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SKIDMORE, MARY LOU P.: Files, 1986-1988


Presidential Advance Office


Box 1 - A93-01

Administrative: Advance Manual

Administrative: Biographical File - Advance

Administrative: Cables

Administrative: EOP Meeting Rooms

Administrative: IBM Displaywriters

Administrative: Parking

Administrative: Presidential Trip Worksheet

Administrative: Schedule Production

Administrative: Staff Pins - Procedure

Administrative: Telephones

Administrative: Travel Advances

Administrative: Vacation Schedule Summer 1986

1987 Agenda

Andean Summit

Camp David

Canada Trip


Conference Room Reservations

Congressional Youth Leadership

Drug Abuse Program

Ellis Island A.N.P.A.

Interns: Summer 1988

Interns: Fall 1987

Interns: Summer 1987

Interns: Winter 1987

Interns: Summer 1986

Memoranda: Advance Office Staff

Memoranda: Baker Memos

Memoranda: William Henkel Memos for Christopher Hicks

Memoranda: J. Hooley Memos for Interns

Memoranda: Memos for William Henkel

Memoranda: Memos for J. Hooley

Memoranda: Trip Coordination

Memoranda: Volunteers

Security Concerns

Summer Campaign--1987

Travel Authorization Forms

Travel Authorization Forms: Survey in New Jersey, PA

Travel Authorization Forms: Visit to New Jersey, PA

Travel Checklists: Projects Request Forms

Travel Checklists: State Department Trips

Travel Checklists: White House and Political Trips

US Department of Education

USS Stark