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Defense Policy Directorate, NSC, 1981-1982


A professional military officer, Christopher C. Shoemaker served on the staff of the NSC during both the Carter and Reagan administrations. He has a doctorate in political science from the University of Florida.


The Christopher Shoemaker collection consists of memos, briefings, reports, NSSDs, NSDDS, PDs, and correspondence. The material is arranged in two series: SERIES I: Subject File, 1981-82; and SERIES II: Chronological File, 1981-82.


SERIES I: Subject File, 1981-82 (1.8 l.ft., Boxes 1-3)


This series consists of memos, briefings, reports, NSSDs, NSDDs, PDs, and correspondence on various subjects and countries. There are some pre-1981 materials relating to President Carter Presidential Directives which were apparently used to work on NSDD 4 (The Disposition of Presidential Directives). Additionally, there are some 1980 Carter statements on SALT which were apparently used for reference. The original inventory listed a folder for CDE [Conference on Confidence and Security-Building Measures and Disarmament in Europe] but no such folder was found during the time of processing. Also, folder originally entitled “NSDDs 6 and 7 and Beyond” had no contents for NSDDs 6 and 7 (there were already separate folders for NSDD 6 and NSDD 7), but for NSDD 19 and 21, so it was split and renamed “NSDD 19” and “NSDD 21”. This series is arranged alphabetically by subject then chronologically.


SERIES II: Chronological File, 1981-82 (1.7 l.ft., Boxes 4-6)


This series consists of memos and correspondence from Christopher Shoemaker (occasionally others such as Bill Clark, Horace Russell, Robert Kimmitt, etc.) The beginning of each month’s folder has a document list for that month. Though originally Shoemaker’s staff numbered each letter case and organized the file according to that number, the Reagan Archives staff have arranged the letter cases strictly chronologically and not by the number assigned.


Container List



RAC Box 1

(Airborne Warning and Control System) AWACS 02/02/1981

(Airborne Warning and Control System) AWACS 02/03/1981-08/16/1981

(Airborne Warning and Control System) AWACS 08/17/1981-08/31/1981

(Airborne Warning and Control System) AWACS 09/03/1981-09/12/1981


(Defense Intelligence Agency) DIA Briefings 12/17/1980-08/21/1981

(Defense Intelligence Agency) DIA Briefings 08/28/1981-05/10/1982

Defense Policy Issues



El Salvador 11/23/1981-02/01/1982

El Salvador 02/02/1982-02/06/1982

El Salvador 02/07/1982-02/27/1982

El Salvador 03/01/1982-03/30/1982

Exercises 03/30/1981-05/08/1981

Exercises 05/12/1981-06/08/1981

Exercises 06/09/1981-07/28/1981

Exercises 08/14/1981-08/27/1981

Exercises 09/02/1981-09/03/1981

Exercises 09/04/1981-09/11/1981

Exercises 09/14/1981-10/09/1981

Exercises 10/14/1981-10/28/1981

Exercises 10/29/1981-12/09/1981

Exercises 01/05/1982-01/29/1982

Exercises 02/03/1982-02/06/1982

Exercises 02/18/1982-03/25/1982

Exercises 04/01/1982-04/10/1982

Exercises 04/13/1982-04/20/1982

Exercises 04/21/1982-05/06/1982

Falklands (05/28/1982)

(Foreign Military Sales) FMS

Foreign Policy Matters

Iran / Iraq (02/05/1981-05/15/1981)

Israel-Iraq / Israel-Syria (06/13/1981-12/30/1981) [includes Jordan]


Latin America 1981

Latin America 1982




Middle East and Near East

Middle East Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone (09/03/1981-12/22/1981)

Monthly Reports 06/18/1981-10/30/1981

Monthly Reports 12/03/1981-12/08/1981

Monthly Reports 01/05/1982

(National Security Council) NSC Meetings 02/06/1981-04/30/1981

(National Security Council) NSC Meetings 05/21/1981-07/31/1981

(National Security Council) NSC Meetings 08/01/1981-12/04/1981

(National Security Decision Directive) NSDD 2 [National Security Council Structure]

(National Security Decision Directive) NSDD 3 [Crisis Management and NSDD 4 Disposition of Presidential Directives]

(National Security Decision Directive) NSDD 4 [Disposition of Presidential Directives] 03/25/1981-12/23/1981

(National Security Decision Directive) NSDD 4 [Disposition of Presidential Directives] 12/24/1981-02/03/1982


RAC Box 2

(National Security Decision Directive) NSDD 5 Conventional Arms Transfer Policy

(National Security Decision Directive) NSDD 6 US Non-Proliferation and Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation [Empty]

(National Security Decision Directive) NSDD 7

(National Security Decision Directive) NSDD 8 Space Transportation System

(National Security Decision Directive) NSDD 10 Future Political Status of Micronesia (09/28/1981)

(National Security Decision Directive) NSDD 12 Strategic Forces Modernization Program

(National Security Decision Directive) NSDD 13 Nuclear Weapons Employment Policy (06/29/1981-02/09/1982)

(National Security Decision Directive) NSDD 18 US Chemical and Biological Weapons Arms Control Policy

[National Security Decision Directive NSDD 19 Protection of Classified National Security Council and Intelligence Information]

[National Security Decision Directive NSDD 21 Responding to Floggers in Cuba]

(National Security Study Directive) NSSD 1-82 [Review of US National Security] (1)(2)

(National Security Study Directive) NSSD 8-82 Horn of Africa

Nuclear Cooperation (United Kingdom) (09/25/1981-09/29/1981)


Persian Gulf Security Framework (PD-63) (08/07/1980-03/19/1981)


Presidential Directives (PDs) 08/24/1977-04/17/1981

Presidential Directives (PDs) 08/10/1981

Presidential Directives (PDs) 08/19/1981-12/29/1981

(Presidential Directive-Carter) PD 41 Working Group (Civil Defense)

(Presidential Directive-Carter) PD 59

(Presidential Directive-Carter) PD 62 [Modifications in US National Security]

(Presidential Directive-Carter) PD 63 (Persian Gulf Security Framework) 01/15/1981-03/05/1981


RAC Box 3

Saudi Arabia (02/18/1981-06/12/1981)

Sinai 03/12/1981-03/18/1981

Sinai 03/19/1981-06/02/1981

Somalia 07/27/1981-09/10/1981

Somalia 09/15/1981-02/02/1982

Southwest Asia (Basing)

Speeches/Press Conferences Transcripts 11/04/1981-12/03/1981

Speeches/Press Conferences Transcripts 03/16/1982

(Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) SALT (General) 1980



(Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) USSR (and other Iron Curtain Countries)

United States Naval Presence in the Indian Ocean

Weekly Reports (CS) 02/06/1981-06/12/1981

Weekly Reports (CS) 02/19/1981-12/04/1981

Weekly Reports (CS) 01/22/1982-05/24/1982



RAC Box 4

Chron 01/16/1981-01/29/1981

Chron 02/02/1981-02/05/1981

Chron 02/06/1981-02/11/1981

Chron 02/12/1981-02/19/1981

Chron 02/20/1981

Chron 02/23/1981-02/27/1981

Chron 03/02/1981-03/06/1981

Chron 03/07/1981-03/16/1981

Chron 03/17/1981-03/18/1981

Chron 03/20/1981-03/23/1981

Chron 03/24/1981-03/25/1981

Chron 03/26/1981

Chron 03/30/1981-03/31/1981

Chron 04/01/1981-04/07/1981

Chron 04/08/1981-04/13/1981

Chron 04/15/1981

Chron 04/16/1981-04/20/1981

Chron 04/21/1981-04/22/1981

Chron 04/23/1981-04/29/1981

Chron 05/01/1981-05/04/1981

Chron 05/08/1981-05/15/1981

Chron 05/18/1981-05/19/1981

Chron 05/20/1981-05/20/1981

Chron 05/22/1981-05/26/1981

Chron 05/27/1981

Chron 05/28/1981-05/29/1981

Chron 06/02/1981-06/04/1981

Chron 06/05/1981-06/10/1981

Chron 06/11/1981-06/19/1981

Chron 06/20/1981-06/26/1981

Chron 06/29/1981-06/30/1981

Chron 07/01/1981-07/14/1981

Chron 07/15/1981-07/16/1981

Chron 07/17/1981-07/24/1981

Chron 07/27/1981-07/30/1981

Chron 08/03/1981-08/06/1981

Chron 08/07/1981-08/10/1981

Chron 08/11/1981-08/12/1981

Chron 08/13/1981-08/14/1981

Chron 08/17/1981-08/18/1981

Chron 08/19/1981

Chron 08/21/1981-08/31/1981

Chron 09/02/1981-09/03/1981

Chron 09/04/1981-09/11/1981

Chron 09/12/1981-09/21/1981

Chron 09/22/1981-09/30/1981

Chron 10/08/1981-10/13/1981

Chron 10/14/1981-10/16/1981

Chron 10/20/1981-10/23/1981

Chron 10/24/1981

Chron 10/26/1981-10/27/1981

Chron 10/28/1981-10/30/1981

Chron 11/02/1981-11/05/1981

Chron 11/06/1981-11/17/1981

Chron 11/18/1981-11/27/1981

Chron 12/03/1981-12/15/1981

Chron 12/22/1981-12/24/1981

Chron 12/27/1981-12/30/1981


RAC Box 5

Chron 01/04/1982-01/06/1982

Chron 01/07/1982-01/11/1982

Chron 01/12/1982-01/19/1982

Chron 01/20/1982-01/22/1982

Chron 01/25/1982-01/27/1982

Chron 01/28/1982

Chron 02/01/1982-02/03/1982

Chron 02/04/1982-02/05/1982

Chron 02/12/1982-02/16/1982

Chron 02/18/1982-02/20/1982

Chron 02/22/1982-02/23/1982

Chron 02/24/1982-02/26/1982

Chron 03/01/1982-03/04/1982

Chron 03/05/1982-03/08/1982

Chron 03/09/1982-03/11/1982


RAC Box 6

Chron 03/12/1982-03/16/1982

Chron 03/18/1982-03/24/1982

Chron 03/25/1982-03/31/1982

Chron 04/08/1982-04/15/1982

Chron 04/20/1982

Chron 04/21/1982

Chron 04/22/1982-04/29/1982

Chron 04/30/1982

Chron 05/03/1982-05/10/1982

Chron 05/03/1982-05/10/1982

Chron 05/12/1982-05/14/1982

Chron 05/18/1982-05/25/1982

Chron 05/28/1982-06/01/1982

Chron 06/02/1982-06/14/1982