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SCHMIDT, ROBERT: Files, 1985-1988


Presidential Advance Office


OA 16251

[Memoranda February 1985-August 1985]

Memos-In [1985-1988]


["Seventy Years of Evil" by Michael Johns, Policy Review]

[Company Information: Sanders, Canada Inc., Cognos and Hewlett-Packard]

[National Association of Broadcasters Information]

03/12/1985 State Department Dinner [Mubarak of Egypt]

03/15/1985 Shamrock Presentation

03/19/1985 Senate Republican Policy Luncheon The Capitol

03/28/1985 New York Stock Exchange and St. John's University, New York

04/02/1985 McCloy Birthday Event

04/02/1985 Eagles Dinner (Mayflower)

05/16/1985 The President's Dinner Convention Center

05/17/1985 GOP Heritage Groups Council, Shoreham

05/27/1985 Fundraiser for Senator Hawkins, Miami, FL

05/27/1985 Visit to Disney World, Orlando, FL

06/14/1985 Flag Day Event at Fort McHenry, Baltimore, MD, Flag Day

06/25/1985 Trip to Raleigh, NC

06/28/1985 Trip of the President to Chicago, IL

06/28/1985 Flagmaster [Chicago Heights, IL]

08/22/1985 California GOP Fundraiser, Los Angeles

[09/02/1985 Trip to Independence, MO]

09/23/1985 GOP Inner Circle Dinner Washington Hilton

10/03/1985-10/04/1985 Pre-Advance to Cincinnati, OH and Parsippany, NJ

10/15/1985 Boise, ID and Milwaukee, WI

10/16/1985 Drop-by Dinner Honoring Senator Russell Long

[11/16/1985-11/21/1985 Geneva, Switzerland]

12/02/1985 Trip of the President to Seattle, WA

[12/16/1985 House Republican Conference]

OA 18965

12/16/1985 Ambassador and Mrs. Richard Helms, Dinner

03/17/1986 Thomas P. O'Neill Dinner

04/09/1986 American Society of Newspaper Editors

05/29/1986 Office of Strategic Services Veterans Dinner [I]

05/29/1986 Office of Strategic Services Veterans Dinner [II]

05/29/1986 National Association of Manufacturers

06/08/1986 Ford's Theater Gala

06/20/1986 Bethesda Naval Hospital

[09/29/1986 Trip to Sioux Falls, SD and Kansas City, MO]

[10/24/1986 Rally for Don Nickles, Norman, OK]

[01/24/1987-02/01/1987 Special Mission to Bonn, Berlin, Rome and Venice]

[11/03/1986 Orange County Fairgrounds]

[02/11/1987 Welfare Symposium]

03/09/1987 Drop-by State Department

05/03/1987 American Newspaper Publishers Association-Ellis Island, NY

[05/16/1987 White House Tennis Tournament Rain Site]

05/16/1987 United Services of Health Sciences Commencement Ceremonies

05/18/1987 Private Dinner [Helm's Residence]

06/22/1987 Trip of the President to Melbourne, FL

07/03/1987 Star Spangled Salute-Jefferson Memorial

07/06/1987 Address to Kiwanis International, D.C. Convention Center

07/09/1987 Private Dinner at Ikard Residence

09/17/1987 Trip to Philadelphia 200th Anniversary of the Constitution

[09/23/1987 Greeting U.S. Hockey Team]

09/29/1987 Address to a Joint Meeting of the IMF and the World Bank, Sheraton,


10/06/1987 Commerce Department

10/07/1987 Organization of American States

[10/12/1987-10/18/1987 Schedule Proposed for Announcement Swing]

[11/01/1987 Edith Davis Funeral]

12/01/1987 Swearing-In Don Wilson as Archivist of the U.S.

[01/11/1988 Trip to Cleveland, OH]

01/25/1988 State of the Union

01/27/1988-01/28/1988 Pre-Advance to Mazatlan, Mexico

[02/02/1988-02/04/1988 Special Mission to Brussels, Belgium]

02/22/1988 Pre-Advance to the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN

02/29/1988 Address toWhite House Conference for a Drug Free America

03/17/1988 Congressional Luncheon U.S. Capitol

03/22/1988 House Republican Conference

06/29/1988 Trip of the President to Miami, FL

[Unidentified Event Involving Bob Hope]