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SIMS, ROBERT B.: Files 1983-1985


Press Relations, NSC (April 1982-June 1983) – See separate inventory

Public Affairs, NSC (June 1983-October 1983) – See separate inventory

Office of the Press Secretary, Foreign Affairs (November 1983-1985)


Press Secretary, White House Office of the


SERIES I: Sims Chron. Files

OA 10196

Sims Chron. December 1983-February 1984

Sims Chron. March 1984

Sims Chron. April 1984-May 1984

Sims Chron. June 1984-July 1984

[Sims Chron. July 1984-December 1984]

[Sims Chron. January 1985-July 1985]


SERIES II: Interviews

OA 10197

Foreign Interview Requests

Completed Interview Requests: Australia

[Completed Interview Requests: Brazil]

Completed Interview Requests: England

Completed Interview Requests: France

Completed Interview Requests: Germany

Completed Interview Requests: Ireland

[Interview Requests: Middle East]

Completed Interview Requests: Norway

[Interview Requests: South Africa]

Completed Interview Requests: Sweden

Completed Interview Requests: Switzerland

[Interview Requests: United States]

ABC, Madrid, Spain April 1985 (1)-(2)

Agence France Presse 03/19/1984

[Ann Devroy Interview Points, 01/16/1985]

BBC [Interview, 01/07/1985]

Presidential Message for Berliner Morgenpost, December 1984

Cambio 16 Madrid, Spain April 1985

Chinese Journalists 04/17/1984

Les Derniers Nouvelles D’Alsace, France April 1985

Diaro De Noticias, Lisbon, Portugal April 1985

Die Welt 05/23/1984

Economic Summit (Bonn) April 1985: Pre-Summit Print Interview

Economic Summit (Bonn) April 1985: Pre-Summit TV Interview

EFE, Spanish News Agency, April 1985

El Pais, Madrid, April 1985

Far Eastern Economic Review 05/09/1984

Far Eastern Economic Review [Interview Requests, 1984] (1)-(2)

[Foreign Questions for Radio Interview Prebrief 01/25/1985]

France SOIR Magazine [11/03/1984]

Hurriyet, Turkey 03/29/1985

Il Gironale, Italy 06/01/1984

Il Resto Del Carlino, Italy 03/26/1985

Il Tempo, Rome 05/23/1985

La Libre Belgique, Interview, Belgium 01/11/1985

La Republica Interview Request

Interview-La Republica (Italy) 11/03/1984


OA 11012

La Vanguardia, Spain, April 1985 (1)-(2)

Le Figaro Magazine Interview 01/07/1984

Le Monde [Interview, March 1984]

London Summit Interviews, May 1984

Sunday Times of London 09/09/1984 (1)-(2)

London Sunday Times 03/18/1985

Times of London, April 1985 (1)-(2)

Maclean’s Magazine, Canada 03/11/1985

Middle East Interview with Nasser Eddin Nashashibi 06/11/1985

Military Service Journals, February 1984

[Newsweek Interview Questions, 03/04/1985]

NHK [Japan Broadcasting Corporation, January 1985]

Oslobodjenje (Yugoslavia) February 1984

Pacific Magazine [1984]

[Prep for New York Times Interview, February 1985]

Popular Mechanics, September 1984

Quotidien De Paris, France, April 1985

Radio Free Europe Interview, 06/14/1985

Spain and Portugal Interviews, April 1985

Stern Magazine [Interview Request, 1985]

Interviews: U.S. News and World Reports, 10/09/1984

Yomiuri Shimbun, 12/28/1984


SERIES III: Press Conferences

OA 11012

Presidential Press Conference 12/20/1983

State of the Union 01/25/1984

Presidential Press Conference 02/22/1984

Presidential Press Conference 04/04/1984

Presidential Q and A with Press 05/14/1984


OA 11013

Presidential Press Conference 05/22/1984

Presidential Press Conference 06/10/1984

Presidential Press Conference 06/14/1984

Presidential Press Conference 07/24/1984

Presidential Mini Press Conference 09/11/1984

Presidential Press Conference 11/04/1984

Presidential Press Conference 11/08/1984

Mini Press Conference 12/07/1984

Presidential Press Conference 01/09/1985

Presidential Press Conference 02/21/1985

Presidential Press Conference 03/21/1985

Presidential Press Conference 06/18/1985


SERIES IV: Subject Files

OA 11013

Background Paper: Nicaragua’s Military Build-Up and Support for Central American Subversion 07/18/1984

Breger, Marshall

Briefing Book: Background Information on Central America

Briefing Book: Central America Democracy, Peace and Development Initiative


OA 11014

Briefing Book: Central America Democracy, Peace and Development Initiative February 1984

Canada Trip, 03/17/1985-03/18/1985 (1)-(2)

Canada Trip 03/17/1985-03/18/1985

Caribbean Island Leaders Conference 07/17/1984-07/19/1984

Correspondence-Re: Debates 1984

Debate Prep

Department of State

Economic Summit (Bonn) April 1985: Economic Summit

Europe Trip [Bonn Summit, 1985] (1)-(4)

Food for Peace

Genealogical Information (President Reagan)

Holocaust Remarks

[International Court of Justice Nicaragua Decision-Public Diplomacy]

Kissinger Report of Central America

Korean Airliner, 09/01/1983 (1)-(14)

La Rouche, Lyndon

Latin America Outreach Program

League of Women Voters 1984 Presidential Debates Press Kit


OA 11622

McFarlane, Robert C.


Mondale on Defense

NASA Information Kit 01/28/1984

News Briefing on Intelligence Information on External Support of the Guerrillas in El Salvador 08/08/1984


Presidential Debate Materials November 1984

Presidential Quotes

Presidential Statements/Misinterpretations [1984]

President’s Trip to Ireland, France, and the London Economic Summit 06/01/1984-06/10/1984

Press Book: Trip of President Reagan to Quebec City, Canada        03/17/1985-03/18/1985


OA 11623

Public Diplomacy

Radio Marti (1)-(2)

Reed, Thomas C.

Report of the National Bipartisan Commission on Central America January 1984

Schultz, George P. (1)-(3)

Security (Combating Leaks) (1)-(4)

Selected National Security Issues September 1984


Strategic Defense Systems (1)-(13)

Thatcher Visit 12/22/1984

[Third World Foundation for Social and Economic Studies Publications, 1983, 1984]

Transcript of League of Women Voters 1984 Presidential Debate between the President and Former Vice President Mondale

Transcript of Presidential Campaign Debate 09/21/1980

TWA Hijacking/Hostages, June 1985 (1)-(9)

USIA (1)-(8)

U.S. Relations in Poland 10/11/1984

Vice President Bush (1)-(2)

World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers 1972-1982, April 1984


SERIES V: Publications

OA 11623

The Candidates: Reagan vs. Mondale, Where They Stand 1984

Defense Magazine: The Nuclear Issue, Preserving the Peace, May 1984

The Intelligent Layperson’s Guide to the Nuclear Freeze and Peace Debate, 1983

North Atlantic Council Meets in Washington 05/29/1984-05/31/1984

Realism, Strength, Negotiations: Key Foreign Policy Statements of the Reagan Administration May 1984

Talking Points on Domestic Issues and the Economy

Whence the Threat to Peace, 1984

The World Factbook, 1983