SPEECHWRITING, WHITE HOUSE OFFICE OF:  Speech Drafts: Records, 1981-1989

This collection has been reviewed by the Reagan Library staff and it is available for research. You may access this collection in our research room.  There is no need to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for any of the contents of this collection


SPEECHWRITING, WHITE HOUSE OFFICE OF:  Speech Drafts: Records, 1981-1989


See also:      Speechwriting, White House Office of: Speech Research, 1981-1989

                   White House Office of Records Management (WHORM) Subject File

SP-SP1316 (Speeches)


Scope & Content Note


The Reagan Administration Office of Speechwriting consisted of two major filing systems: Speechwriting Research and Speech Drafts.  The Library treats each filing system as a separate collection. 


Speech Drafts consists of multiple drafts from the first version to the final product for each speech, message, taping, and radio address.  Speeches were “staffed” at the White House to all major staff offices with an interest in each particular speech.  Staff returned comments, editing and annotations.  Filing of this material was inconsistent throughout the administration.  The staff comments can be within the WHORM  Subject File “SP" subject category for any particular speech or within the draft for the speech.  Sometimes they are duplicated in both places.


Because of these multiple filing systems, the Library recommends researchers look at the entire speech “evolution” from the Speech Research folder, the Speech Draft to the final SP category for a full idea of the creation of each speech. Not every speech has each: a speech research, draft and SP category, but the majority do have all three units. 


The Speechwriting Office: Speech Drafts consists of three series.  They are Series I: Speech Drafts, 1981-1989, Series II: Edited and Unused Speeches (2 subseries), and Series III: Non-Presidential Speeches (2 subseries).


          SERIES I: SPEECH DRAFTS. 1981-1989 (172 l.ft.; Box 1-429)


This series consists of the various drafts for specific presidential speeches, statements, messages, radio addresses, and tapings.  Folders contain the multiple drafts of each speech.  Each draft is usually marked in the upper right corner with the time and date of the draft and include the speechwriter’s name/initials and often the speech researcher’s name/initials.  In addition, the folders may contain the White House staff memorandums for circulating a speech draft among the White House Staff.  These memos may contain editing or approval remarks from specific White House staff members about a particular speech.  Often they have attached memos or copies of the drafts with editing and annotations.


Some speeches were drafted but never used.  These folders are marked with “not used.” Some major speeches consist of more than one file if a great amount of outside input was involved or various versions were circulated. These folders are usually marked “File #1, etc.”


President Reagan did edit speeches in the draft version.  The drafts are generally not marked with accredited Reagan edits – the researcher needs to be familiar with President Reagan’s handwriting.  However, it is possible to cross-reference with the handwriting file to find  President Reagan edits for speeches. 


Reactions to speeches, letters and cables from members of the public and various interested parties can normally be found in the SP category for any particular speech.


Material in folders consists of these drafts, memos, correspondence, and notes. It is arranged chronologically by speech.  Folder titles will include the date of the remarks and the major speechwriter and researcher for that particular speech.


SERIES II:  EDITED AND UNUSED SPEECHES, 1982-1986 (1 l.ft.; Box 430-434)


This series consists of two subseries: Subseries A: National Security Council (NSC) Letters, 1982-1983 and Subseries B: Unused Radio Talk Subjects.


Subseries A consists of material sent to the Speechwriting Office by the NSC for their editing and clearance comments.  In this instance the Speechwriting Office was not originating the material but acting in a staff function for the NSC .  Most of the letters are to various Heads of State.  Much of the material is still closed for research due to national security classification. The material consists of the edited letters and correspondence between the NSC and the Speechwriting Office.  The material is in chronological order and the subseries is for February 1981-December 1983 only.


Subseries B consists of  memorandum, letters, notes and draft speeches from various White House staff members, and federal agencies to the White House Speechwriting Office suggesting topics for President Reagan’s weekly radio address.  The material was not used as far as we can determine. It is in one folder, arranged chronologically.


SERIES III: NON-PRESIDENTIAL SPEECH FILES, 1981-85 (2 l.ft; Box 435-439)


This series consists of two subseries: Subseries A: Nancy Reagan Speeches and Remarks, and

Subseries B: White House Staff, the Vice President & Cabinet Speeches and Remarks


Subseries A consists of speech drafts and remarks for use by First Lady Nancy Reagan.  They were produced by various speechwriters and some folders contain the name of the specific speechwriter.  They are arranged chronologically.  The Library has these First Lady speech drafts for 1981-1983 only.


Subseries B consists of speech drafts, remarks and suggested lighter material for use by members of the White House staff, the Cabinet, the Vice President and a few other individuals close to or members of the Reagan Administration.  Speeches are for Chief of Staff James Baker, Counsellor to the President Edwin Meese, Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Deaver, National Security Advisor William Clark, Chief of Staff Donald Regan and White House staff members Dave Fischer, Robert Garrick, Edward Hickey, Lyn Nofziger, E. Pendelton James, Ed Rollins and Faith Whittlesey; Vice President George Bush; United States Trade Representative William Brock, Attorney General William French Smith and Secretary of the Treasury Donald Regan. Other material is for Senator Paul Laxalt and Ambassador William Wilson.  In addition, there are a few generic speeches on various topics written for anyone in the administration to use. Drafts are arranged alphabetically by the speech giver and then chronologically.  Folders are very often marked with the main speechwriter name.


Container List


          SERIES I: SPEECH DRAFTS. 1981-1989

Box 1

Inventory [FG006-01 065866]

Inaugural Address 01/20/1981

President's Room Ceremony, Bill Signing (Dolan/Maseng) 01/20/1981

Joint Congressional Luncheon (Khachigian) 01/20/1981

Inaugural Committee Reception (Khachigian) 01/21/1981

Staff Swearing In (Khachigian) 01/21/1981

Cabinet Meeting (Khachigian) 01/21/1981

Reducing Unnecessary Spending (Dolan, KK) 01/21/1981

Regulatory Relief (Dolan, KK) 01/22/1981

Cabinet Swearing-In (Maseng, KK) 01/23/1981

Remarks: Alfalfa Club (Dolan) 01/24/1981

Remarks: Reception for Freed American's Families (Khachigian) 01/25/1981

Proclamation of Thanksgiving (Khachigian) 01/26/1981

Remarks: Closing Meeting with Freed Americans (Khachigian) 01/27/1981

Remarks to Freed Americans (Khachigian) 01/27/1981 (1)(2)

Statement: Oil Decontrol (Dolan) 01/27/1981

Statement: CWPS Termination (Rohrabacher) 01/28/1981

Prime Minister Seaga Visit (KK/MM) 01/28/1981

President's News Conference (Khachigian) 01/29/1981

Presidential Message Chinese New Year (Maseng) [undated]

Presidential Message Nat'l Afro-American History Month  (Maseng) [undated]

President Chun Visit (Korea) (Dolan) 02/02/1981

Proclamation: Save Your Vision Week (Rohrabacher) 02/03/1981

Lunch with Mayors (Rohrabacher) 02/03/1981

"Salute to Congress" Dinner (Rohrabacher) 02/04/1981

Prayer Breakfast (Maseng) 02/05/1981

Address to the Nation (Economy) Chronological Drafts 02/05/1981 (1)(2)


Box 2

Address to the Nation (Economy) Background Materials (Khachigian) (1)(2)

Proclamation: International Year of Disabled Persons in the U.S. (Dolan) 02/06/1981

Statement on Death of Ella Grasso (Khachigian) 02/06/1981

Statement on Debt Ceiling (Dolan) 02/07/1981

Statement: National Crime Prevention Week (Rohrabacher) 02/08/1981-02/14/1981

Meeitng with State Legislators & County Executives (Maseng) 02/09/1981

Talking Points: A Day in the Life of the President (DR/MM) 02/10/1981

          Remarks: Lincoln Memorial Service (Dolan) 02/12/1981

          Remarks: Release of Economic Audit (Rohrabacher) 02/12/1981

          Statement: National Brotherhood Week (Dolan) 02/15/1981-02/21/1981

          National Patriotism Week Greet Lori Cox & 150 Students (Maseng) 02/17/1981

Address to Joint Session/Economy Background 02/18/1981 (1)-(3)


Box 3

Address to Joint Session/Economy Background 02/18/1981 (4)(5)

          Address to Joint Session/Economy (Khachigian) 02/18/1981 Chronological Drafts &

                   Final (1)(2)

Brief Remarks: Editors 02/19/1981

Medal of Honor Ceremony 02/24/1981

NGA (National Governors Association) Dinner (Maseng) 02/24/1981

Presidential Message to White House News Photographers (Maseng) 02/25/1981

Thatcher--Arrival Ceremony (Maseng) 02/26/1981

Thatcher--Toast/White House (Rohrabacher) 02/26/1981

Thatcher Departure & Background (KK) 02/26/1981

Thatcher--Toast/British Embassy (Dolan) 02/27/1981

National League of Cities Luncheon (Rohrabacher) 03/02/1981 (1)(2)


Box 4

National League of Cities Luncheon (Rohrabacher) 03/02/1981 (3)

Red Cross Month (Rohrabacher) March 1981

Academy Awards Taping (Khachigian) 03/05/1981

Taping: Newsweek Corporate/Government Conference (Dolan) 03/05/1981

Taping: Easter Seal Telethon (Maseng) 03/05/1981

President's News Conference (Khachigian) 03/06/1981

Statement on the Budget (Dolan) 03/09/1981

Budget Message (Rohrabacher) 03/10/1981

Ottawa Arrival - Airport (Rohrabacher) 03/10/1981

Ottawa Arrival - Parliament Hill (Dolan) 03/10/1981

Ottawa - State Dinner (Maseng) 03/10/1981

Ottawa - Embassy Personnel (Dolan) 03/11/1981

Address to Canadian Parliament Chronological Drafts (Khachigian) 03/11/1981 (1)(2)

Address to Canadian Parliament Background Materials [Undated]

Reception for National Newspaper Association (Rohrabacher) 03/12/1981

Statement on Westway Project (Rohrabacher) N.Y. 03/13/1981

Talking Points: Visit to Angelo's (Dolan) New York 03/14/1981

Statement: Jacob Javits (Khachigian) 03/15/1981

National Poison Prevention Week of 03/15/1981

Associated General Contractors (Rohrabacher) 03/16/1981

Statement: St. Patrick's Day (Khachigian) 03/16/1981


Box 5

Congressional Leadership Meeting (Khachigian) 03/17/1981

Luncheon at the Irish Embassy 03/17/1981

Proclamation: National Agriculture Day (Rohrabacher) 03/19/1981

Taping: National Federation of Republican Women 03/20/1981   

Taping: Conferences on Aging 03/20/1981

National Conference of State Legislators 03/20/1981

Conservative Political Action Conference Dinner 03/20/1981 (1)(2)

Remarks at Ford Theater Gala (Rohrabacher) 03/21/1981

East Room Reception (Khachigian) 03/21/1981

Presidential Memo: Audiovisual Waste/Audiovisual Products & Periodicals (Khachigian)


President's Council on Integrity & Efficiency (Presidential Statement) (Khachigian)


White House Reception--Young Republican National Federation 03/26/1981

Radio-TV Correspondents Dinner (Rohrabacher) 03/26/1981

Baseball Hall of Famers Luncheon 03/27/1981

Gridiron Dinner 03/28/1981

Breakfast with Presidential Appointees 03/30/1981

Building Trades Association (Keynote Speech) 03/30/1981 (1)(2)

Proclamation: Import Quota on Peanuts 03/31/1981

Lunch – Prime Minister Van Agt 03/31/1981


Box 6

Statement: Milk Price Supports April 1981

The President's Book: Forward (Dolan) April 1981

Proclamation: Cancer Control Month (Dolan) April 1981

Reader's Digest-Japanese Edition April 1981

Presidential Interview with Cliff White April 1981

The Incredible Bread Machine: Forward (Rohrabacher) April 1981

Statement Endorsing U.S. Savings Bonds 04/01/1981

Address-Illinois State Legislature (Rohrabacher) April 1981 (1)(2)

Statement by the President: Senate Vote on Reconciliation Resolution (Rohrabacher)


President's Program for the U.S. Automobile Industry 04/06/1981

Statement: World Health Day 04/06/1981

Regan Response to House Budget Committee Proposal (Maseng) 04/07/1981

Message to the Congress-Budget [undated]

President's Letter to Cong. Bob Michael (Khachigian) 04/08/1981

Presidential Conversation with Astronauts Young & Crippen (Rohrabacher) 04/08/1981

Statement & Proclamation: Death of Omar Bradley (DR/KK) 04/09/1981

Proclamation: African Refugee Relief Day (Rohrabacher) 04/09/1981

Presidential Message: Takeoff of Space Shuttle (Maseng) 04/09/1981

Statement by the President on Senate Budget Committee's Action 04/10/1981

Fact Sheet: Launch of Space Shuttle (Rohrabacher) 04/10/1981

President's Statement: Tuskegee, Alabama (Bush Reading)  (Dolan) 04/12/1981

Statement by the President at Conclusion of Space Shuttle's First Orbital Flight


Statement: Economic Program (Khachigian) 04/13/1981

Statement: Death of Joe Louis (Dolan) 04/13/1981


Box 7

Statement: Hostage Ceremony at State Department (Khachigian) 04/13/1981

Statement: Thomas Jefferson's Birthday (Rohrabacher) 04/13/1981

Proclamation: Pan American Day and Pan American Week, 1981, 04/14/1981, Week of


Statement:  Income Tax Day (Rohrabacher) 04/15/1981

Statement:  Pardons of Mark Felt & Edward Miller (Khachigian) 04/15/1981

Statement on Survey of Federal Employees Regarding Waste and Fraud (Dolan)


Statement:  Easter/Passover 1981 (Maseng) 04/19/1981

Statement:  Joe Louis Funeral (Dolan) 04/21/1981

Statement to State Legislators Visit to White House (Rohrabacher) 04/22/1981-


Statement by the President Strengthening Federal Credit Management (Rohrabacher)


Statement: Lifting Grain Embargo (Khachigian) 04/24/1981

Telephone Call to White House Correspondents Association Dinner (Parvin) 04/25/1981

Proclamation: National Recognition Day For Veterans of the Vietnam War 04/26/1981

Proclamation: Days of Remembrance of Victims of the Holocaust (Khachigian)


Chamber of Commerce Taping (Elliott) 04/28/1981

Statement: Senate Budget Committee Action (Rohrabacher) 04/28/1981

Address to Joint Session Background Material [Undated] (1)(2)

Address to Joint Session Staff Comments [Undated]

Address to Joint Session Chronological Drafts/Final [Undated]

Victims of the Holocaust Message  (Maseng) 04/30/1981


Box 8

Proclamation: Older Americans Month May 1981

Presidential Sports Award Letter May 1981

Proclamation: Law Day USA 02/25/1981

Proclamation: Loyalty Day 1981 05/01/1981

Fact Sheet:  Prince Charles (Parvin) 05/02/1981

Toast for Prince Charles Dinner (Parvin) 05/02/1981

Jewish Heritage Week, Week of 05/03/1981

Proclamation:  Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week, Week of 05/04/1981   

President's Letter to Mrs. Osborne  (Parvin) 05/05/1981

Letter to Dan Mahoney (Dolan) 05/05/1981

Statement: House Budget Resolution Vote (Dolan) 05/06/1981

Presidential Statement:  Frank Fitzsimmons Death (Dolan) 05/06/1981

National Day of Prayer 03/16/1981 Proclamation 05/06/1981

Fact Sheet – Prime Minister Suzuki (Maseng) 05/07/1981

Prime Minister Suzuki - Arrival Ceremony  (Maseng) 05/07/1981

Prime Minister Suzuki - State Dinner (Maseng) 05/07/1981

Statement: Business Council (Elliott) 05/08/1981 (Wiedenbaum will read for RR)

Proclamation: Mother's Day 1981  05/10/1981

Small Business Week 1981 05/10/1981

Proclamation:  National Defense Transportation Day and National Transportation Week,

Week of 05/10/1981

White House Reception:  Congressional Supporters of Economic Package (Elliott)


Statement: Senate Budget Resolution Vote (Maseng) 05/12/1981

Statement on Pope John Paul II (Dolan) 05/13/1981

White House Reception:  Senate Supporters of Economic Package (Parvin) 05/14/1981

Parade Magazine Cover Story: RR's Byline (Maseng) 05/15/1981

Presidential Message: Christening of Ticonderoga (Dolan) 05/16/1981

Armed Forces Day Radio Message (Dolan) 05/16/1981

Proclamation: World Trade Week (Khachigian) 05/17/1981

Fact Sheet - Notre Dame (Dolan/Church) 05/17/1981


Box 9

Notre Dame Commencement Address (Dolan) Background 05/17/1981

Notre Dame Commencement Address (Dolan) Chronological Drafts & Final 05/17/1981

Fact Sheet: Theodore White Interview 05/18/1981

Talking Points: Luncheon For Astronauts in East Room (Crippen & Young)(Canzeri)


Statement on 5th Congressional District [MD] Election (Parvin) 05/19/1981

Talking Points: Phone Conversation with Fernando Valenzuela (Parvin) 05/19/1981

White House Reception: Advertising Council 05/20/1981

Remarks at Nofziger Roast (Parvin) Taping 05/21/1981

Fact Sheet: Helmut Schmidt (Rohrabacher) 05/21/1981

Helmut Schmidt - Arrival (Parvin) 05/21/1981

Helmut Schmidt - State Dinner (Parvin) 05/21/1981

National Maritime Day 1981  05/22/1981

Memorial Day Proclamation (Vets) 05/25/1981

Military Academy Speech 05/27/1981 (1)(2)

Fact Sheet: Military Academy 05/27/1981

Talking Points: Meeting with State & Local Officials (Maseng) 05/28/1981

Message to Teamsters Convention (Parvin) Taping: 05/29/1981


Box 10

National Spanish TV Broadcast (Parvin) Taping: 05/29/1981

Greeting to Congressional Page School Graduating Class 06/03/1981

White House Reception: Time, Inc. 06/03/1981

Fact Sheet: Mother Teresa (Church) 06/04/1981

Statement: Tax Cut Plan (Dolan) 06/04/1981    

Greet White House Fellows/Rose Garden 06/04/1981

Presentation of Kennedy Medal (Dolan) 06/05/1981

Proclamation: National Safe Boating Week Week of  06/07/1981

Visit of Lopez Portillo Background & Presentation of Gift (Rohrabacher) 06/08/1981

Welcoming Remarks: Lopez-Portillo (Rohrabacher) 06/08/1981

Private Toast: Lopez-Portillo (Rohrabacher) 06/08/1981

Luncheon Toast: Lopez-Portillo (Rohrabacher) 06/09/1981

Remarks: Meeting with Presidents of Nine Labor Unions (Elliott) 06/11/1981

White House Reception for Non-Federal Supporters of Economic Program (Elliott)


Signing of POW/MIA Proclamation (Elliott) 06/12/1981

White House Reception: Republican National Committee 06/12/1981

Proclamation: Flag and National Flag Week 06/14/1981

Talking Points: Meeting with Arts & Humanities Task Force 06/15/1981

President's News Conference (Dolan) 06/16/1981

White House Reception for Former Governors Who are Now in Senate & Wives

(Rohrabacher) 06/16/1981

Bill Signing Ceremony, H.R. 2156 (Rohrabacher)Veterans Hospital Bill 06/17/1981

Meeting with Presidential Housing Commission 06/17/1981

Visit with Broadcast Pioneers (Rohrabacher) 06/17/1981

RR Quotes for Copley News Service (Rohrabacher) 06/19/1981

Luncheon Toast: Lee of Singapore (Parvin) 06/19/1981

Statement by the President on Tax Reform Package (Dolan/Gergen) 06/19/1981


Box 11

Proclamation: Father's Day 06/12/1981

White House Reception: Champions of American Sport 06/22/1981

Talk Points: Breakfast Meeting with Bipartisan Congressional Leaders (Parvin)


Jacques Cousteau: Fact Sheet (Timmon/Church) 06/23/1981

Talk Points: President's Advisory Commission on Federalism (Maseng) 06/23/1981

White House Reception: Teenage Republicans 06/23/1981

Reception for House Republicans (Elliott) 06/23/1981 

Audio Taping-Utah State Convention (Rohrabacher) 06/24/1981

Address to U.S. Jaycees Annual Meeting (Elliott) 06/24/1981 San Antonio, Texas (1)(2)

Fact Sheet: Jaycees Annual Meeting San Antonio, Texas (Church/Elliott) 06/24/1981

Statement by the President (D.C./Gergen) 06/24/1981

Speech: California Taxpayers Association 06/25/1981 (1)(2)

Statement by the President 06/26/1981

Proclamation: Clean-up & Flag-Up America's Highways Week 1981 (Maseng/Review)


NAACP Convention/Denver 06/29/1981 (1)(2)


Box 12

NAACP Address - Chron Drafts #1 (1)(2)

NAACP Address - Chron Drafts #2 (1)(2)

Statement by the President (Dolan) Footwear 06/30/1981

Taping: Buffy Chandler (Elliott) 06/30/1981

Taping: July Fourth Message (Elliott) 06/30/1981

Prime Minister Fraser: Arrival Ceremony 06/30/1981

Prime Minister Fraser: State Dinner Toast 06/30/1981

Prime Minister Fraser: Fact Sheet 06/30/1981

Meeting with National Association of Counties (Elliott) 07/01/1981

Meeting with Regional State Chairmen (Parvin) 07/02/1981

Center for Strategic & International Studies 07/02/1981 

Illinois GOP Fundraiser 07/07/1981 (1)(2)


Box 13

Taping: National Association of Counties Annual Convention (Rohrabacher) Tape:


Meeting with Handicapped Group who Climbed Mt. Rainier (Parvin) 07/08/1981

White House Reception: Mostly Mozart 07/08/1981

Rose Garden Event/Charles Bowsher Nominee for Comptroller General (Dolan)


Meeting with Black Reagan-Bush Supporters (Parvin) 07/09/1981

White House Reception: Eagles 07/09/1981

Proclamation: Captive Nation Week (Dolan) Week of 07/12/1981

Meeting with Senate Republicans (Elliott) 07/14/1981

Remarks at Loyal Davis Dinner (Elliott) 07/14/1981

International Union of Police Associations (Maseng) Taping: 07/17/1981

Taping: United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters (Maseng) Taping: 07/17/1981

United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Jointers of America (Maseng) Taping: 07/17/1981

Signing Ceremony - H.R. 3520 (Rohrabacher) 07/17/1981 Steel Stretchout Bill

Luncheon with Editors (Rohrabacher) Out-of-Town Press on Tax Cut Program


Annual Gymnasium Association Supper (Maseng) 07/22/1981

            Briefing for State & Local Government Officials 07/23/1981

Address House Republican Conference 07/24/1981

Social Security Drafts (Elliott & Dolan) w/ RR 07/24/1981

Proclamation: National Farm Safety Week of 07/25/1981

Dropby Tax Briefing for Trade Associations & Corporate Representatives (Maseng)


Address to the Nation (Dolan/Elliott) 07/27/1981 (1)(2)


Box 14

Statement: Victory on House and Senate Tax Votes (Elliott) 07/29/1981

Statement on Immigration & Refugee Policy (Dolan) 07/30/1981

Remarks: Political Event Atlanta, Georgia (Maseng) 07/30/1981

National Conference of State Legislatures (Parvin) 07/30/1981 (1)-(3)

State Dinner - President Anwar Sadat (Rohrabacher) 08/05/1981

Arrival Ceremony - President Sadat (Rohrabacher) 08/05/1981                                  

Fact Sheets - Sadat Visit (Borgquist) 08/05/1981

Light Material/ Pat Buttram

Taping: Young Americans for Freedom Convention 08/05/1981

Taping: American Legion Convention 08/05/1981

Taping: Film for Heritage Foundation 08/05/1981

Taping: Knoxville World's Fair 08/05/1981

Taping: Reunion of Ex-POW's 08/05/1981

Ceremony with Congressional Leadership (Dolan) 08/05/1981

Departure Remarks- President Sadat (Rohrabacher) 08/06/1981

Statement on Death of Ray Bliss (Parvin) 08/06/1981

GOP Fundraiser: Los Angeles, CA (Parvin) 08/17/1981

Orange Co., CA, Political Event (Elliott) 08/20/1981

Constellation Assembly & Tour (Rohrabacher)  08/20/1981    


Box 15

Santa Barbara/Political Event (Parvin) 08/27/1981

Tape: Message to Gordon & Karon Luce August 1981

Chicago/Political Event (Maseng) 09/02/1981

Carpenters Union Speech/Chicago (Rohrabacher) 09/03/1981

Taping: WHO 50th Anniversary (Dolan) 09/04/1981

Labor Day Radio Speech Taping (Maseng) 09/07/1981 Taping 09/04/1981

Westway Project/New York (Maseng) 09/07/1981

Statement on the Death of Roy Wilkins (Parvin) 09/08/1981

Arrival Ceremony/Prime Minister Begin (Elliott) 09/09/1981

State Dinner Toast/Prime Minister Begin (Elliott) 09/09/1981

Departure Statement/Prime Minister Begin (Elliott) 09/10/1981

MacArthur Dedication at Pentagon (Dolan) 09/10/1981

White House Reception: Lionel Hampton (Rohrabacher) 09/10/1981

Young American Medal for Bravery & Freedom Presentation (Maseng) 09/11/1981     

Proclamation: National Hispanic Heritage Week 1981 (Dolan) 09/13/1981

Talking Points: White House Fellows (Maseng) 09/14/1981

United Way Campaign Kick-Off (Dolan) Tape: 09/14/1981

Dropby at Tennis Court (Rohrabacher) 09/14/1981

Yorktown Bicentennial Proclamation Signing (Elliott)  09/14/1981

Reception: Supporters of the Economic Program/Business Community 09/15/1981


Box 16

Luncheon: Black College Day & Signing of Executive Order (Rohrabacher) 09/15/1981

Brief Remarks: President's Executive Exchange Program (Rohrabacher) 09/15/1981

Meeting: Boys Clubs of America (Elliott/DB) 09/16/1981

Hispanic Luncheon 09/16/1981

President's Commission on Executive Exchange Swearing in Ceremony (Rohrabacher)


White House Reception & Buffet: Senatorial Trust (Maseng) 09/16/1981

Proclamation: Citizenship Day and Constitution Week 1981 09/17/1981

National Federation of Republican Women (Parvin) 09/18/1981 (1)(2)

Ford Museum Dedication Remarks Grand Rapids, Michigan (Dolan) 09/18/1981

National Cystic Fibrosis Week -- Proclamation 09/20/1981 (Rohrabacher)

Private Sector Initiatives (Parvin) 09/21/1981

Statement on O'Connor Approval (Dolan/Elliott) 09/21/1981

Signing of California Referendum on Reapportionment (Rohrabacher) 09/22/1981

White House Reception: Eagles (Parvin) 09/22/1981

Phillips Gallery Dropby (Rohrabacher) 09/22/1981

Ambassador's Ball Dropby 09/22/1981

          Retired Senior Volunteer Program Meeting (Parvin) 09/22/1981

White House Reception: California & Texas Delegation (Maseng) 09/23/1981


Box 17

Coleman Reception & Dinner (Rohrabacher) (President did not attend) 09/24/1981

Reception: Supreme Court (Maseng) 09/24/1981

Luncheon: Supreme Court Justices/Spouses (Maseng) 09/24/1981

Address to the Nation (Gergen) 09/24/1981

Luncheon Toast: President Moi (Rohrabacher) 09/25/1981

International Association of Police Chiefs New Orleans (Dolan) 09/28/1981 (1)-(3)

New Orleans Political Event (Parvin) 09/28/1981

Speech: Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund & World Bank Group (Elliott) 09/29/1981

Reception: Congressional Supporters of Economic Recovery Program (Rohrabacher)


Taping: Horatio Alger Special 09/29/1981

Roy Acuff Anniversary Special 09/29/1981 (Rohrabacher)        


Box 18

Taping: GOP Shareholders Convention (Elliott) 09/29/1981

President's News Conference (Dolan) 10/01/1981

Presidential Message for Russell Kirk (Dolan) 10/01/1981

Taping: Justin Dart Awards Dinner (Rohrabacher) 10/02/1981

Talking Points: Community Services Administration (Rohrabacher) 10/02/1981

Statement: Strategic Weapons (Dolan) 10/02/1981

Proclamation: American Enterprise Day (Rohrabacher) 10/02/1981

Proclamation: National Port Week (Rohrabacher) 10/04/1981

Proclamation: National Employ the Handicapped Week, 1981 (Dolan) 10/04/1981

Proclamation: National Diabetes Week (Maseng) Week of 10/04/1981

Proclamation: Fire Prevention Week (Elliott) Week of 10/04/1981

Proclamation: Child Health Day (Parvin) 10/05/1981

Signing Ceremony: Raoul Wallenberg Bill (Parvin) 10/05/1981

National Alliance of Business (Parvin) 10/05/1981 (1)(2)

Out-of-Town Media Briefing (Dolan) 10/05/1981

Prime Minister Tinsulanonda Visit (Elliott) 10/06/1981

Statement: Death of Anwar Sadat (Rohrabacher) 10/06/1981

Phone Call: UPI International Conference of  Editors & Publishers (Elliott) 10/06/1981

Luncheon: President's Fifty States Project for Women (Parvin) 10/07/1981

Proclamation: National Guard Day (Dolan) 10/07/1981

Signing Ceremony: Combined Campaign Fund (Rohrabacher) 10/08/1981

Remarks of President Upon Departure of Former Presidents to Anwar Sadat Funeral

(Dolan) 10/08/1981

Statement: Marine Mammal Protection Act Amendments (Dolan) 10/08/1981

Proclamation: Leif Erickson Day 1981 (Maseng) 10/09/1981

Remarks: National Commission on Excellence in Education (Elliott) 10/09/1981

Medal of Freedom Lunch (Parvin) 10/09/1981

Columbus Day Signing Ceremony (Parvin) 10/09/1981


Box 19         

Proclamation: General Pulaski's Merorial Day, 1981 (Elliott) 10/11/1981

Proclamation: National School Lunch Week (Dolan) 10/11/1981

Proclamation: Columbus Day (Dolan) 10/12/1981

Arrival Ceremony-King of Spain (Rohrabacher) 10/13/1981

Departure of Juan Carlos (Rohrabacher/NSC) 10/13/1981

State Dinner-King of Spain (Rohrabacher) 10/13/1981

Taping: 25th Anniversary of Interstate Highway System (Rohrabacher) 10/13/1981

Taping ABC Television Affiliate Closed Captioning (Parvin) 10/13/1981

Taping: Barry Goldwater Testimonial Dinner (Dolan) 10/13/1981

Taping: Broadcast Magazine (Parvin) 10/13/1981

Taping: Orange County (CA)Chamber of Commerce (Rohrabacher) 10/13/1981

          Statement: Signing S. 1181 Uniformed Services Pay Act (Dolan) 10/14/1981

Presentation of Presidential Rank Award of Distinguished Senior Executive to 25

Winners (Rohrabacher) 10/14/1981

Luncheon: Presidential Task Force on Arts & Humanities (Dolan) 10/14/1981

Rose Garden Ceremony: Welcoming Gene Atkinson to Republican Party (Parvin)


Proclamation: White Cane Safety Day (Elliott) 10/15/1981

Swearing-In President's Export Council (Rohrabacher) 10/15/1981

Policy Development Speech Foreign Aid (Elliott) 10/15/1981

New Jersey Governor Campaign Fundraiser (Rohrabacher) 10/15/1981

2nd GOP Fundraiser/New Jersey (Dana) 10/15/1981

World Food Day: Proclamation 10/16/1981

Statement: Death of Moshe Dayan (Rohrabacher)  10/16/1981

Bob Hope USO Fundraising Event (Parvin) 10/17/1981

Proclamation: National Forest Products Week (Elliott) Week of 10/18/1981

Toast: French Destroyer (Parvin) 10/18/1981

Dropby at Commonwealth Dinner (Elliott) 10/18/1981 Williamsburg, VA

Dinner with French President Mitterand (Elliott) 10/18/1981

Proclamation: Yorktown Bicentennial (Parvin) 10/19/1981

Presidential Message for Time Capsule/Yorktown Bicentennial (Elliott) 10/19/1981


Box 20

200th Anniversary: Battle of Yorktown (Maseng) 10/19/1981

Taping: Chicago Crime Commission Dana 10/19/1981

Taping: James Cagney Dana 10/19/1981

Taping: Lombardi Dinner/Houston (Parvin) 10/19/1981

Remarks: American Business Conference Mari 10/20/1981

Talking Points: Press Interview on Cancun (Elliott) 10/20/1981

Statement upon Departure for Cancun, Mexico (Elliott) 10/20/1981

Opening Remarks at Cancun (Elliott) 10/21/1981

Proclamation: Hungarian Freedom Fighter's Day 1981 (Dolan) 10/23/1981

Outdoor Life Conservation Award (Mari) 10/26/1981

Marshall Coleman Fundraiser (Rohrabacher) 10/27/1981

AWACS Victory Statement (Dolan) 10/28/1981

Proclamation: 25th Anniversary Interstate & Defense Highways (Dolan) 10/29/1981

King Hussein: Arrival (Rohrabacher) 11/02/1981

King Hussein: State Dinner (Rohrabacher) 11/02/1981

King Hussein: Departure (Rohrabacher) 11/03/1981

Fact Sheets: King Hussein & Queen Noor (Cave)  11/02/1981-11/03/1981

Statement by the President: Signing Veterans Bill H.R. 3499 (Dolan) 11/03/1981

Election Letter to Tom Kean (Rohrabacher) 11/03/1981

Election Letter to Coleman (Rohrabacher) 11/03/1981

American-Irish Historical Society Award to President Reagan (Parvin) 11/06/1981

Statement: Voting Rights Act (Parvin) 11/06/1981

GOP Fundraiser: New York (Elliott) 11/06/1981

Breakfast: Presidential Appointees Mari 11/09/1981

Reopening of Press Room (Parvin) 11/09/1981

Taping: Red Auerbach (Rohrabacher) 11/09/1981

Reception: Presidential Transition Foundation (Elliott) 11/10/1981


Box 21

Vietnam Veterans Leadership (Rohrabacher) 11/10/1981

Presidential News Conference (Elliott) 11/10/1981

Proclamation: Veterans Day 1981 (Parvin) 11/11/1981

ABC DeSales Street Facility Dedication Luncheon (Parvin) 11/12/1981

Telephone Call: Salute to a Stronger America Dinner (Maseng) 11/13/1981

Proclamation: American Education Week (Rohrabacher) 11/15/1981

Arrival: Herrera Campins (Rohrabacher) 11/17/1981

State Dinner: Herrera Campins (Including Entertainment Thank You) (Rohrabacher)


Fact Sheet: Herrera Campins

Departure: Herrera Campins (Rohrabacher) 11/18/1981

Presentation of Turkey by National Turkey Federation (Parvin) 11/18/1981

Taping: Fundraising for Governor Quie (Rohrabacher) 11/18/1981

Taping: Endorsement for Governor Paul Calvo of Guam (Maseng) 11/18/1981

Taping: Bible Week (Elliott) 11/18/1981

Foreign Policy Speech National Press Club (Bakshian) 11/18/1981 (1)(2)

Library of Congress Dinner Honoring Republican Senators (Rohrabacher) 11/18/1981

Opening: James Madison Library (Maseng) 11/20/1981

Thanksgiving Day Taping (Dolan) 11/20/1981

Taping: Coach Bear Bryant (Rohrabacher) 11/20/1981

Proclamation: National Farm-City Week (Dolan) 11/20/1981

[Address by Reagan to the Nation 11/18/1981-11/21/1981] (1)(2)


Box 22

[11/22/1981 PBS TV at White House House] (Maseng)

Proclamation: National Family Week (Maseng) 11/22/1981

Presidential Statement re: Continuing Resolution (Elliott) 11/23/1981

Telephone Call: Governors Conference (Bakshian) 11/23/1981     

Thanksgiving Proclamation (Dolan) 11/26/1981

State of the Aging for Secretary Schweiker (Bakshian) 11/30/1981

Ohio GOP Reception (Maseng) 11/30/1981

Speech: White House Conference on Aging (Bakshian) 11/30/1981 (1)(2)

Lunch: Private Sector Initiatives 12/02/1981 (Elliott)

Intelligence Authorization Act Bill Signing (Bakshian) 12/04/1981

Presidential Statement on Intelligence Executive Orders (Rohrabacher) 12/04/1981

Kennedy Center Honors Gala White House Reception (Maseng) 12/06/1981

Statement: Death of Thomas Corcoran (Parvin) 12/07/1981

Meeting with Inspectors General (Dolan) 12/07/1981

Remarks Following Meeting with Inspectors General (Bakshian) 12/07/1981

Meeting with Grassroots Republicans (Rohrabacher) 12/07/1981

Economic Policy Board Meeting (Elliott) 12/10/1981

Proclamation: Bill of Rights Day (Elliott) 12/10/1981

Presentation of Honorary Olympian Gold Medal Award (Parvin) 12/11/1981

Taping:  American Agriculture Day (Rohrabacher) 12/11/1981

Independence Bowl Game: Taping (Parvin) 12/11/1981

Taping: Tournament of Roses Parade (Maseng) 12/11/1981

Statement:  Passage of Continuing Resolution (Maseng) 12/11/1981

Meeting:  American Legislative Exchange Council (Elliott) 12/14/1981

Signing Ceremony:  H.J. Res. 370 Continuing  Resolution (Elliott) 12/15/1981


Box 23

White House Reception: Gannett Newspaper Association (Dolan) 12/16/1981

Statement: Social Security (Elliott) 12/16/1981

Proclamation: Wright Brothers Day (Rohrabacher) 12/17/1981

Press Conference Statement (Bakshian)  12/17/1981

Lighting of National Christmas Tree (Bakshian) 12/17/1981

PBS-TV Program at White House (Maseng) 12/20/1981

Bill Signing:  Executive Order Task Force on Legal

Equity for Women (Rohrabacher) 12/21/1981

Taping:  Orange Bowl (Parvin) 12/21/1981

Taping:  Armed Forces Radio Christmas Message (Parvin) 12/21/1981

Taping:  New Year’s Message for ICA-International (Rohrabacher) 12/21/1981

PBS-TV Program at White House (Maseng) 12/22/1981

Signing Ceremony: Farm Bill (Maseng) 12/22/1981

Commodity Credit Corporation Cheese Distribution (Maseng) 12/22/1981

George Washington Coin Act Signing Ceremony (Bakshian) 12/22/1981

President's Christmas Message (Bakshian) 12/23/1981 (1)(2)

Signing Statement:  State & Local Government Cost Estimate Act of 1981 (Maseng)


Chicago Tribune Article "How Can There Be Peace on Earth?"  (Parvin) 12/27/1981

Taping: National Association of Homebuilders (Maseng) 01/06/1982

Taping: American Farm Bureau Federation (Parvin) 01/06/1982

Statement:  Military Registration (Bakshian) 01/07/1982

White House Reception:  Hoover Institute (Rohrabacher) 01/11/1982

Statement: Puerto Rico State Hood (Maseng) 01/12/1982

Reagan Visit to Transportation (Bakshian) 01/12/1982

New York City Partnership (Parvin) 01/14/1982


Box 24

Statement:  Martin Luther King (Bakshian) 01/15/1982

Touchdown Club Awards Dinner (Parvin)  01/16/1982

Statement:  Death of Lt. Col. Charles R. Ray (Bakshian)  01/18/1982

Taping:  Actor Fund Medal (Elliott) 01/19/1982

Taping:  European Management Forum Symposium (Elliott) 01/19/1982

Taping:  60-Year Celebration of WOR Radio - New York (Maseng)  01/19/1982

Taping:  Bob Hope Heart Research Institute (Parvin) 01/19/1982

Taping:  Public Service Armed Forces Advertisement (Rohrabacher)  01/19/1982

Taping:  Press Club Salute to Congress Dinner (Parvin)  01/19/1982

Administration Executive Forum (Bakshian) 01/20/1982

GOP First Inaugural Anniversary Event (Maseng) 01/20/1982

Proclamation:  Solidarity Day (Bakshian) 01/20/1982

Baltimore Trip (Elliott)  01/21/1982

Pro-Life Leadership Meeting (AB) 01/22/1982

Dinner:  Senate-House Leadership (Rohrabacher) 01/25/1982

New Year's Greeting to Soviet People (Elliott) 09/16/1981

Washington Dossier Article (Elliott) January 1982

President's Message to Japanese Reader's Digest (Rohrabacher) January 1982

Washingtonian Article (Elliott) January 1982

State of the Union (Dolan) 01/26/1982 (1)-(7)


Box 25

State of the Union (Dolan) 01/26/1982 (8)(9)

Accept "Communicator of the Year" Award (Parvin) 01/27/1982

FDR 100th Anniversary Lunch (Bakshian) 01/28/1982

Statement:  General James Dozier (Bakshian)  01/28/1982

Taping:  "Let Poland be Poland" (Bakshian) 01/29/1982

Taping:  Honoring George Eccles (Rohrabacher) 01/29/1982

U.S. Senate Youth Program Group (Rohrabacher) 02/02/1982

White House Reception:  President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports (Parvin)


Surrogate Speech:  Federalism (Maseng) 02/03/1982

Arrival Ceremony:  Mubarek (Rohrabacher) 02/03/1982

State Dinner: President Mubarek (Rohrabacher) 02/03/1982

Entertainment: President Mubarek (Rohrabacher) 02/03/1982

Departure of President Mubarek (Rohrabacher) 02/04/1982

National Prayer Breakfast (Elliott) 02/04/1982 (1)(2)

Statement:  Future of Department of Education (Rohrabacher) (not used at this date)


Opening Statement by President:  Press Briefing on Information Collection Budget   

          (Bakshian) 02/04/1982

National Hockey Lunch (Rohrabacher) 02/08/1982


Box 26

Signing of the 1983 Budget (Elliott) 02/08/1982

Reception: Senator Durenberger (MN) 02/08/1982

GOP Fundraising Breakfast Iowa (Maseng) 02/09/1982

Speech:  Iowa Legislature (Maseng) 02/09/1982 (1)(2)

Speech:  Indiana Legislature (Parvin) 02/09/1982 (1)(2)

National Religious Broadcaster (Elliott) 02/09/1982

Swearing-In of New President of National Press Club (Bakshian) 02/10/1982

Reception:  Women Appointees in Reagan Administration (Maseng) 02/10/1982

Taping:  Message for Ear Insititute (Maseng) 02/11/1982

Taping:  Navajos Message for "Real People" Show (Parvin)  02/11/1982

Taping: Message for Roofing Contractors Convention (Rohrabacher) 02/11/1982


Box 27

1st Diplomatic Dinner (Rohrabacher) 02/11/1982

Signing Ceremony:  National Day of Prayer Proclamation(Elliott) 02/12/1982

Briefing for Administration Spokesmen (Maseng) 02/12/1982

Letter to Members of Congress on the Budget (Bakshian)  02/12/1982

2nd Diplomatic Dinner (Rohrabacher) 02/18/1982

Statement:  News Conference (Bakshian) 02/18/1982

Luncheon:  Editors & News Directors (Elliott) 02/19/1982

TV Talk to Young Americans on George Washington's Birthday (Elliott) 02/22/1982

NGA (National Governors Association) Dinner (Maseng) 02/23/1982

Entertainment Thank You:  White House Dinner for Governors (Maseng) 02/23/1982

Address to Organization of American States - Caribbean Initiatives (Bakshian) (1)(2)


Box 28

Address to Organization of American States -Caribbean Initiatives (Bakshian) (3)

Dropby:  Voice of America (Rohrabacher) 02/24/1982 (1)-(3)

Dropby:  Luncheon for Syndicated Columnists (Elliott) 02/25/1982

Dropby:  Briefing for Editorial Writers (Maseng) 02/25/88

Taping:  National Association of Television Program Executives (Bakshian) 02/26/1982

Speech:  CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) Dinner (Dolan) 02/26/1982


Remarks to Small Business Leaders (Rohrabacher) 03/01/1982


Box 29

Reception: Senator Schmitt, Albuquerque, New Mexico (Parvin) 03/02/1982

Reception:  Senator Wallop Cheyenne, Wyoming (Maseng)  03/02/1982

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors (Rohrabacher) 03/03/1982 (1)-(3)

Young Artists in Performance California (Maseng) 03/07/1982

Phone Call to Dinner Honoring Bear Bryant (Parvin) 03/08/1982

Statement: Jacob Javits (Bakshian) Drafted 03/09/1982

Senate Republican Policy Committee Luncheon (Bakshian) 03/09/1982

Message to the Congress Nuclear Cooperation with Euratom (Parvin) 03/10/1982

Afghanistan Day - Bill Signing (Bakshian) 03/10/1982

Lunch:  Private Sector Survey on Cost Control  (Elliott) 03/10/1982

Reception: National Newspaper Association (Parvin) 03/11/1982

Taping:  Greetings to OPIC's (Overseas Private Investment Corporation) First

“Telemission"  (Parvin) 03/12/1982

Taping: Message for Convention of Nattional Association of Plumbing & Air

Conditioning Contractors (Parvin) 03/12/1982

Taping: Greetings to Tidewater Conference (Maseng) 03/12/1982

Taping: Agriculture Day (Parvin) 03/12/1982

President Mitterand-Departure (Rohrabacher) 03/12/1982


Box 30

Alabama Legislature Address (Elliott) 03/15/1982 (1)-(3)

Tennessee Legislature Address (Rohrabacher) 03/15/1982  (1)-(3)

Oklahoma Legislature Address (Rohrabacher) 03/16/1982 (1)-(3)

Signing Ceremony: Message to Congress on Caribbean Basin (Bakshian) 03/17/1982


Box 31

Luncheon: National Association of Manufacturers (Dolan) 03/18/1982 (1)(2)

Message to the Congress Caribbean Basin Initiative (Bakshian) 03/14/1982

Luncheon for Prime Minister of Ireland (Rohrabacher) 03/17/1982

Meeting with Black Editors (Parvin) 03/18/1982

Reception:  Republican Congressional Leadership Council (Elliott) 03/18/1982

Dropby/Remarks: Briefing for Agricultural Editors (Elliott) 03/22/1982 (1)(2)

Signing: National Poison Prevention Week Proclamation (Maseng) 03/22/1982

Message to the Congress re: Enterprize Zones (Elliott) 03/22/1982 (1)(2)


Box 32

Signing Ceremony: Message to the Congress Enterprise Zones (Rohrabacher) 03/23/1982

National Conference of Christians & Jews/New York (Bakshian) 03/23/1982 (1)-(3)

National Organizations Meeting (Elliott) 10-minute speech 03/24/1982

President Pertini: Arrival (Rohrabacher) 03/25/1982

President Pertini: Departure (Rohrabacher) 03/25/1982

President Pertini: State Dinner Toast & Entertainment Thank You (Rohrabacher)


Lunch: Black Church Leaders (Rohrabacher) 03/26/1982

Telephone Call: Young Republican Leadership Conference (Rohrabacher) 03/26/1982

Gridiron Dinner (Parvin) 03/27/1982

PBS-TV Program: Remarks (Maseng) 03/28/1982


Box 33

National Association of Realtors (Maseng) 11:00 03/29/1982 (1)-(3)

Meeting with National Association of Attorneys General (Elliott) 03/29/1982

Statement by the President on the Return of the Space Shuttle Columbia (Parvin)


Opening Statement: News Conference (Bakshian) 03/31/1982

Signing Ceremony: Proclamation Older Americans Month - May (Rohrabacher)


Bill Singing: H.R. 4482 Federal Courts Improvement Act (Maseng) 04/02/1982

Taping: World Health Day (Rohrabacher) 04/02/1982

Taping: American Apparel Manufactures Association (Maseng) 04/02/1982

Taping: National Association of Broadcasters Convention (Bakshian) 04/02/1982

Taping: Edison Electric Institute (Rohrabacher) 04/02/1982

Radio Address on the Economy (Bakshian) 04/03/1982

Address to the Annual National Conference of the Building & Construction Trades

Department  (Elliott) 04/05/1982 (1)-(3)


Box 34

Address to the Annual National Conference of the Building & Construction Trades

Department (Elliott) 04/05/1982 (4)

Dinner with Prime Minister Seaga in Jamaica (Rohrabacher) 04/07/1982

Arrival Statement by President in Barbados (Rohrabacher) 04/08/1982

Remarks: Luncheon in Bridgetown, Barbados for Eastern Caribbean Prime Ministers 

(Rohrabacher) April 1982

Radio Address on Caribbean Basin Initiative/Student Loans (Bakshian) 04/10/1982

Luncheon with Religious Leaders on Private Sector Initiatives (Rohrabacher) 04/13/1982


Signing Ceremony for S. 2333 - Jim Brady Bill (Maseng) 04/13/1982

Statement on Thomas Jefferson's 239th Birthday (Bakshian) 04/13/1982

Kickoff National Safety Campaign (Parvin) 04/14/1982

National Catholic Education Association (Maseng) Chicago, Illinois 04/15/1982 (1)-(3)


Box 35

Dropby Meeting of Independent Regulatory Group (Rohrabacher) 04/16/1982

USA Law Day 1982 Proclamation Signing (Maseng) 04/16/1982

Eagles Reception (Two) (Parvin) 04/16/1982

Luncheon with Editors & Broadcaster from the Southeast (Elliott) 04/16/1982

Radio Talk (Bakshian) 04/17/1982

Queen Beatrix Arrival Ceremony (Rohrabacher) 04/19/1982

State Dinner: Queen Beatrix (include Entertainment Thank You in this file)

(Rohrabacher) 04/19/1982

Days of Remembrance Ceremony (Rohrabacher) 04/20/1982

Taping: Republican Shareholders Conferences (Elliott) 04/20/1982

Taping: International Country Music Fan Fair (Maseng) 04/20/1982

Taping: Future Business Leaders of America, 40th Anniversary (Parvin) 04/20/1982

Taping:  Message of Support for Congressman Gunerson (Rohrabacher) 04/20/1982

Signing Ceremony for National Year of Disabled Persons (Maseng) 04/22/1982

Earl Jorgensen Taping (Rohrabacher) 04/22/1982

White House Reception: Folger Library (Maseng) 04/22/1982

Signing Ceremony for Victims of Crime Task Force (Bakshian) 04/23/1982

Radio Talk (Bakshian) 04/24/1982

White House Correspondents Dinner (Parvin) 04/24/1982 Washington Hilton Hotel

Proclamation: National Consumers' Education Week 1982 (Elliott) 04/25/1982

Annual Meeting of U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Elliott) 04/26/1982 (1)


Box 36

Annual Meeting of U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Elliott) 04/26/1982 (2)(3)

Dropby Meeting with PSI Group (Service Organizations) (Rohrabacher) 04/27/1982


Phone Call to Congressman Broomfield (Parvin) 04/28/1982

Lunch with 80 Chief Executive Officers of Major U.S. Corporations (Bakshian)


Reception for White House Fellows Alumni  (Elliott) 04/29/1982

Radio Talk-Energy (Draft Not Used) (Bakshian) 04/29/1982

Departure Statement: Prime Minister Mzali of Tunisia (NSC) 04/29/1982

Address to the Nation/Budget (Bakshian) 04/29/1982 (1)(2)

Lunch with Editors & Broadcaster from the Midwest (Parvin) 04/30/1982

Reader's Digest, Korean Edition, Article (Rohrabacher) May 1982 Issue

          Radio Talk (Elliott) 05/01/1982


Box 37

U.S. Pavilion Dedication Ceremony, Knoxville (Maseng) 05/01/1982

World's Fair Opening Ceremony (Maseng) 05/01/1982 (1)(2)

Republican House-Senate Dinner (Dolan) 05/04/1982

Meeting with Members of National Association of Broadcasters (Dolan) 05/05/1982

Five Minute Taping on Private Sector Initiatives (Parvin) 05/05/1982

One Minute Taping on Private Sector Initiatives (Rohrabacher) 05/05/1982

National Cable TV Annual Convention Live via Satellite (Parvin) 05/05/1982

Taping: National Day of Prayer Rally (Maseng) 05/05/1982

Opening Statement by the President for Press Availability (Elliott) 05/06/1982

National Day of Prayer Observances (Maseng) 05/06/1982

          Radio Talk (RR) 05/08/1982

Eureka College Commencement (Parvin) 05/09/1982 (1)(2)


Box 38

Eureka College Commencement (Parvin) 05/09/1982 (3)

Eureka College Alumni Dinner (Brief Remarks) (Parvin) 05/09/1982

Chicago YMCA Luncheon (Rohrabacher) 05/10/1982 (1)-(3)

Luncheon with Soviet Immigrants (Elliott) 05/11/1982

Remarks to ABC Affiliates Meeting (via Satellite) (Parvin) 05/11/1982

State Visit: President Figueiredo Arrival Ceremony Rohrabacher 05/12/1982

State Dinner: Figueiredo (Rohrabacher) 05/12/1982

Entertainment Thank You at State Dinner (Rohrabacher) 05/12/1982

          Small Business Week Ceremony Honoring Small Business Person of the Year (Parvin)


Press Conference Opening Statement on START (Bakshian) 05/13/1982

Reception for Senator Heinz (Philadelphia, PA) (Rohrabacher) 05/14/1982

Remarks: Wilkinson Farm Visit (Parvin) 05/14/1982


Box 39

Luncheon for Governor Thornburgh (Philadelphia, PA) (Elliott) 05/14/1982

Radio Talk (DOD/Bakshian) 05/15/1982

Departure Remarks of the President Departure of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (NSC)


Presentation of Scholastic Achievement Awards to Outstanding Blind College Graduates

(Maseng) 05/17/1982

Announcement of Statue of Liberty--Ellis Island Commission (Rohrabacher)


Photo Opportunity: Walter Alston and Al Lopez (Old Timers Baseball Classic) (Elliott)


Statement by the President After Meeting with King Hassan II, Morocco (NSC)


Brief Meeting with Federal Council on Aging (Parvin) 05/19/1982

Dropby: American Retail Federation Leaders (Maseng) 05/20/1982

Howard University Fundraiser (Elliott) 05/20/1982

Radio Talk (Elliott) 05/22/1982

Meeting with Western Youth Exchange Program (Bakshian/NSC) 05/24/1982

Press Availability Statement (Elliott) 05/24/1982

Department of Energy Reorganization Remarks & Edit Message to Congress (Elliott)


President’s Remarks to Rockwell Employees (Rohrabacher) 05/25/1982

"Salute to the President" Dinner (Los Angeles, CA) (Rohrabacher) 05/25/1982 (1)(2)


Box 40

"Salute to the President" Dinner (Los Angeles, CA) (Rohrabacher) 05/25/1982 (3)

Presidential Statement on Senate Anti-Crime Legislation (Bakshian) 05/26/1982

Remarks: 22nd Annual Mexico-US Interparliamentary Conference, Santa Barbara

          (Rohrabacher) 05/28/1982

Radio Talk (State/NSC/Bakshian) 05/29/1982

Arlington Cemetery Ceremony (Dolan) 05/31/1982

D-Day Message (Taping) (Maseng) 05/31/1982

Departure Statement/East Room (Parvin) 06/02/1982

Remarks to Press Following Meeting & Lunch with  President Mitterand, Paris (Elliott)


Toast at Dinner Hosted by Ambassador Galbraith, Paris (Elliott) 06/03/1982

Remarks: U.S. Embassy Staff and Dependents, Paris (Elliott) 06/04/1982

Presidents Radio Talk from Versailles (Parvin) 06/05/1982

Remarks at the Vatican (Bakshian) 06/07/1982

Presentation by President of Award to Rescuers of General Dozier Rome, Italy (Parvin)


Remarks & Toast: Luncheon with President Pertini, Rome (Parvin) 06/07/1982

Toast to Prime Minister Thatcher, 10 Downing Street, London (Maseng) 06/08/1982

Toast to Her Majesty, The Queen of the United Kingdom, Windsor Castle (Maseng)


Address to Parliament: "The Future of Freedom" (Bakshian) 06/08/1982 (1)(2)


Box 41

Address to Parliament: "The Future of Freedom" (Bakshian) 06/08/1982 (3)-(9)

President's Statement after Bilateral Meeting with Prime Minister Thatcher 06/09/1982

Departure Remarks Following Schmidt Bilateral Meeting, Bonn (Bakshian) 06/09/1982

Address to Bundestag (Bonn, Federal Republic of  Germany) (Parvin) 06/09/1982 (1)-(3)

Remarks at Tempelhof Airport, West Berlin (Parvin) 06/11/1982


Box 42

Remarks: Berlin/Charlottenburg Palace 06/11/1982 (Bakshian) (1)(2)

Departure Remarks from West Germany, Cologne/Bonn Refueling Stop (Bakshian) 06/11/1982

Remarks Upon Arrival from European Trip, Andrews Air Force Base (Bakshian)


Bob Michael Fundraising Reception (Capitol Hill Club) (Rohrabacher) 06/14/1982

Clements Fundraising Dinner (Houston, Texas) 06/15/1982 (Rohrabacher) (1)(2)

Dropby Briefing for National Association of  Broadcasters (Elliott) 06/16/1982

Presidential Statement of Ellington Air Base (Bakshian) 06/16/1982                            

New York GOP Convention Delegates Reception (Parvin) 06/17/1982

Remarks & Return Toast to Secretary General (Luncheon) (Rohrabacher) 06/17/1982

Remarks to U.N. Mission Staff (Maseng) 06/17/1982

United Nations Speech (Maseng) 06/17/1982 (1)-(3)


Box 43

United Nations Speech (Maseng) 06/17/1982 (4)

Voting Rights Act Extension Statement (Elliott) 06/18/1982

Reception for Republican National Committee (Dolan) 06/18/1982

Toast - Luncheon for Prime Minister Begin (Parvin) 06/21/1982

Remarks at Swearing-In of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Parvin) 06/21/1982

Senatorial Trust Reception (Parvin) 06/21/1982

Meeting with 100 Key GOP Congressional Candidates (Elliott) 06/22/1982

Remarks to CIA Covert Employees (Dolan) 06/23/1982

Bill Signing Ceremony at CIA Headquarters (Dolan) 06/23/1982

Reception for Ground Floor Committee (2 Receptions) (Maseng) 06/23/1982

Statement of Passage of Budget Resolution (Elliott) 06/23/1982

Remarks at Departure of Prime Minister Thatcher (Bakshian) 06/23/1982

Veto Message on Urgent Supplement & Housing Stimulus Bill (Elliott) 06/24/1982

Talking Points: Federal Drug Abuse Program (Parvin) 06/24/1982

Reception for California GOP Delegation (Rohrabacher) 06/24/1982

Veto Message for H.R. 6682 (Elliott) 06/25/1982

Taping: Radio Message from the Statue of Liberty (Maseng) 06/28/1982

Taping: Fourth of July Message for the Nation (Bakshian) 06/28/1982

Taping: Santa Barbara Fourth of July Celebration (Rohrabacher) 06/28/1982

Eureka College Scholarship Reception (Parvin) 06/28/1982

Voting Rights Act Signing Ceremony (Parvin) 06/29/1982

Opening Statement-News Conference (Elliott) 06/23/1982


Box 44

Lunch with Western Editors & Broadcasters (L.A.) (Dolan) 07/01/1982

Leader Magazine Article Private Sector Initiatives (July Issue) (Elliott)

Space Shuttle Landing (Rohrabacher) 07/04/1982 (1)-(3)

Statement on Balanced Budget Amendment Following Luncheon with Congressional

Leaders (Elliott) 07/12/1982

Taping: American Society of Association Society of Association Executives – August

6th Convention (Parvin) 07/12/1982

Taping: Message for Right to Life Convention (Dolan) 07/12/1982

Remarks for Senior Citizen Event, California (Bakshian) 07/06/1982

Taping: 37th Anniversary of Guam's Liberation from Japanese Military Forces at

the End of World War II (Rohrabacher) 07/12/1982

Taping: Message for Conference of State Legislatures (Elliott) 07/12/1982

Taping: Message for American Legion Annual Convention (Rohrabacher) 07/13/1982

Address to Annual Convention of National Association of Counties (Maseng)

(Baltimore, MD) 07/13/1982 (1)-(3)


Box 45

Brief Remarks: Working Luncheon at World Trade Center (Baltimore) (Maseng)


Departure Statement for Dr. Suazo, President of Honduras (NSC/Bakshian) 07/14/1982

Meeting with PPSSCC (President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control) in the

Federal Government (Maseng) 07/15/1982

Presidential Statement on Confirmation of Secretary Shultz (Elliott) 07/15/1982

Meeting with White House Fellows Leaving in August (Rohrabacher) 07/16/1982

Remarks at Swearing-In of Secretary George Shultz (Rohrabacher) 07/16/1982

Signing Ceremony for Captive Nations Week Proclamation (Dolan) 07/19/1982 (1)(2)

Balanced Budget Address (Elliott) (The Capitol) 07/19/1982 (1)-(5)

Reception for Davis Cup Tennis Team (Maseng)  07/19/1982

Signing of Urgent Supplemental Appropriations Bill (Maseng) 07/19/1982

Dropby: Briefing for Hispanic Appointees (Rohrabacher) 07/20/1982 (1)(2)

Opening Statement of Press Availability (Bakshian) 07/21/1982 (Cancelled)


Box 46

Social Security Speech (Bakshian) Not Used

Remarks: Meeting with Representatives of Governments Involved in CBI

(Caribbean Basin Initiative)(Elliott) 07/21/1982

Remarks: OAS (Organization of American States) Caribbean Basin Initiative

Coalition Celebration (Elliott) 07/21/1982

Remarks: Signing Ceremony for Small Business Innovation Development Act (Parvin)


Dropby Mathews-Dickey Boys Club (Maseng) (St. Louis, MO) 07/22/1982 (1)(2)

U.S. Olympic Committee Dinner (Dolan) (St. Louis, MO) 07/22/1982 (1)(2)

Remarks to Kabuki Dancers (Rohrabacher) 07/23/1982

Presidential Statement Upon Signing S. 2240 (Parvin) 07/23/1982

Departure Remarks: Visit of President Ahidjo of Cameroon (Rohrabacher) 07/26/1982

Greet Future Farmers of America Group (Parvin)  07/27/1982

Opening Statement for News Conference (Elliott) 07/28/1982

Arrival of Prime Minister Gandhi/India (Bakshian) 07/29/1982

State Dinner: Prime Minister Gandhi/India & Entertainment Thank You (Bakshian)


Taping: Tribute to King Hussein 30th Anniversary of His Accession to Jordanian Throne

(Bakshian) 07/30/1982

Presidential Address: National Corn Growers Convention (Maseng) 08/02/1982 (1)-(3)


Box 47

Presidential Address: Knights of Columbus Convention (Dolan) (Hartford, CT)

08/03/1982 (1)-(3)

Presidential Statement: Senate Passage of Balanced Budget Amendment (Elliott)


Presidential Remarks: Announcement of National Health Fair Program (Elliott)


Taping: UNISPACE 82 Conference (Bakshian) 08//06/1982

Taping: USICA Documentary for Brazilian Leadership (Bakshian) 08/06/1982

Presidential Tax Actualities (Bakshian) 08/10/1982

Tax Insert (Elliott) 08/10/1982

Vice President's Tax Actualities (Bakshian) (Elliott) 08/11/1982

Tax Speech Inserts for Congressional Supporters (Maseng) August 1982

Radio Actuality (Parvin) August 1982

Tapings on Tax Bill: 30 Second and 60 Second (Rohrabacher) 08/12/1982

Tax Bill Speech Inserts (Speakers) (Staff) 08/12/1982-08/13/1982

Five Minute Cable TV Speech (Bakshian) 08/12/1982

Presidential Tribute to Billings Centennial (Parvin) (Billings, Montana) 08/11/1982 (1)(2)

Luncheon for Senator Larry Williams (Maseng) (Billings, Montana) 08/11/1982

Opening Statement for Press Availability (Bakshian) 08/13/1982


Box 48

Address by the President (TV) (Bakshian) 08/16/1982 (1)-(5)

Reactions to Presidential Speech (Speakers) (Staff) 08/16/1982

Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention, Los Angeles (Judge Clark) (Rohrabacher)


Presidential Letters Regarding Tax Bill to Republican and Democratic Members of

Congress (Parvin) 08/17/1982

Taping: Fundraiser for Providence-St. Mel High School (Maseng) 08/17/1982

Taping: National Radio Broadcasters Convention (Parvin) 08/17/1982

Departure Statement Following Meeting with General Doe, Head of State of Liberia

(Rohrabacher) 08/17/1982

          Presidential Statement for Die Buehne on Arts Policy (Bakshian) 08/18/1982

Presidential Remarks to Bipartisan Congressional Group (Bakshian) 08/18/1982

Audio Taping: Message on Automobile Safety Belts (Maseng) 08/19/1982

Presidential Statement After Passage of Conference Report (Bakshian) 08/19/1982

Presidential Letters Regarding the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982

To Members of Congress (Parvin) August 1982

Wilson Event  08/23/1982

Deukmejian Event (Rohrabacher) (Los Angeles, CA) 08/24/1982

Radio Address: Economy (Elliott) 08/28/1982

Veto Message on 1982 Supplemental Appropriations Act (H.R. 6863) (Bakshian

Edit) 08/28/1982


Box 49

Address to the Nation on the Middle East (Bakshian) 09/01/1982 (1)(2)

Radio: Address: Labor Day (Parvin) 09/04/1982

Telephone Call to Willie Stargell (Parvin) 09/06/1982

Presentation of Presidential Medal of Freedom to Philip C. Habib (Bakshian)


Remarks: Luncheon for President Vigdis of Iceland and Representatives of

Scandinavia Today (Rohrabacher) 09/08/1982

Phone Call: Malcolm Forbes (Parvin) 09/08/1982

Reception: The American Lobby for the President's Balanced Budget Amendment

(Elliott) 09/08/1982

Statement After Meeting with Philip C. Habib (NSC) 09/08/1982

Statement on Department of Defense Authorization Act/1983 (Elliott edit)


Statement on Upholding Supplemental Appropriations Veto (Parvin) 09/08/1982

Alfred M. Landon Lecture on Public Issues (Elliott) 09/09/1982 (1)-(4)

Kansas State Republican Party Reception (Maseng) 09/09/1982

Meeting: Western States GOP Leaders (Remarks w/Q&A) (Parvin) 09/09/1982

GOP Picnic (Hatch, etc.) Utah (Maseng) 09/10/1982


Box 50

Radio Address: Crime (Dolan) 09/11/1982

Phone Call to GOP Event in Michigan/David Stockman (Maseng) 09/11/1982

Remarks on the Omnibus Crime Bill (Parvin) 09/13/1982

Taping: Free Enterprise Day (Maseng) 09/13/1982

Taping: Rhodes Appreciation Dinner (Parvin)  09/13/1982

Taping: Greetings to Attendees at the Crime Victims Fund Luncheon (Dolan) 09/13/1982

Taping: Message for Radio/Television News Directors Association Conference (Parvin)


Taping: Radio Spot on PSI (Private Sector Initiative) (Elliott) 09/13/1982

Remarks Welcoming White House Fellows (Fielding) 09/14/1982

Remarks with Religious Editors (Bakshian) 09/14/1982

Dropby: Chief Executive Officers of Major Trade Organizations (Parvin) 09/14/1982

Remarks: Reception for Washington Charities (Maseng) 09/14/1982

Remarks Following GOP Congressional Leadership Meeting (Bakshian edit) 09/14/1982

Reception: Gannett Newspapers/USA Today (Dolan) 09/15/1982

Reception: Hispanic Heritage Week (Elliott) 09/15/1982

Dropby: National Black Republican Council Dinner (Rohrabacher) 09/15/1982 (1)-(5)

Arrival Ceremony: President Marcos of the Philippines (Bakshian) 09/16/1982


Box 51

State Dinner Toast: Marcos (Bakshian) 09/16/1982

Telephone Call to Jim Brady (Rohrabacher) 09/16/1982

Talking Points: Phone Call to Eagles Meeting  (Parvin) 09/17/1982

Fenwick for Senate Reception (Elliott) 09/17/1982

San Genaro Festival (Parvin) 09/17/1982

Swearing-In Ceremony of New Citizens (Maseng) 09/17/1982

Statement: Death of David Dubinsky (Bakshian) 09/17/1982

Radio Speech - Prayer (Bakshian) 09/18/1982

Breakfast with New Presidential Appointees (Maseng) 09/20/1982

Reception for Representatives of OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation

(Elliott) 09/20/1982

Presidential Broadcast on Lebanon (TV - 5:00 P.M.) (Bakshian) 09/20/1982

Reception for Congressman David Emory (Elliott) 09/21/1982

Taping: Ohio GOP Volunteers (Rohrabacher) 09/22/1982

Taping: Job Fair, WTVN-TV (Ohio) (Rohrabacher) 09/22/1982

Taping: United Way of America (Elliott) 09/22/1982

Taping: San Gabriel Chapter Boy Scout Dinner (Rohrabacher) 09/22/1982

Taping: 80th Birthday Message for Ray Kroc (Parvin) 09/22/1982

Taping: Better Business Bureau (Maseng) 09/22/1982

Dropby: Black College Presidents and CEOs (Rohrabacher) 09/22/1982

Reception: National Aquarium Benefit (Maseng) 09/22/1982


Box 52

Statement: Signing of S.J. Res. 250 (Ending Rail Strike) (Maseng) 09/22/1982

Presidential Statement: Jobs Training Initiative Announcement (Elliott) 09/23/1982

COSSMHO (Coalition of Hispanic Mental Health and Human Services

Organizations) Reception (Rohrabacher) 09/23/1982

Brady Trust Luncheon (Elliott) 09/23/1982

Lunch: Editors and Publishers of Key Trade Magazines (Dolan) 09/24/1982

Radio Speech - Economy (Elliott) 09/25/1982 (1)(2)

Remarks for Candlelight Ceremony for National Prayer Day (Rohrabacher) 09/25/1982

Ford Theater Gala & Reception (Parvin) 09/25/1982

Presidential Statement (Economy) (Elliott) 09/27/1982

Remarks: American Business (Rohrabacher) 09/28/1982

Presidential Statement: News Conference (Elliott/Bakshian) 09/28/1982

Trible for Senate Reception (Maseng) 09/29/1982

Presentation of EDA (Economic Development Administration) Grant to Hampton

Institute, Virginia (Maseng) 09/29/1982

Virginia GOP Rally: Richmond, Virginia (Bakshian) 09/29/1982 (1)(2)

Balanced Budget Reception (Elliott/Bakshian) 09/30/1982

Congressional Barbecue (Rohrabacher) 09/30/1982

Luncheon for Supreme Court Justices (Maseng) 10/01/1982


Box 53

Statement: Defeat of the Balanced Budget Amendment (Elliott/Maseng) 10/01/1982

Radio Address (Crime) Drugs (Parvin) 10/02/1982

Veterans Memorial Auditorium (Dolan) 10/04/1982 (1)-(4)

Accuray Cafeteria (Parvin) 10/04/1982 (1)(2)

Ohio GOP Fundraiser (Dolan) 10/04/1982

Taping: 207th Birthday of the Marines (Rohrabacher) 10/05/1982

Reception for International Chapter of the Young Presidents' Organization (Parvin)


GOP Candidate Briefing (Elliott) 10/06/1982 (1)(2)

Nevada GOP Rally, Reno (Parvin) 10/07/1982 (1)(2)

GOP Fundraiser (For Governor List and Barbara Vucanovich), Reno (Parvin) 10/07/1982


Box 54

Senate Candidate Fundraiser, Las Vegas (Rohrabacher) 10/07/1982(1)(2)

Signing of Export Trading Companies Act (S-734) (Rohrabacher) 10/08/1982 (1)(2)

Luncheon Toast: De La Madrid and Mexican Officials, San Diego (Rohrabacher)


Radio Address (Not Given) (Maseng) 10/09/1982 (1)(2)

Collins for Senate Fundraiser, Dallas (Elliott)10/11/1982

Texas GOP Rally, Dallas (Elliott) 10/11/1982 (1)-(3)

Arrival Ceremony: State Visit of President Soeharto/Indonesia (Bakshian) 10/12/1982

State Dinner for President Soeharto (Bakshian) 10/12/1982

Entertainment Remarks for State Dinner for President Soeharto (Frederica von Stade)

          (Parvin) 10/12/1982

Signing of Missing Children Act (HR 6976) and Omnibus Victims Protection Act

(S. 2420) (Parvin) 10/12/1982

Taping: Signing of Reclamation Law Amendments, Papago Indian Rights &

Authorization to Modify Buffalo Bill Dam (S 1409) (Maseng) 10/12/1982

Statement on Signing HR 6782 - Veterans Compensation, Education, and Employment

          Amendments (Parvin edit) 10/12/1982


Box 55

Signing Ceremony for S. 2036 - Jobs Training Partnership Act (Elliott) 10/13/1982 (1)(2)

Address to the Nation (Bakshian) 10/13/1982 (1)-(7)

Address: Crime Initiative (Dolan) 10/14/1982 (1)-(3)

Remarks for RNC Teleconference (Parvin) 10/14/1982


Box 56

Radio Farm Network: Agriculture Speech (Elliott) 10/15/1982

Signing of Depository Institutions Amendment of 1982, "Thrift Bill," (HR 6267)

(Elliott) 10/15/1982

Video Taping: Telemission on Investment in the Caribbean (Elliott) 10/15/1982

Taping: Realtors Convention (Parvin) 10/15/1982

Taping: Navy League Dinner (Elliott) 10/15/1982

Taping: Airline Pilots Association Convention (Maseng) 10/15/1982

Taping: 125th Anniversary of the Atlantic Monthly  Cancelled (Parvin) 10/15/1982

Radio Address: Economy (Bakshian) 10/16/1982

Radio Address: Nuclear Arms Control (Maseng) 10/16/1982

Bill Signing for Coastal Barriers (S 1018) (Rohrabacher) 10/18/1982

Remarks for RNC Teleconference (Parvin) 10/18/1982 (1)(2)

Remarks: Presentation of William A. Steiger Award (Parvin) 10/18/1982

Signing of Debt Collection Act (HR 4613) (Rohrabacher) 10/18/1982

Departure Statement: President Gemayel (NSC) 10/19/1982

Proclamation Signing: National Housing Week  (Elliott) 10/19/1982

Remarks: GOP National Staffs Reception (Dolan) 10/19/1982 (1)(2)


Box 57

Taping for GOP Candidates 10/19/1982 (1)-(4)

Remarks: Illinois Farm Event (Maseng) 10/20/1982 (1)-(5)

Remarks: Rally for Bob Michel, Illinois (Parvin) 10/20/1982 (1)-(3)

Michel Reception at Phoenix Club (Parvin) 10/20/1982

Statement on Steel Trade Arrangement (Bakshian) 10/21/1982

Remarks: GOP "All Aboard" Event, Omaha, Nebraska (Elliott) 10/21/1982 (1)-(3)


Box 58

Remarks: Thone Fundraiser, Omaha, Nebraska (Rohrabacher) 10/21/1982 (1)-(3)

Opening for Q & A for Thone Fundraiser (Rohrabacher) 10/21/1982

Departure Statement for Arab League Delegation (Bakshian edit) 10/22/1982

Signing of Bill Amending the Immigration & Nationality Act (For Amerasian Children)

(Rohrabacher) 10/22/1982

Launching of Small Business Revitalization Program (Moorehead/Elliott) 10/22/1982

Veto Message: S. 2577 (Elliott) 10/22/1982

Radio Address: 5 Myths (Bakshian) 10/23/1982

Telephone Call: Reye's Syndrome Foundation (Maseng) 10/23/1982

Message for South Pacific Conference (NSC/Bakshian) Taping: 10/25/1982

Taping: Oklahoma Diamond Jubilee (Rohrabacher) 10/25/1982

Taping: Message for Future Farmers of America Convention (Rohrabacher) 10/25/1982

Taping: Acceptance of Chairmanship of 1983 Air Space Bicentennial (Parvin)


Taping: Message for International Congress of Ophthalmology (Parvin) 10/25/1982

Taping: Holiday Message for Armed Forces (Maseng) 10/25/1982

GOP Party Building Rally (Elliott) 10/26/1982 (1)-(4)


Box 59

Congressional Candidates Reception (Dolan) 10/26/1982

Remarks: Presentation Of Presidential Medal of Freedom to Kate Smith (Bakshian)


5-Minute Television Spot (Bakshian) 10/26/1982 (1)(2)       

Talking Points: Meeting with New York Marathon Runners (Parvin) 10/27/1982

Proclamation:  Theodore Roosevelt 125th Anniversary of Birth (Parvin) 10/27/1982

Remarks: Luncheon with Theodore Roosevelt Association Trustees  (Parvin) 10/27/1982

Small Business Leaders Meeting (Elliott) 10/27/1982

Telephone Call: Reception for Congressman Vander Jagt (Parvin) 10/28/1982

Remarks: GOP Rally Wyoming (Elliott) 10/28/1982 (1)(2)

Remarks: GOP Rally for Williams, Great Falls, Montana (Dolan) 10/28/1982 (1)-(3)

Remarks: Fundraiser for Williams, Great Falls, Montana (Dolan) 10/28/1982

Remarks:  GOP Rally for Hecht, Las Vegas, Nevada (Rohrabacher) 10/28/1982 (1)-(4)


Box 60

Airport Rally - Utah (Maseng) 10/29/1983 (1)-(3)

Remarks: GOP Rally for Schmitt, Roswell, New Mexico (Parvin) 10/29/1982 (1)-(3)

Radio Talk (Reagan/Bakshian) 10/30/1982

Radio Address - Economy (Elliott) 10/30/1982

Departure: Prime Minister Spadoli (NSC/Bakshian) 11/03/1982

Luncheon Remarks: Conference on Free Elections (Rohrabacher) 11/04/1982 (1)-(3)

Dropby: Welbilt Corporation Awards Ceremony, New York (Elliott) 11/05/1982

Radio Talk (Maseng) 11/06/1982

Remarks: In Performance at the White House with Itzak Perlman (Parvin) 11/07/1982

Taping: Message for Bette Davis Theater Arts Awards  (Parvin) 11/08/1982

Taping: Salute to Veterans for NCAA Football Halftime (Rohrabacher) 11/08/1982

Taping: Message for Ad Council Annual Dinner (Elliott) 11/08/1982

Taping: Freedoms Foundation Film (Elliott) 11/08/1982

Taping: Message for American Enterprise Institute Dinner (Maseng) 11/08/1982


Box 61

Marine Corps Birthday Salute (Rohrabacher) 11/11/1982

Remarks: Veterans Day Event (Rohrabacher) 11/11/1982  (1)-(3)

Opening Statement for News Conference 11/11/1982         

Signing Ceremony: National Family Week Proclamation  (Elliott) 11/12/1982

Dropby at Youth Volunteer Meeting (Maseng) 11/12/1982 (1)(2)

Radio Address: Crime (Dolan) 11/13/1982

Radio Talk: Sanctions (NSC/Parvin) 11/13/1982

Arrival Remarks: Chancellor Kohl of West Germany (Rohrabacher) 11/15/1982 (1)(2)

Departure Remarks: Chancellor Kohl of West Germany (Rohrabacher) 11/15/1982

Dinner Toast: Chancellor Kohl of West Germany (Rohrabacher) 11/15/1982

Address: Savings & Loan Convention, New Orleans, LA (Elliott) 11/16/1982 (1)-(3)


Box 62

Address: Savings & Loan Convention, New Orleans, LA (Elliott) 11/16/1982 (4)(5)

Remarks: Governor Treen Fundraiser Reception, New Orleans (Elliott) 11/16/1982

Remarks for South Florida Task Force Event, Miami (Dolan) 11/17/1982 (1)(2)

Remarks Following Visit to U.S. Coast Guard Cutter "Dauntless", Miami, Florida

(Dolan) 11/17/1982

Teleconference on Jobs (Elliott) 11/19/1982 (1)(2)

Radio Talk - Trade (Elliott) 11/20/1982

Senior Executive Award Ceremony (Parvin) 11/22/1982

Taping: Morocan-American Foundation (Dolan) 11/22/1982

Taping: International Special Olympics (Maseng) 11/22/1982

Taping: National 4-H Congress (Dolan) 11/22/1982

Taping: Brazilian TV Statement (Elliott) 11/22/1982

Taping: Colombian TV Statement (Elliott) 11/22/1982

Taping: Costa Rican TV Statement (Elliott) 11/22/1982

Taping: Honduras TV Statement (Elliott) 11/22/1982

Arms Control Speech (Parvin) 11/22/1982 (1)-(4)


Box 63

Arms Control Speech, Tentative (Parvin) 11/22/1982 (1)-(6)

Thanksgiving Proclamation (Parvin) November 1982

Radio Talk: Highways, Ranch (Bakshian) 11/27/1982

National League of Cities Convention, Los Angeles (Maseng) 11/29/1983 (1)-(6)


Box 64

National League of Cities Convention, Los Angeles (Maseng) 11/29/81 (7)

Remarks: Legislative Priorities (Bakshian edit) 11/30/1982

Departure Remarks: South Lawn (NSC/Elliott) 11/30/1982

Arrival Statement - Brazil (Rohrabacher) 12/01/1982

Dinner Toast - Brazil (Rohrabacher) 12/01/1982 (1)-(5)

Remarks to Press Following Meeting with Presidents (NSC/Elliott) 12/01/1982

Remarks to Embassy Staff/Brazil (NSC/Elliott) 12/01/1982

Plaque Ceremony - Brazilia (Elliott) 12/02/1982

Sao Paulo Speech - Brazil (Elliott) 12/02/1982 (1)-(4)

Departure Statement - Brazil (Elliott) 12/02/1982


Box 65

Toast - Columbia (Rohrabacher) 12/03/1982 (1)-(3)

Arrival Statement - Columbia (Rohrabacher) 12/03/1982

Departure Statement - Columbia (Rohrabacher) 12/03/1982

Arrival Statement - Costa Rica (Parvin) 12/04/1982

Departure Statement - Costa Rica (Maseng) 12/04/1982

Speech - Costa Rica  (Maseng) 12/04/1982 (1)-(4)

Radio Speech - Costa Rica (Elliott) 12/04/1982

Lunch Toast - Costa Rica (Parvin) 12/04/1982

Honduras - Arrival Statement (NSC/Elliott) 12/04/1982

Honduras - Departure Statement (NSC/Elliott) 12/04/1982

Remarks to the Press Following Meeting with President Suazo (Elliott) 12/04/1982

Remarks to the Press Following Meeting With President Rios Montt (Elliott) 12/04/1982

Remarks:  Kennedy Center Honors Reception (Maseng) 12/05/1982

Reception for Administration Spokesman (Dolan) 12/06/1982

State Visit: President Zia Arrival (Rohrabacher) 12/07/1982

State Visit: President Zia State Dinner Toast/Entertainment (Rohrabacher) 12/07/1982

Remarks: Representatives of Independent Research Libraries Receiving Humanities

Endowment Rewards (Bakshian) 12/08/1982


Box 66

Meeting with U.S. Savings Bond Volunteer Committee (Rohrabacher) 12/08/1982

Luncheon Meeting with Private Sector Initiative Task Force (Maseng) 12/08/1982 (1)-(3)

GOP Senatorial Dinner (Rohrabacher) 12/09/1982 (1)(2)

Taping: Message to Participants in Sousa Foundation University Band Competition

          (Parvin) 12/09/1982

Taping: ABC Anti-Crime Program (Maseng) 12/09/1982

Taping: National Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Week (Parvin) 12/09/1982

Remarks: HUD Recognition Program (Rohrabacher) 12/09/1982

Remarks: Human Rights in Poland (Solidarity) (Dolan) 12/10/1982 (1)(2)

Press Availability Statement (Bakshian) 12/10/1982

Taping NBC Christmas Special (Maseng) 12/10/1982

Radio Address: Peace (Bakshian edit) 12/11/1982

Taping Christmas Special (Bakshian) 12/12/1982

National Drunk & Drugged Driving Week Proc. Signing (Parvin) 12/13/1982

Departure of Prime Minister Balsemao (Bakshian) 12/15/1982

Christmas Message and Lighting of National Christmas Tree (Parvin) 12/16/1982


Box 67

Remarks: Signing Ceremony for World Communications Year 1983, Presidential Proclamation

(Elliott) 12/16/1982

Statement: House Vote on Caribbean Basin Initiative (Maseng) 12/17/1982

Signing Ceremony for Minority Business Statement (Rohrabacher) 12/17/1982 (1)(2)

Taping: Governor Ray Tribute Dinner (Rohrabacher) 12/17/1982

Taping: Message for the Red Cross (Maseng) 12/17/1982

Taping: Message for Fowler-McCracken Commission Regional Conference (Elliott)


Radio Address: Economy/Defense (Elliott) 12/18/1982

King Hussein Departure (Bakshian) 12/21/1982

Statement By President - Passing of H.J. Res. 631 (Bakshian) 12/21/1982

Presentation of Young American Medal for Bravery & Service (Dolan) 12/22/1982 (1)(2)

Remarks: Wrap-Up of Trip (Elliott) 12/22/1982 (1)-(3)

Departure of King Hussein (Bakshian) 12/23/1982

Statement at Adjournment of 97th Congress/Pass Gas Tax (Maseng) 12/23/1982

Taping:  Christmas Radio Address (Bakshian) 12/23/1982


Box 68

Recommissioning of Battleship New Jersey (Rohrabacher) 12/28/1982 (1)-(3)

Taping: New Year’s Radio Address (Maseng) 01/01/1983

Remarks: Louisiana Flood Tour (Parvin) 01/02/1983

Dinner for Bipartisan Congressional Leadership (Parvin) 01/03/1983

Signing Statement: Orphan Drug Act (Parvin) 01/04/1983

Departure Statement for President Navon of Israel (NSC/Bakshian) 01/05/1983

News Conference Opening Statement (Elliott) 01/05/1983

Remarks: Dinner for New Members of Congress (Elliott) 01/06/1983

Remarks: Signing of Surface Assistance Act of 1982 (Maseng) 01/06/1983

Remarks: Signing of HR 3809, Atomic Energy Act Amendments (Rohrabacher)


Radio Talk: Economy (Elliott) 01/08/1983

Radio Address: US-Soviet Relations (SC/Bakshian) 01/08/1983

Taping: Irv Kupcinet Tribute (Parvin) 01/10/1983

Taping: Salute to Friends and Members in Washington at Los Angeles Dinner (Elliott)


Taping: National Association of Home Builders (Maseng) 01/10/1983

Taping: Savings Bonds (Rohrabacher) 01/10/1983


Box 69

Taping: Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee (Rohrabacher) 01/10/1983

Taping: Job Fair Program (Maseng) 01/10/1983

Address to American Farm Bureau Federation (Parvin) 01/11/1983 (1)-(4)

Statement on Defense Savings (Bakshian) 01/11/1983

Food Bank Visit, Dallas Texas (Parvin) 01/11/1983

Statement by the President Signing H.R. 7093 (Social Security) (Bakshian/Parvin)


Announcement of Health & Human Services Secretary (Rohrabacher) 01/12/1983

Statement of Disapproval of H.R. 3963 - Crime Bill (Bakshian) 01/13/1983

Telephone Call: Job Fair Telethon (Maseng)  01/14/1983

Opening Statement: Q & A Session (Bakshian) 01/14/1983

Radio Address: Martin Luther King Birthday (Rohrabacher) 01/15/1983

Remarks: Concert & Reception for Martin Luther King Birthday (Parvin) 01/15/1983

Taping: California Republican Convention (Rohrabacher) 01/17/1983

Taping: Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce (Elliott) 01/17/1983

Reception for GOP House & Senate Staff (Elliott)  01/17/1983

Prime Minister Nakasone of Japan: Departure (Rohrabacher) 01/18/1983-01/19/1983

Percy Fundraising Reception, Chicago Illinois (Parvin) 01/19/1983

Providence-St. Mel School Chicago Illinois (Elliott) 01/19/1983

Remarks to Chuck Percy Dinner ( Maseng) 01/19/1983 (1)(2)


Box 70

Remarks:  International Youth Exchange Group (Parvin) 01/20/1983

Address to Executive Forum (Elliott) 01/20/1983 (1)(2)

Opening Statement: Press Availability (Bakshian) 01/20/1983

Statement: Baker Retirement from Senate (Elliott) 01/21/1983

Radio Talk: Family Issues (Parvin) 01/22/1983

Taping: Job Fair Telethon (Generic) (Elliott) 01/24/1983

Taping: Reserve Officers Association (Maseng) 01/24/1983

          Taping: Promote Use of Seat Belts (Maseng)  01/24/1983

Taping: Gene Autry Tribute (Rohrabacher) 01/24/1983

Taping: Red Barber Anniversary Broadcast (Rohrabacher) 01/24/1983

Taping: Opening of PBS Channel 20/Chicago (Parvin) 01/24/1983

State of the Union 1983 (Bakshain) (1)-(6)

State of the Union - File #2 (Bakshian) 01/25/1983 (1)


Box 71

State of the Union - File #2 (Bakshain) 01/25/1983 (2)-(7)

State of the Union Draft (Dolan Material) 01/25/1983

State of the Union Address (Bakshian) 01/25/1983 (1)-(4)

          Statement: Death of Paul "Bear" Bryant (Elliott) 01/26/1983

Digital Equipment Production Facility Dropby (Boston) (Parvin) 01/26/1983

Massachusetts High Technology Council (Elliott) 01/26/1983 (1)(2)


Box 72

Dropby Reception for Richard Richards (Parvin) 01/27/1983

President Mubarak: Departure (Rohrabacher) 01/27/1983

National Gallery of Art Dinner (Maseng) 01/27/1983

Remarks: National League of Families of American Prisoners & MIA's (Dolan)


Farewell Reception for Drew Lewis (Maseng) 01/28/1983

Radio Address (Parvin) 01/29/1983

70th Annual Alfalfa Club Dinner (Parvin) 01/29/1983

Taping: Micronesian Plebiscite (Parvin) 01/31/1983

Taping: United Airlines Tribute (Parvin) 01/31/1983

Annual Convention: National Religious Broadcasters (Elliott) 01/31/1983 (1)-(3)

Visit Chrysler Plant (St. Louis, Missouri) (Parvin) 02/01/1983

Small Business Council (St. Louis, Missouri) (Elliott) 02/01/1983 (1)(2)

Dropby Eagle Fundraiser (Maseng) 02/01/1983


Box 73

Meeting with Governing Board of World Jewish Congress (Rohrabacher) 02/02/1983


Annual National Prayer Breakfast (Elliott) 02/03/1983 (1)(2)

Chancellor Kreisky: Departure (Rohrabacher) 02/03/1983

Reception for Secretary Schweiker (Maseng) 02/03/1983

Greet Participants in Senate Youth Program (Maseng) 02/04/1983

Q & A Session with Press (Elliott/Bakshain) 02/04/1983

Radio Speech: "Reaganomics" (Bakshian) 02/05/1983 (1)(2)

Air & Space Bicentennial Ceremony (Rohrabacher) 02/07/1983 (1)-(3)

Remarks: US Membership in African Development Bank (Rohrabacher) 02/08/1983

Remarks: Luncheon with Editors & Publishers (Dolan) 02/09/1983 (1)(2)


Box 74

Radio Speech: Safety Net (Elliott) 02/12/1983

Video Conference with Arizona '83 (Maseng) 02/14/1983 (1)(2)

Presidential Statement: Caribbean Basin Initiative (Rohrabacher) 02/16/1983

Opening Statement for Press Conference (Parvin) 02/16/1983

Presidential Statement: Tuition Tax Credits (Maseng) 02/16/1983

Departure Statement: Prime Minister Willoch of Norway (Rohrabacher) 02/18/1983

Address: 1983 Conservative Action Conference (Dolan) 02/18/1983 (1)-(6)

Radio Address: Defense (Bakshian) 02/19/1983

Remarks: Society of the Cincinnati (Parvin) 02/21/1983

Dropby Remarks: National Review (Bakshian) 02/21/1983


Box 75

Remarks: Reception for Leaders of Conservative Groups (Rohrabacher) 02/22/1983


Presentation of Freedom Foundation Award to Prime Minister Seaga 02/22/1983

Address: Washington Conference of American Legion (Bakshain) 02/22/1983 (1)-(6)

Taping: WOR Radio for "America Today" Series (Rohrabacher) 02/23/1983

Remarks: Presentation of Presidential Medal of Freedom (Maseng) 02/23/1983 (1)(2)

Newsweek Satellite Broadcast (Maseng) 02/24/1983 (1)-(3)


Box 76

Newsweek Satellite Broadcast (Maseng) 02/24/1983 (4)(5)    

Taping: Convention of National Association of TV Program Executives (Dolan)


Taping: National Defense Executive Reserve Conference (Rohrabacher) 02/25/1983

          Taping: National Business Leadership Conference of Junior Achievement (Maseng)


Taping: Message for Awards Ceremony by International Radio & TV Society (Maseng)


Radio Address: Deregulation of Natural Gas (Bakshian) 02/26/1983

Toast: Dinner for National Governors Association (Maseng) 02/27/1983

          Statement: Economic Indicators (Elliott) 03/02/1983

Toast: Dinner Honoring Queen Elizabeth-DeYoung Museum (Bakshian) 03/03/1983

1984 Olympic Committee Fundraiser (Rohrabacher) 03/03/1983 (1)(2)

Toast: Queen's Dinner Aboard the Britannia (Bakshian) 03/04/1983

Address Commonwealth Club Luncheon (Elliott) 03/04/1983 (1)-(5)


Box 77

Address Commonwealth Club Luncheon (Elliott) 03/04/1983 (6)(7)

Radio Talk: Unemployment (Parvin) 03/05/1983 (Taped 03/04/1983, San Francisco) (1)-


Remarks: Weyerhauser East Oregon Headquarters (Maseng) 03/05/1983 (1)-(4)

Statement: Enterprise Zones Employment & Development Act (Parvin) 03/07/1983

Westinghouse Science Talent Search Winners (Elliott) 03/07/1983

Reception for Florida GOP (Rohrabacher) 03/08/1983

Address: National Association of Evangelicals (Orlando) (Dolan) 03/08/1983 (1)-(5)


Box 78

Address: National Association of Evangelicals (Orlando) (Dolan) 03/08/1983 (6)

Address: Disney Epcot Center (Parvin) 03/08/1983 (1)-(4)

Remarks: Swearing-In of Margaret Heckler as Secretary of Health and Human Services

(Rohrabacher) 03/09/1983

Statement by the President (Social Security Passage in House) (Bakshian) 03/10/1983

Taping: Radio Statement on PIK Tax (Parvin) 03/10/1983

Reception: National Newspaper Association (Dolan) 03/10/1983(1)(2)

National Association of Manufacturers (Maseng) 03/10/1983

Address: National Association of Manufacturers (Bakshian) 03/10/1983 (1)-(5)

Press Availability Opening Statement (Parvin) 03/11/1983

          Radio Address: Education (Elliott) 03/12/1983 (1)(2)

Memorial Service for Federal Law Enforcement Officers (Dolan) 03/14/1983

Departure of Prime Minister Lubbers of the Netherlands (Rohrabacher) 03/15/1983

          Reception: 25th Anniversary of Country Music Association (Maseng) 03/15/1983

Statement on Death of Arthur Godfrey (Bakshian) 03/16/1983

Statement: Crime Legislation (Parvin) 03/16/1983


Box 79

Country Music Association Concert (Maseng) 03/16/1983

Remarks: Irish Embassy (NSC) 03/17/1983

Meeting with House Republican Leaders Statement Before Press (Elliott) 03/18/1983

Signing Ceremony: "State of Small Business Report." (Rohrabacher) 03/18/1983 (1)-(3)

Radio Talk: Tax Indexing (Elliott) 03/19/1983

Statement by the President: Ruckelshaus Nomination (Bakshian) 03/21/1983

Taping: Afghanistan Day (Parvin) 03/21/1983

Greeting to United States Department of Agriculture Employees (Rohrabacher)


Reception: National Republican Congressional Leadership Council (Elliott) 03/21/1983

Agriculture Day Remarks (Rohrabacher) 03/21/1983 (1)-(5)

Meeting with House Leaders (Elliott) 03/22/1983

Reception at Capitol Hill Club (Maseng) 03/22/1983

Statement: Signing Jobs Bill (Elliott) 03/23/1983

Remarks: Revised Economic Forecast (Maseng) 03/25/1983

Radio Talk: Economy (Elliott) 03/26/1983


Box 80

Luncheon with Key Supporters (Rohrabacher) 03/23/1983

Presidential Statement: Consumer Prices (Bakshian) 03/23/1983

Presentation of United Way Record-Breaking  Report (Rohrabacher) 03/23/1983

Gridiron Dinner 03/26/1983

Remarks: Reception Before Defense Speech (NSC)  03/23/1983

Address to the Nation: Defense (Bakshian) 03/23/1983 (1)-(4)

Address to the Nation Defense (File #2) (1)-(4)

Opening: Library of Congress "The American Cowboy" Exhibition (Maseng) 03/24/1983

Radio & Television Correspondents Association Dinner (Dolan) 03/24/1983

Opening Statement: Press Opportunity (Elliott) 03/25/1983

Radio Talk (Elliott) 03/26/1983


Box 81

Presidential Remarks: Gridiron Lyrics (Parvin) 03/26/1983

Presidential Remarks: Gridiron Dinner (Parvin)  03/26/1983

Meeting with Representatives of Morality in Media (Elliott) 03/28/1983

Taping: Lumber Association Annual Banquet (Maseng) 03/28/1983

Taping: Message for National Association of Broadcasters Convention  (Maseng)


Taping: Tom McCall Day (Rohrabacher) 03/28/1983

Taping: National Volunteer Week (Rohrabacher) 03/28/1983

Statement to NATO Ambassadors (Bakshian) 03/30/1983

Departure Statement after Meeting with Zambian President Kaunda (NSC/Rohrabacher)


Address: World Affairs Council, Los Angeles (Bakshian) 03/31/1983 (1)-(5)

Presidential Statement for U.S. News & World Report (Bakshian/Parvin) 1983

Human Life Review: Abortion (Elliott) Spring 1983

Radio Talk (Maseng) 04/02/1983

Presidential Message: Launch of the Challenger (Parvin) 04/02/1983

Taping: White House/National Allliance of Business Summer Jobs Program (Parvin)

Rescheduled: 04/05/1983


Box 82

Statement: Drunk Driving (Department of Transportation/Elliott) 04/05/1983

Presidential Remarks: Message for RNC "Working Partners" Presentation (Maseng)


Taping: National Volunteer Week "Neighbor Helping Neighbor" (Rohrabacher)


Presidential Remarks: Message to Attendees at New Mexican Republican Party

Annual Spring Dinner (Rohrabacher) 04/05/1983

Address to the National Conference on the Dislocated Worker (Parvin) 04/06/1983


Presidential Remarks at Control Data Corporation Computer Repair Training

Program Facility - Pittsburgh, PA (Rohrabacher) 04/06/1983 (1)(2)

PBS Taping: Performance at the White House (Maseng) 04/06/1983

National Catholic Education Association (Parvin) 04/07/1983

National Eye Care Program Open (Maseng edit) 04/07/1983

Departure of President Hurtado of Ecuador (Dolan) 04/08/1983

Radio Talk (Elliott) 04/09/1983

Remarks: Reception for Republican Senatorial Inner Circle (Elliott) 04/11/1983 (1)(2)


Box 83

Remarks: American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors (Rohrabacher) 04/11/1983 (1)-(3)

State Visit: Sultan Qaboos of Oman (Rohrabacher) 04/12/1983 (1)-(3)

Remarks: Meeting on Withholding Taxes (Elliott) 04/12/1983-04/14/1983

Remarks: Presentation of Volunteer/Action Voluntarism Awards (Parvin) 04/14/1983

Meet with Organization of American States Ambassadors re: Caribbean Basin

Initiative Scholarship Program (Parvin) 04/14/1983

Press Availability Economy (Elliott) 04/14/1983

Opening Statement: Press Availability  (NSC/Bakshian) 04/14/1983

Taping: National Volunteer Week (Parvin edit) 04/15/1983

Bilateral Meetings Departure Statement (Rohrabacher) 04/15/1983

Radio Address: Withholding (Parvin/Church) 04/16/1983

Phone Call: WPIX Job-A-Thon (Rohrabacher) 04/16/1983

Satellite Address to North Carolina State Basketball Team (Parvin) 04/18/1983

Remarks: Peace Corps Recognition Award (Elliott)  04/18/1983

Remarks: National Crime Victims Week (Rohrabacher) 04/18/1983 (1)(2)

Remarks: East Room Statement on MX Missile (Bakshian) 04/19/1983 (1)(2)


Box 84

Remarks: Representatives of Health Care Service Field (Bakshain edit) 04/19/1983

Reception: 75th Anniversary of Building & Construction Union (Dolan) 04/19/1983


Remarks: Private Dinner for Princess Alexandra (Bakshian) 04/19/1983

          Signing Statement: Social Security Reform Package (Maseng) 04/20/1983 (1)-(3)

Announcement of Voluntarism Stamp (Maseng) 04/20/1983

Taping: 21st Anniversary of Release of First James Bond Film (for Cubby Broccoli)

          (Elliott) 04/21/1983

Taping: Message for 75th Anniversary Convention of  American Feed Manufacturers

Association (Maseng) 04/21/1983

Taping: Future Business Leaders National Conference (Maseng) 04/21/1983

Departure Statement Following Meeting with President Gaston Thorn (Bakshian edit)


Meeting with Promoters of TV Job-A-Thons (Rohrabacher) 04/21/1983 (1)(2)

News Conference Opening Statement: Social Security Reform Package (Elliott)


Opening Statement: Press Availabilty (Elliott) 04/22/1983

Remarks: Swearing-In Adleman (Elliott Edit) 04/22/1983

Reception: National Advisory Council of the Small Business Association (Parvin)


Statement: Earth Day (Parvin) 04/22/1983

Radio Address: Mideast (Bakshian) 04/23/1983

Remarks: Return of American Bodies from Beirut (Rohrabacher) 04/23/1983

White House Correspondents Association Dinner (Parvin) 04/23/1983 (1)


Box 85

White House Correspondents Association Dinner (Parvin) 04/23/1983 (2)

Presentation of Enrico Fermi Award (Department of Energy) (Rohrabacher) 04/25/1983


Meeting with National Commission on Excellence in Education  (Elliott) 04/26/1983


Meeting with New York Crime Fighters (Maseng) 04/27/1983 (1)(2)

Luncheon Meeting of American Newspaper Publishers Association - NY (Dolan)

04/27/1983 (1)-(3)

Address to Joint Session of Congress on Central America (Bakshian) 04/27/1983 (1)-(6)


Box 86

Address to Joint Session of Congress on Central America (Bakshian) 04/27/1983 (7)

Address to Joint Session of Congress on Central America File #2 (1)-(4)

Presidential Citizens Medal Citation: Frank C. Carlucci (Bakshian Edit) 04/28/1983

Departure of Prime Minister Trudeau Bilateral Meeting (Rohrabacher) 04/28/1983

Non-Career Senior Executives at White House Management Conference (Maseng)


John Tower Fundraising Dinner - Houston  (Rohrabacher) 04/29/1983 (1)-(3)

Tower VIP Reception - Houston (Rohrabacher) 04/29/1983

The Cenikor Foundation (Halfway House in Houston) (Parvin) 04/29/1983

Greetings to University of Houston Basketball Team - Houston (Rohrabacher)


Radio Talk - Houston (Maseng) 04/30/1983

Taping: Physical Fitness Program (Elliott)  04/30/1983

Taping: National Republican Heritage Groups Council (Dolan) 05/02/1983


Box 87

Taping: Advertising Council Conference (Parvin) 05/02/1983

Taping: Citizens for the Republic Dinner (Maseng) 05/02/1983

Taping: PIK Audio Tape (Maseng) 05/02/1983

Meeting with President's International Private Enterprise Task Force (Elliott) 05/02/1983

Statement on Scowcroft Commission (Rohrabacher) 05/02/1983

Taping: U.S. News & World Report (Parvin) 05/03/1983

Talking Points: "Team America" (Elliott) 05/04/1983

Cinco de Mayo Opening [San Antonio]  (Rohrabacher) 05/05/1983 (1)-(7)

Proclamation: Older Americans Month (Parvin edit) 05/06/1983

The Posse Program & Signing of Older American's Month Proclamation [Phoenix]

(Parvin) 05/06/1983 (1)(2)

Address: Annual Convention of National Rifle Association (Elliott) 05/06/1983 (1)


Box 88

Address: Annual Convention of National Rifle Association (Elliott) 05/06/1983 (2)-(7)

Radio Address [Santa Barbara] 05/07/1983  (1)(2)

John M. Ashbrook Memorial Dinner (Dolan) 05/09/1983 (1)-(6)

VIP Reception [Ashland, Ohio] (Dolan) 05/09/1983

Teleconference on Administration's Export Trading Company Bill (Elliott) 05/10/1983


Box 89

Small Business Person of the Year (Rohrabacher) 05/11/1983 (1)(2)

Signing Ceremony: Baseball Month & Little League Game (Parvin) 05/11/1983

Senate/House Republican Dinner (Elliott) 05/12/1983 (1)-(3)

Reception for Fundraisers for Senate/House Republican Dinner (Dolan) 05/12/1983

Reception for White House Fellows (Maseng) 05/12/1983 (1)(2)

Departure of Prime Minister Price of Belize (Rohrabacher) 05/12/1983

Radio Talk: Small Business (Elliott) 05/14/1983 (1)(2)

Address: National Association of Home Builders (Maseng) 05/16/1983 (1)-(5)


Box 90

Address: National Association of Home Builders (Maseng) 05/16/1983 (6)

Remarks: CEO's of Major Trade Associations and Corporations Regarding MX

(Parvin edit) 05/16/1983 (1)(2)

Swearing-In Ceremony for Helene Von Damm (Rohrabacher) 05/16/1983

Arts & Humanities Luncheon (Maseng) 05/17/1983

Statement on Signing of Israeli-Lebanese Agreement (Bakshian/NSC) 05/17/1983

Opening Statement News Conference (Elliott) 05/17/1983

Taping:  Cuban American Foundation Dinner (Rohrabacher) 05/18/1983

Signing Ceremony for Joint Resolution 178 (Andrei Sakharov) (Dolan) 05/18/1983

Swearing-In Ceremony for William Ruckelhaus (Rohrabacher) 05/18/1983 (1)(2)

White House News Photographers Association Annual Awards Dinner (Parvin)


Bob Hope - USO TV Show (Parvin) 05/20/1983

Address: Cuban American National Foundation (Rohrabacher) Miami, FL 05/20/1983



Box 91

Address: Cuban American National Foundation (Rohrabacher) Miami, FL 05/20/1983


Radio Address: Armed Forces Day (Bakshian) 05/21/1983 (taped: 05/20/1983)

Seton Hall University Commencement Address (Bakshian) (South Orange, NJ)

05/21/1983 (1)-(3)

Remarks: Lunch with High School Valedictorians (Parvin) 05/23/1983

Presentation of "E" & "E Star" Awards (Maseng) 05/23/1983

Remarks: Congressional Dinner (Bakshian) 05/23/1983

Taping: Utah State Republican Convention (06/24/1983) (Rohrabacher) 05/23/1983

Taping: Nevada Economic Development Company's  "Marketplace 83" (Dolan)


Taping: Golden Eagle Awards Show by Nosotros 05/23/1983

Taping: American Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference (Parvin) 05/23/1983

Taping: National Conference of Christians & Jews Conference (Elliott) 05/23/1983

Op-Ed Piece-Washington Post (Bakshian) 05/24/1983 (1)(2)


Box 92         

National Medal of Science Presentation (Rohrabacher) 05/24/1983 (1)(2)

Remarks: Meeting with Congressional Leaders on Confidence Building Measures

(NSC/Bakshian) 05/24/1983

Breakfast with Newly-Appointed Administration Officials (Maseng) 05/24/1983

Statement: MX Victory-House (Elliott) 05/24/1983

Statement: MX Vote in the Senate (Elliott) 05/25/1983

Departure of Prime Minister Fanfani (Rohrabacher) 05/26/1983

Departure of Prime Minister Nakasone (Rohrabacher) 05/27/1983

Remarks: Arrival in Williamsburg (NSC/Bakshian) 05/27/1983

Radio Address: Williamsburg Summit (Bakshian) 05/28/1983 Taped: 05/26/1983

Remarks: Welcoming at Carter's Grove, Williamsburg Summit (NSC/Bakshian edit)


Toast: Official Dinner Williamsburg Summit (NSC/Bakshian edit) 05/30/1983

Talking Point’s: Reception for Rich Williamson (Maseng) 05/31/1983

Statement on Trade Reorganization Proposal  (Elliott) 06/01/1983

Remarks: After Lunch with Crew of Seventh Space Shuttle (Parvin) 06/01/1983

Statement on the Death of Jack Dempsey (Parvin) 06/01/1983

Remarks: Reception for the Council of the Americas (Rohrabacher) 06/01/1983 (1)(2)

Taping: Corporations in Support of Public Broadcasting (Elliott) 06/01/1983

Taping: Tribute to Justin Dart by Boy Scouts of America (Parvin) 06/01/1983

Taping: Teach the Children Program (Parvin) 06/01/1983

Taping on Williamsburg Summit (NSC/Elliott) 06/01/1983

Taping: GOP Women's Leadership Forum (Maseng) 06/01/1983 (1)(2)

Taping: American Red Cross (Bakshian edit) 06/01/1983

Radio Talk: Williamsburg & Red Cross (Elliott) 06/04/1983


Box 93

Remarks: Competitors in National Spelling Bee (Parvin) 06/06/1983

Presentation of Coast Guard Gold Life Saving Medal (Rohrabacher) 06/06/1983

Remarks: PBS Young Artists in Performance at White House (Maseng) 06/06/1983

State Visit of President Houphouet-Boigny of the Ivory Coast (Rohrabacher) 06/07/1983


Statement on START Negotiations (Bakshian edit) 06/08/1983

Fundraiser for Senator Rudy Boschwitz (Minnesota)(Dolan) 06/09/1983 (1)(2)

Excellence in Education Forum (Rohrabacher)  06/09/1983 (Minneapolis, MN) 

06/09/1983  (1)(2)

Taping: "Give an Officer a Life Jacket" Benefit (Maseng) 06/10/1983

Taping: National Confectioners Association 100th Anniversary Convention (Maseng)

06/10/1983 (1)(2)

Taping: Children's Diabetes Foundation of Denver (Rohrabacher) 06/10/1983

Taping: Annual Broadcasters Promotion Convention (Parvin) 06/10/1983

Taping: Red Cross Luncheon Honoring Rabbi Magnin (Dolan) 06/10/1983

Taping: Young Republicans National Convention (Dolan) 06/10/1983

Luncheon with Bipartisan Roundtable on Capitol Formation (Elliott) 06/10/1983


Box 94

Phone Call: Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith (Elliott) 06/10/1983

Radio Talk: Environment (Reagan/AB) 06/11/1983 (1)(2)

          Remarks: Reception for Special Olympics (Parvin) 06/12/1983

Departure Statement: Prime Minister Hawke of Australia (Rohrabacher) 06/13/1983

Remarks: Reception for Baltic Americans on Baltic Freedom Day (Rohrabacher)

06/13/1983 (1)(2)

Panel Discussion - Farragut High School (Knoxville, TN) (Maseng) 06/14/1983

Dropby English Class - Farragut High School (Knoxville, TN) (Rohrabacher) 06/14/1983

          Remarks: Presentation of Giant American Flag (Maseng) 06/14/1983

Address National PTA Conference (Albuquerque, NM) (Elliott) 06/15/1983 (1)-(4)

Remarks: Presentation of Medals to Presidential Scholars (Maseng) 06/16/1983 (1)(2)

Statement: United Negro College Fund Kickoff for 1983 Corporate Campaign (Parvin)


Remarks: Fundraiser for Senator Jesse Helms (Elliott) 06/16/1983 (1)-(3)


Box 95

Departure Statement: Prime Minister Magana of El Salvador (Rohrabacher) 06/17/1983

Taping: Introduction of Battle of Yorktown Film (Elliott) 06/17/1983

Taping: Bicentennial of Simon Bolivar's Birth (Rohrabacher) 06/17/1983

Fourth of July Message for Voice of America - Taping (Bakshian) 06/17/1983

                   Taping: First Anniversary of Satellite News Channel (Bakshian edit) 06/17/1983

Radio Talk: Space Shuttle (Bakshian) 06/18/1983

Remarks: GOP Mississippi Fundraiser (Rohrabacher) 06/20/1983 (1)-(4)

Greeting to Graduates of Congressional Page School (Maseng) 06/20/1983

Departure Statement: Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez of Spain (Rohrabacher)


Signing Ceremony: S.J. Res. 42 - Alaska Statehood Anniversary (Dolan) 06/22/1983

Address National Federation of Independent Business (Elliott) 06/22/1983 (1)-(5)


Box 96

Address National Federation of Independent Business (Elliott) 06/22/1983 (6)

Meeting with Polish National Alliance Representatives (Rohrabacher) 06/23/1983 (1)(2)

           Address to American Medical Association House of Delegates (Chicago, IL) (Parvin)

06/23/1983 (1)-(5)

Talking Points: Key Supporters Luncheon (Dolan) 06/24/1983

Statement: Democratic Tax Cap (Elliott) 06/24/1983

Space Shuttle Arrival Remarks (Cape Canaveral, FL) (Maseng) 06/24/1983

Radio Talk: Education (Reagan/AB) 06/25/1983

Taping: German-American Tricentennial (Rohrabacher) 06/25/1983

Marine General Barrow's Retirement Ceremony  (Dolan) 06/26/1983 (1)(2)

Taping: Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program (Dolan) 06/27/1983

Taping: All-Star Baseball Game (Rohrabacher) 06/27/1983


Box 97

Taping: General Fourth of July Message (Elliott) Taping: 06/27/1983

Taping: US-Philippine Friendship Day (Parvin edit) 06/27/1983

Luncheon with President's Advisory Council on Private Sector Initiative (Parvin)

06/28/1983 (1)(2)

Opening Statement: News Conference (Elliott)  06/28/1983

Address National Leadership Conference of Vocational Industrial Clubs of America

(Maseng) 06/29/1983 (Louisville, KY) (1)-(3)

Address: 47th National Conference of National Association of Student Councils,

Shawnee Mission, Kansas (Bakshian) 06/29/1983 (1)(2)

Talking Points: Limited English Proficiency Clinic, Whittier, CA (Parvin) 06/30/1983

Remarks: California GOP Fundraiser, Long Beach, CA (Elliott) 06/30/1983 (1)-(3)

Address Commission on Excellence in Education (Los Angeles, CA) (Parvin) 06/30/1983



Box 98

Radio Address: Fourth of July, Arms Control, MX Vote (Bakshian edit) 07/02/1983

Address American Federation of Teachers (Los Angeles) (Bakshian) 07/05/1983 (1)(2)

Statement: Supreme Court Ruling on Norris Case (Bakshian) 07/06/1983

Statement: The Death of Herman Kahn (Parvin)  07/08/1983       

          Statement: Unemployment (Elliott) 07/08/1983

Radio Talk: Fair Housing/Fairness (Elliott) 07/09/1983

Luncheon for Teachers of the Year from all the States (Maseng) 07/13/1983 (1)(2)

Taping: Young Women's Christian Association's 75th Anniversary (Maseng) 07/14/1983

Taping: National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee Meeting (Elliott)


Taping: Inroads (Rohrabacher) 07/14/1983 (1)(2)

Taping: American Forces Network 40 Year Tribute (Rohrabacher) 07/14/1983

Taping: National Grocer's Convention (Parvin) 07/14/1983

Statement: IMF Quota Issue (Bakshian edit) 07/14/1983

Dinner with Scowcroft Commission (Parvin) 07/14/1983

Statement: Caribbean Basin Initiative Vote (Rohrabacher) 07/14/1983

Luncheon with Bipartisan Roundtable (Elliott) 07/15/1983

Presidential Statement: Economy (Elliott) 07/15/1983

Radio Address: Arms Control (Bakshian edit) 07/16/1983 (1)(2)


Box 99

Address International Longshoremen's Association Florida (Parvin) 07/18/1983 (1)-(8)

State Visit: The Emir of Bahrain (Maseng) 07/19/1983 (1)(2)

Signing Ceremony for Captive Nations Week Proclamation (Elliott) 07/19/1983 (1)-(3)

Statement: Death of Frank Reynolds (Bakshian)  07/20/1983

Summer Jobs Ceremony (Rohrabacher) 07/20/1983

Briefing for Central American Outreach Group (Parvin/Church) 07/20/1983


Box 100

Press Availability: Opening (Elliott) 07/21/1983

Departure Statement Following Visit of President Gemayel of Lebanon (Rohrabacher)


Statement: Consumer Price Index (Bakshian) 07/22/1983

Radio Talk: IMF/Liver Transplants (Parvin) 07/23/1983 (1)(2)

Presentation of World Wildlife Awards (Parvin) 07/25/1983

75th Anniversary Observance of the FBI (Dolan) 07/26/1983 (1)(2)

Talkers: Luncheon/Key Supporters (Elliott) 07/26/1983

News Conference: Opening (Parvin) 07/26/1983 (1)(2)

Presidential Message: Women in Government Luncheon for Challenger Astronauts

(Maseng) 07/26/1983

Statement: MX Vote Victory (NSC/Bakshian) 07/27/1983

Remarks: Announcement of Organized Crime Commission (Dolan) 07/28/1983 (1)-(3)

Reception for National Council of Negro Women (Maseng) 07/28/1983 (1)-(3)


Box 101

Greet Future Farmers of America (Rohrabacher) 07/29/1983 (1)(2)

          Reception for National Association of Elementary & Secondary School Principles

(Parvin) 07/29/1983

Radio Talk: Efficiency in Government (Bakshian/OMB) 07/30/1983 (1)(2)

Radio Talk: Hunger Task Force (Not Used) (Rohrabacher) 07/30/1983

Article for Sacramento Magazine (Parvin) August 1983

Address: American Bar Association (Elliott) 08/01/1983 (1)-(8)

Opening Remarks: Management Reform Briefing (Maseng) 08/02/1983 (1)


Box 102

Opening Remarks: Management Reform Briefing (Maseng) 08/02/1983 (2)

International Federation of Business & Professional Women (Maseng) 08/03/1983

President Mobutu of Zaire: Departure (Rohrabacher) 08/04/1983

Eureka College Reception (Dolan) 08/04/1983

Statement: Establishment of the Presiden's Commission on Industrial Competitiveness

(Elliott) 08/04/1983

Signing Ceremony: National Child Support Enforcement Month (Parvin) 08/05/1983

Luncheon with Hispanic Leaders (Rohrabacher)  08/05/1983 (1)(2)        

Radio Talk: Trade (Elliott) 08/06/1983 (1)(2)

President Abdou Diouf of Senegal: Departure Statement (Maseng) 08/10/1983

Signing Ceremony for H.J. Res. 321 Anniversary of  Signing of Treaty of Paris

          (Bakshian/Church) 08/11/1983

Taping: United Way Campaign Kick-Off (Bakshian) 08/11/1983 (1)(2)

          Taping: Italian Red Cross Benefit (Parvin) 08/11/1983

Taping: Hispanic Heritage Week (Rohrabacher) 08/11/1983

Taping: KPIX-TV, Creation of Private Sector Summer Jobs for Youth (Elliott/Brown)


Taping: Message for Chicago's Sesquicentennial Celebration for WGN-TV Channel 9

(Parvin) 08/11/1983

Taping: Birthday Greeting to Senator Pete Wilson, 08/11/1983

Taping: Willie Mays Day (Maseng) 08/11/1983

Signing Ceremony: Railroad Retirement Solvency Amendments (Bakshian/OMB)


Statement: Producer Price Index (Bakshian) 08/12/1983


Box 103

Address Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Tampa, Florida) (Rohrabacher) 08/12/1983


Radio Talk: Central America (Bakshian edit/Church) (El Paso, TX) 08/13/1983 (1)(2)

Address American GI Forum of the U.S. (El Paso, Texas) (Dolan) 08/13/1983 (1)-(4)


Box 104

Address American GI Forum of the U.S. (El Paso, Texas) (Dolan) 08/13/1983 (5)-(7)

Meeting with President De La Madrid of Mexico (La Paz,  Mexico) (Rohrabacher)

(Cave) 08/14/1983 (1)-(3)

La Paz Arrival Ceremony 08/14/1983 (Rohrabacher)

La Paz Luncheon Toast 08/14/1983 (Rohrabacher)

Joint U.S.-Mexican Statement 08/14/1983(Rohrabacher)

Emergency Veterans Job Training Act Signing Ceremony (Parvin) 08/14/1983

Address Convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars (New Orleans) (Parvin) 08/15/1983



Box 105

Radio Talk: Efficiency in Government (Bakshian)  08/20/1983

Address American Legion Convention (Bakshian) 08/23/1983 (Seattle, WA) (1)-(6)

Washington State GOP Fundraiser (Parvin/Church) 08/23/1983 (Seattle, WA) (1)(2)

Hispanic Small Business Outlook Luncheon (Los Angeles, CA) (Rohrabacher)

08/25/1983 (1)-(4)

Address GOP Women's Leadership Forum (San Diego, CA) (Parvin) 08/26/1983 (1)


Box 106

Address GOP Women's Leadership Forum (San Diego, CA) (Parvin) 08/26/1983 (2)-(6)

Fundraiser for Congressman Lagomarsino (Rohrabacher) 08/26/1983 (Hope Ranch, CA)


Radio Talk: Peace & The Middle East (Bakshian)  08/27/1983 (1)(2)

Statement: 20th Anniversary of March on Washington (Bakshian) 08/27/1983

Presidential Statement: Plane Shooting, 09/02/1983

Statement: Death of Senator Jackson (Elliott) 09/02/1983

Radio Talk (Bakshian) 09/03/1983 (1)(2)

Kennedy Space Center Picnic (Cape Canaveral, FL) (Elliott) 09/05/1983 (1)(2)

Address to the Nation: 09/05/1983 (1)


Box 106A

Address to the Nation: 09/05/1983 (2)(3)

Announcement of Adult Literacy Initiative (Maseng) 09/07/1983

Taping: Anniversary of Treaty of Amity & Commerce Between U.S. & Oman

(Rohrabacher) 09/08/1983

Taping: Annual Conference of Eagle Forum (Rohrabacher) 09/08/1983

Taping: Independent Insurance Agents of America Convention (Elliott) 09/08/1983

Taping: USA Today First Anniversary (Elliott) 09/08/1983


Box 107

Taping: American Legislative Exchange Council (Maseng) 09/08/1983

Taping: National Heart, Lung & Blood Advisory Council Anniversary (Dolan)


Taping: Brady Foundation Event (President & Mrs. Reagan Together) (Dolan)


Teleconference to Republican Regional Conference, Scottsdale, AZ (Elliott) 09/09/1983


Radio Talk: Voice of America, 09/10/1983

Proclamation: National Day of Mourning (Elliott) 09/11/1983

Address Annual Meeting of National Association of Towns & Townships (Rohrabacher)

09/12/1983 (1)-(5)

Kickoff Ceremony for Hispanic Heritage Week (Parvin) 09/12/1983

Reception for Michigan & Ohio GOP (Dolan) 09/12/1983

Prime Minister Mugabe of Zimbabwe: Departure Statement (Elliott) 09/13/1983

Reception for the Eagles (Dolan) 09/13/1983

Briefing for Hispanic, Labor & Religious Press (Rohrabacher) 09/14/1983 (1)(2)


Box 108

Address Republican National Hispanic Assembly Dinner (Parvin) 09/14/1983 (1)-(4)

State Visit: President Eanes of Portugal (Robinson) 09/15/1983 (1)(2)

Statement: Resolution Condemning Soviet's Murder of 269 People Aboard KAL 007


Luncheon with Members of the Republican National Committee (Robinson) 09/16/1983


Ceremony Honoring Hispanic Service in America's Defense (Dolan) 09/16/1983 (1)(2)

Radio Talk: Reaction to KAL 007, 09/17/1983

PBS Taping: In Performance at the White House (Rohrabacher) 09/18/1983

Observance of Anniversary of Executive Women in Government (Rohrabacher)


[Senator Thurmond Reception Columbia, SC 09/19/1983 (Rohrabacher)]

Honorary Degree from University of South Carolina Columbia, SC (Robinson) –

09/20/1983 (1)-(3)


Box 109

Honorary Degree from University of South Carolina Columbia, SC (Robinson) –

          09/20/1983 (4)

Fundraiser for Senator Thurmond (Columbia, SC) (Elliott) 09/20/1983 (1)-(4)

Statement: Presence of Peacekeeping Forces/Lebanon (Elliott/Gergen) 09/20/1983

Taping:  70th Annual Convention of Mortgage Bankers Association (Elliott) 09/21/1983

Taping: American Automobile Association Annual Meeting (Robinson) 09/21/1983

Taping: Olympic Hall of Famers Dinner (Parvin) 09/21/1983

Taping: USIA Thirtieth Anniversary (Dolan) 09/21/1983

Taping: World Series Segment on Job Training Partnership Act (Parvin) 09/21/1983

Taping: Small Business Investment Company 25th Anniversary Dinner (Rohrabacher)


Taping: National Radio Broadcasters Association Convention 09/21/1983

Luncheon with Regional Broadcasters (Rohrabacher) 09/21/1993 (1)(2)

White House Conference on Productivity (Elliott) 09/22/1983(1)-(3)


Box 110

Luncheon for Business Women's Day (Robinson) 09/22/1983 (1)-(4)    

Dropby with American Women in Radio & Television (Dolan) 09/22/1983

Smithsonian Reception (Rohrabacher) 09/22/1983

Teleconference: Republican Northeast Regional Leadership Conference (Elliott)

09/23/1983 (1)(2)

Swearing-In Ceremony for Barbara McConnell – Civil Aeronautics Board

(Dolan/Rohrabacher)  09/23/1983 (Timmons)

Reception - National Aquarium Society Benefit (Dolan) 09/23/1983

Radio Talk: (Elliott) 09/24/1983 (1)(2)

Rodeo at Capital Center (Rohrabacher) 09/24/1983

White House Barbecue Following Rodeo at Capital Center (Rohrabacher) (Plus

Entertainment) 09/24/1983

Reception for UN Heads of Delegations (New York, NY) (Parvin) 09/25/1983

Pulaski Day Banquet (New York, NY) (Rohrabacher edit) 09/25/1983

Women's Sports Foundation Reception (Rohrabacher) 09/26/1983

Reception for Presidents of Historically Black Colleges & Universities (Rohrabacher)

09/26/1983 (1)(2)


Box 111

Address to UN General Assembly (Parvin) (New York, NY) 09/26/1983 (1)-(9)    

Address Meeting of IMF & World Bank (Elliott) 09/27/1983 (1)-(4)

President Mauno Koivisto of Finland: Departure Statement (Rohrabacher) 09/27/1983

Reception and Dinner for Howard Baker (Rohrabacher) 09/27/1983 (1)


Box 112

Reception and Dinner for Howard Baker (Rohrabacher) 09/27/1983 (2)-(3)                

Secondary School Recognition Ceremony (Robinson) 09/28/1983

Greet Crews from Americas Cup Race (Rohrabacher) 09/28/1983

Statement: House Vote on War Powers Act (Elliott) 09/28/1983

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: Departure Statement (Rohrabacher) 09/29/1983

Greet Members of U.S. Olympic Hockey Team & Washington Capitals (Parvin)

(Timmons) 09/29/1983

Statement: Senate Vote on War Powers Act  (Elliott) 09/29/1983

President Mubarak of Egypt: Departure Statement (Elliott) 09/30/1983

Radio Talk: Unemployment (Elliott) 10/01/1983 (1)(2)

Thank-You Remarks at Dinner Honoring Princess Margaret (Parvin) (Timmons)


Heritage Foundation Dinner (Dolan) 10/03/1983 (1)-(5)

Swearing-In Ceremony for Katherine Ortega as Treasurer (Rohrabacher) 10/03/1983

Observance of Minority Business Week (Parvin) 10/03/1983


Box 113

Dropby Briefing for RKO Executives & News Directors (Robinson) 10/03/1983 (1)(2)

Kickoff Combined Federal Campaign (Robinson)  10/03/1983

          Meeting with START Delegation (Elliott) 10/04/1983 (1)(2)

Meeting with Representatives of the American Business Conference (Elliott) 10/04/1983

State Visit: President Carstens of Federal Republic of Germany (Rohrabacher)(Cave)

10/04/1983 (1)(2)

Taping: American Meat Institute (Robinson) 10/04/1983

Taping: Fall Meeting of Agricultural Groups (Elliott) (Penniman) 10/04/1983

Taping: Message for Theodore Roosevelt 125th Anniversary (Parvin) (Cave) 10/04/1983

Taping BBC Documentary Film - Tribute to John Wayne (Rohrabacher) 10/04/1983

Job Training Partnership Act Ceremony (Parvin) 10/05/1983 (1)(2)        

Reception for Associated Press Board of Directors (Church/BE) 10/05/1983

Caribbean Basin Initiative Ceremony (Elliott) 10/05/1983 (1)-(4)


Box 114

Presentation of Young American Medals 10/06/1983

Statement: Death of Cardinal Cooke (Dolan) 10/06/1983

Congressional Barbecue (Parvin) 10/06/1983

Address National Federation of Republican Women (Louisville, KY) (Rohrabacher)

          (Elliott) 10/07/1983 (1)-(6) 

Reception for "Bunning for Governor Committee" (Louisville, KY) (Rohrabacher) 10/07/1983


Radio Talk: Lebanon (Reagan/Elliott) 10/08/1983 (1)(2)

Presidential Telegram to Johnny Carson (Parvin) 10/12/1983

15-Second Audio Tape for Time Magazine Anniversary (Parvin) 10/12/1983

Dropby Briefing for Women Leaders of Christian Religious Organizations (Elliott) 10/13/1983


Kickoff of Partnerships in Education Program (Robinson) 10/13/1983 (1)(2)


Box 115

Kickoff of Partnerships in Education Program (Robinson) 10/13/1983 (3)

Dropby Second White House Management Conference for Non-Career Executives (Parvin)


Signing Ceremony for World Food Day (Rohrabacher) 10/14/1983 (1)(2)

Radio Talk (Elliott) 10/15/1983 (1)(2)

Taping: Tribute to Pope John Paul II (Dolan) 10/17/1983

Taping: Salute to Lech Walesa (Elliott) 10/17/1983

Taping: Navy League Dinner (Dolan) 10/17/1983

Taping: SBA Women's Business Ownership Conference (Parvin) 10/17/1983

Taping: Salute to the Metropolitan Opera (Elliott) 10/17/1983

          Taping: California Council of American Institute of Architects (Parvin) 10/17/1983

Statement: Soviet Dissidents (Elliott) 10/18/1983

Luncheon with Ethic Press (Rohrabacher) 10/18/1983 (1)(2)

Presentation of Presidential Awards for Science & Mathematics Teaching Excellence

(Dolan) 10/19/1983 (1)(2)

Presidential Taping: Radio Actuality for Governor Treen (Elliott/edit) 10/19/1983

Visit Air & Space Museum (Rohrabacher) 10/19/1983 (1)(2)


Box 115A

Visit Air & Space Museum (Rohrabacher) 10/19/1983 (3)(4)

News Conference Opening Statement (Elliott) 10/19/1983

Reception for U.S. Olympic Ski Team (Parvin) 10/20/1983

Prime Minister Craxi of Italy: Departure (Rohrabacher) 10/20/1983

Radio Talk: (Elliott) 10/22/1983 (1)(2)

Chemical People Show (Parvin) 10/24/1983

Lunch with Regional Editors & Broadcasters (Dolan) 10/24/1983 (1)(2)

Statement: Grenada (Elliott) 10/25/1983

Lt. Gen. H.M. Ershad of Bangladesh Departure (Rohrabacher) 10/25/1983


Box 116

Dropby Briefing for Republican Jewish Coalition (Parvin) 10/26/1983 (1)(2)

Taping: International Song Festival (Elliott) 10/26/1983

Texas GOP Fundraiser Taping (Robinson) (Dallas, TX) (Timmons) 10/26/1983 (1)-(3)

Taping: Convention of American Business Women's Association (Rohrabacher)

(Church)(Las Vegas, NV) 10/26/1983 (1)-(4)

Address to the Nation: Foreign Policy (Elliott/Myer) 10/27/1983 (1)-(5)


Box 117

Radio Talk (Parvin) 10/29/1983 (1)(2)                      

Signing Ceremony for Health & Human Services/Labor Appropriation Bill

(Robinson) 10/31/1983

Reception for UPI Board of Directors (Parvin) 10/31/1983

Taping: National Association of Realtors (Robinson) 10/31/1983 (1)(2)

Taping: Automation Conference (Robinson) 10/31/1983

Taping: Tune-In Awards Dinner (Parvin) 10/31/1983

Taping: International Rescue Committee Anniversary Dinner (Parvin) 10/31/1983

Taping: Vietnam Veterans Association Dinner (Dolan) 10/31/1983

Signing Ceremony for Drug Abuse Week Proclamation (Parvin)(Penniman) 11/01/1983

Sign Martin Luther King Holiday Legislation (Robinson)(Timmons) 11/02/1983 (1)(2)

Announcement of Don Rumsfeld as Mideast Representative (Rohrabacher/NSC)


Reagan-Bush Reunion (Robinson)(Penniman) 11/03/1983 (1)(2)

Visit to Camp Lejeune, N.C. (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 11/04/1983 (1)(2)


Box 118

Radio Talk: Veterans Day (Church/Myer) 11/05/1983 (1)(2)                             

Meeting with St. Georges' Medical Students(Parvin)(Timmons) 11/07/1983      

Announcement of Philadelphia Urban Education Foundation Project (Robinson)

          (Timmons) 11/07/1983 (1)(2)

Taping: American Cancer Society Tribute 11/07/1983 (Rohrabacher)(Penniman)

Taping: Republican Women's Leadership Forum (Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 11/07/1983


Taping: Operation Opportunity Conference Sponsored by Overseas Private Investment

Corporation (Robinson) 11/07/1983 (1)(2)

Taping: Boy Scouts Public Service Announcement (Dolan) 11/07/1983

Departure for Far East Trip (Elliott) 11/08/1983

Remarks: Elmendorf AFB Anchorage, Alaska (Rohrabacher/Love) 11/08/1983 (1)(2)

Toast: Prime Minister's Luncheon, Prime Minister's Residence, Tokyo

(Robinson/Timmons) 11/10/1983 (1)(2)

Joint Statement Following Meeting with Prime Minister Nakasone (Elliott/Church)



Box 119

Remarks: Reception for American and Japanese Businessmen, Akasaka Palace,

Tokyo, Japan (Robinson/Church) 11/10/1983 (1)(2)

Toast: Emperor's Banquet Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan (Rohrabacher/Church)

11/10/1983 (1)(2)

Address: Japanese Diet (Tokyo, Japan) (Elliott/Church) 11/11/1983 (1)-(4)

Remarks: Reception for American and Japanese Press (Akasaka Palace) Tokyo,

Japan (Dolan/Church) 11/11/1983

Remarks: Opening Statement for NHK-TV Interview (Akasaka  Palace), Tokyo,

Japan (Elliott/Church) 11/11/1983 (1)-(4)


Box 120

Remarks: Eureka College Reception, Akasaka Palace, Tokyo, Japan

(Parvin/Timmons) 11/11/1983

Marine Corps/Veterans Day Celebration (Myer) 11/11/1983

Arrival Statement, Kimpo Airport, Seoul, Korea (Dolan/Cave) 11/12/1983

Address: Korean National Assembly, Seoul, Korea (Parvin/Cave) 11/12/1983 (1)-(4)

Radio Address: Seoul, Korea (Elliott) 11/12/1983

Reception for Prominent Koreans (Seoul, Korea) (Parvin/Church) 11/12/1983

Toast: State Dinner at Blue House, Seoul, Korea (Dolan/Timmons) 11/12/1983

Remarks: U.S. Troops in Mortar Area Camp Liberty Bell - Seoul, Korea

(Rohrabacher/Penniman) 11/13/1983 (1)(2)

Arrival from Far East, South Lawn (Elliott) 11/14/1983

Talking Points on Tuition Tax Credits (Elliott) 11/15/1983

Taping: Tribute to Jimmy Stewart by National Football Foundation (Parvin) 11/16/1983

Swearing-In Ceremony for Susan M. Phillips as Chairman of Commodity Futures

Trading Commission (Robinson) 11/17/1983


Box 121

Taping: Video Christmas Message for U.S. Servicemen and Women Stationed

Abroad (Elliott) 11/17/1983

Taping: Governor's Reception in Connection with Army/Navy (Rohrabacher) 11/17/1983

Taping: Council of State Governments (Dolan) 11/17/1983

Address: Threatened Soviet Walkout on Arms Reduction Talks (Myer/Elliott)


Radio Talk: Wrap-up of Congress (Elliott) (Cave/Church) 11/19/1983

President Nimeiri of Sudan: Departure (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 11/21/1983

Statement on Soviet INF Walkout (Myer)(Church) 11/23/1983

Thanksgiving Day Proclamation (Parvin) (Research: Julie) 11/24/1983

Radio Talk: Interior Department (Reagan/Robinson/Cave) 11/26/1983 (1)(2)

Taping: Campus Crusade for Christ International's KC 83 Conference (Elliott)


Taping: National Food Brokers Convention (Elliott)(Cave) 11/28/1983

Taping: Tribute to University of Nebraska Football Team (Elliott)(Church) 11/28/1983

Taping: Tournament of Roses Parade (Parvin) 11/28/1983

Decade of the Disabled Ceremony (Myer) 11/28/1983 (1)-(4)  


Box 122

Decade of the Disabled Ceremony (Myer) 11/28/1983 (5)

Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir of Israel: Departure Statement (Elliott)(Cave) 11/29/1983

           Signing Ceremony for H.R. 27880 - State and Local Fiscal Assistance Amendments

of 1983 (Robinson)(Church) 11/30/1983

People Magazine: Q's & A's (Dolan) December 1983

President Gemayel of Lebanon: Departure Statement (Rohrabacher)(Timmons)


PBS Taping at Shiloh Baptist Church (Elliott)(Church) 12/01/1983

Radio Talk: Family Values (Elliott)(Church) 12/03/1983 (1)(2)

Parade Cover Story (Parvin) 12/04/1983 (1)(2)

Menorah Candlelighting Ceremony at Rockville Jewish Community Center (Elliott)

(Timmons) 12/04/1983

Kennedy Center Honors Reception at White House (Robinson)(Church) 12/04/1983 (1)-


Talking Points: Satellite Conference Call to the Space Shuttle (Myer)(Cave)

12/05/1983 (1)


Box 123

Talking Points: Satellite Conference Call to the Space Shuttle (Myer)(Cave)

12/05/1983 (2)(3)

Meeting of National Conference of United States Attorneys (Dolan)(Cave) 12/05/1983


Dinner Honoring Jimmy Doolittle Hosted by Aerospace Education Fund (Dolan)

(Timmons) 12/06/1983

State Visit: King Birendra of Nepal (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 12/07/1983 (1)(2)

Address Commission on Excellence in Education (Indianapolis, IN) (Robinson)

(Penniman) (1)-(6)

Dropby: American Enterprise Institute Reception (Robinson)(Cave) 12/08/1983 (1)


Box 124

Dropby: American Enterprise Institute Reception (Robinson)(Cave) 12/08/1983 (2)(3)

Statement: Return of Space Shuttle (Myer)(Timmons) 12/08/1983

Signing Ceremony for International Human Rights Day Proclamation

(Rohrabacher)(Church) 12/09/1983 (1)(2)

Radio Talk: Lebanon (Myer)(Timmons) 12/10/1983 (1)(2)

"Christmas in Washington" Concert (Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 12/11/1983

Congressional Medal of Honor Society's 1983 Convention Luncheon (Myer)(Church)

12/12/1983 (1)-(5)

Signing Ceremony for Drunk & Drugged Driving Awareness Week Proclamation

(Robinson)(Cave) 12/13/1983


Box 125

Taping: Message for Hillsdale College Dinner Honoring Jeane Kirkpatrick

(Rohrabacher)(Cave) 12/13/1983

Taping: Introduction to SBA Tape "The Last Frontier" (Rohrabacher)(Timmons)

12/13/1983 (1)(2)

Taping: Message for Senator McClure Re-Election Campaign (Myer)(Church)


Taping: Commemoration of Alaska's Silver Anniversary (Dolan)(Cave) 12/13/1983

Taping: Introduction to TV Special on High School Athletics [Cancelled] (Rohrabacher)(Cave)


Briefing for Gannett Editors: Brief Opening Remarks (Robinson)(Timmons) 12/14/1983

Opening Statement: Mini-News Conference [Not Used] (Elliott)(Church) 12/14/1983

Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada: Departure Statement (Penniman)(Myer) 12/15/1983

National Christmas Tree Lighting (Elliott) 12/15/1983

Presentation of Congressional Gold Medal to Fred Waring (Dolan)(Cave) 12/15/1983

Announcement of National Endowment for Democracy (Myer)(Timmons) 12/16/1983

Radio Talk: Drunk Driving (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 12/17/1983

Radio Talk: Religious Freedom (VOA) (Elliott)(Cave) 12/17/1983

Talking Points: Christmas Open House For Military & Secret Service (Rohrabacher)

(Cave) 12/17/1983

Talking Points: Christmas Open House for White House Staff (Rohrabacher)

(Church) 12/18/1983

Presentation of Presidential Rank Awards for Senior Executive Service (Myer)

(Timmons) 12/19/1983


Box 126

Meeting with American Security Council (Dolan)(Cave) 12/20/1983

News Conference: Opening Statement (Elliott)(Church) 12/20/1983

Entertainment Thank You at Senior White House Staff Christmas Party (Robinson)

(Penniman) 12/21/1983

Taping: Hispanic Radio Christmas Message (Rohrabacher) 12/22/1983

Radio Talk: Christmas (Elliott) (Timmons)  12/24/1983

Radio Talk: Year End Report (Taped 12/28/1983 in Los Angeles) (Robinson)

          (Church/Timmons) 12/31/1983

Statement: Release of Lieutenant Goodman (Elliott)(Cave) 01/04/1984

Ladies Home Journal (January 1984 Issue) (Parvin)(Church) (1)(2)

LAOOC (Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee) Pamphlet: Q & A (Myer) 1984

Taping: Voice of America Broadcast to Cuban People (Elliott)(Cave) 01/07/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: "Today Show" 80th Birthday Tribute to Cary Grant (Rohrabacher)(Church)


Taping: 12th Annual Martin Luther King Dinner (Robinson)(Timmons) 01/05/1984

Taping: National Council of Farmer Cooperatives (Dolan)(Timmons) 01/05/1984

Statement: Unemployment (Elliott)(Church) 01/06/1984

Radio Talk: Violence in Schools (Robinson)(Penniman) 01/07/1984 (1)(2)

Briefing for Business Leaders Departing for Grenada (Robinson)(Timmons) 01/09/1984


Reception for Participants in Executive Exchange Program (Rohrabacher)(Timmons)



Box 127

State Visit: Premier Zhao of China: Arrival, Toast, Entertainment, Thanks (Rohrabacher)

(Cave) 01/10/1984 (1)(2)

[State Visit: Premier Zhao of China, Treaty, Departure, Breakfast 01/10/1984]

Statement: Hunger Task Force Report (Robinson)(Church) 01/10/1984

Meeting of Small Business Legislative Council (Elliott)(Church) 01/12/1984

Taping: National Association of Homebuilders Convention (Robinson)(Church)


Taping: Tribute to Agent Tim McCarthy (Dolan)(Timmons) 01/13/1984

Taping: Young Presidents Organization (Myer)(Cave) 01/13/1984

Taping: Jesse Owens International Amateur Award Dinner (Dolan)(Cave) 01/13/1984

Lunch with Elected GOP Women Officials (Robinson)(Cave) 01/13/1984 (1)(2)

Radio Talk (Elliot)(Cave) 01/14/1984 (1)(2)

Soviet Speech (Myer) 01/16/1984 (1)(2)


Box 128

Soviet Speech (Myer) 01/16/1984 (3)-(8)

Receive Report from President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (Dolan)(Church)


Statement: Anniversary of Disappearance of Raoul Wallenberg (Elliott)(Cave)


Prime Minister Mahathir of Malaysia: Departure Statement (Rohrabacher)(Cave)


Talking Points: Dave Gergen Farewell Reception (Robinson) 01/19/1984

Dropby: Council on Physical Fitness Reception (Dolan)(Timmons) 01/19/1984

Executive Forum on Third Anniversary of Reagan Administration (Robinson)(Church)

01/20/1984 (1)-(3)

Statement: Shultz Return from Sweden (Myer) 01/20/1984

Radio Talk: Deficits (Elliott)(Church) 01/21/1984

Taping: National Rifle Association Firearm Safety Message (Dolan)(Penniman)



Box 129

Taping: Lincoln Day Message (Robinson)(Timmons) 01/23/1984

Taping: California Trucking Association Anniversary (Dolan)(Timmons) 01/23/1984

Taping: Health Insurance Association of America's Teleconference "Wellness and

the Bottom Line"  (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 01/23/1984

National Theatre Opening (Robinson)(Timmons) 01/23/1984

Senate Republican Policy Committee Luncheon (Capital) (Robinson)(Timmons)


State of the Union: Pre-Draft File 01/25/1984 (1)(2)

State of the Union: 1st Draft (Elliot) 01/25/1984 (1)-(3)

State of the Union (Elliott) 01/25/1984 (1)-(3)


Box 130

State of the Union (Elliott) 01/25/1984 (4)(5)

State of the Union: Final Stage File (Elliott) 01/25/1984 (1)-(3)

Public Comments on State of the Union

"Spirit of America" Rally - Atlanta Georgia (Elliott) 01/26/1984 (1)-(5)

Southern Republican Leadership Conference [Atlanta, GA] (Rohrabacher)(Timmons)

01/26/1984 (1)(2)

RNC's (Republican National Committee) Third Inaugural Anniversary Dinner

(Rohrabacher)(Church) 01/26/1984 (1)(2)


Box 131

Meeting with Republican Members of the House (Robinson)(Penniman) 01/27/1984


Alfalfa Dinner (Parvin)(Timmons) 01/28/1984

Radio Talk (Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 01/28/1984 (1)(2)

Announcement Speech: Outline (Elliott) December 1983 – Speech (KK) 01/29/1984


Address National Religious Broadcasters Convention (Elliott) 01/30/1984 (1)-(5)

Dropby: St. Ignatius School (Robinson)(Cave) 01/31/1984  


Box 132

International Concrete Aggregates Show & Convention Luncheon Chicago, IL

          (Rohrabacher) 01/31/1984 (1)-(5)

President Spiljak of Yugoslavia: Departure Statement (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 02/01/1984

Signing Ceremony for "National Tourism Week" Proclamation (Myer)(Timmons)


Lunch with Republican House & Senate Members (Robinson)(Church) 02/02/1984 (1)(2)

Signing Ceremony: Black History Month (Robinson)(Timmons) 02/02/1984 (1)-(3)

National Prayer Breakfast (Elliott) 02/04/1984

Lunch with Elected GOP Women Officials (Myer)(Church) 02/03/1984 (1)


Box 133

Lunch with Elected GOP Women Officials (Myer)(Church) 02/03/1984 (2)(3)

Commission on Central America Kickoff (Myer)(Cave) 02/03/1984

Radio Talk: Bipartisanship (Elliott)(Cave) 02/04/1984

Phone Call to Fundraiser in Dixon, Illinois (Rohrabacher)(Church) 02/05/1984

Time Magazine Program at Eureka College (Dolan)(Church) 02/06/1984 (1)-(4)

Birthday Rally: Dixon, Illinois (Myer)(Church) 02/06/1984 (1)(2)

National Association of Secondary School Principals, Las Vegas, Nevada

          (Robinson)(Penniman) 02/07/1984 (1)-(4)

Nevada GOP Luncheon (Rohrabacher)(Church) 02/07/1984 (1)


Box 134

Nevada GOP Luncheon (Rohrabacher)(Church) 02/07/1984 (2)(3)

Radio Talk: US-Soviet Relations After Andropov (Elliott)(Cave) 02/11/1984

King Hussein of Jordan: Departure Statement (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 02/13/1984

Taping: Citizens for the Republic Dinner (Dolan)(Church) 02/13/1984

King Hussein of Jordan & President  Mubarak: Departure Statement

(Rohrabacher)(Cave) 02/14/1984

Talking Points: Phone Call to Debbie Armstrong and Christin Cooper (Elliott)


Observance of National Crime Prevention Week (Myer)(Penniman) 02/15/1984 (1)(2)

Susan B. Anthony Birthday Party (Robinson)(Cave) 02/15/1984 (1)-(4)

Briefing for Emergency Committee for American Trade (Elliott)(Church) 02/16/1984

Taping: American Film Institute Dinner Honoring Lillian Gish (Dolan)(Timmons) [Not

Used] 02/16/1984

Taping: Automotive Service Industry Association (Robinson)(Church) 02/16/1984


Box 135

Taping: National Conference of Hospital Trustees at Annenberg Center for Health Services

(Myer)(Church) 02/16/1984

Taping: Radio Information Center for the Blind (Robinson)(Church) 02/16/1984

Lunch with Elected GOP Women Officials (Myer)(Penniman) 02/17/1984 (1)-(3)

Talking Points: Phone Call to Scott Hamilton: Gold Medal Ice Skate (Robinson)

(Church) 02/17/1984

Princess Grace Foundation Benefit (Robinson)(Timmons) 02/18/1984

Radio Talk: Crime (Elliott)(Church) 02/18/1984 (1)(2)

Talking Points: Phone Call to Billy Johnson: Gold Medal in Olympics for Downhill

(Robinson) 02/19/1984

Talking Points: Phone Call to Daytona 500 (Elliott)(Church) 02/19/1984

Dropby Meeting with Commission on Security & Economic Assistance (Myer)(Cave)


Taping: School Prayer (Elliott)(Penniman) 02/22/1984

Taping: Bob Hope Anniversary (Elliott) 02/22/1984

News Conference Opening Statement: Crime, Prayer in Schools, Deficits

(Elliott)(Church) 02/22/1984

Briefing for Asian & Pacific American Leaders (Myer)(Cave) 02/23/1984 (1)(2)

Signing Ceremony for Expendable Launch Vehicle Executive Order (Robinson)

          (Penniman) 02/24/1984

Prime Minister Muldoon of New Zealand: Departure Statement (Myer)(Cave)



Box 136

Radio Talk: School Prayer (Elliott)(Penniman) 02/25/1984

Dinner for the Nation's Governors and their Spouses (Rohrabacher)(Timmons)


Address to the Nation's Governors (Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 02/27/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: Republican Womens Leadership Forum (Church) 02/27/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: National Manufacturers Association (Dolan)(Penniman) 02/27/1984

State Visit: President Kirchschlaeger of Austria (Robinson)(Cave) 02/28/1984 (1)-(3)

Briefing for National Alliance of Senior Citizens (Robinson)(Penniman) 02/29/1984 (1)(2)

Reception for US Winter Olympic Team (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 02/29/1984

Address: American Legion Women's Auxiliary Convention (Dolan)(Church) 03/01/1984 (1)(2)


Box 137

Address: American Legion Women's Auxiliary Convention (Dolan)(Church) 03/01/1984 (3)-(5)

Reception for Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program (Dolan)(Timmons) 03/01/1984

Signing Ceremony: Morocco-Voice of America Agreement (Elliott/Cave) 03/01/1984

Lunch with Elected GOP Women Officials (Robinson)(Penniman) 03/02/1984 (1)-(3)

Dropby Dinner of Conservative Political Action Conference (Elliott)(Church) 03/02/1984 (1)-(7)


Box 138

Radio Talk: Deficits (Elliott)(Cave) 03/03/1984 (1)(2)

Chancellor Kohl of the Federal Republic of Germany: Departure Statement

(Rohrabacher)(Cave) 03/05/1984

Address: National League of Cities Conference (Myer)(Timmons) 03/05/1984 (1)-(5)

Taping: Order Sons of Italy in America (Dolan)(Cave) 03/05/1984

Taping: Dallas County Republican Assembly (Dolan)(Church) 03/05/1984

Taping: American Association of Retired Persons Convention (Myer) 03/05/1984 (1)(2)

Briefing for State Agriculture Officials (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 03/07/1984 (1)(2)

Lunch with Business Editors (Elliott)(Cave) 03/07/1984


Box 139

Reception for National Newspaper Association Membership (Dolan)(Church) 03/08/1984


Girl Scouts of America Anniversary Lunch (Myer)(Timmons) 03/09/1984

Radio Talk: Economy (Elliott)(Church) 03/10/1984 (1)(2)

Lunch with Elected GOP Women Officials (Myer)(Church) 03/12/1984 (1)-(3)

Fourth National Young Leadership Conference (Robinson)(Penniman) 03/11/1984 (1)-(7)


Box 140

Fourth National Young Leadership Conference (Robinson)(Penniman) 03/11/1984 (8)-(12)

Prime Minister Soares of Portugal: Departure Statement (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 03/14/1984

Dropby Briefing for Puerto Rican Leaders (Myer)(Church) 03/15/1984 (1)(2)

Luncheon with Prime Mininster Fitzgerald & Prominent Irish Americans (Dolan)(Cave)

03/16/1984 (1)(2)

Radio Talk: St. Patrick's Day (Dolan)(Cave) 03/17/1984 (1)-(3)

Dropby Briefing for Cuban-American Leaders (Rohrabacher/Church) 03/19/1984 (1)(2)

1984 Report on State of Small Business (Robinson)(Timmons) 03/19/1984 (1)


Box 141

1984 Report on State of Small Business (Robinson)(Timmons) 03/19/1984 (2)-(4)

Agriculture Day (Myer)(Timmons) 03/20/1984 (1)(2)

Signing Ceremony for Shipping Act of 1984 (Robinson)(Church) 03/20/1984 (1)(2)

Statement: Senate Vote on School Prayer Amendment (Elliott)(Penniman) 03/20/1984

Dropby House Republican Policy Committee (Elliott)(Church) 03/21/1984 (1)(2)

Dropby Senate Republican Policy Committee (Elliott)(Church) 03/21/1984 (1)(2)

President Mitterand of France: Arrival, State Dinner Toast, Entertainment, Thanks

          (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 03/22/1984 (1)-(3)

White House Management Conference (Myer)(Church) 03/23/1984 (1)(2)


Box 142

Lunch with Tau Kappa Epsilon (Dolan)(Timmons) 03/23/1984

Taping: American Preparedness Association Dinner (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 03/23/1984

Taping: National Council on the Aging (Myer)(Penniman) 03/23/1984

Taping: American Advertising Federation (Robinson)(Timmons) 03/23/1984

Taping: Marine Corps Scholarship Fund (Myer)(Church) 03/23/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: Museum of Broadcasting Tribute to Lucille Ball (Dolan)(Timmons) 03/23/1984

Radio Talk: Central America (Elliott)(Cave) 03/24/1984 (1)(2)

Gridiron Dinner (Elliott)(Church) 03/24/1984 (1)-(4)

Medal of Freedom Luncheon (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 03/26/1984 (1)(2)


Box 143

Medal of Freedom Luncheon (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 03/26/1984 (3)-(6)

National Republican Senatorial Committee's Inner Circle Reception (Robinson)

(Church) 03/26/1984 (1)(2)

Address: Independent Insurance Agents of America (Rohrabacher)(Timmons)

03/27/1984 (1)-(5)

Taping: Portugal's 10th Anniversary as a Democratic State (Rohrabacher)(Cave)


Taping: National Crimestoppers (Myer)(Penniman) 03/29/1984

Taping: Junior Achievement Message (Elliott) 03/29/1984

Taping: Head Start Association (Myer)(Timmons) 03/29/1984

Taping: Senator Gordon Humphrey Campaign (Rohrabacher)(Church) 03/29/1984

Taping: Inauguration of Japanese Television Satellite System (Myer)(Cave) 03/29/1984


Box 144

Radio Talk: Women in Business (Elliott)(Church) 03/31/1984

Fourth Annual Lamb Fry (Elliott)(Penniman) 04/02/1984

Dropby Meeting with Members of National Security Telecommunications Advisory

Committee (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 04/03/1984

News Conference Opening Statement (Elliott)(Church) 04/04/1984

Address: Women in Business Conference (New York, NY) (Robinson)(Church)

          04/05/1984 (1)-(7)

Address: New York State Federation of Catholic School Parents (New York, NY)

(Dolan)(Penniman) 04/05/1984 (1)-(3)


Box 145

Address: New York State Federation of Catholic School Parents (New York, NY)

(Dolan)(Penniman) 04/05/1984 (4)(5)

Dropby with Jewish Community Leaders (New York, NY) (Myer)(Church) 04/05/1984 (1)(2)

Meeting with USC Women's Basketball Team (NCAA Champions) (Rohrabacher)

(Penniman) 04/06/1984

Center for Strategic International Studies (Elliott)(Cave) 04/06/1984 (1)-(8)


Box 146

Radio Talk: Foreign Policy (Elliott)(Cave) 04/07/1984 (1)(2)

Statement: Death of Senator Frank Church (Elliott)(Church) 04/07/1984

Meeting with Georgetown Basketball Team (Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 04/07/1984

Reception at White House for Ford Theater Benefit (Robinson)(Timmons) 04/08/1984

Signing Ceremony for the 27th Law Day, USA Proclamation (Dolan)(Timmons) 04/09/1984 

Ceremony Honoring National Teacher of the Year (Noonan)(Penniman) 04/09/1984 (1)(2)

Dropby Chowder and Marching Club (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 04/09/1984

State Visit: President Blanco of the Dominican Republic (Rohrabacher)(Penniman)

04/10/1984 (1)(2)

Fair Housing Month Ceremony (Robinson) (Timmons) 04/10/1984

Signing Ceremony for Wheat Improvement Act (Robinson)(Timmons) 04/10/1984

Dropby Ford Claycoma Assemby Plant (Kansas City, MO) (Church) 04/11/1984 (1)(2)

Visit Housing Construction Site (Dallas, TX) (Rohrabacher)(Church) 04/12/1984 (1)(2)

Reception for National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Leadership

Council (Myer)(Church) 04/12/1984


          Box 147

Prime Minister Prem of Thailand: Departure Statement (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 04/13/1984

Dropby Fundamentalist 1984 Convention (Robinson)(Penniman) 04/13/1984 (1)-(3)

White House Correspondents Dinner (Elliott)(Church) 04/13/1984 (1)(2)

Victims of Crime Ceremony (Elliott)(Timmons) 04/13/1984

Radio Talk: Crime (Dolan)(Timmons) 04/14/1984

Radio Talk: Nicaragua (Elliott)(Cave) 04/14/1984 (1)-(3)

Vice-President Bush Geneva Mission Send-off (Elliott) 04/16/1984

Taping: National Guard of California Dinner (Myer)(Penniman) 04/16/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: Maine State Republican Convention (Rohrabacher)(Church) 04/16/1984

Taping: Boy Scouts of America Dinner (Myer)(Timmons) 04/16/1984

Taping: World Trade Conference (Robinson)(Penniman) 04/16/1984


Box 148

Taping: National Association of Broadcasting Convention (Noonan)(Timmons)

04/16/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting (Robinson)(Timmons) 04/16/1984

Taping: Sue Cummings Reagan-Bush 1984 Convention (Myer)(Church) 04/16/1984

Taping:A.I.D. (Agency for International Development) Small Business Conference

(Robinson)(Timmons) 04/16/1984

Statement: Death of General Mark Clark (Myer)(Cave) 04/17/1984

Luncheon with Hispanic Coalition Leadership (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 04/17/1984 (1)-(4)

Roundtable Discussion on Trade - Weyerhaeuser Industries (Tacoma, WA)

(Noonan)(Timmons) 04/19/1984

Talking Points: Dockworkers at Weyerhaeuser Industries (Tacoma, WA) (Noonan)

(Timmons) 04/19/1984

Letter for Telephone Engineer & Management 75th Anniversary Issue (Robinson)

June Issue

Radio Talk: Economy (Reagan/Elliott)(Timmons) 04/21/1984

Remarks: Arrival Ceremony - Hawaii (Dolan)(Penniman) 04/24/1984

Departure Statement: Hawaii (Elliott)(Penniman) 04/24/1984 (1)


Box 149

Departure Statement: Hawaii (Elliott)(Penniman) 04/24/1984 (2)

Remarks: Arrival Ceremony - Guam (Myer)(Timmons) 04/25/1984 (1)(2)

Toast: Private Dinner with Li & Zhao, Yang Yuan Hall (Rohrabacher)(Cave)

 04/26/1984 (1)(2)

Address: Great Hall (Elliott)(Church) 04/27/1984 (1)-(8)

Toast: Welcoming Banquet - Great Hall (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 04/27/1984 (1)(2)


Box 150

Toast: Welcoming Banquet - Great Hall (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 04/27/1984 (3)

Remarks: Opening Statement for CCTV [Chinese Television] Interview (Elliott)

(Church) 04/28/1984 (1)(2)

Remarks: Reception for American Community - Great Wall Hotel (Robinson)(Cave)

04/28/1984 (1)(2)

Toast: Reciprocal Banquet - Great Wall Hotel (Robinson)(Cave) 04/28/1984 (1)(2)

Radio Talk: Trip to China (From China) (Elliott) 04/28/1984

Remarks: Signing Ceremony at Great Hall (Dolan)(Timmons) 04/30/1984 (1)(2)

Remarks: Foxboro-Shanghai Joint Venture (Myer)(Church) 04/30/1984

Remarks: Opening Statement – Q's & A's Fudan University Classroom (Robinson)

(Penniman) 04/30/1984

Address: Fudan University (Noonan)(Cave) 04/30/1984 (1)(2)


Box 151

          Address: Fudan University (Noonan)(Cave) 04/30/1984 (3)-(7)     

Toast: Banquet Hosted by Shanghai Mayor (Elliott)(Cave) 04/30/1984 (1)(2)

University of Alaska Welcoming (Fairbanks, AK) (Noonan)(Penniman) 05/01/1984 (1)(2)

Luncheon with Community Leaders (Fairbanks, AK) (Rohrabacher)(Timmons)

05/01/1984 (1)(2)

Remarks: Meeting with the Pope (Fairbanks, AK) (Dolan)(Penniman) 05/02/1984

Radio Talk: Waste, Fraud and Abuse (Hayes/Elliott)(Timmons) 05/05/1984 (1)(2)


Box 152

Dinner for Smithsonian Board of Directors (Noonan)(Timmons) 05/06/1984

Remarks: Volunteer Action Awards Luncheon (Dolan)(Timmons) 05/07/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: National Red Cross Annual Meeting (Robinson)(Timmons) 05/07/1984

Taping: California Special Olympics Tribute (Myer)(Timmons) 05/07/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: National Restaurant Association Convention (Myer)(Church) 05/07/1984       (1)(2)

Taping: National Right to Life Convention (Robinson)(Penniman) 05/07/1984

Harry Truman Centennial Luncheon (Noonan)(Church) 05/08/1984 (1)(2)

Meeting with OAS (Organization of American States) (Rohrabacher)(Timmons)

05/08/1984 (1)(2)

Ceremony in Observance of Small Business Week (Myer)(Penniman) 05/09/1984 (1)(2)

President Masire of Botswana: Departure Statement (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 05/09/1984


Box 153

Address: Central America (Myer/Noonan/BE)(Cave) 05/09/1984 (1)-(6)

Speech - 05/09/1984 - Central America - File #2 (1)-(7)

Address: National Association of Realtor's Convention (Rohrabacher)(Timmons)

05/10/1984 (1)


Box 154

Address: National Association of Realtor's Convention (Rohrabacher)(Timmons)

          05/10/1984 (2)-(5)

Reception for House/Senate Dinner Committee (Robinson)(White) 05/10/1984

House/Senate Dinner (Robinson)(White) 05/10/1984 (1)-(4)

National Commission on Excellence in Education Report Ceremony (Noonan)

(Penniman) 05/11/1984

Radio Talk: Education (Noonan)(Penniman) 05/12/1984

Dropby: Jeanne Jugan Residence for the Elderly (Robinson)(White) 05/13/1984

Ceremony to Launch Drunk Driving Campaign (Elliott)(Timmons) 05/14/1984

Olympic Torch Ceremony (Myer)(Timmons) 05/14/1984

State Visit of President De La Madrid of Mexico (Rohrabacher/Cave) 05/15/1984 (1)


Box 155

State Visit of President De La Madrid of Mexico (Rohrabacher/Cave) 05/15/1984 (2)

Dropby: Briefing for Senior Citizens Press (Elliott)(Penniman) 05/16/1984 (1)(2)

Dropby: Briefing for American Retail Federation (Myer)(Timmons) 05/16/1984 (1)(2)

Dropby: White House News Photographers Association Annual Dinner (Robinson)

          (Penniman) 05/16/1984 (1)(2)

Statement for the MX (Victory) (Elliott) 05/16/1984

Kickoff Summer Jobs Program (Myer)(Timmons) 05/17/1984 (1)(2)

Statement: Senate Passage of Deficit Reduction Bill (Robinson/Elliott) 05/17/1984

Talking Points: Dropby Meeting for Representatives of the Inter-Parliamentary

Union           (Elliott) 05/17/1984

Radio Talk: Youth Unemployment (Elliott)(Penniman) 05/19/1984

Reception for the National Republican National Heritage Groups Council

(Robinson)(White) 05/20/1984 (1)-(3)

Dropby Briefing for Cuban-American Leaders (Rohrabacher)(White) 05/21/1984 (1)-(3)


Box 156

Ceremony in Connection with Olympic Coin Program (Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 05/21/1984

Signing Ceremony for Child Protection Act of 1984 (Noonan)(Cave) 05/21/1984 (1)(2)

News Conference Opening Statement (Elliott)(Cave) 05/22/1984

Taping: D-Day Taping for French TV (Robinson)(Cave) 05/22/1984

Taping: Gospel Concert Benefit of Bethal Bible Village (Noonan)(Timmons) 05/22/1984

Taping: Catholic Health Association Convention (Robinson)(Penniman) 05/22/1984

Taping: Indiana Republican State Convention (Rohrabacher)(Church) 05/22/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: National Exchange Clubs Convention (Robinson)(Timmons) 05/22/1984

Taping: Public Service Message on Alzheimer's Disease (Myer)(Penniman) 05/22/1984

Ceremony to Observe World Trade Week (Myer)(Cave) 05/23/1984

Ground Breaking Ceremony for Addition to CIA Headquarters (Dolan)(Timmons)

05/24/1984 (1)(2)

[Inside Remarks: CIA Ground Breaking Ceremnoy (Dolan) 05/24/1984]


Box 157

Vietnam Unknown Soldier Ceremony at the Capitol, 05/25/1984 (Myer)(Cave)

Radio Talk: Economy (Elliott)(White) 05/26/1984 (1)(2)

Vietnam Unknown Soldier Entombment, 05/28/1984 (Dolan)(Cave) (1)-(3)

Visit Olympic Training Center (Colorado Springs, CO) (Rohrabacher)(White) 05/29/1984

Address: Commencement Address at Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, CO)

(Myer)(Penniman) 05/30/1984 (1)-(4)

Awarding of Commander-In-Chief Trophy at the Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, CO)

(Myer) 05/30/1984

Presentation of the Medal of Honor to William J. Crawford (Colorado Springs, CO)

          (Myer)(White) 05/30/1984

NATO Ministerial Dinner Toast (Myer)(Cave) 05/30/1984

NATO Ministerial Departure Statement (Myer)(Cave) 05/31/1984

Taping: American Cancer Society Fundraiser 05/31/1984 (Robinson)(Timmons)

Taping: Washington Charity Dinner (Robinson)(Timmons) 05/31/1984

Taping: National Cable TV Association Convention (Noonan)(Penniman) 05/31/1984


Box 158

Taping: 50th Anniversary Dinner of the Federal Communications Act (Rohrabacher)

(White) 05/31/1984

Taping: General Federation of Women (Noonan)(White) 05/31/1984

Taping: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Benefit Dinner (Robinson)(Penniman) 05/31/1984

Taping: Federally Employed Women's Conference (Cancelled) (Myer)(Cave)


Taping: Alaska Republican Party Event (Cancelled) (Myer)(White) 05/31/1984

Announcement of Dr. Martin Seger as a Member of the Federal Reserve Board

          (Elliott)(White) 05/31/1984

Departure Statement for Europe (Elliott)(Penniman) 06/01/1984

Shannon Arrival Statement (Elliott)(Timmons) 06/01/1984 (1)(2)

Galway University College Speech (Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 06/02/1984 (1)(2)


Box 159

Galway University College Speech (Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 06/02/1984 (3)-(7)

Radio Talk: European Trip (Elliott)(Penniman) 06/02/1984

Ballyporeen Remarks (Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 06/03/1984 (1)(2)

State Dinner Toast: Dublin Castle (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 06/03/1984 (1)(2)

Address to Joint Session of the Irish Parliament (Dolan) 06/04/1984 (1)-(3)


Box 160

Address to Joint Session of the Irish Parliament (Dolan) 06/04/1984 (4)-(7)

Deerfield Luncheon Toast (Robinson)(Cave) 06/04/1984 (1)(2)

Departure Statement from Ireland (Noonan)(Cave) 06/04/1984

Toast for Luncheon with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip (Robinson) 06/05/1984

Omaha Beach Memorial Remarks, 06/06/1984 (Dolan)(White)

Pointe du Hoc Address, Normandy, 06/06/1984 (Noonan)(White) (1)(2)


Box 161

Pointe du Hoc Address, Normandy, 06/06/1984 (Noonan)(White) (3)(4)

Meeting with British MP's (Elliott)(Cave)  06/06/1984

Greeting to USS Eisenhower (Elliott)(Cave) 06/06/1984

Radio Talk: London Economic Summit (Elliott)(Cave) 06/09/1984

Toast for British State Dinner (Rohrabacher) 06/09/1984

Remarks to U.S. Embassy Personnel in London (Myer)(Timmons) 06/10/1984 (1)(2)

Dropby Briefing for National Council of Farmer Cooperatives (Robinson)(White)

06/12/1984 (1)(2)

Kickoff Opening of Missing Children's Center (Myer)(White) 06/13/1984 (1)-(3)

Congratulate National Basketball Association Champions (Robinson)(Cave) 06/13/1984


Box 162

Taping: Voter Registration Program of the American Coalition for Traditional Values

(Myer)(Timmons) 06/14/1984

Taping: Dick Swanson's 50th Birthday (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 06/14/1984

Taping: Baltimore Conference (Elliott)(Cave) 06/14/1984

News Conference Opening Statement (Elliott)(White) 06/14/1984

Presentation of the White House Flag to U.S. Olympic Committee (Rohrabacher)

(White) 06/14/1984

Radio Talk: Father's Day (Elliott)(White) 06/16/1984

Opening Day for International Games for the Disabled (Robinson)(Timmons) 06/17/1984


State Visit of President Jayewardene of Sri Lanka: Arrival, Toast, Entertainment

          (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 06/18/1984 (1)(2)

Greet Delegates to National Teenage Republican Leadership Conference

(Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 06/18/1984 (1)(2)

Dedication of National Geographic Society's New Building (Noonan)(Penniman)

06/19/1984 (1)-(5)


Box 163

Reception for GOP Congressional Candidates (Elliott)(White) 06/19/1984

1984 Presidential Scholars Ceremony (Dolan)(Timmons) 06/19/1984

President's Remarks: Signing Ceremony for Wilderness Legislation (Robinson)

06/19/1984 (1)(2)

Address Mothers Against Drunk Driving - New Jersey (Noonan)(Cave) 06/20/1984 (1)(2)

Statement on GNP (Elliott)(White) 06/20/1984

Address: National Sheriffs Association (Hartford, CT) (Dolan)(Penniman) 06/20/1984 (1)-(5)

Meeting with Group of Students Attending the National Youth Governors Conference

(Myer)(Penniman) 06/21/1984

Dropby Briefing for National Association of Broadcasters (Noonan)(Timmons)


"Fish Fry" for the Congress (Rohrabacher)(White) 06/21/1984


Box 164

Meeting with Representatives of the International Youth Year Commission (Myer)(Cave)

06/22/1984 (1)(2)

Radio Talk: Economic Growth (Elliott)(White) 06/23/1984 (1)(2)

Dropby Briefing for Black Appointees (Robinson)(Penniman) 06/25/1984 (1)-(4)

Agricultural Communicators Congress (Myer)(White) 06/25/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: Citizens for America Dinner (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 06/25/1984

Senior Citizen Volunteer Recognition Ceremony (Noonan)(Timmons) 06/26/1984      (1)(2)

Taping: National Leadership Conference of Future Business Leaders of America

          (Robinson)(Timmons) 06/26/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: Annual Convention of Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks (Myer)(Penniman)



Box 165

Taping: Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International Conference (Elliott)

(Penniman) 06/26/1984

Posthumous Presentation of Medal Of Freedom to Henry Jackson, 06/26/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: Tribute to Jack Dales (Myer)(White) 06/26/1984

Taping: National Computer Conference (Robinson)(Timmons) 06/26/1984

Taping: Olympic Basketball Tribute (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 06/26/1984

Address: National Association of Minority Contractors (Elliott)(White) 06/27/1984 (1)-(4)

Meeting with Participants in Conference on US/Soviet Exchange (Myer)(Cave)

06/27/1984 (1)(2)

Audiotape for July 4th Celebrations (Noonan)(Timmons) 06/28/1984

Lunch with Elected GOP Women Officials (Robinson)(White) 06/29/1984 (1)-(3)


Box 166

Radio Talk: Economy/Drugs with Mrs. Reagan (Elliott)(Penniman) 06/30/1984

Diplomatic Corps Barbeque (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 07/01/1984

Anniversary of Duck Stamp Program (Robinson)(Penniman) 07/03/1984

"Firecracker 400" Auto Race (Daytona Beach, FL) (Rohrabacher)(White) 07/04/1984 (1)(2)

Spirit of America Rally (Decatur, AL) (Noonan)(Cave) 07/04/1984 (1)-(3)

Dropby GM Tech Center (Orion Township, MI) (Rohrabacher)(White) 07/05/1984

Dedication of Orion GM Assembly Plant (Orion Township, MI ) (Rohrabacher)(White)

07/05/1984 (1)-(4)

Address: Texas Bar Association (San Antonio, TX) (Dolan) (1)-(4)


Box 167

Radio Talk: Crime (Dolan)(Timmons) 07/07/1984

Regional Press Briefing/Luncheon for Editors & Broadcasters (Robinson)(White)

07/09/1984 (1)(2)

Dropby Meeting of American Coalition for Traditional Values (Elliott)(Penniman)

07/09/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: Public Service Announcement for United Negro College Fund (Robinson)

(Penniman) 07/09/1984

Taping: National Association of Counties (Myer)(White) 07/09/1984

Visit to Chesapeake Bay for Environmental Event (Rohrabacher)(Timmons)

07/10/1984 (1)(2)

Commemoration of 30th Anniversary of Food for Peace Program (Noonan)(Cave)

07/10/1984 (1)(2)

Dropby Briefing for Citizens for America (Noonan)(Penniman) 07/11/1984 (1)(2)

Theodore Roosevelt Island Event (Myer)(Timmons) 07/11/1984 (1)(2)

Address: National Campers & Hikers Association Convention (Bowling Green, KY)

(Robinson)(Cave) 07/12/1984 (1)


Box 168

Address: National Campers & Hikers Association Convention (Bowling Green, KY)

(Robinson)(Cave) 07/12/1984 (2)-(5)

American Farm Bureau Federation (Myer)(White) 07/13/1984

Lunch with Elected GOP Women Officials (Noonan)(Timmons) 07/13/1984 (1)-(5)

Radio Talk: Environment (Elliott)(Penniman) 07/14/1984 (1)(2)

Signing Ceremony for Captive Nations Week Proclamation (Elliott)(Cave)

07/16/1984 (1)-(3)


Box 169

Signing Ceremony for Legislation to Raise Nationwide Drinking Age to 21 (Robinson)

(Timmons) 07/17/1984

Dropby Briefing on Central America (Elliot)(Cave) 07/18/1984 (1)(2)

Reception for President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (Dolan)(Penniman)

07/18/1984 (1)(2)

Dropby Briefing for Executive Committee of President's Private Sector Survey on

Cost Control (Dolan)(Penniman) 07/18/1984

Caribbean Leader's Economic Summit (Columbia, SC) (Myer)(Cave) 07/19/1984 (1)-(4)

National POW-MIA Recognition Day (Noonan)(Cave) 07/20/1984 (1)(2)

Greet Girls' Nation Group (Robinson)(Timmons) 07/20/1984

Ceremony with Apollo Astronauts (Myer)(White) 07/20/1984 (1)(2)


Box 170

Ceremony with Apollo Astronauts (Myer)(White) 07/20/1984 (3)

Radio Talk: Space (Noonan)(Penniman) 07/21/1984 (1)(2)

Greet Boys' Nation Group (Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 07/23/1984

Taping: Paralyzed Veterans National Convention (Myer)(Penniman) 07/23/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: National Council on Adoptable Children (Robinson)(Timmons) 07/23/1984

Taping: National Association of Female Executives (Rohrabacher)(Penniman)

07/23/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 07/23/1984

Reception for Future Farmers of America (Myer)(White) 07/24/1984 (1)(2)

News Conference Opening Statement: Six Key Measures in Congress (Elliott)(White)


Talking Points: Brady Foundation (Robinson) 07/24/1984

Statement by President on the Equal Access Bill (Elliott) 07/25/1984

Radio Talk: The Olympics (Noonan)(Timmons) 07/28/1984

Taping: Citizens for America (Myer)(Penniman) 07/28/1984

Greeting to U.S. Olympic Team (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 07/28/1984


Box 171

Opening Ceremony of Summer Olympics - Los Angeles, CA (Noonan)(Penniman)


Ladies Home Journal Article - 11/1984 Issue (Robinson)(Timmons) July 1984 (1)-(5)

Citizens for the Republic Article – August 1984 Issue (Robinson)(White) (1)(2)

Radio Talk: Taxes (Noonan)(White) 08/04/1984 (1)(2)

Radio Talk: Report Card on New Realism (Elliott)(White) 08/11/1984 (1)(2)

Presidential Remarks: Event with U.S. Olympic Medalists (Noonan)(Timmons)

          08/13/1984 (1)(2)


Box 172

Taping: Senator Jesse Helms (Elliott)(White) 08/16/1984

Signing Ceremony for Child Support Enforcement (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 08/16/1984 (1)(2)

Luncheon for Polish-American Leaders (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 08/17/1984 (1)-(5)

Radio Talk: Olympics (Elliott)(Penniman) 08/18/1984

Governor's Advisory Council on Agriculture - Sedalia, Missouri (Elliott)(White) 08/19/1984

Taping: National Association of Life Underwriters (Myer)(Cave) 08/21/1984

Taping: Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Dinner (Dolan)(Penniman) 08/21/1984

Taping: Little League World Series Championship Game (Robinson)(Itchon) 08/21/1984

Taping: Chamber of Commerce Fifth Anniversary of “It’s Your Business”

(Robinson)(Penniman) 08/21/1984

Address: Convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars - Chicago, Illinois (Myer)(Cave)

08/24/1984 (1)


Box 173

Address: Convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars - Chicago, Illinois (Myer)(Cave)

          08/24/1984 (2)-(6)

Signing Ceremony for S.746 - Illinois & Michigan Corridor - Chicago, IL (Elliott)

(White) 08/24/1984

Radio Talk: America's Future (Elliott)(White) 08/25/1984

Reception for Women Appointees in Commemoration of Women's Equality Day

          (Robinson)(Cave) 08/26/1984 (1)-(3)

Visit to Jefferson Junior High School (Robinson)(Itchon/Penniman) 08/27/1984 (1)(2)

Address: Award Winning Secondary Schools (Robinson)(Penniman) 08/27/1984 (1)(2)


Box 174

Address: Award Winning Secondary Schools (Robinson)(Penniman) 08/27/1984 (3)-(8)

Presentation of Young American Medals (Noonan)(Penniman) 08/28/1984 (1)(2)

Visit: Goddard Space Flight Center - Greenbelt MD (Elliott)(Penniman) 08/30/1984 (1)-(3)

Address: The Catholic Golden Age Society Chapter Presidents (Noonan)(Penniman)

08/31/1984 (1)-(3)


          Box 175

Radio Talk: Jobs (Elliott)(Timmons) 09/01/1984

Talking Points: Phone Call to Astronauts on Space Shuttle Discovery (Noonan) 09/01/1984

Taping: National Convention of "Citizens for Education Reform" (Myer)(Timmons) 09/05/1984

Taping: American Trucking Association Convention (Myer)(White) 09/06/1984

Taping: NRECA Regional Conferences (Rohrabacher)(White) 09/06/1984

Taping: Hispanic GOP Dinner (Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 09/06/1984

Taping: 75th Anniversary of NAACP (Noonan)(Cave) 09/06/1984

Dropby Briefing for Women Executives of Major Corporations & Financial Institutions

(Rohrabacher)(Cave) 09/07/1984

Dropby Briefing for Journalists on Future In Space (Myer)(Penniman) 09/07/1984

Radio Talk: Educational Challenges (Noonan)(Penniman) 09/08/1984

Signing Ceremony for Hispanic Heritage Week (Rohrabacher)(White) 09/10/1984 (1)(2)

Posthumous Presentation of Congressional Gold Medal to Hubert Humphrey

(Nolan)(Penniman) 09/11/1984 (1)(2)

Opening Statememt: Mini-Press Conference (Gromyko Visit to U.S.) (Elliott) 09/11/1984

Grain Announcement for Meeting with GOP Congressional Leaders (Elliott)(Cave)


          Hispanic Excellence in Education (Rohrabacher)(White) 09/13/1984 (1)


Box 176

Hispanic Excellence in Education (Rohrabacher)(White) 09/13/1984 (2)

Taping: Tribute to Charles Wick (Dolan)(Cave) 09/14/1984

Taping: Public Service Announcement for Texas Chambers of Commerce

(Robinson)(Penniman) 09/14/1984

Taping: Eagles Forum Annual Conference (Dolan)(White) 09/14/1984

Taping: Future of Small Town America (Robinson)(Cave) 09/14/1984

Radio Talk: Economic Growth (Elliott)(White) 09/15/1984 (1)(2)

Announcement of Farm Credit Initiative (Elliott)(White) 09/18/1984

Signing Ceremony for National Drug Abuse Education & Prevention Week (Myer)

          (Penniman) 09/21/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: “Roast” of Dallas County Republican Chairman Fred Meyer (Rohrabacher)

(White) 09/21/1984

Taping: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Myer)(Timmons) 09/21/1984

Taping: Annual Conference of the Electronic Industries Association (Myer)(Timmons)


Taping: Thanksgiving Message for Armed Forces (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 09/21/1984


          Box 177

          Taping: Holiday Message for Armed Forces (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 09/21/1984

Taping: American Coalition for Traditional Values (Robinson)(Penniman) 09/21/1984 (1)(2)

Radio Talk: Steel & Agriculture (Elliott)(Timmons) 09/22/1984 (1)(2)

National Peace Through Strength Week (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 09/23/1984

Reception for Heads of Delegations - New York, NY (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 09/23/1984 (1)(2)

Address to United Nations General Assembly (Dolan)(Cave) 09/24/1984 (1)-(5)


Box 178

Address to United Nations General Assembly (Dolan)(Cave) 09/24/1984 (6)(7)

Reception for Presidents of Historically Black Colleges (Robinson)(Penniman)

09/24/1984 (1)(2)

Signing Ceremony for Drug Price Competition & Patent Term Restoration Act of

1984 (Myer)(Timmons) 09/24/1984

International Monetary Fund and World Bank, 09/25/1984 (Elliott/White) (1)-(7)


Box 179

Ceremony with US and Canadian Astronauts (Myer)(Cave) 09/24/1984

Departure Statement: Prime Minister Brian Mulroney of Canada (Myer)(Cave) 09/25/1984

Reception for Supreme Court Justices (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 09/25/1984

Taping: Introduction to SBA Film “Doing Business with the Federal Government”

(Myer)(Pennington) 09/27/1984

Taping: United Hellenic American Congress Banquet (Rohrabacher)(Penniman)


Taping: Dedication of the Gary Grant Theatre (Robinson)(Timmons) 09/27/1984

Taping: TV Spot for Campaign (Elliott)(White) 09/27/1984 (1)(2)

Radio Talk: American Leadership for Peace and Prosperity (Elliott)(Cave) 09/29/1984 (1)(2)

Swearing-In Ceremony for New Citizens - Detroit, MI (Noonan)(Cave) 10/01/1984 (1)(2)

Ceremony Honoring Defense Employees (Elliott)(Cave) 10/05/1984

Radio Talk: Drugs (Elliott)(Penniman) 10/06/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: 40th Grand National (Noonan)(Timmons) 10/08/1984

Departure Statement: Prime Minister Peres of Israel (Myer)(Cave) 10/09/1984

Signing Ceremony for Older Americans Act Amendments of 1984 (Myer)(Cave)10/09/1984


          Box 180

Reception for Leaders of Fraternal Organizations (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 10/09/1984

Ceremony in Observance of Minority Enterprise Development Week (Myer)(Cave)10/11/1984

Radio Talk: Economy (Elliott)(White) 10/13/1984

Announcement of Young Astronauts Program (Myer)(Penniman) 10/17/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: National Electrical Contractors Association (Myer)(Timmons) 10/17/1984

Taping: Los Angeles Boy Scout Award Ceremony (Robinson)(Timmons) 10/17/1984

Taping: 80th Annual Navy League Dinner (Myers)(Care) 10/17/1984

Taping: Lutherans for Life National Convention (Dolan)(Penniman) 10/17/1984 (1)(2)

Taping: International Association of Chiefs of Police (Dolan)(White) 10/17/1984

Taping: TV Spot - Future (Elliott)(White) 10/17/1984

Radio Talk: Foreign Policy (Elliott)(Cave) 10/20/1984

Ceremony with St. George’s Medical University Students (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 10/24/1984 (1)


          Box 181

Ceremony with St. George’s Medical University Students (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 10/24/1984 (2)

Taping: Kansas City Chief’s Tribute to Harry Truman (Noonan)(White) 10/25/1984

Radio Talk: Youth (Elliott) 10/27/1984 

Phone Call to US League of Savings Institutions (Robinson)(Timmons) 10/30/1984

US League of Savings Institution (Robinson)(Timmons) 10/30/1984

Signing Ceremony for Omnibus Trade Bill (Robinson)(White) 10/30/1984 (1)-(3)

Hispanic Stamp Presentation (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 10/31/1984 (1)(2)

Ceremony at Vietnam Veterans War Memorial (Noonan) (Timmons) 11/11/1984 (1)-(3)


Box 182

Taping: Ethics & Public Policy Center (Dolan)(Timmons) 11/12/1984

Taping: National Interfraternity Conference Meeting (Myer)(Penniman) 11/12/1984

Taping: Heisman Trophy Show (Robinson)(Cave) 11/12/1984

Taping: Dedication of USC School of Cinematography (Robinson)(White) 11/12/1984

Taping: Message for Ireland Fund Tribute to Peter Dailey (Dolan)(Timmons) 11/12/1984

Taping: Tribute to Republican National Convention Staff  (Myer)(White) 11/12/1984

Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg - Arrival, Dinner Toast - Thank You

(Robinson)(Cave) 11/13/1984 (1)(2)

Reception for American Security Council’s Coalition for Peace Through Strength

          (Dolan)(White) 11/15/1984 (1)(2)

Thanksgiving Day Proclamation (Myer)(Timmons) November 1984

Departure Statement: Prime Minister Ratu Mara of Fiji (Rohrabacher)(White) 11/17/1984

“Unity Dinner” at the Library of Congress (Noonan)(Timmons) 11/28/1984 (1)(2)

Meeting with Nansen Medal Winners (Myer)(Cave) 11/29/1984

Taping: NCAA National Youth Sports Program Film (Rohrabacher)(White) 11/29/1984

Taping: Tribute to David L.Wolper (Myer)(Cave) 11/29/1984

Taping: Generic Holiday Message (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 11/29/1984

Taping: Message for New Year’s Eve Opryland TV Special (Noonan)(White) 11/29/1984

Taping: Tribute to John Swearingen - Chicagoan of the Year (Myer)(White) 11/29/1984


Box 183

Taping: Action for Research into Multiple Sclerosis Ceremony (Myer)(Timmons) 11/29/1984

Taping: Army-Navy Game (Robinson)(Penniman) 11/29/1984

Departure Statement: Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 11/30/1984

Attend 1984 Kennedy Center Honors Night Program (Robinson)(Timmons) 12/02/1984 (1)(2)

State Visit: President Jaime Lusinchi of Venezuela (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 12/04/1984 (1)-(3)

Meeting with Corporate Leaders on Ending World Hunger (NSC/Elliott)(Penniman) 12/05/1984

Introduction to Norman Rockwell's Patriotic Times (Robinson)(Penniman) 12/06/1984

Photo with Heisman Trophy Winner (Robinson)(Cave) 12/06/1984

Taping: CACI Roast Toasts Joe Coors, 12/06/1984

Presentation of Lloyds of London Silver Medal to Space Shutte Crew (Noonan)(White)


Christmas in Washington Concert (Rohrabacher) (Penniman) 12/09/1984

Private Sector Initiative Citation Ceremony (Robinson)(Timmons) 12/10/1984 (1)(2)


Box 184

Signing Ceremony for International Human Rights Day (Dolan)(Cave) 12/10/1984 (1)-(3)

Departure Statement: President Kountche of Niger (Elliott)(Cave) 12/11/1984

Dropby Briefing for Gannett Company Publishers (Rohrabacher)(White) 12/12/1984

Christmas Tree Lighting (Noonan) 12/13/1984

Presentation of 1984 Presidential Rank Awards to Senior Executive Managers

(Rohrabacher)(White) 12/17/1984

Taping: Tribute to the Millennium Society (Rohrabacher)(White) 12/20/1984

Audio Tape: Christmas Message for Hispanic American Community (Rohrabacher)

(Penniman) 12/20/1984

Audiotape: VOA Commemoration of Afghanistan Invasion 12/20/84

Taping: Tournament of Roses Parade (Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 12/26/1984

Audio Tape for Inaugural Message (Elliott)(Cave) 01/07/1985

Taping: Groundbreaking of Bob Hope Culture Center (Elliott)(Penniman) 01/07/1985

Reception for Human Events (Dolan)(Timmons) 01/08/1985

News Conference Opening Statement re: Geneva (Elliott)(Cave) 01/09/1985

Taping: National Auto Dealers' Convention (Myer)(Timmons) 01/10/1985

Taping: Generic Message (Rohrabacher)(White) 01/10/1985

Taping: National Association of Television Program Executives (Noonan)(Cave) 01/10/1985

Taping: Republican National Committee's 1985 Meeting (Myer)(White) 01/10/1985

Taping: Inaugural Videotape (Noonan)(Penniman) 01/10/1985

Taping: Radio Marathon for Central America (Rohrabacher)(White) 01/10/1985


Box 185

Departure Statement: Prime Minister Martens of Belgium (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 01/14/1985

Dropby Michael Evans Exhibit at Corcoran Art Gallery (Robinson)(Timmons) 01/14/1985

Dropby Hoover Institution Reception at Corcoran Art Gallery (Gilder)(Cave) 01/15/1985

Statement: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Elliott) 01/15/1985

Dropby Meeting of Republican Mayors (Gilder)(White) 01/16/1985

Dropby Reception for Inaugural Trust (Robinson)(Cave) 01/19/1985

50th American Presidential Inaugural Gala (Noonan)(Timmons) 01/19/1985

National Pageant for Young Americans (Gilder)(White) 01/20/1985

Inaugural Prayer (Noonan) 01/20/1985

Presidential Article for Gannett (Gilder)(Timmons) 01/20/1985

Congressional Luncheon - Capitol (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 01/21/1985

Inaugural Ball Dropbys (Robinson)(White) 01/21/1985

Inaugural Address 01/21/1985 (Reagan/Cave/White) (1)-(5)


Box 186

Inaugural Address 01/21/1985 (Reagan/Cave/White) (6)(7)

Veteran's Inaugural Ball (Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 01/21/1985

Parade Gathering at Capitol Centre (Elliott) 01/21/1985

Phone Call to "Right to Life" Rally (Noonan)(Penniman) 01/22/1985

Statement on the Economy (Noonan)(White) 01/22/1985

Taping: Fifth Annual Amateur Athletic Association Dinner (Rohrabacher)(Penniman)


Taping: 100th Anniversary Meeting of Annual Meeting of Food Processing

Machinery and Supplies Association (Myer)(Cave) 01/24/1985

Taping: Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 01/24/1985

Taping: US Olympic Committee House of Delegates (Robinson)(Cave) 01/24/1985

Taping: National Religious Broadcasters Convention (Elliott)(Penniman) 01/24/1985

Dropby Meeting with Latin American Legislators (Rohrabacher)(Cave) 01/24/1985 (1)(2)

1985 Executive Forum (Noonan)(Timmons) 01/25/1985 (1)(2)

Radio Talk: The Economy (Gilder)(White) 01/26/1985

Alfalfa Club Dinner (Parvin)(Cave) 01/26/1985


Box 187

Taping: American Trucking Association National Teleconference (Myer/White) 01/29/1985

Taping: Model United Nations Meeting at Georgetown University (Rohrabacher/Cave)


Taping: International Winter Special Olympics (Rohrabacher/Penniman) 01/29/1985

Dinner with Freshmen Members of Congress (Robinson/White) 01/29/1985

Remarks: Presentation of Presidential Awards for Design Excellence (Myer/Timmons)


National Prayer Breakfast (Noonan) 01/31/1985 (1)-(3)

Radio Talk: Budget (Elliott/White) 02/02/1985

Dropby Budget Briefing (Gilder/Penniman) 02/04/1985 (1)(2)

Dropby Briefing for Deficit Reduction Group (Gilder/Timmons) 02/04/1985

Dropby at the National Religious Broadcasters (Noonan/Penniman/White) 02/04/1985 (1)(2)

Signing of Economic Report (Elliott) 02/05/1985

State of the Union Address (Elliott) 02/06/1985 (1)(2)


Box 188

State of the Union Address (Elliott) 02/06/1985 (3)-(7)

State of the Union - Folder # 2 02/06/1985 (1)-(6)

Departure Statement: Prime Minister Hawke of Australia 02/07/1985

Boy Scouts Anniversary Lunch (Myer/Penniman) 02/08/1985


Box 189

Radio Talk: Budget (Elliott/White) 02/09/1985 (1)(2)

State Visit: King Fahd of Saudi Arabia (Rohrabacher/White) 02/11/1985 (1)-(3)

New Pioneers Luncheon (Gilder/Timmons) 02/12/1985

Citizens Medal Citation - John F.W. Rogers (Robinson) 02/12/1985

Radio Talk: Freedom Fighters (Noonan/White) 02/16/1985 (1)(2)

Presentation of National Technology Awards (Robinson/Penniman) 02/19/1985 (1)(2)

Remarks: Photo with 28th Marine Regiment (Dolan/Timmons) 02/19/1985

Departure Statement: P.M. Thatcher (Rohrabacher/Cave) 02/20/1985

Toast at 200th Anniversary Dinner the British Embassy (Robinson/Cave) 02/20/1985

Dropby Briefing for National Conference of State Legislators (Rohrabacher/Timmons)

02/21/1985 (1)(2)


Box 190

Press Conference Opening Statement (Buchanan/Cave) 02/21/1985

Presidential Statement: GNP (Elliott/White) 02/15/1985

Radio Talk: Farmers (Elliott/White) 02/23/1985 (1)-(3)

Governors' State Dinner (Rohrabacher/White) 02/24/1985

Address National Governors Association (Dolan/Timmons) 02/25/1985 (1)-(3)

Dropby Briefing for Grace Commission (Dolan/Cave) 02/25/1985 (1)(2)

Taping: Tribute to Walter Annenberg (Rohrabacher/White) 02/26/1985

          Taping: Associated General Contractors Annual Convention (Myer/Timmons) 02/26/1985

Taping: Japan Society Dinner (Elliott/Cave) 02/26/1985

Taping: Public Service Announcement for National Red Cross Month (Myer/Timmons)


Taping: Juvenile Diabetes Telethon (Robinson/White) 02/26/1985

Taping: Japan Productivity Center (Robinson/Cave) 02/26/1985

Presentation of National Medals of Service (Myer/Penniman) 02/27/1985 (1)(2)


Box 191

Statement on the Death of Henry Cabot Lodge (Dolan/Penniman) 02/28/1985

Address National Association of Independent Schools (Robinson/Penniman) 02/28/1985


Meeting with Senior Political Appointees (Myer/Timmons) 03/01/1985

Address Conservative Political Action Conference Dinner (Noonan/White) 03/01/1985 (1)-(5)


Box 192

Address Conservative Political Action Conference Dinner (Noonan/White) 03/01/1985 (6)(7)

          Radio Talk: Budget (Elliott/White) 03/02/1985 (1)(2)

Taping: Harden & Weaver 25th Anniversary (Rohrabacher/Penniman) 03/02/1985

Address to the National Association of Counties (Myer/Timmons) 03/04/1985 (1)-(4)

Departure Statement: Prime Minister Craxi of Italy (Rohrabacher/Cave) 03/05/1985

Dropby Briefing on MX for Private Sector Leaders (Rohrabacher/Cave) 03/06/1985 (1)(2)

Statement: Farm Bill Veto (Elliott/White) 03/06/1985

Dropby Briefing for National Newspaper Association (Dolan/Timmons) 03/07/1985 (1)


Box 193

Dropby Briefing for National Newspapers Association (Dolan/Timmons) 03/07/1985 (2)

Send Off for Geneva Arms Negotiatons Team (Myer/Cave) 03/08/1985

Radio Talk:  MX (Myer/Cave) 03/09/1985

Luncheon with Regional Editors and Broadcasters on MX (Robinson/Cave) 03/11/1985 (1)-(3)

Queen Sirikit of Thailand-Entertainment Thanks (Rohrabacher/Timmons) 03/11/1985

Dropby Briefing of American Legislative Exchange Conference (Robinson/White)

03/11/1985 (1)-(3)

President Mubarak of Egypt Toast (Elliott/Penniman) 03/12/1985

Dropby at Briefing for American Business Conference (Gilder/White) 03/13/1985 (1)-(3)

Dropby Briefing for Magazine Publishers Association (Dolan/Timmons) 03/14/1985 (1)


Box 194

Dropby Briefing for Magazine Publishers Association (Dolan/Timmons) 03/14/1985 (2)

Taping: 27th Annual Young Republican Leadership Conference (Myer/White) 03/14/1985

Taping: "Second Chance" Organ Donation Program (Rohrabacher/Penniman) 03/14/1985

Taping: Texas Sesquicentennial Celebration (Robinson/White) 03/14/1985

          Taping: Dedication of Southwest Headquarters of the Salvation Army (Myer/Penniman)


Taping: National Rifle Association Meeting (Dolan/Timmons) 03/14/1985

Taping: Marvin Stone's Retirement (Elliott/Cave) 03/14/1985

Op-Ed Piece: SDI (Myer/Cave) 03/15/1985

Greeting to Spingarn High School City Basketball Champs (Noonan/Timmons) 03/15/1985

Radio Talk: Canadian Trip (Elliott/Cave) 03/16/1985

Arrival Ceremony Quebec City, Canada (Noonan/Timmons) 03/17/1985

Address at Luncheon Quebec City, Canada (Elliott/Cave) 03/18/1985 (1)(2)


Box 195

Address at Luncheon Quebec City, Canada (Elliott/Cave) 03/18/1985 (3)-(7)

Departure/Signing Ceremony Quebec City, Canada (Rohrabacher/White) 03/18/1985 (1)(2)

State Visit: President Alfonsin of Argentina (Rohrabacher/White) 03/19/1985 (1)(2)

Statement: Senate "Yes" Vote on MX (Myer/Penniman) 03/19/1985

Senate Republican Policy Luncheon (Robinson/Penniman) 03/19/1985 (1)-(3)

News Conference Opening Statement (Buchanan/Elliott/Penniman) 03/21/1985

Greeting to Washington Area Participants in Special Olympics (Myer/Timmons) 03/23/1985


Box 196

Radio Talk: Budget (Elliott/Timmons) 03/23/1985 (1)(2)

Gridiron Dinner (Elliott/Timmons) 03/23/1985

Dropby Briefing for Central American Leaders (Elliott/Penniman) 03/25/1985 (1)(2)

Briefing on Arms Control for Congressional Leaders (Gilder/Penniman) 03/25/1985 (1)(2)

Reception for Victory '84 (Robinson/Penniman) 03/26/1985

Statement: House Vote on MX Authorization (Myer/Itchon) 03/26/1985

Statement & Talking Points: Need for Organ Donor for Ryan Osterblom

(Elliott/Penniman) 03/27/1985

Statement: House Vote on MX Appropriation (Myer/Itcon) 03/28/1985

Open New York Stock Exchange New York, NY (Gilder/Timmons) 03/28/1985 (1)(2)

Meeting with Corporate and Economic Leaders at New York Stock Exchange –

Manhattan, NY (Robinson/Timmons) 03/28/1985 (1)-(3)

Address to St. John's University - Long Island, NY (Noonan/Timmons) 03/28/1985 (1)


Box 197

Address to St. John's University - Long Island, NY (Noonan/Timmons) 03/28/1985 (2)-(5)

          Address: National Space Club Luncheon (Rohrabacher/Penniman) 03/29/1985 (1)-(5)

Radio Talk: Nicaragua (Elliott/Timmons) 03/30/1985

Taping: Missing Children (Elliott/Penniman) 04/01/1985

Taping: Strong Memorial Hospital (Robinson/Itchon) 04/01/1985

Taping: National Television Academy (Myer/White) 04/01/1985

Taping: Tribute to Senator Pete Wilson, 04/01/1985

Prime Minister Ozal of Turkey Departure Statement (Myer/White) 04/02/1985


Box 198

John J. McCloy's 90th Birthday (Dolan/Itchon) 04/02/1985

Dinner with the Eagles (Dolan/Timmons) 04/02/1985 (1)-(4)

Dropby Briefing for National Officers of Associated General Contractors (Gilder/White)

04/02/1985 (1)(2)

Congratulate Villanova Basketball Team (Rohrabacher/Itchon) 04/04/1985

Departure Statement: President Betancur of Colombia (Rohrabacher/White) 04/04/1985

Presidential Statement: Nicaragua (Elliott/White) 04/04/1985

Statement on Nicaragua – [Not Used] (Noonan) 04/05/1985

Radio Talk: Budget & Nicaragua (Elliott/White) 04/05/1985

Radio Talk: Easter – [Not Used] (Elliott/Penniman) 04/06/1985

Radio Talk: Taxes (Elliott/Timmons) 04/13/1985


Box 199

Law Day Signing Ceremony Statement (Dolan/Itchon) 04/15/1985

Reception Honoring Milton Pitts (Robinson/Penniman) 04/15/1985

Ringling Brothers Circus (Gilder/White) 04/15/1985

Meeting with Bipartisan Leaders on Central America (Rohrabacher/White) 04/15/1985 (1)(2)

Dropby Nicaraguan Refugee Fund Dinner – [Not Used]  (Robinson/White) 04/15/1985

Address at Nicaraguan Refugees Fund Dinner (Noonan/White) 04/15/1985 (1)-(6)


Box 200

Inserts on Nicaragua for Cabinet (Rohrabacher/Hayes/White) 04/15/1985 (1)-(3)

Dropby at Conference on Religious Liberty (Noonan/Penniman) 04/16/1985 (1)(2)

Briefing on Budget for Key Interest Groups (Gilder/Itchon) 04/16/1985 (1)(2)

Present Congressional Medal to Danny Thomas (Robinson/Penniman) 04/16/1985

Inserts on Budget for Cabinet (Gilder/White) 04/17/1985

Taping: Message for "It's Academic" (Elliott/Timmons) 04/17/1985

Taping: Armed Forces Day (Dolan/Penniman) 04/17/1985

Taping: Society of the 173rd Airborne Brigade (Dolan/Itchon) 04/17/1985

Taping: National Gallery Andrew Mellon Dinner (Gilder/Timmons) 04/17/1985 (1)(2)

Taping: USA for Africa Radio Broadcast (Hayes/Noonan/Timmons) 04/17/1985


Box 201

Taping: Evangelical Press Association (Elliott/Penniman) 04/17/1985

State Visit: President Bendjedid of Algeria (Rohrabacher/Timmons) 04/17/1985 (1)(2)

Talking Points: Phone Call to Space Shuttle (Rohrabacher/Penniman) 04/18/1985

Luncheon with Regional Editors & Broadcasters on Budget & Nicaragua

(Rohrabacher/White) 04/18/1985 (1)(2)

Ceremony Honoring Teacher of the Year (Elliott/Itchon) 04/18/1985 (1)(2)

.        Meeting with Republican Senators on Budget (Elliott/Itchon) 04/18/1985 (1)(2)

Jewish Heritage Week Ceremony (Dolan/Penniman) 04/19/1985 (1)(2)

"Victims of Crime Week" Ceremony (Dolan/Penniman)  04/19/1985


Box 202

Radio Talk: Budget & Upcoming Debate – [Not Used] (Gilder/Timmons) 04/20/1985

Radio Talk: Nicaragua (Gilder/White) 04/20/1985 (1)(2)

Volunteer Action Awards Luncheon (Gilder/Timmons) 04/22/1985

Dropby Reception for Republican Congressional Leadership Council

(Rohrabacher/Penniman) 04/22/1985

Address to National Association of Realtors Convention (Rohrabacher/Timmons)

          04/23/1985 (1)-(3)

Peace Corps Africa Send-Off Rose Garden (Gilder/White) 04/23/1985 (1)(2)

Arts & Humanities Luncheon (Noonan/Timmons) 04/23/1985 (1)(2)

Op-Ed Piece on Nicaragua for RR (Gilder/White) 04/23/1985


Box 203

Senator Laxalt's Lambfry (Rohrabacher/Gamble) 04/24/1985

Talking Points: Faith Ryan Whittlesey Swearing-In Ceremony (Elliott) 04/24/1985

Address to the Nation on the Budget - File # 1 (Elliott/Gilder/White) 04/24/1985 (1)-(4)

Address to Nation on Budget - File # 2 (Elliott/Gilder/Stockman/White) 04/24/1985 (1)-(3)

          Youth Volunteer Recognition Ceremony (Dolan/Timmons) 04/25/1985 (1)(2)

Taping: President's Committee on Arts & Humanities Message for Public Libraries

(Elliott Edit)(Penniman) 04/25/1985

Taping: Message for Worldnet, 04/25/1985 (Noonan Edit)(Penniman) 04/25/1985

Taping: Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans Ceremony (Gilder/White)



Box 204

Taping: Council for Black Economic Agenda Teleconference (Gilder/White) 04/25/1985

Taping: President's Council on Physical Fitness (Rohrabacher/Penniman) 04/25/1985

Taping: "A Tribute to Muhammed Ali" to Benefit "Star" Foundation (Noonan/Itchon)


Senior Citizens Volunteer Ceremony - Rose Garden (Robinson/Timmons) 04/26/1985 (1)(2)

President Chun of Korea: Departure Statement (Rohrabacher/White) 04/26/1985

Radio Talk: Europe (Rohrabacher/Penniman) 04/27/1985 (1)(2)

White House Correspondents Dinner (Parvin/Penny/Gamble) 04/27/1985

Chamber of Commerce (Robinson/Timmons) 04/29/1985 (1)-(3)

Signing Ceremony for Missing Children's Week (Noonan/Itchon) 04/29/1985

Presidential Statement: Budget Vote (Robinson) 04/30/1985

Departure for Europe Statement (Elliott/Penniman) 04/30/1985 (1)


Box 205

Departure for Europe Statement (Elliott/Penniman) 04/30/1985 (2)

Statement: Death of Milton Eisenhower (Robinson) 05/03/1985

Radio Talk: Bonn Economic Summit - Bonn, Germany (Elliott/White) 05/04/1985

State Dinner Toast - Germany (Rohrabacher/Itchon) 05/05/1985 (1)-(3)

Address to German Students,  Hambach Castle, Germany (Elliott/Penniman) 05/06/1985


Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, 05/05/1985 (Khachigian/Timmons) (1)


Box 206

Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, 05/05/1985 (Khachigian/Timmons) (2)-(4)

Bitburg Air Force Base, Bitburg, Germany, 05/05/1985 (Gilder/Itchon) (1)-(4)

Statement to Press Following Meeting with Gonzalez - Madrid, Spain (Elliott Edit)

(White) 05/07/1985

Address at Juan March Foundation - Madrid, Spain (Gilder/Timmons) 05/07/1985 (1)-(6)


Box 207

State Dinner Toast - Madrid, Spain (Rohrabacher/Itchon) 05/07/1985 (1)-(3)

Address to European Parliament File #1 - Strasbourg, France (Noonan/White)

 05/08/1985 (1)-(4)

Address to European Parliament, File #2 - Strasbourg, France (Noonan/White)

05/08/1985 (1)-(3)

Address to European Parliament, File #3 - Strasbourg, France 05/08/1985 (1)(2)


Box 208

Address to European Parliament, File #3 - Strasbourg, France 05/08/1985 (3)

Address to European Parliament, File #4 - Strasbourg, France (Noonan/White)

05/08/1985 (1)-(5)

Address Portuguese National Assembly - Lisbon, Portugal (Dolan/White) 05/09/1985 (1)-(6)


Box 209

Toast at Luncheon with Prime Minister Soares - Lisbon, Portugal (Rohrabacher/Itchon)

05/09/1985 (1)(2)

State Dinner Toast, Ajuda Palace - Lisbon, Portugal (Robinson/White) 05/09/1985 (1)-(3)

Remarks to Guests Following State Dinner at Ajuda Palace - Lisbon, Portugal

          (Robinson/White) 05/09/1985

Statement to the Press Following Meeting with Prime Minister Soares - Lisbon,

Portugal (Elliott/White) 05/09/1985

News Conference Opening Statement - Lisbon , Portugal (Elliott/White) 05/10/1985

Arrival Remarks on South Lawn form Europe (Elliott) 05/10/1985

Radio Talk: Mothers Day (Noonan/White) 05/11/1985 (1)(2)

Taping: Cuban American National Foundation (Rohrabacher/White) 05/15/1985

Taping: Welcome Remarks of Paris Air Show (Gilder/Penniman) 05/15/1985

Taping: World Congress of Otorhinolaryngology (Elliott/Penniman) 05/15/1985

Medal of Freedom [undated]

Medal of Freedom Citation: Count Basie - Posthumous (Noonan/Itchon) 05/14/1985


Box 210       

Medal of Freedom Citation: Jacques-Yves Cousteau (Robinson/Itchon) 05/14/1985

Medal of Freedom Citation: Dr. Jerome Holland - Posthumous (Robinson/Itchon)


Medal of Freedom Citation: Sidney Hook (Dolan/Penniman) 05/14/1985

Medal of Freedom Citation: Jeane Kirkpatrick (Noonan/Timmons) 05/14/1985

Medal of Freedom Citation: Dr. George M. Low - Posthumous (Gilder/Timmons)


Medal of Freedom Citation: Frank Reynolds - Posthumous  (Dolan/Penniman)


Medal of Freedom Citation: S. Dillon Ripley (Robinson/Timmons) 05/14/1985

Medal of Freedom Citation: Frank Sinatra (Dolan/Penniman) 05/14/1985

Medal of Freedom Citation: James M. Stewart (Robinson/Penniman) 05/14/1985

Medal of Freedom Citation: General Albert C. Wedemeyer (Dolan/Penniman) 05/14/1985

Medal of Freedom Citation: Chuck Yeager (Gilder/Timmons) 05/14/1985

Medal of Freedom Citation: Mother Teresa (Noonan/Timmons) 05/14/1985

Taping: Message for White House News Photographers Association Dinner

          (Dolan/Itchon) 05/15/1985

Taping: Videotape for Close-up Foundation (Gilder/Timmons) 05/15/1985

Taping: Convention of College Republican National Committee (Hayes edit/Itchon)           


Departure Statement: President Duatre of El Salvador (Rohrabacher/White) 05/16/1985

          Reception Preceding House/Senate Dinner (Gilder/Timmons) 05/16/1985

House/Senate Dinner (Gilder/Timmons) 05/16/1985 (1)-(3)

Dropby Convention of National Republican Heritage Groups Council (Dolan/Itchon)

05/17/1985 (1)(2)


Box 211

Radio Talk: Armed Forces Day (Dolan/White) 05/18/1985

Summer Jobs Kickoff (Robinson/Timmons) 05/20/1985 (1)(2)

Departure Statement: President Suazo of Honduras (Rohrabacher/Itchon) 05/21/1985

Meeting with Council of the Americas (Rohrabacher/White) 05/21/1985 (1)-(5)

Commencement Address at the U.S. Naval Academy - Annapolis, MD                                

          (Rohrabacher/Penniman) 05/22/1985 (1)-(4)


Box 212

Taping: 50th Anniversary of Major League Baseball's First Night Game

(Hayes/Penniman) 05/22/1985

Statement: Senate Vote on MX (Elliott edit) 05/23/1985

Medal of Freedom Ceremony/Luncheon (Dolan/Timmons) 05/23/1985

National Association of Manufacturers (Robinson/Gilder/Timmons/Itchon) 05/24/1985 (1)-(5)

Taping: Annual Dinner of Conference of Christians & Jews (Hayes/White) 05/24/1985

Taping: 15th World Games for the Deaf (Noonan/Penniman) 05/24/1985

Taping: Cable News Network (CNN) 5th Anniversary (Elliott/Penniman) 05/24/1985

Radio Talk: Prelude to Tax Reform Plan, 05/25/1985 (1)(2)

Disney World "Inaugural Parade" - Orlando, FL (Robinson/Timmons) 05/27/1985 (1)(2)


Box 213

Disney World "Inaugural Parade" - Orlando, FL (Robinson/Timmons) 05/27/1985 (3)(4)

Reception Preceding Hawkins Fundraiser - Miami, FL (Rohrabacher/Penniman) 05/27/1985

Fundraiser for Senator Hawkins (Rohrabacher/Penniman) 05/27/1985 (1)-(4)

Address to the Nation (Tax Plan), 05/28/1985 (1)-(6)


Box 214

Address to the Nation (Tax Plan), 05/28/1985 (7)(8)

Address to the Nation on Tax Reform - File #2, 05/28/1985 (1)-(5)

Departure Statement: King Hussein of Jordan (Rohrabacher/White) 05/29/1985

Briefing on Tax Fairness and Simplification, 05/29/1985 (1)-(4)

"Prelude to Independence" Rally - Williamsburg, VA (Noonan/White) 05/30/1985 (1)(2)


Box 215

"Prelude to Independence" Rally - Williamsburg, VA (Noonan/White) 05/30/1985 (3)-(5)

Address at Winnebago County Courthouse - Oshkosh, WI (Robinson/Itchon) 05/30/1985


Dinner Honoring Clare Boothe Luce (Dolan/Itchon) 05/30/1985

Address at Great Valley Corporate Center - Malvern, PA (Gilder/Penniman) 05/31/1985 (1)-(3)

Radio Talk: Tax Reform Plan, 06/01/1985

Phone Call: "This is Your Life" for Congressman John Duncan (Rohrabacher/White)


Ford's Theater Reception (Robinson/Timmons) 06/02/1985


Box 216

AT&T Technologies Plant - Oklahoma City, OK (Robinson/Penniman) 06/05/1985 (1)-(4)

Fundraiser Luncheon for Senator Nickles (Elliott/Itchon) 06/05/1985 (1)-(3)

Reception Preceding Fundraiser for Senator Mattingly (Rohrabacher/Timmons) 06/05/1985

Fundraiser Reception for Senator Mattingly - Atlanta, GA (Rohrabacher/Timmons)

06/05/1985 (1)-(3)

Address at Northside High School - Atlanta, GA  (Noonan/White) 06/06/1985 (1)-(3)


Box 217

Address at Northside High School - Atlanta, GA (Noonan/White) 06/06/1985 (4)

Reception Preceding Fundraiser for Senator Denton (Gilder/Itchon) 06/06/1985

Fundraiser Reception for Senator Denton - Birmingham, AL (Gilder/Itchon) 06/06/1985 (1)-(3)

          Dropby Briefing for Economic Editors on Tax Plan (Gilder/White) 06/07/1985 (1)-(4)

Radio Talk: Assistance to the Freedom Fighters (Elliott/White) 06/07/1985 (1)(2)

Reception for New Republicans (Noonan/Timmons) 06/10/1985 (1)(2)

Greeting to National Basketball Champions, Los Angeles Lakers (Gilder/Itchon) 06/10/1985


Box 218

State Visit: Prime Minister Gandhi of India (Rohrabacher/White) 06/12/1985 (1)(3)

Statement: House "Yes" Vote on Aid to the Contras  (NSC/Elliott) 06/12/1985

Tax Reform Rally - Bloomfield, NJ, 06/13/1985 (1)-(4)

Taping: 15th Baptist World Congress (Robinson)(Penniman) 06/13/1985

Taping: National Right to Life Convention in Washington (Dolan)(Penniman) 06/13/1985

Taping: Salvation Army's International Youth Congress (Rohrbacher)(Penniman) 06/13/1985

Taping: Generic Message for July 4th (Robinson) (White) 06/13/1985

Taping: Public Service Announcement for Savings Bonds Program (Gilder)(White) 06/13/1985

Taping: Worldnet (Elliott) (White) 06/13/1985

Dropby Meeting of United States Air Force Senior Statement Honoring James H.

Doolittle (Elliott edit)(Itchon) (White) 06/13/1985

"C" Flag" Award Ceremony (Dolan) (Timmons) 06/14/1985 (1)


Box 219

"C" Flag" Award Ceremony (Dolan) (Timmons) 06/14/1985 (2)

Flag Day Event at Fort McHenry (Gilder)(Itchon) 06/14/1985 Baltimore, MD (1)-(3)

Radio Talk: Civil Rights (Gilder)(Penniman) 06/15/1985 (1)(2)

Father's Day Big Brother Event at Merry-Go-Round Farm (Rohrabacher)(Penniman)

Potomac, MD 06/16/1985

Announce Commission on Defense Management (NSC/Noonan) 06/17/1985

President Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia: Departure Statement (Rohrabacher)(Itchon) 06/18/1985

News Conference Opening Statement: TWA Hostages (Elliott)(White) 06/18/1985

Address National Jaycees Convention (Elliott)(Timmons) 06/19/1985 Indianapolis, IN (1)-(4)

Dropby Mooresville Chamber of Commerce Meeting – Mooresville, IN (Gilder)

(Penniman) 06/19/1985 (1)(2)


Box 220

Presidential Scholars Ceremony (Robinson)(Penniman) 06/20/1985 (1)(2)

Presentation of Medal of Freedom to Mother Teresa (Noonan)(Itchon) 06/20/1985    

Insert for Cabinet Members on America's Tax Plan, 06/20/1985

Meeting with Tax Reform Coalition Leaders, Dallas, TX, 06/21/1985

Address International Lions Club Convention Dallas, TX (Rohrabacher)(White)

06/21/1985 (1)-(5)

Radio Talk: Budget (Elliott)(Timmons) 06/22/1985 (1)(2)

Ceremony for Marines Killed in El Salvador-Andrews Air Force Base (Noonan)(Itchon)


Fundraiser for JFK Memorial Library (Noonan)(Timmons) 06/24/1985 (1)(2)


Box 221

Teachers Finalists for Space Shuttle (Gilder)(Itchon) 06/27/1985 (1)(2)

Dropby Briefing for State and Local Officials (Robinson)(Timmons) 06/27/1985 (1)(2)

Statement on Reynolds Vote (Elliott) 06/27/1985

Tax Plan Rally at Bloom High School, Chicago Heights, IL, 06/28/1985 (1)-(3)

Talking Points: Luncheon at Bloom High School (Chicago Heights, IL) (Gilder)(White)


Radio Talk: Espionage (Elliott)(Timmons) 06/29/1985 (1)(2)

Taping: Message for American Freedom Festival (Hayes Edit/Itchon) 06/29/1985

Address to the Nation: Release of the 39 TWA Hostages (NSC/Elliott)(White) 06/30/1985

Greet Returning Beirut Hostages Andrews Air Force Base (Noonan)(Itchon) 07/02/1985

Radio Talk: Budget (Gilder)(Timmons) 07/06/1985 (1)(2)


Box 222

Address American Bar Association Convention (Dolan)(White) 07/08/1985 (1)-(9)

Regional Press Luncheon (Robinson)(Itchon) 07/09/1985 (1)(2)

Taping: Tribute to Los Angeles Olympic Volunteers (Robinson)(Penniman) 07/09/1985


Box 223

Taping: Paralyzed Veterans of America Convention (Rohrabacher)(Timmons) 07/09/1985

Taping: 1985 National Aviation Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremonies (Rohrabacher)


Taping: National Convention of the Elks in Seattle, Washington (Elliott)(Penniman) 07/09/1985

Presidential Taping: TV and Radio Spots for Edd Hargett (Noonan Edits)(Penniman)

Tuesday, 07/09/1985

Taping: FBI National Academy Retraining Session (Rohrabacher)(Penniman) 07/09/1985