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SCHARFEN, JONATHAN R.: Files, 1985-1988


Legal Advisor, NSC

Jonathan "Jock" Scharfen was the final legal advisor for the Reagan Administration National Security Council. His collection contains a number of boxes with folders pulled from other legal advisor's collections and then sent on to various Independent Counsel investigations. No effort was made to identify this material by collection or redistribute to various collections when it returned to the NSC at the close of the Reagan Administration.


Many of the boxes contain the work product of previous Legal Advisors including Paul Thompson, Robert Kimmitt and staff member Sam Maizel. The material often dates to time periods prior to Mr. Scharfen joining the staff and even in Kimmitt's case includes material from his work in the Jimmy Carter National Security Council.


As the Library processes this material, we will make every attempt to designate boxes containing non-Scharfen material. Currently the following boxes are noted for Robert Kimmitt, Paul Thompson and/or Sam Maizel material: Box 37 (91104), Box 40 (91107), Box 41 (91108), Box 58 (91653) and Box 91110.

Box 37 (91104)

Legal: Advisory Boards

Legal: Advisory Committees

Legal: Federal Advisory Commission

Legal: GAO

Legal: FOIA 1982-Present

Legal: FOIA Executive Privilege Records Management

Legal: FOIA 1981-1983

Box 38 (91105)

Legal: El Salvador [1979-May 1983]

Legal: El Salvador [June 1983] (1)(2)

Legal: El Salvador [July-September 1983]

Legal: El Salvador [October 1983-January 1984]

Legal: El Salvador [February-April 1984]

Legal: El Salvador [May-July 1984]

Legal: Central America


Legal: Angola

Legal: Argentina

Legal: Bahamas

Legal: Canada

Legal: Chile (1)(2)

Legal: China

Legal: Cuba

Legal: Guinea

Legal: Hong Kong

Legal: Israel

Legal: Clark Amendment

Legal: Court Handling of Classified Information

Legal: Electronic Surveillance

Legal: Enrolled Bills

Legal: Executive Orders

Legal: E.O.12356 National Security Information

Legal: Extended Voluntary Departure

Legal: Extraterritoriality

Legal: Foreign Agents Registration Act

Legal: FBI

Legal: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Box 39 (91106)


Legal: Records Management

Records Management

Legal: NSC Travel

Legal: Campaign Issues

Overtime Pay: FLSA and Title V

Security: National Intelligence Daily

Security: Investigations

Security: Leaks

Security: General

Security: White House/EOB Passes

Security: FBI Investigations

Security: Presidential

Security: Contacts

Security: Congressional

Security: Security Violations

Security: Staff Incidents

Security: Travel

Security: Crank Mail

Box 40 (91107) The material within this box is the workproduct of Robert Kimmitt, Paul Thompson and Sam Maizel. It will be

assigned to the correct collection at the time of processing. It was boxed and stored together as part of the material

reviewed by the Independent Counsel for Iran-Contra.

Legal: Law of War

SIG Meeting on Nicaragua World Court Case 01/02/1984-2:00-3:00

Legal: International Court of Justice (May-Present)

Legal: Visa Denials

Legal: Clemency/Pardon

Legal: Grenada

Legal: Covert Action

Legal: State Secrets Privilege

Legal: Advisory Commissions

Box 41 (91108)

[Legal: Ethics]

Legal: Ethics-Financial Disclosure Reports 1979-1980

Legal: Barbie, Klaus

Legal: Collins, Richard (General USAF)

Legal: Bahamas (Law Suit)

Legal: Conservative Caucus v. Dept. Of State

Legal: De Lorean, John Z.

Legal: Deportation of Nazi Collaborators

Legal: Donavan v. FBI

Legal: Drugs

Legal: Evans-Novak Washington Post 05/16/1983

Dalloul, Ramzi A.

Legal: Dalloul, Ramzi A.


Legal: Jean V. Nelson

Legal: Megahey v. U. S.

Legal: Joint Committee on Intelligence

Box 42 (91109)

Legal: NSDD 84 (Polygraphs) (1)-(16)

Legal: Leaks (Schroeder Committee) (1)-(5)

Legal: Leaks (Schroeder Committee): Federal Polygraph Limitation and Anti-Censorship Act

Legal: Leaks (NSDD 84) (1)-(10)

Texas Apr 19-20


Geneva Jan 5-13

Central America Jan 17-19

Trips: Geneva-Rome-London 11/16/1985-11/24/1985

Trips: Canada Trip 03/17/1985-03/18/1985

Trips: [United States-Soviet Summits, 1972-1979]

Trips: RCM Trip to Colorado Springs 09/17-18

Trip to Moscow/Finland/Ireland Nov 2-6

USS Ford

RCM Trip to London/Paris 09/27/1985-09/29/1985

Trip to Germany-Spain-Portugal-Austria Apr 30-May 15

UNGA N.Y. City Oct. 23-25

Box 58 (91653)

NSC Administrative 1981-1982: Severance Pay

NSC Administrative 1981-1982: Budget (NSC Personnel Matters)

NSC Administrative 1981-1982: Consultants (NSC Personnel Files)

NSC Administrative 1981-1982: Financial Disclosure (NSC Personnel Files)

NSC Administrative 1981-1982: Resumes (NSC Personnel Files)

NSC Administrative 1981-1982: Perquisites (NSC Personnel Files)

NSC Administrative 1981-1982: Salary Schedules (NSC Personnel Files)

NSC Administrative 1981-1982: Organization Charts (NSC Personnel Files)

NSC Administrative 1981-1982: Staffing Plans (NSC Personnel Files)

NSC Administrative 1983

NSC Administrative 1984-1985

Box 91110

Legal: Law Library

Legal: Law of the Sea

Legal: Leaks #1 (1977-1980) (1)-(9)

Legal: Leaks #1 (1981)

Legal: Leaks #2 (1982)

Legal: Leaks #3 (1982-1983)

Box 91111

Legal: Executive Privilege

Legal: Specialty Steel

Legal: Television

Legal: Unitary Taxation

Legal: Vatican

Wallenberg, Raoul

Legal: Wick, Charles (Tape Invest.)

Legal: GAC

Legal: Administrative

CMC for CDR Thompson


ABM Treaty Interpretation

ICJ - Termination of Compulsory Jurisdiction

Legal: Pearson File

Legal: Albosta Investigation/Questionnaires

Legal: Barnes v. Kline (Pocket Veto)

Legal: Conventions of War

Legal: Cuban Detainees

Legal: Delegation of Authority

Legal: German War Act

Legal: Laker

Legal: Langenegger v. US

Legal: KAL-007

Legal: Matsushita Case

Legal: New York Times Investigation

Legal: Polish Asylum

Legal: Political Activity

Legal: Stigletz, Jim

Box 91260 (Box 2)

[Unlabeled folder re: Crisis Management Center]

Yet to be filed [El Salvador Veto]

Yet to be filed [contains material re: immigration; refugees from Mariel Boatlift; Extraterritoriality; Joseph Mengele; El

Salvador Certification extension; Iran Emergency; Reverend Sun Myung Moon; Draft Statement on Genocide Treaty;

and International Tribunals]

Legal: Dow v. USIA et al - Civil Action 82-2569

Security: Personnel (Background Investigation Info)

To be Filed [Materials re: Personnel and Security; administrative; legal briefs]

Legal: Personnel


Box 91737

Legal: Oaths

Legal: Pocket Veto

Legal: Oman

Legal: Presidential Directives

Legal: Presidential Directives NSC-2 (National Security Council System)

Legal: Personnel

Legal: Political Activity

Legal: Republican National Committee (RNC)

Legal: Rulings by Presidential Counselor

Legal: PFIAB

Legal: Salvadoran Death Squads

Legal: Sanchez - Esinoza, Javier

Legal: Senate Intelligence Committee

Legal: Soviet Forced Labor

Legal: Space Defense Program (NSDD 116)

Legal: Third Agency Rule

Legal: Wald v. Reagan

Legal: World Court

[2 unlabeled folders - Executive Personnel Financial Disclosure Reports-Blank]

Legal: Ethics - Financial Disclosures, 1983

[Unlabeled folder - Financial Disclosure Reports]

Legal: Ethics - Financial Disclosure Reports

[Unlabeled folder - Financial Disclosure Reports]


Box 91738

Legal: Temistocles Ramirez De Arellano (1)-(6)

Legal: Westmoreland v. CBS

South Africa (1)-(3)

Legal: Hatch Act

Legal: Hughes-Ryan Amendment

Legal: Identities Protection

Legal: Intelligence Community Legal Conference (05/05/1984)

Legal: International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA)

Legal: IOB [Intelligence Oversight Board]

Legal: ISOO

Legal: Internal Security

Legal: International Court of Justice

Legal: Justice, Department of


Box 91739

12:15 p.m. Thursday, 09/09/1985 (Intelligence Committee Conference Room, Room S-Hart 219) Meeting with Senators David

Durenberger and Patrick Leahy

Working Documents Barnes/Hamilton



Central America

Legal: PFIAB

Legal: GAO Demand

National Security Developments

Selected National Security Issues


Leaks (1)-(3)

Legal: Genocide Convention

Legal: NSDD 84 (1)-(12)

Legal: NSDD 84: [Paul Thompson]


Box 92052

Legal: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance

Legal: Foreign Gifts

Legal: General

Legal: National Security Telecommunications Advisory

Legal: NSDDs

Legal: NSDD-2

Legal: NSC Statutory Authority

Legal: NSC Inst. Documents

Legal: NSC Contracts and Consultants

Legal: Status of NSC Directives

Legal: Nuclear Arms

Legal: Saudi Arabia

Legal: Lobbying Activities

Legal: MFO (Multinational Force)

Legal: National Archives

Legal: NSC

Legal: Jerusalem

Legal: Central America

Legal: Lebanon

Legal: Nicaragua

Legal: Eslami, Ali

FBI Requests

Security Clearances and Merit System Protection Board

USS Sequoia

Nicaraguan Humanitarian Assistance Office

Pre-Publication Review

Espionage and the Death Penalty

Smith v. Reagan (The POW Case)


Box 92250

NSC Detailees

NSC Personnel

NSDD - Unauthorized Release

NSDD 207

On-Site Inspection Bureau

Pelly/Packwood Amendments

Persian Gulf Chronology - Lowry Case

Peterzell v. CIA

Petition re: Libyan C-130 Aircraft

Admiral Poindexter's Notes

Presidential Commissions



Box 92308 (Box 3)

Executive Orders

Feltsman, Vladimir (INS)

First Class Travel by Government Employees

Gritz, James "Bo" Indictment

Guidelines for Anti-Terrorist Operations

Halperin v. Kissinger

Iceland - Certification Issue/Whaling

INF Testimony

Iran-Contra Investigation

Karl Linnas Case - Nazi Deportation to USSR

Lawful Use of Force

Legislative Referrals

Marcos Civil Lawsuits

MEDVID Investigation


Negroponte, John D.

Nofziger Investigation - Rice Issue


Box 92311

Arms Transfers

Arms Transfers

Foreign Available Case: Wire Bonders and Jig Grinders

Export Controls

Export Controls

Border Crossings - Terrorism

Agency and Other Requests for NSDDs



Box 92324 Scharfen Litigation Files, A-N

American Federation of Government Employees v. Garfinkel

American Federation of Government Employees v. Garfinkel (File 2)

American Foreign Service Association v. Garfinkel

Lowry v. Reagan

National Federation of Federal Employees v. U.S.

NMEBA v. Burnley


Box 92330

Carlucci Confirmation Process

CBUs to Israel - Restrictions on Exports

Chile Arms Export - Kappel Prosecution

CIPA (Classified Information Procedures Act)

Classified Nondisclosure Agreement (F 4355)

Cohen, Bill

Congressional Access to Classified Information

Congressional Security

Cooper, William J.


Crank Mail

Chron - Miscellaneous

Deferred Compensation Letters/Attachments

Drug-Free Workplace

Drug Testing

Espionage Statutes

Ethics Opinion - Paul Stevens/Clients

FBI Search - News Articles


Box 92335 Scharfen Litigation Files, M-W

Marcos Civil Lawsuits - Documents Gathered

USA v. Poindexter, North, Secord, Hakim

Washington Post v. CIA

Thompson v. Dilger

US v. Durrani, Arif (1)-(11)

US v. Evans

US v. Panhandle Eastern Corporation


US v. Ronald Sablosky (Farm Loan Scheme)

US v. Stephenson

Wilson v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue


Box 92338

Security Reports

SIG-IEP Policy Paper re: Extraterritoriality

Soviet Active Measures

Soviet Whaling-Decertification

Space Law

Special Operations

Stansfield Turner - Pre-Pub Review

Taxi Claims - Reimbursements


Vacancies Act/Presidential Appointments


Washington Post v. DOD


Box 92341

ABC News Allegation: Israeli-US Arms Suppliers to Contras


ABM: Declassification of Negotiating Record

ABM Studies/Comparison of Nunn and Sofaer

Abshire's General Counsel Meetings

Adman v. McFarlane

Arias v. Reagan, NSC

Arkansas v. Robertson

Border Crossings

Brezhnev Doctrine

California v. Herrington

Frank Carlucci Documents Not Used

Frank Carlucci Index of Speeches [1982-Present]

Frank Carlucci - Ethics Advice

Box 92472

Bevis v. NSC - File #1 Motion to Expedite

Bevis v. NSC - File #2 Motion to Dismiss

Bevis v. NSC - Working File #2 [2 accordian files]

Deaver Investigation - Deaver Investigation

Deaver Investigation - Deaver Trial Subpoena


Box 92473

Bevis v. NSC - Working File #1

Bevis v. NSC - Miscellaneous

Bevis v. NSC - File #3 Interlocutory Appeal

Bevis v. NSC - File #4 Proposed Finding/Remand

[Unlabeled folder - Bevis v. NSC]

Bevis v. NSC - File #5 Ext. of Time

Bevis v. NSC - Needs Filing


Box 92474

Deaver Investigation - Non-Relevant Documents

Deaver Investigation - Deaver-Randall Turk Subpoena

Deaver Investigation - Deaver - Certification of Records

Deaver Investigation - Deaver - NSC Meeting Attendance

Deaver Investigation - Declassification of Deaver Documents

Deaver Investigation - File #2