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SWEET, ROBERT W.: Files, 1983-1988


Office of Policy Development (Education, AIDS), 1983-1985

Domestic Policy Council, 1985-1988, see separate inventory


OA 12034

Administration (Pink Label)

Porter Action Items

Svahn Action Items

Agenda 1983 (Memos, etc.)

Appropriation Bills (OPD Assignments)

Areas of Responsibility

Chron (Sweet) October 1984-December 1984


OA 12035

Chron, January 1984-September 1984


OA 12036

Administration (Pink Label)

Computer Tracking Correspondence

Correspondence (Sweet - General)

Chron, December 1983-March 1984


OA 12037

Memos (General)



Child Care

Day Care Initiatives: (Memos, etc.)

Education (Orange Label): Adopt A School

Articles / Clippings

Bell Letter

Block Grant Proposal


OA 12038

Education (Orange Label): Correspondence

Dismantling Department of Education

Education Committee

Education Savings Accounts

Excellence in Education Report

Fact Sheet, General (1983)

Education: Fact Sheet on Vouchers (1983)

Initiatives (1983)

Issues Luncheon Papers

Math and Science



OA 12039

Education (Orange Label)

Message to Congress / President's 1983


NIE, General

Ohio Center




Student Financial Aid

Bob Sweet

United Negro College Fund

Vocational - Technological Education and Displaced Workers

Enrolled Bills

Executive Secretariat Meetings Agenda (1983-1984)


Meetings with Governors

Handicapped (Yellow Label): Advocacy Groups

Architectural Barrier Board

Disability Rights Center

President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped

President's Committee on Mental Retardation

Architectural Transportation Barriers and Compliance Board

Articles / Clippings


OA 12040

Handicapped (Yellow Label): Correspondence

Federal Programs Assisting the Handicapped

Initiatives and Programs, Affecting the Handicapped

Issue Luncheon Papers


National Handicapped Policy, NCH/CMR

Organized Contacts

Working Group (General Info, etc.)


OA 12041

Handicapped (Yellow Label)

Working Group Members: CEA, DOT, Education, HHS, Justice, Labor, NCH,

OMB, Public Liaison, VA

Sub-Working Groups: HHS, Treasury, Labor, CEA, VA, Labor

Jack Kemp

Legislative Veto

Meetings Attended (Sweet)

Meetings Declined (Sweet)

Mid-Term Planning

National Commission on Educational Research

Oath of Office

Presidential Campaign Promises

Presidential Initiatives - 1983

Presidential Interviews

Presidential Issue Luncheon Papers

Presidential Messages

Presidential Q's and A's

Presidential Scheduling


OA 12042

Reagan Speeches / Statements

Religious Liberty

Tax Reform

School Prayer (1)(2)

Telephone Logs

Travel Accepted


Working Groups: Education



OA 12043

White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals V. III

Special Ed. NY Diocese

PC MR--Charter Review


Presidential Event 11/28/1983

Federal Task Force on Disability



Statistical Information--Handicapped Budget-Population

Federal Employer Handicapped

Issue Papers--Handicapped

Work Group Memos Handicapped


Presidential Statement for 11/28/1983-Handicapped

Presentation Outline CCHR-Handicapped


Handicapped Policy

Bob Sweet--EDVE--M. Will

Task Force Member--Recommendation--Handicapped

Commission Goals and Responsibility--Handicapped

Private Sector Int.--National Technical Network

HHS/NIHR--Disability Issue

[Handicapped:] 504 Regulations (1)(2)

Handicapped Policy Work Group--Miscellaneous Working Files for Sweet (I)

Commission Member Recommendations--Handicapped

Handicapped Policy Work Group--Miscellaneous Working Files for Sweet (II)


OA 12044

Handicapped Policy: Miscellaneous Working Files for Robert W. Sweet


OA 12045

Handicapped Policy Working Group - Miscellaneous (1)-(6)