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SMITH, DAN J.: Files 1981-1982


Office of Policy Development


OA 5707

Incoming Correspondence

Outgoing Correspondence

Outgoing Memoranda


The Transition

Information Center

White House Tours

Federal Advisory Committee

Recreation Association

Press Releases General

Economic Recovery

Slow Payment File


Press Coverage

Areas of Specialization

Administrative - Materials on order

Administrative - Annual Reports

Administrative - Personnel Actions

Weekly Activity Reports

Monthly Activity Reports

Miscellaneous Items Submitted

Information System for Policy Planning

Meeting Announcements

Clearance Proposal

Office of Policy Development / OPD Speeches

Action Correspondence

Information / Correspondence

White House - Office of Policy Development

Cabinet Council Organization & Procedures

Press Coverage




OA 5708

Attendance Sheets


Working Papers

Secretariat Matters

Periodic Report on Legislation

Other Cabinet Councils Minutes

Cabinet Council Presentation - CCCT

Press Coverage of the Administration

Requests for the President

Vice President’s Speech - National Bankers Association

San Francisco, California

Campaign Commitments

Black Americans for Reagan

Office of Management and Budget

Office of Federal Procurement Policy

Eligibility Simplifications Project


OA 5709

Office of the Press Secretary

Better Federal Budget

Press Releases

Other White House Offices - Photo Office

Other White House Offices - National Security Council

Information Sources

Office of Personnel Management

The American Council of Young Political Leaders

191.1  First Summit on Small Business & International Trade, 09/09/1981  (1)(2)

Travel File

ACYPL European Trip

The New Coalition for Social and Economic Change 10/22/1981-10/25/1981 San

Francisco, California

Invitations Accepted


OA 5710

Invitations Declined

Thank You Letters for Help Rendered

Medal of Freedom Award

Howard University Speech 10/30/1981

Economic Development Commission 11/06/1981 Sacramento, California

Economic Development and Procurement Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada 12/04/1981

Boston, Massachusetts - Bentley College, 03/11/1982-03/12/1982

Public Television Stations

Women / Minority Task Force

General Information

Commerce Business Daily

Enterprise Zones - Research Reports

Enterprise Zones - Atlanta Conference (1)-(6)


OA 5711

Enterprise Zones - British Zones

Enterprise Zones - Media Treatment

Enterprise Zones - Congressional Proposals

Enterprise Zones - External Correspondence

Enterprise Zones - Executive Branch Views

Enterprise Zones - HUD Zone Panels

Enterprise Zones - Presidential Views [Empty]

Enterprise Zones - CCCT / OPD Working Papers (1)-(3)

Enterprise Zones - Addressing to Concerns of Minority Business

Enterprise Zones -Latest Disposition

HUD Enterprise Zones Panel (1)-(3)

Maritime Policy - Summary Information

Maritime Policy - Folder No. 1

Maritime Policy - Folder No. 2

Maritime Policy - Historical Background

United States / USSR Maritime Agreement


OA 5712

Maritime Policy - Media Treatment

Maritime Policy - Congressional Proposals

Omnibus Bill of 1979

Maritime Policy - External Correspondence

Maritime Policy - Executive Branch Views

Maritime Policy - Presidential Views

Maritime Policy - CCCT / OPD Working Papers

Maritime Policy - Latest Disposition

203.0  Small Business Policy - Summary Information  (1)-(3)

203.1  Small Business Policy - Historical Background

203.11  Small Business Policy - White House Conference [on Small Business, 1980]

203.12  SBA’s SBIC Program  (1)-(4)

203.2  Small Business Policy - Research Reports  (1)(2)

203.21  Small Business Policy - Huntzinger Report

203.22  Small Business Policy - Nader Report on Sm. Business  (1)(2)

203.3  Small Business Policy - Media Treatments  (1)-(3)

203.4  Small Business Policy - Congressional Proposals [and Testimonies Before

          Congress] (1)-(5)

203.5  Small Business Policy - External Correspondence

203.51  Small Business Policy - OPL Referrals

203.6  Small Business Policy - Executive Branch Views  (1)-(4)

203.61  Small Business Policy - IAC & Agency Small Business Office


OA 5713

203.72  Commerce Issues – President’s Report on Small Business [Small Business

and Competition]

203.8 [1]  Small Business Policy - CCCT/OPD Working Group Papers  (1)-(9)

203.8 [2]  CCCT/OPD Working Group Papers - Small Business Policy  (1)-(4)

203.8 (3) - CCCT/OPD Working Papers - Small Business Policy  (1)-(11)

203.8 (4) - CCCT/OPD Working Papers - Small Business Policy  (1)-(6)

203.81  State of Small Business - Small Business Policy [re President’s Report on \

          Small Business and Competition]

[203.81  State of Small Business - Small Business Policy:] Chapter V [of President’s

          Report on Small Business and Competition]

[203.81  State of Small Business - Small Business Policy:] New Small Business


[203.81  State of Small Business - Small Business Policy:] Who Got What from



OA 5714

203.82  Small Business Talking Points - Sm. Bs. Policy

203.9 Small Business Policy - Latest Disposition

203.10 Small Business: 8(a) Procurement Program (1)-(7)

[203.10 Small Business 8(a) Procurement Program: Letters/Mailgram Regarding the

GAO Decision] (1)-(4)

203.11 Small Business: 8(a) Legal Documents (1)-(5)

203.12 Small Business & DOD

203.13 Small Business Issues [and Problems]

204. Telecommunications (1)(2)

205 U.S. Auto Industry (1)-(7)

Trucking Industry Issues

Commercial Banking in the United States


OA 5715

208  Small Business Innovation Research Act of 1981 - Senate Bill 881  (1)-(12)

208.1 NSF’s Small Business Innovation Research Program (1)-(5)

208.2 Small Business Strategy  (1)-(5)

Minority Business Policy Black -  Land Loses

209.5  Minority Business Policy External Correspondence

209.6 Minority Business Policy - Executive Branch Views

209.8 Minority Business Policy CCCT / OPD Working Papers (1)(2)

Minority Business Policy - Battle of the Budget

Minority Business Policy - Private Sector Initiatives

[No#] SBA’s Fixed Participation Period Term Rule (1)-(4)

209.835 Minority Business PolicySBA’s 8(a) Program (1)-(9)

209.836 Minority Business Policy - 8(a) Certification


OA 5716

Minority Business Policy - Deregulation

209.86 Minority Business Policy Other Proposed Policy Elements: (1)-(3)

209.87 Minority Business Policy - Women in Business

209.88 Minority Business Policy - Procurement Goals (1)(2)

Minority Business Policy - Latest Disposition

Minority Business Policy - Background Documents

Minority Business Policy - Battle of the Budget

Minority Business Associations

Minority Business Policy - National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC)

Business Adventures in Outer Space

Economic Development

M.I.T.  Research of David Birch

Tourism (1)-(9)

Minority Business Enterprise Administration (MBEA)


OA 5717

Commerce Issues - Postal Service

Minority Business Policy - USSR Maritime Agreement

Lowry Report Controversy

Minority Business Education

Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)

Commerce - Product Liability

Minority Business / Total Base Management

General Information

302 U.S. - Japan Trade Relations

Japan Auto Exports - Summary Information

Japan Auto Exports - Historical Background

Japan Auto Exports - Media Treatment

Japan Auto Exports - Executive Branch Views

Japan Auto Exports - Briefing Mission

Miscellaneous Materials - Japan Trip

United States Exports of Aluminum to Japan


OA 5718

Coal Export Policy

Control of Exports to Eastern Bloc Countries

United States - Mexican Trade Relations

Export Trading Companies

Trade in Services

Trade Barriers

Multi - Fiber Arrangement

Investment Reciprocity

Trade Issues - United States - Canada Trade Relations

405 Hosea Williams (1)-(10)

Contract Compliance

Council of 100

Black Farm Land

418 Solidarity Day

Black American Issues - Black Appointees

Sam Jackson

Black Organization

Economic Recovery Program (1)-(3)


OA 5719

Budget Cuts

AICPA Concerns

Tax Cuts (1)(2)

Taxation of Americans Abroad

Regulatory Reform

Regulatory Flexibility Act

Balanced Budget

Other Issues - Supply Side Economics

Block Grants

Community Enterprise

Community Enterprise - Neighborhood Reinvestment

1980 Census

National Energy Policy

California E.D.C.

California Regulation

California Energy

Futurism & Herman Kahn

South Bronx

The Nonprofit Sector

511.1 [Effect] Affect of Budget Cuts (1)-(5)


OA 5720

Urban Institute Report

Aspen Conference

Other Issues - Improving Customer Relations


Local Government Finance

Social Security

Summer Jobs Program

New Computer Reporting System

Ottawa Summit

Private Sector Initiatives

521 Minimum Wage


Illegal Aliens

Urban Policy

International Trade

Pinkerton Research

National Development Council

National Economic Development Policy



Caribbean Basin

Arthur A. Fletcher & Associates, Inc.

West Point Debate File

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Unemployment Insurance

Housing Industry, USA


OA 5721

Third World

Bank Industry

The Heritage Foundation - Backgrounder

545 Inc. Magazine - Statement on Small Business

Minority Business Development Statement Drafts

Material Taken from the Bookcases - Enterprise Zones - Folder 1 (1)-(4)

Material Taken from the Bookcases - Enterprise Zones - Folder 2 (1)-(8)


OA 5722

A Report on the Status of Small Business Competition January 1982 (1)-(4)

Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, June 1981

Direct Loans

Equity Investments

8 (A)

Equity Investment

Guarantee Loans

Introductory Materials / Minority Business

Manuscript Manual 1982

MBE General

MBE International Trade

MBE / Programs for Larger MBE's

Minority Women

Small Business Act (1)-(3)