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SULLIVAN, LISA: Files, 1984


Office of Planning and Evaluation


OA 11707

File Names (Research Materials), (Memos to Bruce Chapman)

Foreign and Domestic Policy, General

Foreign Policy, General

Foreign Policy, Defense

Foreign Policy, State

Domestic Policy, General

Domestic Policy, Archives

Domestic Policy, Commerce

Domestic Policy, Economics

Domestic Policy, Energy

Domestic Policy, Social Welfare

Domestic Policy, HUD

Domestic Policy, Interior

Domestic Policy, Justice

Poverty, Black Families

Poverty, FDIC

Poverty, Children

Poverty, Eligibility Rules

Poverty, Fairness Issues

Poverty, Female Headed Households

Poverty, Murray Charles

Poverty, Out of Wedlock Births

Poverty, Dr. Robert J. Rubin

Poverty, Talking Points

Poverty, Trends / Analysis

Poverty, Welfare Reforms

Miscellaneous, Memos to Chapman

Home Work, Hatch Amendments

Home Work, Facts

Home Work, H Mong

Home Work, Labor Department

Home Work, NCLP

Home Work, Photographs

Home Work, Senior Citizens

Home Work, Small Business Administration

Home Work, Telecommuting

Home Work, Work and Let Work

Home Work, Homework


OA 11708

[Unfoldered Reports and Government Publications re: Fairness Issue]