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RYAN FREDERICK J., JR.: Files 1985-1989


Private Sector Initiatives, Office of

Appointments and Scheduling, White House Office of (See Separate Inventory), 1982-1989


OA 12155

American Association of Retired Persons

American Waterworks Association


CCPI - Insurance Meeting, 11/12/1985

C - Flag Publicity 1985

Citizen Education Foundation

Committee for Economic Development

Computerized Data Banks (W. Garvey)

Conference Board - Aging Proposal

Conference of Mayors

Drunk Driving

Family Choice - Education Vouchers (G. Schultz)

Flintmobile (Seatbelts)

Great Alternatives (Carol Markowitz)

Mexican Relief - Earthquake November 1985

Mr. Wizard

National Federation of Republican Women

National Women's Employment and Education, Inc. (Lupe Aguino)

Project Helping Hand

Quakey Shakey

Reagan Record 1985

Viegues Economic Adjustment Program

Western Food and Equipment Company (William Laughlin)

World Vision


OA 12357

Chron Files: September 1984-June 1985


OA 12358

Child Care Luncheons / Seminars

[Unfoldered Material - Four 8" Diskettes belonging to Jim Coyne - Disks moved to disk

storage - see transfer sheet for disk contents]

[Unfoldered Material re: Coyne Schedule Proposals, Regretted and never submitted]

[Unfoldered Material - PSI Video Tape Log]

[Unfoldered Material - Correspondence re: Presidential Letters, October 1985]

July 1985 Chron File

August 1985 Chron File

September 1985 Chron File

Chron File - Correspondence October [1985]

[Unfoldered Material re: PSI and Education]

Fred Info


OA 13788

[Requests for Presidential Messages, Letters] (11/07/1983-01/06/1986)

[Requests for Presidential Messages, Letters] (01/07/1986-01/16/1986)

[Requests for Presidential Messages, Letters] (01/17/1986-01/28/1986)

[Requests for Presidential Messages, Letters] (01/29/1986-02/20/1986)

[Requests for Presidential Messages, Letters] (02/21/1986-02/25/1986)

[Requests for Presidential Messages, Letters] (02/26/1986-02/27/1986)

[Requests for Presidential Messages, Letters] (02/28/1986-03/13/1986)

[Requests for Presidential Messages, Letters] (03/14/1986-04/03/1986)

[Requests for Presidential Messages, Letters] (04/04/1986-04/15/1986)

[Requests for Presidential Messages, Letters] (04/16/1986-06/24/1986)

[Requests for Presidential Messages, Letters] (06/25/1986-07/09/1986)

[Requests for Presidential Messages, Letters] (07/10/1986-08/13/1986)

[Requests for Presidential Messages, Letters] (08/14/1986-12/24/1986)


OA 15488

EPA 1985

FCC 1984-1985

Federal Emergency Management Agency 1984

Federal Home Loan Bank Board 1985

GSA 1984-1985

Housing and Urban Development

HUD Fair Housing 1984 (1)-(3)

Interior 1983-1984

Department of Justice 1986

Labor 1983-1985

NASA 1984-1985

National Credit Union Administration

National Endowment for the Arts 1984-1985

National Endowment for the Humanities 1984

Nuclear Regulatory Commission 1984


OA 15489

Action 1982-1986

PSI - Cabinet Program 1982

Agriculture 1982-1986

AID - Task Force on International Private Enterprise 1982-1986

CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Commerce 1982-1986

Council on Environmental Quality 1984-1985

Defense 1983-1986


OA 15490

Peace Corps 1981-1986

National Science Foundation 1984

Overseas Private Investment Corporation 1981-1984

Office of Personnel Management 1984-1985

Education 1983-1986

Energy 1983

Weekly Staff Reports November 1985-September 1986

Postal Rate Commission 1981-1987

U.S. Postal Service 1981-1987

Small Business Administration 1981-1987

State Department 1981-1987

Synthetic Fuels Corporation 1981-1987

Tennessee Valley Authority 1981-1987

Department of Transportation 1981-1988

Department of Treasury 1981-1987

United States Information Agency 1981-1987

U.S. Trade Representatives 1981-1987

Veterans Administration (1)(2)


OA 15491

Red Cross 1985-1986

Partnership Programs 1984-1985 (2 folders)

Independent Sector 1985-1986

Working Partners 1982-1985

United Way 1984-1986

Philanthropy Day 1983-1986

Philanthropy Day 1986


OA 15492

Vote America 1986

Privatization 1982-1985

Privatization 1986

PSI Budget 1985

Privatization Articles 1985-1986

Missing and Exploited Children 1983-1986

Child Safety Partnership 1984-1985

Youth Initiatives 1983-1985

Camp Good Times 1986

Child Care 1984


OA 19347


PIE Information

Correspondence, November 1988-January 1989

Partners of the Americas

PSA Taping

Distribution of PSI Report 1987-1988

Procedural Memos

Child Care

Public/Private Partnerships

Old W.H. Gift Receipts

Project Hope - Italian Conference

Geneva House 01/28/1988

Interns: Fall 1988

Project on Updating Federal Adopt -A - School Programs

Camp Ronald McDonald

PPP Conference December 1988 / Stamford, CT


Accession A93-01

Box One

Request for File Service (Empty)

Claims for FDR Reimbursement


Fresh Ministries

Marvina Jones

[Various Publications]

PSI Contacts Government Agencies

PSI Report/B-A Conference Insert Mailing List to be Updated

[Unfoldered Material re: PSI]

Procedural Information

Computers / Library / Memos

Incoming Memos

PSI - Office Information

[Office of Private Sector Initiatives Office Plan]

[Unfoldered Material re: PSI]

Project Hope - British Conference Bills June 1988 (1)(2)

PSI Travel and Entertainment Budget

Updates Competitive

Mailing List Update

Projects with Industry


Accession A93-01

Box 2 (Material in this box is the workproduct of Anne Penniman who currently has not collection at the Library. Material will probably be moved to her collection if ever established, or become part of the 1988-89 Transition collection.)

Federal Travel Directory: December 1988

Presidential Foundation

Personnel - L.A. Office

Mrs. Reagan's Foundation

Reimbursement Claim Forms

Completed Photo Requests

Overnight Delivery Requests

Federal Express Receipts - RRPF

In Progress Photo Requests

Federal Express Receipts - W.H.

Misc. Requisition Forms

Conference Room Request Forms

Presidential Seals

Proposed Transition Legislation

Transition Funds

Transition - Testimony

Transition Bill

DOD Transition Funding DOC Cooke

RR/NR Christmas Gift List


Office Plans

Jackson Place

Presidential Records Act

Jackson Place

Gifts Sent to Los Angeles Office

LA Staff Meeting

Supplies - LA Office

Post-it Notes

Letters to Designers not Selected

Scheduling Requests


Service Offers for LA Office

Gift Authority

Board of Directors Meeting

Transportation of Presidential Papers

Mottahedeh Bowl (2 Files)

Disposition of Personal Records

Article Clippings (2 Files)

White House Greeting Forms [Empty]

WH Gift Forms [Empty]

Appointment Forms [Empty]

Board of Trustees [Empty]

Letters [Empty]

Floor Plan Federal Building [Empty]

Service Orders [Empty]

Computer Instructions [Empty]

Graphics Fax Forms [Empty]

Request for Photo/Mailing [Empty]

Combined Federal Campaign [Empty]

Express Mail [Empty]

Air Force One Video [Empty]

Info on Los Angeles [Empty]

John Robert Beyster [Empty]

Procurement Schedule for Los Angeles [Empty]