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STEVENS, PAUL SCHOTT: Files, 1987-1988


Office of the Executive Secretary, NSC


Box 91473 (Packard Commission)

Bills, Public Laws, Booklets, etc. (August 1986)

President's Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management GAO Inquiry

[Meetings: Minutes and Notes] (1)(4)

Packard Commission - Implementation

Time/Attendance - Stevens, Paul S.

President's Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management - General

Miscellaneous, August 1986

Miscellaneous Correspondence/Notes, etc., August 1986

Commission - Speeches (Paul S. Stevens)

Commission - Commission Speaking Engagements (Paul S. Stevens)

Commission - Speeches (Paul S. Stevens)

Commission - Speech Material

Commission Articles/ Etc., August 1986 -

[Meeting and Task Force Minutes and Working Notes for President's Blue Ribbon

Commission on Defense Management] (binder)

Current News Publications, 1986


Box 91474 (Packard Commission)

Eisenhower Materials (1)-(5)

Miscellaneous Commission Material (1)-(6)

October 1985-December 1985 [Public Affairs Clipping] (1)-(5)

January 1986 - Public Affairs III Clippings (1)-(7)

Public Affairs IV Clippings (1)-(4)


Box 91475 (Packard Commission)

Task Forces/Work Plans/Briefings - Personal Conduct & Accountability

Joint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum of Policy No. 136

Joint Chiefs of Staff Pub.2 Unified Action Armed Forces (UNAAF)

Task Forces/Work Plans/Briefings - #2 - General Counsel's Office

Compliance Review - Guide to Statutory and Regulatory Requirements, 07/03/1985

Contractor Compliance Review Guide

[Draft Working Paper Commission Report]


Box 91821 (Subject Files)


Iran Sanctions

Iraq/USS Stark


Joint House/Senate Committees Investigating Iran-Contra Affair



Legal Research - Eugene Rostow

Letters of Commendation

Logan Act

Low Intensity Conflict

Lowry v. Reagan - #2

Lowry v. Reagan


Box 91822 (Subject)

HR 145 - Computer Security Act

HR 1013 - Stokes Bill

HR 1119 - Bill to Amend Immigration & Nationality Act

HR 3393, HR 3391, HR 1748 - Bills Prohibiting Importation of Products from


Haitian Claim - Duvalier

Hearings Schedules, etc.

House Foreign Affairs Committee

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

House Select Committee Transactions on Iran

House Subpoena of John Poindexter & Ken deGraffenreid

Iceland - Whales

Independent Counsel

Independent Counsel's Document

INF Treaty

Information Security

Intelligence Legislation

Intelligence Oversight Act of 1987

Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB)

Interagency Process

Interagency Working Group to Review NSC Documents

Iran Claims Tribunal

Iran Committees - House/Senate


Box 91823 (Subject Files)



Arctic Sovereignty

Arkansas v. Robertson

Arms Control

Australian Visit, 12/07/1987

Bevis Litigation


Boland Amendment PS

Breakfast Items PS


Carlucci, Frank

Eveland v. Casey and CIA PS

Central America Peace Plan/AID Req PSS


C.I. Legislative Reforms

Citizens Network

Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement PS

Commission on Merchant Marine and Defense PS

Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act PS

Computer Crimes PS



Contra Investigation


Box 91824 (Subject Files)

Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986

Cooper, Paula

Counter-Terrorism - Lebanon, November 1984 [Restricted Under B1]

Covert Action Review

Crisis Management Center

CSG Meetings




Defense & Space Treaty

Dellums v. Reagan


DOD Detailees to CIA


Document Requests

Drug Testing

Executive Order

Executive Orders

Executive Privilege



FERC [Federal Energy Regulatory Comm.]


FMS Restructuring

FOIA/PA Matters

Foreign Espionage

Fraley Claim

FRG Extradition

Garfinkel, ISOO

General Counsels' Coordinating Group

Guatemala - War Powers


Box 92017 (Subject Files)

Packard Commission

Pakistan Nuclear Issues



Persian Gulf (2)

Persian Gulf (1)

Svetlana Peters

Peterzell Case



Poindexter, John


Presidential Appointments


Box 92018 (Subject Files)

President's Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management - Packard Commission

President's Intelligence Oversight Board

Priority Issues

Project Democracy

Public Diplomacy

Q's and A's

Risk Reduction Centers

Safe Haven Bill HR 2922 (1)(2)

Saudi Arms


Security Review - Personnel

Senate Select Committee/Assistance to Iran

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Senate Joint Resolution 217

SF 189

Shultz Moscow Trip, October 1987


Box 92019 (Subject Files)

Smith v. Reagan

Solarz Resolution

South Africa Sanctions (1)-(3)

South Africa - State/Local Anti-Apartheid

Soviets at the United Nations

Special Activities

Speeches (VP/President)

Sub-Saharan Africa Task Force

Summit 12/07/1987


Talking Points

Teicher, Howard


Tower Board

Tower Board Implementation

Tower Board/NSDD-159 Recommendations

Trade Controls


Trigger List

TTBT/PNET Ratification Issue [Threshold Test Ban and Peaceful Nuclear Explosions


Stansfield Turner's Manuscript: Pre-Publication Review

Unclassified Notes

"US Counter-intelligence & Security Concerns - 1986"

U.S. Institute of Peace

US v. Samuel Evans

USS Stark Claims

VP's Task Force on Terrorism


Box 92020 (Subject Files)

Visa Matters


War Powers

War Powers Resolution


White House Task Force on Central America

Wilson v. Mubarak

Woodward Book on CIA


Box 92465 (War Powers & Related Issues)

Remarks of Abe Sofaer to New York County Lawyers Association, 12/11/1986

re: International Law and the Use of Force

Sofaer Publication re: War Powers Resolution & Anti-Terrorist Operations

Excerpts From Remarks for George Bush for The American Spectator, 11/04/1987 re:

War Powers

Various Articles re: War Powers

Various Papers re: Statutory Provisions for Oversight of Intelligence Activities

Abe Sofaer Paper re: ABM Treaty (Part I - Treaty Language & Negotiation

History - 05/11/1987) (Part III - Subsequent Practice - 08/04/1987)

Richard Willard Memo to Culvahouse re: Dellums v. Reagan

Various Meeting Notes (notebook)


Box 92480

Chit File - Miscellaneous Unlogged Notes re: Various Subjects

GOP Republican Platform 1988

Hatch Act

Presidential Personnel

Covert Action and Related Issues

Hearings before Subcommittee on Legislation of the Permanent Select Committee on

Intelligence, House of Representatives (04/01/1987, 04/08/1987, and 06/10/1987)

re: HR 1013, 1371 & Other Proposals Which Address the Issue of Affording Prior

Notice of Covert Actions to the Congress

Intelligence Agency Statutes

TPs on Covert Action & the Law

Rodman Paper on Case against War Powers Reform

Article re: Eugene v. Rostow Letter dated 09/23/1973 to Wm. G. Miller & Frederick

A.O. Schwarz, Jr. re: Foreign Covert Actions Operations

Various Articles on Congressional Oversight of Covert Operations

Paper on Management of Intelligence and Executive-Legislative Intelligence Cooperation

(Chronology of Progress)

Analysis of HR 3822 & S 1721

Package re: S 1721 Including Testimony, Agency Comments, Correspondence with SSCI

& Administration Procedures