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SMALL-STRINGER, KARNA: Files, 1984-1986


Public Affairs Directorate, NSC

Media Relations, White House Office of (See Separate Inventory)


The starting dates and time for Ms. Small-Stringer are unclear, as she worked in both offices simultaneously. This material from the NSC Public Affairs Directorate contains material pre-dating Small-Stringer's official start date and may be part of the Robert Sims collection.


Box 90371


Marshall Group


Middle East

Nuclear Safety

Poland / Pipeline


Presidential Press Conferences 1983


Box 90412

Arms Control (1982-1983)

Confidence Building Measures (CBMS )

Nuclear Arms Control (Bishop's Letter)

Barrette Book

Far East Trip


Hetu, Herbert

Interview Requests (Completed) 1983

KAL 007

Latin American Trip (President)


Box 90413

Presidential Press Conferences 1984

Public Affairs Committee Mtg. 1983

Presidential Tapings

Southwest Asia

Soviet Union

Soviet Active Measures

Soviet Threat

Speaking Requests: Accepted 1983

Speaking Requests: Regretted 1983


Box 90414

Chron File January 1983

Chron File February 1983

Chron File March 1983

Chron File April 1983

Chron File June 1983

Chron File May 1983

Chron File July 1983

Chron File August 1983

Chron File September 1983

Chron File October 1983

Chron File November 1983

Chron File December 1983


Box 90415

Chron File 09/01/1984-09/20/84

Chron File August 1984

Chron File January 1984

Chron File February 1984

Chron File March 1984

Chron File April 1984

Chron File May 1984

[Chron File June 1984]

Chron File July 1984


Box 90416

Chron File October 1984

Chron File November 1984

Chron File December 1984

Public Affairs Committee Meetings 1982

Chron File-Sims 05/27/1982-06/30/1982

O'Leary Requests for Interviews to 02/10/1982

Request for Interviews 02/11-03/31

Press Requests 04/01/1982-05/20/1982

Interview Requests 5/20

Interview Request (Completed) 1982

Speaking Engagements Completed 1982


Box 90456

Arms Control M-X

Central America


Eastern Europe


El Salvador

Europe (President's Trip June 1985)

FOI Requests


President's Commission on Strategic Forces

Reed, Tom

Terrorism Policy

Vatican Diplomatic Relations

Visits, Meetings