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SNIDER, DON M.: Files, 1987-1988


Defense Policy Directorate, NSC (Director)


Some boxes in this collection are shared boxes with Michael Donley. The Library has not made a determination on the actual creator of these records as of this time.


Box 91854

[Arms Control Agreement]

"What is the Impact of Fiscal Reductions on Our Ability to Implement National Military Strategy" - Joint Chiefs of Staff

Dones - Issue Cycle

UCP [Unified Command Plan]

Defense Docs

ORS Docs


Box 91855


9301 [President's National Security Strategy Report- (NSSR)]

NSSR Admin..

1988 NSSR Tasking Actions

1988 NSSR External Tasking Actions


NATO Conventional Arms Control, HLTF, CDW, Grinevsky / Ledogar, CDE / LSPM

Competitive Strategies

Competitive Strategies Task Force - Final Report


Box 91856

Rewrite Inputs - INT / EXT

Rewrite Inputs - 8715 [National Security Strategy Report (NSSR)]

1987 NSSR Critiques

Strategy - General / Military

Strategy - Nuclear

(External) Inputs - Original

[Copies of "National Security Strategy of the United States," January 1987 and January 1988]

Strategy Report - Historical

Global Strategy Council / Forum


Box 91858

DPC and NATO Force Plan

Coast Guard

NATO Command Changes

Draft Registration

Freedom of Nav [Navigation]

NATO Summit

Byrd Report / INF Treaty Ratification

"NATO" Training Center

DOD NSDD II / 91059

Response to 284 [NSDD 284]

DOD / Drugs

Yazou Visit - Military to Military Contacts


Box 91859

CINECUR Briefing to the President of the United States, August, 1987

1987 Military Net Assessment, 07/15/1987- Joint Chiefs of Staff

JCS Briefing for the President, March 1985

JCS Briefing for the President, August 1985

JCS Briefing for the President, August 1986

JCS Briefing for the President, April 1987 [I]

JCS Briefing for the President, April 1987 [II]

United States Military Posture, FY1989 (2 Copies)


Box 91860

[Chron] October 1988

[Chron] September 1988

[Chron] August 1988

[Chron] July 1988

[Chron] June 1988

[Chron] May 1988

Snider April 1988 Chron

March 1988 Chron / Snider

February 1988 Chron,

January 1988 / Snider [Chron]

Snider Chron (August 1987-December 1987)


Box 91861

1988 Defense Planning Review [Includes Separate (18) Reports for Item IA thru VB as Indicated on First Page of Item IA]

Defense Planning Committee, Fall 1987 - Agenda Book

Defense Planning Committee, May 1988 - Agenda Book


Box 92180

Congressional Burdensharing Actions

Burdensharing Speeches

European Burdensharing Info

Pacific/Asian Burdensharing

NATO/Multilateral Burdensharing

Taft Burdensharing Trips

Legere Paper on NATO Conventional Defense

Coordinating Group

Burdensharing Memos

Report on Allied Contributions to the Common Defense


Box 92183

Taft Trip to NATO and Allied Capitals

Burdensharing Notebook

NATO DPC Ministerial (12/01/1988-12/02/1988)