10/01/1984

          PJR/Detroit Economic Club Address 10/01/1984

          PJR/Remarks at Airport - Corpus Christi, Texas 10/02/1984

          Remarks for GOP Members of Congress and Candidates Photo Op 10/04/1984

          Remarks for National Fraternal Congress of America - 10/09/1984

          Remarks at St. Agatha High School 10/10/1984

          Remarks at Ukranian Cultural Center - 10/10/1984

          Remarks for Minority Enterprise Development Week Ceremonies 10/11/1984

          Remarks at University of Alabama 10/15/1984

          PJR/Remarks at Hackensack, N.J., Nassau, N.Y. - 10/16/1984

          Remarks to Young Astronaut Program - 10/17/1984

          Remarks at Campaign Rally - Louisville, 10/17/1984

          PJR/Tapings - Lutherans for Life, International Association of Chiefs of Police


          Final Campaign Swing - 1984 Remarks 11/02/1984-11/05/1984

          PJR/Tapings - Ireland Fund Tribute to Peter Dailey & Ethics & Pub. Policy Dinner


          PJR/Remarks for Ceremony at Vietnam Veterans Memorial 11/11/1984

          PJR/Remarks for American Security Council Coalition for Peace through Strength

                   Reception 11/13/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Republican Senate "Unity Dinner" 11/28/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Gannett Executives12/12/1984

          PJR/Remarks for Christmas Tree Lighting - 1985 [12/13/1984]

          PJR/Awards to Distinguished Senior Executives Remarks 12/17/1984

          PJR/Core Speeches A & B



          OA 11434 (Continued)

          PJR/Attorney General Speech to National Urban League Conference

          AG's Speech to United Jewish Appeal Young Leaders Conference

          Baker, James A. III [Speech - National Press Club]

          Leon Green Address by J.A. Baker, 1982 Texas Law Review Banquet

          William Clark Speech: National Security Strategy

          FFFielding Remarks to the ABA - Young Lawyers Division 07/31/1983

          Speech - American Bakers Association. - Fred F. Fielding

          Speech - American Bar Association - Fred F. Fielding

          Speech: F.F. Fielding Ethics in Government Speech

          Speech - National Council of Federal Bar Association [FFFielding]

          PJR/FFFielding Speech to Memphis - Mid-South Chapter of the FBA, 09/24/1982


          FFF Pepperdine Law School Speech

          FFF Address to the Sperry Lawyers Conference - 10/17/1984

          PJR/FFFielding Speech to Washington Metro Area Corporate Counsel Association


          Speech: FFF Virginia Bar Association Speech

          PJR/FFFielding Speech to WH Fellowships Commission 01/14/1983 [empty]

          PJR/FFF Article for Directors and Boards

          FFF Article in Barrister

          H.P. Goldfield - Remarks to the Connecticut College Alumni 06/04/1983

          Meese, Ed - "Covington and Burling Dinner Speech" (12/22/1983)

          Speech: Meese Criminal Justice Speeches

          Speech - Criminal Justice Issue, Meese, Ed (Insanity Defense - R/R)

          Edwin Meese Speech - Federal Bar Association 04/02/1982

          Speech by Justice Powell to American Bar Association Judicial Administration Division

          Vice President's Speech: National Judicial College - May 1982

          Speech: Criminal Justice

          Speech - Presidential Management Interns from Atlanta, Georgia

          Speech - Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc.



          OA 11435

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