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SPAETH, MERRIE: Files, 1983-1985


Media Relations, Office of


The Office of Media Relations handled all press contacts with the White House other than the actual White House press corps. It was created in the fall of 1981 from the Office of Media Liaison in the White House Press Office and the Television Office from the White House Office of Communication. It went under various names throughout the administration including: Media Liaison; Office of Media Relations and Planning; Office of Media Relations and Broadcasting; Office of Media and Broadcasting Relations. Their staff, physical location in the White House and general functions remained exactly the same during these various name changes. For ease of use and to reflect their organizational unity the Library is naming this office: Office of Media Relations.


Box 1

American Enterprise Zones

American Israel Public Affairs Committee Briefing 04/08/1984

Black Press Request (1)-(3)

Invite to Briefings List (as of 09/30/1983) (1)-(3)

Cabinet Secretaries and White House Senior Staff / TV

[1984 Campaign Guide for Corporations and Labor Organizations]

China / Ed Board Effort [Trip to China 04/19/1984-05/02/1984] (1)-(3)

Columnist Briefing 05/30/1984

Correspondence re: White House News Service

Dallas Morning News [Interview]


[Drunk Driving Awareness Campaign - 1984]

Economic Summit Mailings

Box 2

Farm Editors [Briefing] 04/17/1984 (1)(2)

Foreign Policy Speech / Radio Follow-up 04/06/1984

Hispanic Media Conference 09/12/1984 (1)-(3)

Interns (1)(2)

[Interviews - Ambassador Brock and Ronald Reagan on Pittsburgh Steel Decision


Interviews with Ronald Reagan [1984] (1)-(3)

Hearst Newspaper Interviews 10/30/1984 (1)(2)

Scripps-Howard Interviews 10/25/1984 (1)(2)

Vice President's Interviews [1984]

Box 3

[Shane Jameson Visit Press Release]

Jefferson Awards - VP Photo Op 1984

Jewish Press Briefing 05/24/1984 (1)-(3)

Local News Stories

[Local Program Network Interviews 1984]

London Summit 06/04/1984- 06/10/1984 (1)(2)

Long Range Planning Material - Do Memo

[Media Coverage "E" Awards Ceremony 05/23/1984]

An Example of Local Media Coverage of a White House Event - "E" Awards Ceremony

05/23/1984 (Binder)

Report on Media Coverage Farm Credit Announcement on 09/18/1984 (Binder)

Media Relations Three Month Plan Book I 05/03/1984

Minority Press (1)(2)

National Association of Broadcasters Briefing

National Newspaper Association

Newsfeed Network


Box 4

Older Americans Briefing - Merrie Spaeth (Binder) (1)(2)

Pennsylvania Pedophile Information

[White House Personnel Availability Chart]

Public Liaison Meeting with Bob Reilly

[Regional Briefings: 07/09/1984 - I] (Binder)

[Regional Briefings: 07/09/1984 -II] (Binder)

RSVP Karen, 07/09/1984

RSVP's for 07/09/1984 (1)(2)

General Information on Satellite Networks (1)(2)

Merrie Spaeth Memo re: TV Personnel / Office

TV Studio

Other Live TV Proposals

[High Technology] (1)(2)

Weekly Reports


Box 5

National Federation of Press Women, Briefing 03/15/1984 (1)(2)

Women's Business 04/05/1984 (1)-(4)

Women's Editors Briefing 05/24/1984 (1)-(3)

Woman's Day Press Conference 05/30/1984

National Conference on Women 06/19/1984-06/20/1984 (1)-(3)

Women's Editors Briefing 10/11/1984 (1)(2)

A Survey of the Reagan Administration Accomplishments on Behalf of Women

September 1984 (Report)

Women's Issues Miscellaneous File (1)-(3)

General Women's File / Lists (1)(2)