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SUNDSETH, CAROLYN: Files, 1983-1985


Office of Public Liaison



          OA 12754

          October 1983 Correspondence

          1984 Incoming Correspondence

Correspondence, 1984: A - C

          Correspondence, 1984: D - F

          Correspondence, 1984: G - K

          Correspondence, 1984: K - M

          Correspondence, 1984: N - R

          Correspondence, 1984: S - T

          Correspondence, 1984: U - Z


          OA 12755

          Correspondence, 1985: A - C

          Correspondence, 1985: D - G

          Correspondence, 1985: H - L

          Correspondence, 1985: M - O

          Correspondence, 1985: P - R

          Correspondence, 1985: S - T

          Correspondence, 1985: U - Z

          Congratulatory Letters



          OA 12756

          AGABE Force

          Aglow [Women's Aglow Fellowship] Requests

          Alternatives to Abortion

          American Christian Trust

          American Civil Liberties

          American Coalition for Traditional Values

          American Jewish Committee's 78th Dinner 05/03/1984

          American Legion Auxiliary

          [American's Against Abortion] (1)-(3)

          Americans United for Separation of Church and State

          Anastasis Youth with a Mission.

          Anotole Fellowship

          Apostolic Pentecostals - Stanley Wachtstetter

          Appointment Center

          Appointments 1983-1985

          Association of Foreign Service Women


          Bible Lands Museum

          Bible Pathway

          Biffle, James

          Black Clergy

          Bob Jones University

          Bottom Line (The)

          Bright, Bill (1)(2)


          Christian Broadcasting Network 700 Club Pat Robertson

          Carbonnell, Mels - Community Bible Church, Florida

          Catholic Daughters of the Americas

          Central America

          Chambers, Bruce and Pam Lakewood New Life Center

          Chapel in the White House


          Christian Authors

          Christian Booksellers Association

          Christian Broadcasters

          Christian Business Associates

          Christian Communicators Media

          Christian Legal Defense

          Christian Response International   (Jeffery A. Collins)

          [Christian School Issue]


          OA 13324

          Christian School Issue Louisville, NB

          Christian Schools and Universities

          Christian Voice (1)-(3)

          Christmas List - Carolyn Sundseth

          Citizens for America

          Coalition on Religious Freedom

          Coalition on Revival (1)-(5)

          Commission on the Bicentennial

          Concerned Women for America (1)-(4)

          Congress Heights Elementary School Trips (M. L. King)

          Constitutional Liberties Rally


          Daily Bullets

          Disorder in our Public Schools

          Donatelli, Frank

          [Donnelly, Charles]


          Eagle Forum

Ecumenical Coalition of Concerned Americans


          [Education - Women’s Education Equity Act]  WEAA (sic)

          [Equality in Education]

          Ellingwood, Herb (Letters and Clippings)

          Equal Access

          Equal Access Presidential Address 08/11/1984

          Equal Employment

          Equal Rights Amendment – Miscellaneous



          OA 13325

          Faith Ministries William Murray

          Free Congress Research and Education Foundation

          Freedom Council

          Freeman Institute (National Center for Constitutional Studies)

          Full Gospel Businessmen


          F [Empty]

          Gimenez, John and Anne - Rock Church

          Gothard, Bill (Institute in Basic Youth)

          Graham, Billy


          [Harrington, Gladys] (Envelope)

          Healing of the Nation

          Healing of the National Convention 05/15/1985-05/18/1985

          Hispanic Evangelicals

          Home Schooling

          Hope for Africa Ministries 07/13/1984 or 07/14/1984

          Human Life Review



          Inter-American Commission on Women - DeDe Robertson

          Intercessors for America

          International Christian Graduate University (Brochure)

          Fourth National Prayer Breakfast in Honor of Israel

          Fourth National Prayer Breakfast in Honor of Israel: Jewish Information



          John Kernickle

          Kingston Group


          Lam, Nora - Chinese Ministries International

          Last Day’s Ministries

          Leadership Foundation - Martha Rountree

          Leadership Institute

          League of Women Voters

          Norman Lear People of the American Way

          [Norman Lear] Pro

          [Norman Lear] Anti

          Liberty One

          Love Club

          Lydia Groups



          OA 13326

          Mailing List Additions and Changes

          ["Pledge to Mankind"]

          Maranatha Ministries

          Marilyn Hickey Ministries

          Mayflower Institute Journal


          [Symposium on Media Violence and Pornography - Toronto February 1984] (1)-(3)

          Miscellaneous Ministries

          Mormon Women


          Marty McNunn: Personal


          Baruch Nachson

          Nairobi Conference

          National Advisory Council on Women’s Educational Programs

National Association of Evangelicals (1)-(4)

          National Council of Catholic Women

National Day of Prayer - I

          National Day of Prayer - II

          National Religious Broadcasters

          National Women’s Relief Corp

New Taxation of Churches


          Ohio Contacts

          Oral Roberts Univeristy

          Orthodox Jewish / Christian Coalition


          O [Empty]

          Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ

          People for the American Way


          P. T. L  Heritage Village - James Bakker

          Prayer Breakfast

          Prayer Breakfasts

          Prayer Presidential Quotations

          Prayer Summits

          Presidential Letter Requests 1983-1985

          Presidential Letters [October 1983-December 1985] (1)-(3)

          Presidential Responses [December 1984-January 1986]

          President's Addresses

          President's Council on Physical Fitness

          Pro Family Groups

          Pro Life




          OA 13327

          Reformation Study Center

          Religious Freedom

          Religious Freedom File

          Religious Liberty

          Religious News Service

          Renaissance Women (Black)

          Republican National Committee

          Republican Women of Capital Hill Membership List

Resumes - I

          Resumes - II

Right to Life [1982-1984] (1)-(3)

Right to Life [1984-1985]


          Salvation Army

          Schedule Proposals Completed

          Schedule Proposals Pending and Back-up Materials

          Scheduling Recommendations

          Past Schedule Proposals

          School Prayer [American Jewish Congress]

          School Prayer [1983]

          School Prayer [1984] (1)-(6)


          Ser Vaas, Cory

          Southern Baptists

          Speaking Requests

          Speech Material Reagan Record

          Staffing Memorandum

          State Dinner Lists - I

          State Dinner Lists - II

          Summer Institute of Linguistics



          Talking Points

          Tax Reform

          Tennessee Contacts

          Texas Contacts

          Texas Group {Wilma Martin)

          Thetus Tenney


          OA 13328

          Title IX (1)-(4)

          Tour Requests

          Tracking Sheets

          Travel Authorization


          U.S.-Vatican Relations



          The Way International

          Weekly Reports

          Faith Whittlesey

          WEAA (RT)

          West Virginia Federation of Republican Women

          Women in Government Relations

Women in Leadership

          Women for Reagan

          Woman / Voting Patterns

          Women's Aglow Fellowship - I

          Women’s Aglow Fellowship - II

Women’s History Week

          Word of Faith

          World Inspiration Network - National Church of God

          World Vision

          Wrap Up Reports

          Wycliffe Bible Responses


          [Year of the Bible]

          Youth with a Mission

          Ziglar, Zig

          Zonta International




          OA 13329

          Abortion Alternatives Symposium 05/03/1984 (1)(2)

          American Association of Christian Schools 02/19/1985

          American Christian Trust Briefing 11/03/1983

          American Christian Trust 07/08/1986

          The American University - Briefing 10/17/1984

          American University Briefing – Rita O’Connor 03/11/1985

          Americans Against Abortion POTUS Telephone 06/09/1985

          American Legion Auxiliary 02/24/1986

          Anatole Fellowship 01/30/1986-01/31/1986

          (Antionette Olsen) Youth Briefing 07/02/1985

          Apostolic Pastors Briefing Stan Wachtstetter 05/01/1985

          Apostolic Pentecostal Leaders Briefing 03/14/1984

          Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ 1984 General Conference 06/27/1984

          Association of Christian Schools International 04/22/1985

          Association of Christian Schools International 04/21/1986

          Association of International Mission Services

          Baptist Editors 05/05/1986

          Baptist Fundamentalism ‘84 04/13/1984

          Calvary Tabernacle Indianapolis, IN 11/15/1985

          Calvary Temple Women Luncheon 12/04/1984 Denver

          Campus Crusade Ron Jensen 05/01/1985

          Campus Crusade Briefing (Supporters of) Glen Jones Room 175 10/25/1986

          China Trip 12/26/1985-01/28/1986

          Christ Is the Answer Dinner Dallas, TX 05/22/1985

          Christian Booksellers Convention Anaheim, CA 07/15/1984-07/19/1984

          Christian Booksellers Convention Convention Civic Center D.C. 07/21/1986

          Christian Center School Graduation Jim Morgans Springfield, VA 06/01/1986

          Christian Hope Center College Park, MD 03/13/1985

          Christian Jewish 03/19/1984

          Christian Jewish Cooperation Briefing 03/19/1984

          Christian Women in Leadership Briefing 10/11/1984

          Christian Women’s Briefing 10/13/1983

          Christian Youth Leadership Conference Briefing 07/05/1984

          Christian Youth Leadership Briefing Tony Hoyt 07/27/1985

          Christian Youth Leadership Tony Hoyt 07/02/1986

          Citizens for America 10/01/1985

          Coalition of Apostolics Board of Governors 08/29/1986

          Community Bible Church Seminole, FL 11/03/1984

          Concerned Citizens for Government Briefing (Wilma Martin) 09/13/1984

          Concerned Women for America Conference 09/14/1984

          Concerned Women for America’s Ladies Retreat 06/15/1985-06/18/1985

          The Congress on the Christian World View Denver, CO 08/22/1984-08/24/1984

          Continental Congress on the Christian World View 07/04/1986

          Contra Aid Vote Work

          Daughters of the American Revolution Continental Congress 04/16/1984-04/20/1984

          Dedication Evangelism 09/28/1984

          Delaware Valley Women's Conference 03/22/1986

          Department of Education Regional Representation 01/16/1985

          DC Baptist Conference Luncheon 09/27/1984

          Phyllis Dupree Ministries New York 06/14/1985

          Phyllis Dupree Ministries Albany and Philadelphia 06/11/1986 and 06/25/1986

          Ecclesiastical ladies 06/30/1984 St. Louis, MO

          Evangelical Temple Spartanburg, SC 06/05/1985

          Evangelical Business Leaders 05/16/1986

          FERMA Briefing 04/25/1984

          [Foursquare Women's Briefing 11/07/1985]

          Foursquare Gospel Women 03/11/1985 California

          Freedom Council Ladies Briefing 02/18/1984

          Freedom Rally California (Lam) 07/05/1986

          Freedom Fighters Supporters 06/04/1986

          Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International 31st World Convention


          Full Gospel Businessmen Texas Briefing 11/02/1984

          Full Gospel Businessmen's Briefing 02/06/1986

          Girl’s Nation 07/18/1986

          Billy Graham Scholars Room 476 9:30 a.m.


          OA 13330

          Harding College 04/10/1986

          Harvard University Republican Club 03/25/1985

          Hawaii Alive Radio Tom Dancer 01/18/1986-01/20/1986

          Hawaii (Speaking Engagements in February 1985)

          Healing of the Nation Convention 10/23/18-10/26/1984

          Healing of the Nation Conference Linda Larson 03/15/1985-03/17/1985

          Reception for Hollywood Christian Celebrities 01/31/1985

          Billy Hunt Ministries Texas 06/27/1986 and 06/28/1986

          Indiana Christian Academy 04/13/1985

          Intercessors for America Prayer Conference 10/07/1984

          Independence Christian School (Waldo Avenue Baptist Church) 05/13/1985

          International Christian Leadership Luncheon 04/15/1986

          International Word Women Conference 03/06/1985-03/09/1985

          Lakewood New Life Center (Christian Rally) Denver, CO 09/30/1984

          Leadership Foundation Martha Rountree 04/03/1985

          Lutheran Church in Bavaria 09/19/1984 Cincinnati Luncheon

          Lydia Fellowship Conference 03/19/1985-03/22/1985

          McElhaney for Congress Durham, NC 07/25/1986

          Dallas 1984: Maranatha Leadership Conference

          Two Reel-to-Reel Audio Tapes "Agenda for Jewish-Christian Leaders Briefing

                   03/19/1984" (Stored in Audio/Visual for preservation purposes)

          Mayors Prayer Breakfast Minneapolis, Minn. (Plus) 04/18/1986-04/20/1986

          Moral Majority Briefing  Room 450  01/24/1986

          National Association of Evangelicals Federal Seminar 01/28/1985

          National Association of Evangelicals 04/22/1986

          National Baptist Convention 09/04/1984

          National Church of God T.L. Lowery, D.C. 11/24/1985

          National Civil Liberties Legal Foundation Briefing 10/30/1984

          National Conference on Pornography St. Louis, MO 06/06/1986-06/07/1986

          National Day of Prayer Briefing 05/02/1985

          National Dorcas Convention 08/31/1985

          National Integrity Forum Briefing 08/10/1984

          National Leadership Forum on Family Stability 06/13/1984

          National Religious Broadcasters Upcoming Event 01/30/1984 (1)(2)

          National Religious Broadcasters 02/04/1986 (1)-(3)

          National Religious Leaders Defense and Foreign Policy

          Nora Lam Ministries & PTL California and NC 04/22/1986-04/25/1986

          Ohio Mayors Prayer Breakfast Columbus, Ohio 12/14/1985 - I

          Ohio Mayors Prayer Breakfast Columbus, Ohio 12/14/1985 - II

          PTL (Shiloh Christian Retreat Ministries) Charlotte, NC 04/25/1986

          PTL Interview Caherine Tinlin 08/23

          Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. Annual Convention 08/06/1984

          Prayer Summit (Albany, NY) 10/04/1984

          POW/MIA Event 04/08/1983

          Pro-Life March Seattle, WA 05/30/1985

          [Religious Freedom] Meeting 01/18/1984

          [Religious Leaders] Briefing Central America 07/28/1983

          Rickover Foundation Briefing Cancelled

          Rocky Bayou Christian School Bob Grete 04/16/1985

          Romanian Trip with Christian Response International 12/06/1984

          The Salvation Army Videotape

          School of the Ozarks

          Sons of the American Revolution

          Teen Political Affairs Club 04/16/1986

          Temple Baptist Church Mike Martin San Antonio, TX 12/01/1985

          Temple Church of God in Christ Washington, D.C. 04/25/1985

          Texas Teachers Briefing 06/23/1986

          Texas Trip Mary Jo Scheideman 04/12/1985-04/13/1985

          Texas Women Wilma Martin 09/26/1985

          Thanksgiving Rabbi David Z. Ben-Ami 11/26/1985

          Tri State Women's Convention Ohio 04/30/1986

          United Methodist Women District Meeting and Christian Women’s International Meeting

                   Little Rock, AR 04/10/1986-04/13/1986

          United Nations Population Conference, Mexico August 1984

          United Pentecostal Church Briefing Stan Wachtstetter 09/25/1985 (1)-(3)

          WAVES 42nd Anniversary 08/04/1984

          Westridge Baptist Church Word of Faith Outreach (Texas) 10/05/1984, 10/07/1984

          Wheaton College Political Science Briefing 06/10/1986

          Wheaton College 05/19/1986

          Women's Aglow Columbus 09/16/1984-09/19/1984

          Women's Aglow Fellowship Mannassas Park 01/15/1985

          Women's Aglow Fellowship / Silver Spring, Maryland 12/06/1984

          Women's Aglow / Rockville, Maryland 04/09/1985

          Women's Aglow Fellowship / Charlestown, West Virginia 05/22/1985

          Women’s Aglow Fellowship Lynchburg / Danville 06/18/1985-06/19/1985

          Women's Aglow / Chicago, Illinois - Youth For Christ / Kansas City, Kansas


          Women's Aglow and Others / McAllen, Texas 12/07/1985-12/09/1985

          Women's Aglow / Clinton, Maryland

          Women's Aglow / Leesburg, Virginia 12/11/1986

          Women's Aglow / Reston, Virginia 12/13/1986

          Women in Excellence Big Bear Lake, CA 05/08/1986-05/10/1986

          Women in Leadership Chicago, IL 05/15/1985-05/16/1985

          Women in Leadership Conference 04/28/1986-05/02/1986

          Word of Faith Christian Center 09/30/1984-10/01/1984

          Young Americans Award Program Dallas, TX 07/30/1986-08/02/1986

          Youth Congress ‘85 Briefing 04/11/1984