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SWEET, ROBERT: Files, 1985‑1988


Domestic Policy Council, 1985‑1988

Office of Policy Development, 1983‑85 ‑ see separate inventory


OA 16622

Administration ‑ OMB Staffing Memos

Svahn Action Items

Agenda (memos, Etc.)

Chron (Sweet) September 1986‑December 1988

OA 16623

Administration ‑ Chron (Sweet); January 1985‑August 1986


OA 16624

Administration ‑ Computer Tracking Correspondence

Correspondence (Sweet ‑ General)

Memos (General)


Bicentennial Commission


Creation and Evolution


OA 16625

Drug Policy

Education: Articles and Clippings

Character Education

Civil Rights


Dismantling Department of Education

Historical Black Colleges

Home Schools


Excellence in Education Report

Fact Sheet/General

Federal Role in Education

Hatch Amendment

Initiatives Issue Luncheon Papers

Learn Inc.


OA 16626

Education : NEA (National Endowment for he Arts

NIE ‑ General (National Institute of Education)

Private Foundations

Public Affairs


Reading Reform / Research

Student Financial Aid

Bob Sweet

Enrolled Bills


Fairness Doctrine: Republican Policy Committee Legislative Notice

Meeting with Governors


Handicapped: Articles/Clippings, Correspondence, Memos

National Handicapped Policy

Legislative Initiatives

Meetings Attended (Sweet)

Meetings Declined (Sweet)



OA 16627

Presidential Initiatives

Presidential Interviews

Presidential Issue Luncheon Papers

Presidential Messages

Presidential Q's and A's

Presidential Scheduling

Reagan Record

Reagan Speeches/Statements

Religious Liberty

Religious: 4th Network

Religion and Politics

School Prayer (Second Term) (1)(2)

State of Union

DPC Files (Domestic Policy Council)

Military Family Breakup

Family File (03/04/1986)

Welfare File ‑ Miscellaneous (03/04/1986)


OA 16628

DPC Files

Aviation Safety

Immigration: Issues for Consideration, Memos

1985‑1988 Plans and Priorities

Seat Belt Issue

DPC Working Groups: Adoption Working Group

DPC Working Groups: Agent Orange Working Group


OA 16629

DPC:Alternative Pay Plan Working Group

DPC - Antitrust W.G.

Antitrust Review EPC and Workgroup (1)(2)

Working Group on Biotechnology

Corporate Sentencing Working Group

Drug Abuse Working Group

Task Group/SO2 and NOx & Control Options/GPA

DPC - Energy Working Group

Acid Rain

Family Working Group

DPC - Federalism W.G.

DPC - Federalism #2 W.G.

HPWG AIDS #2 (1)‑(6)


OA 16630

Working Group on Health Policy AIDS (1)‑(13)

Health Policy Working Group (Catastrophic Health Care) (I)

Health Policy Working Group (Catastrophic Health Care) (II)

Health Policy Working Group (Catastrophic Health Care) (III)

OA 16631

Health Policy Working Group (Organ Transplants)

Legal and Regulatory Working Group

Low Incomes Working Group

Management and Administration Working Group

Parents Role in Education Working Group

Privatization Working Group

Proposition 65 Working Group

State of the Union Working Group

Tort Working Group


OA 16784

AIDS Testing (1)‑(4)

AIDS General I (1) (2)

[AIDS: A Christian Response]

AIDS General II

[Publications Re: AIDS] (1)‑(4)

President Speech/AIDS

AIDS/Testing (2) (1)‑(4)

Sex Education (1)‑(5)

AIDS/Klenk (1) (2)


AIDS/Testimony (1)‑(4)

AIDS/VA (1) (2)

AIDS Publications (1) (2)

CDC ‑ AIDS Weekly Report (1)‑(4)

HPWG/ March 16, Meeting (1)‑(6)

[CDC Quarterly Report to the Domestic Policy Council on the Prevalence

and Rate of Spread of HIV in the U.S.] (1)‑(3)

AIDS (1)‑(4)

OA 16785

OPM AIDS Regs (1) (2)

The AIDS Record (1) (3)

AIDS/Bauer (1) (2)

Fact Sheet/AIDS/1987 (1) (2)

AIDS/Mailer/DPC/March 1988

America Responds to AIDS Brochure

AIDS Mailing HP‑Working Group (1) (2)

AIDS Mailer /March 1988

AIDS Mailer

AIDS/Robertson, Mark

Federal Coordinating Committee

Admin Proposals on AIDS Legislation


Committee Report/AIDS (1)(2)

HIV Commission/MacDonald

MMWR/CDC/Testing in Health Care Settings

FDA/AIDS Testing/April 1988

HHS Response to President's Principles

FDA Testing Issue

AIDS Awareness Month October 1987

HIV Prevalence Study September 1987 Pres. Decision Memo II (1)(2)

[National Household Seroprevalence Survey] (1)(2)

[AIDS Legislation]

[Alcohol Related Fatality Statistics]

[US Public Health Service AIDS Information Packet] (1)(2)

11/30/1987 Report on Aids Stats. Schedule, Etc.

AIDS/National Epidemiological Survey (1)‑(3)

AIDS 3 (1)‑(5)


OA 16786

Fetal Transplant Studies

Fetal Experimentation

Fetal Experimentation #2

Fetal Experimentation: Executive Order

Fetal Transplants: Laws, Etc.

Fetal Use in Research

Foundation of the Americas for the Handicapped

Justin Dart/Handicapped Issues (1)-(3)

Justin Dart [Jr.] Management (1)(2)


OA 16787

Parental Role in Education Working Group Report Papers

Parental Role in Education: Memos 1988

Parental Role in Education: Charter 1988

Home Schooling 1985

Home Schools Carole Petrone File

Working Group on Parental Rights (Letters)

Working Group on Parental Role in Education


OA 18832

DPC Meeting Folder ‑‑ 92nd Meeting, 05/27/1987

DPC Meeting Folder ‑‑ 89th Meeting, 05/04/1987

Parental Role Material ‑‑ Miscellaneous

Low Income Report

PCMI Meetings

Ozone Negotiations/Questions

DPC ‑‑ Ozone (1)(2)

Biotech (I)

Biotech (II)

Higher Education/Bennett Speech

Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform ‑‑ HHS

Working Group on Corporate Sentencing (1)-(4)